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Part 3: Post 03: In which we wrap up all of this "not fighting" nonsense.

Post 03: In which we wrap up all of this "not fighting" nonsense

What's this? Look at this, Link. There's something strange carved into the floor!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Link examined the ground. Some kind of ancient handwriting is carved here.
Do you see that? It looks like some form of ancient script. It's too bad that we can't read it. Let's just see what else we can find here.

see the bottom! I never imagined there was such a deep cave on our island!

Tablet posted:

Something is written upon it in ancient lettering.
I am the guardian of the flame. When it sputters out, I am here to rekindle it. I am the protector of the helmet. Somehow, Link was able to read the ancient script.
How did you learn to read ancient writing? It wasn't even touched on in my princely education, and you're just a lowly fisherman's son. Oh well. I suppose it might come in handy.

If I put out this fire from the left, the statue on the right will come up to light it back up, and then I can hit the button to open this secret passage.

Okay, what's farther back?

These look like statues of saints. Since I have Saint's Helm, I bet I'll need various saint stuff to put on each of these statues.

Oh god, a block puzzle. Ah well, such is the fate of heros named Link, I suppose.

Do I want to stick my hand inside? Of course I do!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Link put his hand in the lion's mouth. There was a rusted key inside!

Tablet posted:

The First Saint holds reign over earth. He is eternal, supporting all life. He has become the land itself. The strength of the earth lies in the armor that covers his body.
The Second Saint holds reign over wind. The wind can become a blade of air, piercing through all it touches. To protect himself, what must he hold in his hand?
The Third Saint holds reign over fire. When he is angered, his flaming soul cannot be contained. Only a cool head can resist his unrelenting force.
The Fourth Saint holds reign over water. Water is the source of all life granting us vitality and washing away evil. Does true strength come from anger, or love? The holy sword points the way.
With these cryptic clues, I should be able to figure out what goes where. Now I just need to find all the bits.

Okay, Left Right Left Left. Got it.

Okay, now it looks like I'm gonna need to move the water from one canal to the other. This also seems familiar.

Okay, I picked this up from the left side, and now I'll put it on the right and see what happens.

I think that goes with... Water? Alright, time to keep looking around.

And that's the Saint's Shield, so that should be air... Now I just need to find that armor.

Golem, Windbeast, Elemental, Merman obviously.

Time to finish this nonsense. Let's put all of these things on the right statues and get on with this.

And now, a fire puzzle. Yay. Solved instantaneously.

I have a bad feeling about this. It's a shard, which means I'm gonna have to find more than one and put them together, doesn't it.
What is that dirty looking shard? Huh? Wait. I remember seeing a drawing of a shard like this in an ancient tome.

Tablet posted:

The world was divided into four sources, remaining that way to this day. Return the artifacts to their rightful place. Only then will the world reveal its true character.

Okay, there's one island on it. I'm pretty sure that we're there. Oooh! Pedestals!

And one of them has a shard on it already! Maybe I can put them together...

It looks like we're missing one Shard. It took us a long time to gather the ones we already have. What should we do now? We can investigate a little further or go back to town. It's your choice, Link.
I think that's enough puzzles for today.

that much time in there. I'll head back to the castle to do some research, Link. There must be more Shards out there somewhere. See what information you can scrounge up, as well. If you find anything, bring it back to me, okay? See you later!
Well, let's see if Dad's back. Maybe he saw something different on his new fishing route.

lift our nets to get full catches of fish. Oh, that reminds me, they said that they caught something strange with the haul. Borkano took it with him, if I'm not mistaken.
Due to the laws of narrative convenience, that's likely gonna be the remaining LandShard I need.

(Borkano) myself, son! Gwah ha ha! We read the currents well, making this year's fishing go better than ever. We hadn't had a year this good since you were born. That was more than ten years ago! Wait, that year was even better than this year! When I came back from sea, you were already born, and suddenly all I thought about was you. You were born in just five months, but completely healthy. When you saw my face you started bawling. Ahem! Anyways, it really was a great catch! I'll sleep well tonight! Woo! I feel great today. Hmm? What happened, Link? You don't feel like drinking? Huh? Did I find anything unusual? Oh yeah, I did, in fact. There was this strange thing that was caught in the net. Let me see here, hmm. It looks like some ancient slab. The King should be notified about this. Why don't you tell him while you're visitng the Prince?

(Borkano) Wow! Your mother's fish really is the best! Aah, these spices! This is good eating!

You've returned! I need my stone back! You've got it, right?
Yeah, I picked it up from the floor while you were asleep.
Can't let your guard down around your own nephew, huh? Hic! Give it back, now!
Well, time to get back to the Prince!

Hey! You found another Shard! What? It was found in the nets during the Amitt harvest? What are the chances of that? It's got to be fate! Let's go, Link! We've got to check out that temple again!

running all around!
How could you be so devoid of compassion and not tell me something like this? Look, Link, you owe me. I'm coming along, alright?
Why do you even ask me these things like that? I have no real choice in the matter, do I?
Hee hee. Thanks, Link! Okay, let's go! I'm so excited!
Sigh... Let's go, Link.

Will happen when we fit them on the pedestal?


And everything goes black...

Arrrgh, what happened?
That landing was not as delicate as I would have liked. It seems the Great Prince Kiefer now lies in the dirt like a common peasant. But I think I hurt my pride more than anything else. What just happened? Maribel? Link? Are you all right?
No, I'm not all right. But you can save your misplaced concern for one of your swooning courtesans. I can take care of myself. What just happened?
Weren't we just at the fane? Something's definitely not right here. I've never seen this place before. I didn't even know a place like this existed on the island.
Did you hit your head? You're talking nonsense. Now that you mention it, though, the sky is unusually dark here.
Well, fellas, I wish I could say it's been fun. I'm going back home. But thanks for tagging along. See ya!
Well, there's no need for us to stay here any longer. Let's go, Link.

That was Maribel's voice! I'd know that shrill shriek anywhere! Let's go, Link!

is making me queasy!

Items picked up: LifeAcorn, Three LandShards so far, all of which have been put on a pedestal.