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Part 6: Post 06: In which I struggle to not make any "On a boat" jokes.

Post 06: In which I struggle to not make any "On a boat" jokes.

It just swirls and swirls. Time to irresponsibly jump in!

It looks as if we have returned. As soon as we fit the Shards onto the pedestal, they formed what looked like a map, and then we... But wait? Just where was that place? Was it all just a dream?
Just how dense are you, Kiefer? That was no dream. How could all of us have the exact same dream? I'm not too sure what it was, but I do know that I was put in immense danger because of you bumbling oafs. Huh? Stop daydreaming, Link! Don't you see the gravity of the situation?
Well, we went to a land that doesn't exist and fought abominations of nature to save a town full of douchebags. It's just too implausible to be a dream, stupid as that sounds.
You expect me to believe that? Regardless of what just happened, at least I made it back safely. I even had a little fun, as much as I hate to admit it. Anyhow, I should get home before I incur my mother's wrath.
Count me in! Damn, my dad's going to be mad again. I'll contact you soon! (Kiefer leaves)
How rude! He didn't even say goodbye to me! Let's go home, Link.

See anything new about this floor map? Perhaps... another island?

I have to get some sleep. See you later, Link.

the sea. Oh, Link. Prince Kiefer and Maribel were with you too, right? Everyone was worried because we hadn't seen you three. That's not the case at all, though. Everyone's really excited about the new island that suddenly appeared!
New island? I wonder if that could be linked to anything that I did today? Or in the past, or in an alternate reality, or something or another.

(Mollie) Everyone was worried! Prince Kiefer and Maribel disappeared, too. Will you promise me you won't scare anybody like that again?
Mom, I'm like the wind. I can't make that kind of promise because I have no intention of keeping it.
(Mollie) Oh, dear! This isn't the time for that! Have you heard? There's a rumor going around that a new island has been discovered near this one. That's why your father and Amitt went to the castle. Can it really be true? I just can't believe it.
Well, time to hit the castle, then.

this way, I regret to inform you, but his Highness has given the most unusual command that the castle gates be closed. If you are looking for the Prince, he departed the castle a little while ago, saying that he was going to see his grandfather.
Grandfather? Well, time to go and bother an old man.

I'm certain you've heard about the new island and the expedition team that's been formed. Even that old man was summoned to the castle. But did they bother to involve us? No! I wasn't even selected for the expedition team! I can't believe it! I think it's about time we used our little secret weapon. I'm going on ahead to Fishbel, so I'll meet you there later. So long, Link! We'll need to meet up in the cave on the shoreline in Fishbel. Will you show up?
I'm a destined hero named after several other destined heros - I basically have to show up.
Very well.

Hah! I can read you like a book!
Hmm. Oh well, never mind,. Let's get going, Link. We'll just have to lift the lid ourselves!
Wait, I'll help out too! All this just to hide a staircase? Oh well, let's hurry down.

Hey! Wait up!
Ta-da! What do you think? This old bucket is finally all fixed up! It took us a few years, but it's ready to go. Let's climb aboard. Are you ready to go, Link?
I did all the work on this friggin boat! I'm going, feel free to come with!
All right! Raise anchor! Onward! Onward to new lands!
I have the suspicion that these lands aren't going to be all that new.
You were going to leave me behind? You jerks! I guess I should hardly expect more from a couple of morons who can't tell an island from a continent.
Oh! Right, right! Anyway, full speed ahead!

But where could it be? Wait... I have a map!

Okay, that quill is where we are, so we need to go around Estard Isle to the north.

Well, this looks awfully familiar. The tower's missing, though. Let's check out what should be named Linkwood, since I saved their ass last time around.

This is Rexwood, the 'Village at the Epicenter of the Forest'. Please enjoy your stay!

Well, that's an odd question to ask. I certainly don't know. And if I don't know, then I doubt anyone else does either.

