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Part 38: Up, Up, and Away

"That is why we brought it. This thing still any good?"

"This could be..."

"Could you possibly give me this canister?"

"Only on the condition that we get to use whatever you make."

"We've got nowhere to go. Nothing for it but to kill some time around here for a day or so."

"Ragnar is going swimming!"

"Just remember to take off your armor first."

"And I think there's got to be a beach around here somewhere."

"What about you Lamarck?"

"Me? I'm finding the bar."

"That sounds like a good plan to me."

"Oh god, my head.. okay, thanks. I might even bring it back when I'm done with it."

"Holy crap, it actually works!"

"Ragnar can see a toy ship down there!"

"Two things, though.. how do we get down, and where do we go?"

"We'll work the first one out when we get somewhere. As for where to go.."

"That treasure map is finally coming in handy. Let's see what's at the X."

"Huh.. guess there'd have to be an Elfville somewhere if there's a castle for the monsters and a village for dwarves and animals."

"Talking dogs are here too.. has Saro been visiting here?"

"It doesn't seem like it.. just a completely natural talking dog then?"

"That's kind of a problem. Not our problem, though... you might want to contract some exterminators."

"That practically is our job description."

"We'll make a note of that. Thanks."

"Voices must be yelling very loudly to be heard from top of tree."

"That's oddly specific."

"Those are some lovely clothes.. I think this is really the only place you could possibly buy them."

"Alright, let's see what's up there. Nara, go ahead and take a break. We'll just fight our way to the top."

"Yes! Crush our way to the top of the tree!"

"Red genies. You know, I'm kind of thinking I might be the wrong person for this plan.."

"Ragnar is hurting unexpectedly much."

"Okay, okay.. girls, switch."

"I had a feeling you might need me."

"I guess this is the leaf they were talking about? It kind of looks like all the others."

"According to legend, those leaves can bring the dead back to life."

"Eh, big deal. Three of the people in our group can do that."

"Hooray, real dragons! Alena should be here to see!"

"Along with some kind of flamboyant demon. I can't help but notice that everything around here can fly."

"Ragnar turns into kitty!"

"How is this different from a leaf?"

"I can't really say.. but we probably should save it for a really bad situation."

"It's kind of worrisome that we're just walking around on carpets of leaves.."

"The secret is to think like a squirrel!"

"I don't think that explains those guys."

"It's got to be the balls."

"Weeellll... we are planning on going there anyway. Sure, come along."

"Somewhere? How close are we talking here?"

"I'll tell you if you're getting hotter or colder?"

As you can see, Lucia is a temporary party member and not a particularly impressive one. She's got a few healing spells to round her out, but we're better off with just about any of our regular party members."

"You sensed that it was somewhere in the tree? If I turn around I can see the branch you were sitting on!"

"It's more difficult to sense these things than you'd think."

"That's it, we're taking the short way down."


"So how do you know where to go to get to Zenithia?"

"Process of elimination. We've literally been everywhere else in the world except this island. Why don't you go take a rest in the wagon?"

"Ragnar thinks that the new and stronger enemies than anywhere else is also a good sign."

"Are those bats full of lifting gas too?"

"That's the only explanation I can think of."

"This island is bigger on the inside than on the outside.."

"Well, at least there's a town.. maybe they'll give us some direction."

"Yep, definitely the right place then."

"The NEXT Esturk?"

"I guess that really was too easy.."

"Maybe next Esturk will be awake!"

"Hmm. The armor here isn't that great for the next place to Zenithia."

"I think the Metal Babble Armor has spoiled us a bit on armor."

"Do not worry! Ragnar will crush evolution no matter what jewelry it is wearing."

"I hate to say this, but he was pretty unbalanced before then."

"Actually, it seems like he started in his home town on cats, dogs, horses, and random animals."

"I doubt it. He's kind of a twit."

"There's a formidably perilous cave on the west side of this island."

"Location really is everything."

"You know, I'm almost tempted to just go over there and skip finding out why we need to go."

"One more for the pile."

"So you locked him up in a prison cell?"

"For shame. We just shoved ours into the wagon."

"Or the world will be obliterated!"

"Lamarck, not Lama. I don't spit."

"It's said only those who possess all of the Zenithian weapons and armor can enter.."

"Ragnar hopes there are only the four.."

"What is with you people and not giving a direction? This island is pretty damn big!"

"But I know of no prophesy for the future thereafter."

"Then you've ceased to be a functioning prophet since we're outside the range of your prophecies."

"Hey! I'm completely necessary here and don't you forget it."

"I don't know if this is the road to Zenithia or not, but we'll check it out first. Keeping in mind that this might be the last place, any last things we need?"

End of Update Snapshot

Lamarck's grown up a couple more levels and picked up another powerful damage spell. I don't use it often, but I'm sure it'll make an impression at some point in the future. The Sword of Miracles is STILL the best thing we've got going other than the Metal Babble Sword Ragnar is holding on to.

Ragnar's pushing his way up toward 400 HP as we speak. Right now we're pretty much looking at him in end-game equipment so any further strengthening is coming solely from levels.

Nara's got a new hat and I finally realized the Staff of Antimagic I've been toting around is a much better weapon for her than the morning star she was using. Occasionally she even uses it to neutralize spells. She hasn't learned anything new or noteworthy as of this update, and might have reached her tipping point.

Mara's still much as she was, with the same spell list. I regret not getting a chance with BeDragon this time, but she's also gotten an equipment upgrade. One thing I should mention is that the Hat of Happiness restores MP while we walk. It's slow, but it helps.

Alena's a bit stronger and is sporting some new equipment. That attack power is deceptively low, as she's actually getting two attacks per round. The question is whether it's better to have two weak attacks or one strong one.

Cristo's gotten a bit stronger hanging out in the wagon, but he's still bench-warming for the near future. Still waiting on that final spell, although I am fairly certain it's just an upgraded vivify.

Taloon is sporting a new sword so that he can continue to participate. It gives him a downright respectable attack power and makes him a bit more durable.

Nothing going on with Brey either, yet, although like everybody else he's got something good from the Medal King. I'd forgotten that the Water Flying Cloth was unisex, so the even better news is that he gets an upgrade soon.