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Part 5: Post 05: In which the party finally remembers and gets weapons.

Post 05: In which the party finally remembers and gets weapons.

Hey, brother, wait up!

It's too dangerous by yourself! You've got to wait for everyone else!
Ha ha ha! I want to, believe me. If someone doesn't go quickly, the monsters might get away again! Once I've got them stopped, the rest of the town will come to back me up. If we all work together, even monsters aren't so scary. Right?
I guess.
Well then, I'll be off. Oh, right! Here I made this for you.
A doll?
I know she looks kind of funny, but I put my heart into it. Take care of her, okay.
You bet! Thanks a lot, brother!
Okay. Well, I'm off. Be good while I'm gone Matilda.


courage and ingenuity to escape and make it back to the village, this place is done for. That's why our future depends on Hank recovering quickly.

(Patrick) have healed! After desparately clutching to life, he has managed to conquer death itself! My father's even able to stand on his own now. He has made a remarkable recovery! If only you could have seen him in the monster tower as he lay on the cold, hard floor desparately attempting to hold the blood and viscera into his belly. He is a true warrior, and he would like to thank you for your help, Link!
(Hank) My name is Hank. Patrick told me of the events that transpired while I was bedridden. It seems you risked life and limb to obtain the Green Orb for me, even though you didn't know me. I don't know how to thank you.
(Patrick) Don't forget Matilda's heroic efforts, Father! She carried you back to the village by herself!
(Hank) Matilda must have been the warrior you ran into before.
(Patrick) Matilda has the strength of an ox. She saved both this village and my father.
(Hank) I see. Then the next time we meet, I'll have to give my thanks. Tell me. Why did you come all the way to this fair village, anyway?
Um, let's see. Where should I begin? (Maribel explained the story to Hank)
(Hank) I see, so you can't go back to your own home. I wish nothing more than to help you, but I don't know how. If we drive away the evil that surrounds this forest, we might find a solution. How about it, Link? Are you ready to sharpen your blade and cut a bloody swath through those thieving monsters? Then this can end once and for all. Don't worry about me. Thanks to your medicine, I feel stronger than a Golem. I want to help you find a way back to your home country. So may I accompany you to the eastern tower?
Well, it looks like it might be the only way out *and* none of us have swords. Kiefer just has a scabbard on his back, we don't even know why. Sure! Come along.
(Hank) I'm not going to let some God damned monsters get the best of me this time! We can reach the tower by traveling east over the mountains. Let's make haste.

By all that's holy yes! My hands are covered in delicious slime goo!
(Bought clubs for the men and a pole for Maribel)
Now! To the tower!

Okay, there's no way farther in from here, let's go outside and check for obvious stairs.

Aww, it's some sort of adorable statue man! Hello, statue man!
Golem: You, the man at the very back. I know your face from somewhere. Grr... I remember now. You are that foolish human who dared to challenge our leader. You were lucky to survive. There is obviously no end to your stupidity. You shall leave this mortal coil by my hand!

huge enemy?
T-that enemy looks p-pretty strong, but Hank is with us, so we don't have to be afraid! Let's go, Link!

of effect on Golem at all.
Wanna bet?

Yay. It is a WindShard. Like a LandShard, but more windy, I suppose.
(Hank) Opponents of this caliber are mere nuisances. Now, let us head within.
I have a better idea! Let's rest first.

Strength redoubled by a quick nap, they went back to the tower.

Oooooh! Treasure chests! OH GOD! A third kind of shard? Will this reign of terror never end?

Pitiful human beings! You came here deliberately, knowing that our leader wasn't here, didn't you? Unfortunately for you, I don't need my leader's help to crush mere humans. I can do it all by myself!

can take them!
That's the boss of the bad guys? You've got to be kidding me.

For crying out loud, he's attacking by blowing bubbles at us.

while our leader was away, this never would have happened. Ah! Oh! Boss!

