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Part 8: Post 08: In which we visit the same volcano, but in a different way.

Post 08: In which we visit the same volcano, but in a different way.

(Pamela) Oh, welcome back. I trust you slept well? You helped this town so much that I wanted to show my gratitude in some way. I was looking around, thinking of something I could do for you all, and I found just the thing. Here, take this. (Link obtained an AquaShard!) I've kept this for ages because I thought it might come in handy sometime. I feel that this stone wants to be with you, and I'm always right, you know. I'll try to help you any way I can, so do come and visit now and again!

(Elder) If only I had listened to Pamela, we could have prevented all this from happening! Instead, we ended up pushing all of our problems off on you. Please forgive us. I still don't know why such a terrible monster appeared inside Mt. Flame. It may be because our appreciation for the God of Flame has waned. I promise! From here on out we will revere him more than ever before! We'll have to work to protect Engow by ourselves. After all, you might not be here to save us if something happens again. So don't worry about us. Please, continue your journey.
Alright, back to the present!

is going to be okay. I wonder if a new island will appear in the present. We should go back to the castle and investigate. I'm sure they'd know if a new island appeared or not!

Back at the castle town...

Sorry, sorry! I'll go back to the castle right now.
No, don't worry about it. I've heard all about it! The King's waiting for you in the castle! Please hurry!

Oh crap, it's all of our dads and the old man! This can't be good.

(King Burns) friends, Link and the always lovely Maribel. The old man has told me everything the three of you have hidden from me. If his words are true, then there were once several continents in this world, in addition to Estard. You are on an adventure to return the lands that have disappeared in order to restore the world to the way it once was, correct? Supposedly, one of these lands was to appear on your return to the castle. I still have my doubts about this, to be honest. But I ordered an expedition party to be assembled to look for the new land. Barring any problems, the expedition party will return any time now. Hmm? ( A new soldier enters)
The expedition team is reporting to King Burns!
(King Burns) Hmm.
Far to the north of the new island, we have discovered an island covered with volcanoes.
(King Burns) You may take your leave.
Yes, sir! (Soldier leaves)
(King Burns) It seems that there is at least some truth to the story. It makes one wonder why Estard was spared from a similar fate. But now, it looks as though it may be possible to reverse the transgressions of the past and return these lands to this world. You, old man. Everything was just as you said.
To be sure. Heh heh heh.
(King Burns) I say this with utmost sincerity. I apologize for not believing you. And you, Kiefer. Without your work, the truth would have remained hidden. Great work. I thank you. But, Kiefer, by no means will I allow you to continue traveling!
King! This is not what I was promised! We had an arrangement!
(King Burns) Whatever else may happen, you are still the heir to the throne. You must focus on your country, and leave the task of restoring the world to others with more... expendable bloodlines.
(Amitt) It's just as the King said, Maribel. You're a girl! I absolutely forbid you to go on a dangerous journey! It is time that we took our leave of this place.
Hey! I can get home by myself, Dad! You don't have to drag me! (Amitt drags Maribel off)
(Borkano) If anything, Link, I'm pleased with your courageous display. But a good man knows when to quit. I don't want you to bite off more than you can chew. Come on, let's go home!

(Borkano) I never imagined you'd become involved in a life of adventuring. But you know, I'm not like King Burns and Amitt. I don't want to be that stubborn about it. Having said that, I can't exactly approve of you going on adventures and making everybody worry about you. I want to hear what you think. Do you want to continue your adventures?
Of course! This shard collection isn't going to finish itself!
(Borkano) Would you go even if your friends weren't there to accompany you?
Mr. and Ms. Arguments McBossypants? Nah, I'll find other friends. Better friends!
(Borkano) Is that so? All right. In that case, there's no sense in me trying to stop you. You're a man now. This adventure could be very good for you. Just take care, and remember that sometimes it's better to run away than to fight. The day has grown late. You get a good night's sleep, Link.

