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Part 2: Post 02: In which we discover that Estard is a country for old men.

Post 02: In which we discover that Estard is a country for old men

has called for you?
So I'm told.
You're lying! The King would never see someone of such questionable stature! I wish I could say that just once. Please go right on through.
At least the guards know their place.

(King Burns) there? I have been waiting for you. Come here, subject.

(King Burns) I'd appreciate it if you would look into my eyes, Link. Would you allow me this simple gesture?
(King Burns) You're hiding something from me, aren't you, Link?
Me? Hide something from the King? Of course not!
(King Burns) My patience grows cold. It is clear by your reticence that you have something to hide. Kiefer has been acting restless lately, almost as if he were driven by some unforeseen force. Today that fool carried off a ring, an important keepsake from the Queen. I'm confounded by his increasingly erratic behavior. The distance between Kiefer and me had grown since his mother passed. As a result, he pays little heed to my words. It seems he has acquired a taste for wine, women, and adventure. However, it is time that he accept his responsibility to the people of Estard. Link, will you talk to Kiefer?
His Majesty's primary concerns lay with Prince Kiefer. So, Link, I ask that you keep a close eye on him.
(King Burns) I was planning to continue our discussion, but we'll stop for now, Link. I have much to think about. As always, I ask that you keep an eye on Kiefer. I trust him. And you, Link, as well.
Well, off I go then. I wonder where Kiefer is... maybe in the library?

as a forbidden zone. I heard that some ruins still remain in the deep eastern forests. These ruins are apparently the ancient burial ground of the royal family. And so, I must advise you not to approach the area to closely. Surely, you must recognize and appreciate the sacred history that surrounds the ruins.
I appreciate that such a place would be full of royal treasure with the value of history multiplying it's worth on the black and grey markets.
Raiding the quiet resting place of the dead just isn't something people who live on this island would do.

On the other hand, it's something EVERY SINGLE HERO IN THE DRAGON WARRIOR SERIES has done at one point or another.

Well, the prince wasn't there, where is he? Well, if there's one thing I've learned from Shenmue, it's that I need to talk to sailors.

I have a message for you from Prince Kiefer. 'I'll be waiting at the usual place.' He said you'd know what he meant. That's all.
Hrmm, the usual place... You mean the ruins that we aren't supposed to go to for any reason?

These ruins?

Oh good, Link. You finally made it here. I wasn't sure if you could make it here safely on your own. There was no way I was going to tell your mother where I was going to meet you. Anyway, take a look at this.

Ancient Scroll posted:

An image of a staff held aloft by a sage is depicted. The staff radiates with light. The rest of the pages show images of tablets. But they're all in an ancient language and cannot be read.
What do you think, Link? The wizard in the drawing looks just like this statue, right? If we do something with this statue, we might find the answer we're looking for. I have a feeling that the sun is the key to all this. That's why I brought this! Ta-da! The Royal Family's legendary Sunstone ring! If we put it on the statue, I'm certain something will happen! The top of the staff looks promising. I think that's the right place! Okay, I'm going to place it here. Ready, Link?
Sweet! Lootin' time!
Who cares if this has been deemed a Fobidden Zone? If they knew that something of interest lay within it's borders, why would the scholars let something as arbitrary as a label prevent them from discovering the truth? Something's got to be going on in the ruins. Something that will change my destiny. All right!

What? It looked like it was starting to shine, but I guess nothing's happening. Sorry, Link. I guess I was wrong about the ring. The sun must be involved somehow, though. I'm certain of it. I'll give you the ancient tome for the time being, Link. If you figure anything out, let me know. I'll return to the castle and look around a bit. See you, Link.
Well, I have a priceless, ancient scroll. Who should I talk to about this?

that worried about me? By the way, what's that thing you're carrying? It seems important. Did you come to show it to me?
Sure, why not?
Hmm. You're being unusually nice today. I'll take a look at it. What is this? It looks like an old book with strange pictures, and then a lot of words. Just looking at it makes my head hurt. I'm not the one you should be showing this to. Maybe you should show it to the old man at the item shop.
Wow! What a surprisingly indirectly-helpful tidbit! Let's go talk to a merchant!

old! Hmmm. I'm sorry, I'm no good at appraising old books. You might want to try that weird old man that lives on the cliff by Estard He's an ill-tempered old coot, but people say he's very wise.
Okay, wish I knew about that earlier. Back to Estard!

