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Part 13: Five Days at a Time

"Ahh, definitely worth more than a broadsword."

"Now I can invade Endor. Ha, Ha, Ha!"

"I'd better get in ahead of this if I want to sell some weapons..."

"Keep talking..."

"Is there anyone who has the King's permission to do business and wants to buy my shop?"

"I'll be back."

"Yes, that would be excellent. I've got a seller lined up and everything.."

"I heard your request. I'll think about it. You can leave now."

"Of course it can't be that easy.. oh, I almost forgot!"

"Special delivery for the Princess!"

"Worse still, my father seems to be planning to invade Endor."

"Uh.. Princess, he's about fi.."

"You do not need to worry."

"About that permission.."

"Please hurry."

"It appears that my daughter, Mia, and your son, Reed, are in love."

"They don't have to marry now, but I do look forward to their marriage..., the King of Endor."

"I appreciate what you've done. I'll dispatch a messenger right away. You can go now."

"And now for my reward."

"Thanks for your help. As promised, I give you permission to own a shop."

"It's traditional to express thanks in gold or trade favors.."

"GAACK! I'll.. I'll be back."

"Why don't you hire me as your guardsman for 400 gold pieces for 5 days?"

"Because money does not grow on trees. Maybe if this cave is as full of treasure and terrible monsters as you say."

"If you know any ways to make 35,000 gold let me know."

"I hadn't, but your words intrigue me."

"Hmm. Steep, but you are a magician. Maybe, maybe."

"Really? Where ca I find the man of the house? Upstairs, you say?"

"I will see what I can do... but it had better be worth it."

"I might be able to help with that.."

"The soldiers in this Castle are still using copper swords. It's a shame..."

"A very great shame. So, who does the buying for your guards?"

"Believe me, I know where I am. What I don't know is where you're hiding the sammiches."

"The arms merchant who had something like that to sell would be the most famous merchant in the world.."

"Remember to report to me when you open a shop."

"Certainly, your Majesty, and then we'll talk business."

"Well, that's certainly curious, but has nothing to do with me."

"You could say that."

"There's got to be an easier way to get 35,000 gold."

"Ahh! This must be the cave the mercenary was talking about. Now that I've found it I'll pay for the help."

"For 600 gold, no slacking off!"

For a temporary party member, Laurent isn't that bad. He's actually fairly sturdy for a spell caster, but his defense is pretty pitiful.

"I dreamt of owning a shop and retrieving all the treasures of the world."

"That.. that's a beautiful dream."

"But I ran out of money and I'm getting old, too..."


"A club? I don't even get out of bed for less than a broadsword."

"Okay, this might be the cave.."

"Whatever, man. You're paying by the day, not by the step."

"I.. how did they get a ship in here?"

"I think I know where this is going. Laurent, get over there!"

"Hell no! 600 gold isn't enough for that!"

"Work smarter, not harder."

"Hmm...I think I see.."

"I'm not paying you for being dead. We're back to town after I push this button."

"If I keep getting stronger, maybe I can just save my money.."

"Hey, come back here! You were dead for like two of those five days!"

"400 gold is a bit more reasonable. To be honest, I'd forgotten I even had this dog with me."

"Sorry about not returning your dog..I was just a bit busy down south, you know."

"Honey.. you say that like I haven't been gone for a few weeks. Are you feeling alright?"

"I'd feel a lot better if you'd come home once in a while, but I'll pretend it's one day because that makes me feel better, GOT IT?"

"Yes dear!"

Our second choice is a much sturdier fighter with better defense and weapons. There's no reason not to pick up both, for only 1000 gold. As you can see we're not hurting for cash."

"Second try. No dying, because I do not pay for slackers!"

"He's.. kidding about that?"

"No, no he isn't."

"A medical herb!? Who would waste on a chest on that?"

"Much better. I can always find room for more money."

"I'll trade this out for a medical herb, since it's actually something I can use."

"I.. think this is what happened when I pressed the button."

"And a stylish hat! This is a great day!"

"But I survived that ordeal and got to the treasure chests. Sorry!"

"Got the.. the treasure.. YOU SON OF A BITCH! I'LL RIP THE TREASURE OUT OF YOU!"

"Stop it Taloon! It's not worth it!"

"He.. he didn't get all of them. I'm feeling calmer now."

"This bodes for wonderful but dangerous treasure. You two walk in front."

"I.. I don't think we can do that. "

"Here it comes.. any second now.."

"Well, that isn't so bad. Back to town!"

"I'll pay 20,000... no, 25,000 gold pieces for it! Will you sell it to me?"


"Well, enjoy your retirement."

This is one of the major milestones in this tale, and opens up some fun ways to get rid of extra inventory.

"Everything we make belongs to us now, with no greedy owner siphoning it off."

"Aww, isn't that the sweetest thing?"

"Indeed it is. Makes me come up bunnies and rainbows all over."

"That's right, and your father has a meeting with the king, too!"

End of Update Snapshot

Just a quick look at Taloon, so many updates in to his tale. As you can see he's not outstanding in anything except vitality, but that does make him into a big mound of HP. It works well enough, although the helpers are a boon.