(Hank) last, wouldn't you say?
Boss! Finish them off, please! I've hurt them pretty badly! Boss? Boss? Oh no! Boss! (Matilda slashes Clawser, Clawser dies)
(Matilda) I guess I scared you, Link, but just as he said, I am the root of all evil. I am one of the monsters ordered not to let any women return to Rexwood.

(Matilda) However, although I may be a monster, I am not fully devoid of human emotions. When I offered those weeds as a gift to the dead, I truly meant that. Hank's son Patrick awakened my long dormant human side.
(Hank) Silence, beast! I refuse to listen to you bemoan your tragic existance! I'll kill you here and now!
(Matilda) (Matilda) Your son could have died saving you in the tower, but he had no perception of danger. It was just like when I tried to save my older brother.
(Hank) ...? Matilda? I see. I thought I had heard that name before. You must be the little sister of Rex, the hero of the village.
(Matilda) When I went to find my brother, that beast began to possess me, telling me such awful things. I gradually began to despise the townspeople that betrayed my brother. My hate finally transformed me into this terrible monster. I didn't want your son to share my fate.
(Hank) I do not wish to slay you, for you did save my life. However, if there is no other way, I must. Please, allow the women to return to the village, and restore this island to its original state. I would hate to have to repay your kindness to me with steel.
(Matilda) That I cannot do. My very existence is what prevents the women from returning. They will never be able to return as long as I live.
(Hank) In that case, I will not hesitate to strike you down where you stand.
(Matilda) I'm prepared to meet my fate.

Uh... Link? Are you sure about this? Are we really going to fight Matilda?

And that's all she does. She just sits there and takes everything you dish out. But eventually...

(Hank) have. I will deliver peace unto you.
Hey, Link, are you sure this is the way it should be? Whatever the circumstances, Matilda deserves better than this!

Well, she didn't do anything to *us*. So, yeah.
(Hank) Please understand. I do not truly wish to strike down the sister of Rex, for whom our village is named. However, Rexwood will die out unless the women return. If it is the only way to lift the darkness, I must strike this woman down.
Hey! Come back here! You're really going to cut that woman down?
(Matilda) Maribel, wasn't it? Thank you. You have a kind heart. Link, do you remember where we first met, in the forest? Please, return to there one last time, and you may find a way home. This is all I can do for you now.

(Matilda) Thank you for giving me those flower seeds. They made me happy. Cough! (Matilda fades out of existance)

(Hank) my soul remain. There's no point in talking any further. Let us return to the village to see if the women have indeed returned.

saving the village! It's too bad I don't remember anything after we were taken away.
Whenever a mighty oak falls, a small sapling comes to take it's place. Life is filled with such cycles.

(Patrick) And you're not bleeding profusely this time!
(Hank) I'm sorry I worried you, son. But now we'll never have to worry about monsters again.
(Patrick) Have you seen Matilda? I want her to hear the good news, too!
(Hank) Matilda? Yeah. We saw her. Don't worry. I thanked her for you like you told me to.
(Patrick) Yippee! So what kind of trophy did you bring me? What's this? The bowels of a CatMage? Geez, and I thought they smelled bad on the outside. Heh heh.
(Hank) Anyways, there's not point in standing around here. Let's go inside.

(Hank) returned. Everything is back to normal. So what is this sadness I feel now?I just wish that Rex's young sister could have seen the peace we have regained. Well, I can't waste your time with my small talk forever. Rex's sister told you to go to the forst where she met you. Perhaps there is a clue there that will help you back to your kingdom. However, if you don't find anything, I'll be waiting. You always have a home here, and I promise to protect you, Link. I shall never forget what I owe all of you for saving my life. I'll miss you, but above that, I pray for your safe return to your kingdom. Continue to fight the good fight. Farewell, Link!

(Patrick) this area. It's too bad. I want to show this to Matilda as well, but I wonder where she is. (Gives Patrick the Wood Doll) What? Matilda said this was for me? Thank you, Link! I will take good care of it and cherish it always.

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Character update:

New items: BronzeKnife, DefSeed x 2, WindShard, FireShard


New Skills: FireSlash

New Spells: Sap, Retaliate