Who do you think you are, barging into my house? Get out of here! I'm a busy man!
You obviously don't understand how this works. I'm the main character, so it's my job to burst into people's houses, ask them questions, and take their stuff as necessary. Now, you're old, so I assume that you can take this scroll off my hands?
Oh, so you're a salesman now? Why would I care about some old, beat up book? Very well. I'll give you 500 gold for it. Anything to get you out of my house.
500? No no no, this book is worth way more than that!
What? You're not here to sell it? Where did you come across this book? The Prince? Did he swipe it from the treasury? Let me have a look at it. Hmm. A picture of a sage and a bright light. What? The Prince tried putting the ring on the statue's staff? Hah! I thought the Prince was a little thick, but it seems the castle scholars are even thicker! Let me keep this tome for a little while. I'll examine it and tell you what I find. I'll get to work deciphering this text right now. Come back in a little while!
Hey, since we're in town, let's check in with our delightful uncle Hondara! I wonder where he could be?

I just want you to understand where I'm - Hic - coming from. See? I've got a present for you here, heh heh. Here, touch it! Toasty warm, isn't it? that's why I call it the HotStone! It may look like some old rock, but it's very different inside! Kind of like me, isn't it? Heh heh heh. Hey, if it isn't Link. You came at a good time. I need you to vouch for me to this young lady. Hic! While you do that, I'll go home and get some sleep - hic! Hey, Link. I'll let you pay for this one. Heh heh - hic!
Hrmm, a HotStone? An item that's just two run-together words? That must be vital! Let's go to his swingin' bachelor pad.

Hey, he's asleep. I guess I'll just take that obviously vital item from him. Now let's talk to some more old women!

We must be approaching noon. Look how high the sun is in the sky. Huh? Did you see something sparkle inside the well?
Hrmm. Maybe so.
I wonder what it is. Somebody must have dropped it in there. Oh, Link, you're going down there to retrieve it? All right, be careful!

Okay, now that I have this swag, let's check in with the Prince.

anything either, huh? I've been trying everything I can think of, but nothing works! What do the sunrays in the scroll represent? Huh? Hey! Where's the scroll? Do you know where it is?
It's okay, I gave it to an old guy.
What? You gave it to that old man on the cliff? That's brilliant! Why didn't you tell me earlier? C'mon, let's go! Maybe he found something!

ancient text.
What? You've deciphered it? So what does it say, old man?
Hey, who are you? Oh. You must be that prince!
Never mind that! Tell us! Did you find anything out?
Calm down! I'm about to tell you! From what I can tell, the shining light in this picture has nothing to do with the sun.
It has nothing to do with the sun?
Right. The light symbolizes the glowing passion in the heart of the Chosen One.
Chosen One? Chosen by whom, old man?
I suspect it was the Chosen One who created the ruins.
I don't really know what's going on now, but I have more good-heartedness and passion than anyone!
Ohhh ho ho ho! You think you are the Chosen One? Well then, let me read to you what it says you're supposed to do. 'Chosen One, stand before the Philosopher at the door, and pray with all your heart. When he sees your purity, the path that you must tread shall be revealed.'
So all it takes is for a Chosen One like myself to wish for the door to open?
Ha ha ha! You may be an impudent young man, but that just might help you in the end. After all, miracles can only happen when one believes.
Heh heh! You just wait, old man. I'll show you a miracle yet.

We've been looking all over for you! The King requests your presence. Please come with us.
My father? Forget it! It'll just be more of the same from him!
Your Highness, I beg you! The King, your father, appears to be in a very foul mood today. I fear for our jobs if we don't bring you back to the castle with us, Prince! Your Highness, I have an aged mother... My wife just gave birth the other day. Without a job, I'll have nowhere to turn. Without income, I might as well be cold and lifeless in the ground.
All right, all right. I've got to go, Link. I'll return later, so wait back at home, lackey.

The day gave way to night...

Hey, Link! Get up! Come on!

Whew, you're finally awake. Sorry for barging in so late at night. After that little affair, my father really let me have it. He even locked me in my room! Ha ha ha! He sure had me where he wanted me! Father's really showing his age. I can't believe he got so upset over one little ring. It must be worth a fortune if he got that worked up over it. Oh well. In any case, let's get going, Link. Hurry, before the sun rises!
Okay, let's try the ruins again!

Are you sure you're ready?
There's got to be something in these ruins! I just know it! I don't care what lies ahead. I'm ready for anything! You're in it for the long haul too, right, Link?
YES! Can we do something other than talk? Can we just explore these thrice-cursed ruins?
The old man said all we needed was a pure heart. I ask only that you find us worthy and show us the way.

What's going on? I can't believe it! I've tried opening that door a thousand times before! This was the trick to do it!

I can't wait to see what's beyond here! Let's go, Link! The start of a new adventure awaits!

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