Do you think it could be something useful?
Impossible! Could it be the same as the one we used at the fane to get here?
I see you've noticed our little treasure. My husband brought me that stone to make up for all his hurtful lies and affairs. Much like my husband, it's just taking up space here. It's a painful reminder, so I was going to throw it out. Did you want it?
Well, I am starting an elemental shard collection. Please?
Then consider it yours. It's as worthless to me as my husband. There is one condition - I want you to tell my husband about this before you leave. He's by the pond, right after you cross the bridge. Say hello to him for me, all right? (Link received the WindShard)

Is that my stone? Aw, geez. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. If you're interested in finding more precious stones, you should try the colorstone mine. That's where I found that stone. There might be others lying around there still.

of the village yet? Back when the tower was completed, it was christened after one of our ancestors. Although the name has fallen by the wayside, it's officially known as Hanks' Tower.
Did you hear what that woman said, Link? What's going on here? This surely is Rexwood, isn't it? Ohh, too much thought involved. This is making my head hurt.
Well, back to the colorstone mines. Let's see if we can't find some more of these ridiculous shards.

here somewhere? Come to think of it, there was this old guy awhile back with the same story. Well, feel free to look around if you want, but don't get in anyone's way!

mine these days. Huh? You're looking for stone shards instead of colorstones? What the hell is wrong with you? Don't talk to me!

Blah blah blah, more of the same colorstone-pushing puzzles blah blah blah. If you wanted to see block puzzles, you'd go and watch a Zelda LP. If you want me to show these block puzzles in the future, just ask.

Well, this is new! Onward and downward!

Not bad, Link! This has got to be a Shard! Now that we've got this, let's get back to the castle!

One trip back to the castle later...

Shut up! I don't know who you think you are, but keep it up and I'll boot you out!
Humph! What an inconsiderate dolt! Hmm? Oh, it's you! You've shown up right when I need you! Don't you recognize me? It's me, the sage who lives by the cliff. This buffoon won't open the gate so I can see my friend. Could you convince him to let me in?
Prince Kiefer. You got here just in time. Is this old man an acquaintance of yours?
Well, it's a long story. But the old man is a friend of mine. So can you let him pass? He is no the kind of person to cause trouble.
Yes, sir. If you give me a direct order, I cannot refuse. I understand. Let us unlock the door. Come, please go on through!
Oh, wonderful! Thank you so much!

Who are you calling senile? I should strike you down where you stand!
Ha ha ha! I guess you won't be stepping into a coffin anytime soon.
Get to the point, and don't try to get me into any more trouble.
Yes, tes. The point is, I'm once again in need of that important piece.
What did you say? Your words are so absurd as to be derisory! I refuse to believe you!
Ahem! What's true or not will become clear once you return 'it' to me! Bring 'it' back as quickly as possible! Oh, it's you. So you followed me then. This old man and I are old friends. I stopped by to see him while I was in the castle. That's all.
So the two of you know each other. You keep talking about 'it', but what exactly are you referring to?
Hmmm, I knew someone would eventually ask, and it seems there is no longer any point in hiding the situation. It has become unavoidable. Telll me, do you know anything about the new lands that have recently appeared?
Well, to be honest, we only know a little. (Kiefer told the old man about the temple and the new world it led to.)
Do you understand?
All right, I understand.
Listen carefully. If I understand you correctly, then what you seek rests somewhere within the walls of this castle. I have looked for 'it' many times myself, but to no avail. However, I do believe 'it' can be reached using this raft. Forgive me for being vague, but it wouldn't do to tell you everything all at once. If you manage to bring 'it' back, I will sincerely believe your story, and I will leave 'it' in your charge. Now, take the raft and go.
I see. I knew this would happen someday. Go ahead. You can use the raft.

I found that Shard when I was about your age. For some reason, King Roarty, Prince Kiefer's grandfather, confiscated it. I'll spare you the story for today. At any rate, as I promised, I'll give you the Shard. If the legends are true, you should be able to use that shard to make a new land appear! It's a bet! If you bring forth a new land using that Shard, then you can continue unhindered on your adventure. Don't worry about the castle. I'll make up some sort of story. Now take care and be off with you!
Okay, now back to the ruined fane! Let's check out the top left pillar in the red room!

And now we're somewhere else.

Game clock: 5:50.

Picked up this update: WindShard, AGLseedx2, MysticNut, FireShardx2 (used)

Status Update:

Level: 5-6