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Part 4: Post 04: In which scantily clad women in pink armor are quite rude and children are inordinately chatty.

Post 04: In which scantily clad women in pink armor are quite rude and children are inordinately chatty.

BEHOLD! Slimes! The staple monster of the Dragon Warrior series. These are the lightweights of the typically weak Slime monsters, but you'll be seeing these guys in one form or another throughout the game.

this time? What is this place? And why am I standing in this vile blue goo? What were those things? Monsters?
Monsters? Were those monsters?
Well what else could they have been? Don't they teach you anything at the castle in the time you don't spend drinking and chasing women?
Anyway, this is all your fault! You should never have brought me here against my will! Show some responsibility, Link, and take me home safely!
Monsters? Link, do you realize what just happened? We just fought against monsters! Living, breathing monsters! Look at my hand! I'm trembling! Ha ha!
Why are you happy at a time like this? Honestly, I'll never understand men. Anyway, I don't want to stay here forever. Take me back home right now!

We're sorry to have startled you. We mean you no harm. My name is Kiefer. I am the Prince of Estard.
(Matilda) Estard? But it can't be.
Oh, and that is Link and Maribel. They're my lackeys.
Ahem! We're his friends! Um...
(Matilda) Oh, forgive me. My name is Matilda.
Matilda, huh? Why are you out here in the dark cutting weeds?
(Matilda) I picked the weeds as an offering for those graves.
What? You're planting weeds on the grave on purpose?
(Matilda) The weeds are in place of flowers. As you can see, there aren't any flowers blooming around here. But I thought there would at least be some weeds.
Oh! Well, if you want some flowers, I've got some. Hmm. Well, I've got seeds anyway.
(Matilda) Flower seeds?
I picked them up in Estard Forest. I was thinking of planting them around my house.
(Matilda) Oh, my. Would you mind sharing a few of those seeds?
Of course. You can have them all.
(Matilda) Thank you so much! I'll go and plant them right now. That should help calm the spirits of the dead.
The dead...
(Matilda) By the way, where are you three headed?
Well for the time being [sic], we'd like to find a way to return to our homes.
(Matilda) I hate to say it, but you shan't be able to return to your home anytime soon. However, there is a place for you to rest in the village on the other side of this forest. In appreciation for the seeds, I shall accompany you there. Well, shall we go? Once we emerge from this forest, the village will be immediately to the east.

Where in the world did Matilda go? I don't see her anywhere!
You're right. Maybe she rushed home. She is from this insufferable-looking village after all.
Honestly! Only someone of little refinement would leave without saying goodbye.

ruined. See for yourself! There's a giant hole where my crops once were.
You're right! Who could've done such a horrible thing?
What are you talking about? I did it, of course! It's a sacrifice I have to make for my wife and and little girl, but why not just take my soul as well?
Huh? What am I doing? Well, can't you tell? I'm tearing down my house. What do you mean, why? You looking to start a fight with me? I got a wife to worry about! What if she never comes back?
Welcome! This is Rexwood, home of the legendary hero, Rex! Of course, all that's ancient history now. Sigh.
Argh! I can't believe that I'm being forced to tear down my house with my own hands! What did I do to deserve this?

Even if you set one on fire, it will stand there without so much as a word.

the hero of our village?
Listen to the story of a legendary hero? Of course!
The legend begins twenty years ago, when monsters first attacked our village. The villagers gathered together and put aside their disparate views to find a solution. After endless debate, they resolved to defeat the formidable beasts. But first, a courageous young man was sent off alone to the monsters' lair. The plan was for the others to follow soon after him in full force, but not a single soul went. No one could summon the courage to do so. And so the brave warrior took on the monsters waiting for the help that never came. After emerging victorious over the monsters, he collapsed to his knees and perished near their lair. The hero's name was Rex. Since that day, in commemoration of his valiant deeds, our town has been known as Rexwood.

heard of such a country. Oh, wait! I think I remember hearing that name before, but where?

monsters appeared. They took our women and delivered a fearsome ultimatum. We were to completely destroy the village, or we could consider the women as good as dead. This is a village without hope. You should go back to wherever you came from.

