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Part 42: Deus Ex Draconus

"I've got to say, for the castle of the lord of evil his groundskeeping is impeccable."

"If the groundskeeper isn't evil I might see about putting him to work at Santeem."

"Hmm.. these statues seem to be moving on their own, not just reacting."

"Ragnar finds smashing creepy doll preferable to walking around them anyway."

"Crap killitkillitkillit!"

"After the last room of walking statues this room makes me extremely nervous."

"Ragnar appreciates fashion decisions of enemy dragon knights in this castle."

"I'd have thought that he was a monster waiting to jump at us, rather than the remains of some poor bastard who tried to invade this place before us."

"It doesn't seem like there's much you can do to stop us."

"I guess we can hold on to this, even though it seems as though we're not going to have a chance to turn it in."

"An elevator and a set of stairs? That's an odd discussion."

"Ragnar feels a very strong draft behind us."

"That's sometimes known as the Philosopher's Stone, you know...and it has healing properties."

"Then you get to hold on to it, Alena, in case we need it in a hurry."

"Very kind of them to leave this lying around for us, though."

"Well, there's nothing to it but the elevator now."

"Gooing down!"

"Isn't that the flame we were talking to earlier?"

"I guess the elevator is a bridge once it's down."

"Aren't these some of Saro's henchmen?"

"I think they do look kind of familiar. It looks like he just left them where they fell.."

"Is that an elevator over there?"

"The reverse of the other one, since we had to take it up to clear the path and then take the stairs back around to walk through the elevator shaft."

"The spiked pillars are incredibly creepy, but I think that looks something like an exit."

"Well, we're here.. but I think the wagon is definitely stuck on the other side."

"Aww... Ragnar wanted to blow fancy horn."

"At least this seems like a pretty straightforward path."

"Straight path filled with flaming dogs."

"Flaming dogs with flaming drool. That's just disgusting."

"That.. can't be Saro. He looks like Esturk."

"Urgggg...! Can't remember anything..."

"But I know what I need to do."

"Gawaa...! I must exterminate you all!"

"Well, so much for any chance of talking with him. Can't say as I mind."

"Wow, he really does look exactly like Esturk."

"Doesn't seem to hit as hard, but we are stronger since fighting Esturk."

"You just tore his arm off!"

"Yep. And I just got the other one. Let's see what he does now."

"Well, his mouth still definitely works."

"Ragnar has fixed that problem. "

"He.. doesn't seem to be falling over. Is he dead?"

"Oh, that's just wrong. Teeth aren't supposed to grow there."

"I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous. Those eyes are ridiculous."

"I think he took offense to that."

"Is it me, or are those arms bigger than the previous ones? Also, he just grew some arms."

"That's a nice thought, Taloon, but I don't think he's looking sleepy."

"Ragnar thinks that putting out scorching gas is the exact opposite of being sleepy."

"I think he looks more balanced with the bigger legs, although he's just a bit squat."

"The second head does add something, I think. Much better now."

"You would think that would work better with 5 eyes than 2."

"Crap. Cristo, get out here and get Lamarck back on her feet!"


"Thanks guys. I wouldn't want to miss the end of this."

"Ragnar was glad to wait the extra minute to do this."

"It is the end. It's kinder for you if we let you die in ignorance."

"Is it me, or is this mountain kind of collapsing."

"I don't think it's just you... we're kind of stuck."

"Master Dragon to the rescue! Hold on tight!"

"With the threat gone, peace will rule the world again!"

"The Eight Chosen Ones! I thank each one of you."

"Brey and Cristo, I commend your devotion to Alena and your contribution to the quest."

"Mara and Nara, I'm sure your father would be proud of you!"

"Taloon, continue to bneefit the world and its people with your genius in trade."

"I shall allow you to live with us in this Zenithian Castle."

"The thing is.. I kind of like it there."

"Eh, what's wrong?"

"The friendship which has grown among you during this journey is so firm, no one can ruin it."

"Well.. not completely, but thanks for the thought."

"Ragnar tore off Saro's arm, head, and stabbed him to death."

"What does having wings have to do with defeating the Ruler of Evil?"

"I think it's hard to argue that.. although he never realized just how unfortunate he was."

"We want a cut of any book sales."

"Everyone, please be true friends to Lamarck forever. Sob.. Sob.."

"I'm utterly confused by this, but whether you're my mom or not I'm just a return spell away. We can work it out later."

"If by 'traveled' you mean rode in the wagon the entire time, sure. Be as proud as you want."

"Oh, whatever. You all can pretty much go to hell and I say that having been there myself."

"Sky castle is pretty from a distance.. home for everybody!"

"Hey dad, glad to see you're back. I think I'm ready to kick back and settle down now that we've saved the world and all."

"I've also had enough adventuring, your majesty."

"And I think I'm due a second retirement for this."

"While you're at it, go ahead and just turn that into a window. I'm tired of living in a little box."

"Ragnar is back, after saving world and killing Lord of Evil twice."

"He really was a great help."

"Honey, I'm home! And with a ton of great things to sell!"

"Daddy, daddy!"

"Good, then you won't be leaving for a good long time, will you dear?"

"Well dad, I think we're pretty much finalized our revenge. Balzack and absolutely everyone connected to him are dead."

"I think it was probably the biggest revenge in history, actually."

"Hey everybody! We're back, and I'm ready to dance again!"

"It's good to be home."

"And all's well that ends well. My work here is done."

"This place is still just as wrecked as it was.. saving the world doesn't undo anything."

"But.. there's not much use in being the Chosen if I can't do something about that. And if not everybody..then at least one person."



"Wow. What did we miss?