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Original Thread: "Come together to fight evolution!" - Let's play Dragon Warrior 4



Welcome back! It's time for another LP.

This time we're going back to Enix's well with:

Dragon Warrior 4 was released in the US back in 1992 with the amazingly vague cover below.

Yeah, I'd want to play that. It was one of the later RPGs released on the NES and featured an unusually complex story for that system and time period.

Japan, naturally, got the game a few years earlier with this gem of a box cover. By now most of you probably know that Akira Toriyama has been responsible for the character and monster artwork in the Dragon Quest/Warrior series. This is more the attitude I'll be taking with the game. Speaking of the series...

Wasn't this game remade a few years back?

Yes, yes it was.

It looked kind of like this, and was the first time I played this game. It was a great deal of fun and made some improvements to the game as a whole.

So why aren't you playing that version?

Because I do my LPs on a 2007 vintage MacBook and to hell with trying to get a DS emulator running on that. Also, the old school version is the manlier option.

What's this game like?

It's a pretty standard Dragon Warrior game. Menu based exploration and combat, lots of grinding, and a large cast of outright weird characters. Probably the biggest change from Dragon Warrior III is that there are doors that just aren't locked and that you don't get to formulate your own party. Instead, the game goes through four short scenarios to introduce you to your party members and a fifth scenario bringing everyone together. At that point you can mix and match your party as you want, including leaving the hero out if you please.

With that in mind...

Our Heroes

I'm expecting one or both of them to start glowing and have their hair turn gold any second. We won't be seeing them for a while but the hero is one of our melee powerhouses, gets some of the best healing magic in the game, and has a few powerful offensive spells as well.

We've got 8 letters, including some punctuation, and a gender to pick out. Most popular and/or most amusing entry gets it. This'll go until Saturday morning.

As I'm not a cruel man, I'll also give you a nibble of the first scenario while waiting.

Table of Contents

Ragnar's Tale

Alena's Tale

Taloon's Tale

Nara and Mara's Tale

The Chosen Ones

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