(Patrick) Oh, whew! You scared me! Come on inside! I thought monsters had discovered us. My name's Patrick. Judging by your mismatched armor and massive weapons, you appear to be adventurers. I have something I must ask you. Have you come across a woman by the name of Matilda?
Scantily clad woman? Pink armor? Sure, I saw her.
(Patrick) You did? Good, good. She protects this village from monsters, but we haven't seen her recently. With Matilda gone and my father injured, who's left to protect our insignificant village? Certainly not the cowards who call themselves men? Father, are you all right? How do you feel? Please, forgive me. My father struggles to hang on to life even as we speak. He is the last warrior remaining in our meager village. But he was mortally wounded attempting to rescue the women taken dring the monsters' invasion. The doctor said bed rest won't be enough to heal his injuries. Southeast of here, there's a mine where the workers dig for gems called colorstones.It may be possible to heal my father using the properties of a green colorstone. Even a fragment from one, a Green Orb, would be sufficient. But the mine is full of monsters and the villagers are cowardly and weak. I have faith in Matilda's strength as a hardened warrior, so I intended to ask her to help. If you see her, could you ask her for me? I'll do what I can, but I must continue to tend to my father's bedside.
Well! Time to go and save a poor child's dying father. TO THE MINES!

(Matilda) in a place such as this.
What are you doing here, Matilda?
(Matilda) Me? I sensed monsters in the depths of the mine, so I came here to see whether anyone had gotten into trouble or not.
Now that you mention it, there was a little boy who wanted you to help his dad.
(Matilda) Hmmm, so the boy is in search of the Green Orb for his father. If you could find some green colorstones, you could obtain the Green Orb that you seek. That is, if there are any left to be found. I am unsure whether any green colorstones still remain in the mine. I am in a great hurry, so I must ask you to please excuse me.
Matilda! Won't you grant Patrick's request?
(Matilda) You may think this is cold of me, but I can't concern myself solely with that little boy. Goodbye.
She's of no help to us. She just turned her back on the little boy's problems. It seems a viscous mass of depravity now rests where Matilda's heart once was. Well, it can't be helped. Should we go search for the Green Orb ourselves?
Then deeper into this mine we go!

As you can see, we now have rock pushing puzzles. If you push a rock against a rock of the same color, they both shatter. Simple, no?

See? No troubles.

This one's a bit more tricky, but you push the right blue to the middle, push the middle red to the left, then push the top yellow down to the middle and then all the way to the left.

How do we lug this huge thing back with us?
(Matilda) Link! Ah, good! It looks like you are well. After what happened, I was worried about you going in by yourself, so I came back. I humbly apologize for abandoning you. I do not know what came over me. That boy is searching for a Green Orb, isn't he? In that case, please allow me to help.

(Matilda) Please take this to the boy. There are monsters all around us. Be careful on your journey. I had almost forgotten, but I wanted you to have this, Link.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Link received the Wood Doll from Matilda!
(Matilda) My big brother gave me that doll when I was just a little girl. I kept it close to me all these years. It was my good luck charm, but it doesn't suit me anymore. If you don't like it, feel free to throw it away. Now, I really must be going.

Yeah, I did. She wandered off, then came back and punched a green crystal. Speaking of which, this what you wanted?
(Patrick) (Patrick) What? You teamed up to obtain a piece of a green colorstone from the mine? Matilda may just be a woman, but she's amazingly strong. Thank you, Link! I'll apply the power of the Green Orb to my father's wounds right away! I hold the only hope left for my father in the palm of my hands. Father... I'm still a little surprised that you delved into the dark confines of the mine. Such bravery is a rare commodity in a village of cowards. I never told you about Matilda, did I? When my father took it upon himself to reclaim the village women, he set out to ascend the many levels of the monsters' tower. Concerned for his safety, I followed him. I trailed only steps behind most of the way, but I was unable to keep up with his relentless pace. I eventually found my father laying beaten and bloody on the ground, a shadowy figure looming over him. But it was Matilda! She had fought off the monsters by herself to save him. Slinging him over her shoulder she carried my father back home. Oh, I'm sorry. You seem very weary. You must be tired from your quest. The inn has readied a room for you, so please get a good night's rest!

Later, at the inn...

least he understands how to treat a lady!
: Zzzzz... Zzzzz...
Hmph! Kiefer can fall asleep just about anywhere! That must be nice. Yawn! Time for me to get some sleep too, I guess! Good night, Kiefer. Good night, Link. Um, Link? Do you think we'll ever get back to Fishbel? There must be some wonderful girls you left behind. Would you get lonely if we never made it home? I want to go home already. I miss my mother and father.... Ha ha ha! Um, just kidding! Sniff! I'm not that much of a softy! Hmm, I should get some sleep. You know, you really shouldn't talk to much. You're more renown for your silly green hat, than for your clever conversation. Goodnight!


Wow. I keep forgetting just how Linkish the main character is, and then they kinda rub it into your face like that.

Character Updates:

Lvl 1-4
New Abilities: Heal

Lvl 1-4

Lvl 1-3
New Abilites: Blaze

Items to note: STRSeed

Full status and equipment will be on a later post.