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Part 1: Post 01: In which we learn the results of giving a father a FishSub.

Post 01: In which we learn the results of giving a father a FishSub

The mob has spoken!

Where's that exit...? Oh, here it is. Push up your side. Remember, this is our secret! My father mustn't find out!

sneaking off to?
As always, you're a man of few words. Well, I better get back to bed, before my father finds out I'm missing. But I expect to hear everyrthing later. Oh my! I almost forgot! Tomorrow is the Amitt Harvest! You should get home too, before your parents realize you're gone! Remember, Link. I want to hear all about your adventure! Don't worry, you can trust me! Bye, Link! I'll see you tomorrow!

(Mollie) Link, wake up already! The sun's already risen! Today is the anual Amitt harvest, Link! Your father already left some time ago. Get up and hurry to the harbor!

(Mollie) in on a day like this! Now, hurry over to the harbor and help your father out! Oh! Wait a second! Take this to your father, would you? I've made a Fish Sub for him. He never sets off without eating one first. Father's at the harbor by the temple. Come on now, out you go!

I wonder if this will turn out to be yet another long sea voyage. Please let my husband and all of his companions return home safely.
On a day like today, being a fisherman sure is a fine thing, especially one as talented as your father, Link. I should have married a fisherman, too!
Hooray! It's the Amitt Harvest! Do you want to know something? This fesitval was started by Amitt's great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather!

(Amitt) about changing the regular fishing spot.
(Borkano) But you see, Amitt, it is just this kind of current that gives me confidence. I don't want to sound arrongant, but we fishermen are experts on the mood of the fish!
(Amitt) Well, that's true. Hmm? Hey, isn't that link? You came to help out dad, did you?
(Borkano) Link! Where were you? Your mother could have given birth to another child, and I could have had him bring me the sandwich in the time it took you to get here. You didn't forget it, did you?

(Borkano) Hehe! Mmm mmm! Just wonderful! Fishing can't begin until I've eaten one of these! Munch munch... Ahem! What are you doing, Link? Don't just stand there staring. Go clean the cabin or something!

what you lack is experience. You never know what'll happen out in the ocean. That's why you have to stay cool.

(Head Cook) Hmm? Is someone there? Maribel, you're trying to stow away again, aren't you? I thought you were told not to come on this voyage.
Oh, come on! Why can't I come along, huh? All I wanted to do was try some of that amazing stew that you make!
(Head Cook) Flattery will get you nowhere, Maribel. Now get off this boat before your father blows his lid. Oh good, Link. Come help me peel some potatoes.
Argh! Link! You moron! Just for that, I'm going to tell everyone about your little secret base!

(Borkano) able to come with me on a fishing voyage, but you'd just be a hindrance at this point. Continue to work and train hard and someday you may become a master fisherman. After all, you are my son. Ha ha ha! There is something you can do for me though. Please take care of your mother while I'm away.
(Amitt) Set sail! Raise the anchor!

Later, back at Maribel's place...

Hmm. You're lucky. Someday you'll be able to sail a ship and go beyond this island, even though they say that there's nothing more than ocean surrounding us. I don't know whether I really believe that or not!
Let's visit my wacky uncle in the Castle Town! He's a reputable financier and man about town!

You are to travel to the castle immediately. Take the road by the seashore, and you should soon reach Estard, which is in the northwest.
Hee hee hee! I heard that you were called to the castle, Link. I'm going with you, all right.
Well, you can still blackmail me, so I don't really have a choice, do I?
They're selling lots of cute dresses in the town around the castle. Let's go!

strangely quiet. Listen, if you want to talk, fine, but not when so many people are around. I have an image to maintain. Just don't abuse the privilege of being able to talk to me. There is a fine line between being sociable and being annoying.
Yeah, I hope so. Let's go to the castle.

I'm going to bow out here. What? Right, I'll go back home later. I can manage getting back by myself. Thanks a lot, Link.

New Items: Herbx2, Leather Hat, Antidote, AmitSnack x 2.