And that's why Link's dad is one of the better RPG parents you'll see. "Well, I don't really approve of all this, but it can't hurt and it's not like I can really stop you. Be careful!"

The night passes, and the next morning...

(Mollie) Good morning! If you're looking for your father, he's at the boat, as usual.

waiting? I had to stay up all night long persuading Papa to let me go! You were planning on going on this trip alone, weren't you?
Well, now that you mention it...
I won't let you have all the fun, Link. I'm coming with you, like it or not. I'm sure they said something yesterday about a volcanic continent in the north. Let's go there right away, Link! Kiefer might be hopeless, but he's still the Prince. Responsibility beckons him. We can go on from here with just the two us.

Sorry to keep you guys waiting! Let's get on with the adventure, shall we?
What are you saying? How in the world did you get out of the castle?
Heh heh. I managed to give the guards the slip again. I told my father that I'd sneak out of the castle whenever I liked. I couldn't care less what he thinks. I'm going with you no matter what.We're going to that continent in the north, right? Let's get moving!

It's that really big one close to the top. Obvious, innit?

Monstrous Putrefish? In the present? This is obviously the a vengeful undead fish, angry at the fishermen! It's also pretty devastating to us. It can attack us for 20 hp each, and when we're ranging from 40-60 right now, that's just nasty.

This seems somehow familiar, what with being the same place and whatnot.

Village. If you want to soak in a hot spring, you've got to go below the well that's in the center of town.
Hey, traveler! Did you already go to Mt. Flame? You know, that volcano to the north of town.
Kind of? For the sake of this conversation, let's go with no.
Good. Most of the treasure hunters who go in there get attacked by monsters.

spring yet? I highly recommend it! The effect of the hot spring is amazing! Your skin will become smooth! You'll become totally healthy!

celebrates a festival called the Festival of Flame. It's supposed to be this amazing festival dedicated to the God of Flame that lives in Mt. Flame. I've been living here for a long time, though, and I've never seen any festival.

but where can I do my laundry?
The famous spring with the legendary curative powers is at the bottom of this well. Perhaps it will restore my ailing voice!
Silly bard, this isn't a Birdsong Nectar spring! Or is it... Let's check this out!

it would be. Will it really work on anything, I wonder?
Hic! Booze really hits the spot when you've just gotten out of a hot spring. Good, strong, properly chilled booze, that is.
That hits the spot! A massage is just the thing after you've loosened up your body in a hot bath!
This is it, right? This is the place, right? Come on, come on, come on!
Huh? This is mixed bathing? But I'm too shy to undress here! What am I going to do? I still want to get into the hot spring. I'd just go and do it, but I really am shy.

It was then that I began to realize that my kleptomania had become a problem. But then, I realized that the Boxers allowed me better defense than my clothes, so it just made good sense to do so.

What do you think about the village? Do you like it?
Hot springs are pretty cool, I suppose.
You seem to like this place. Good, good. Will you be sure to tell people about this village at the next town you visit? I want a lot of people to come visit this village.

(Pamela) fortune-teller. What's that? Do you think my name is strange for some reason?
Who names their child Pamela these days?
(Pamela) My name is a special one, given to those members of my family which possess the gift of being able to see the future. Long ago, when this land was threatened by disaster, the original Pamela averted that disaster by directing the servant of the God of Flame. The first Pamela was also renowned for her abilities as a healer as well. I'm nearly hopeless in that regard, though. Oh, but I digress. You're here to have your fortunes told, am I right? Now let me have a look at your faces. Well, this is strange. I can't see a thing. Hmm. I sense a mysterious power emanating from you. It seems that the power is somehow blocking my fortune-telling vision. Hmm. This is what I have seen. Now for my reading fee. I'll knock it down to five gold. Come on, pay up! (Link reluctantly paid 5 gold!) Thank you for your patronage! Come again any time you need your fortunes told!
Well, our only ticket to adventure here seems to be a volcano full of treasure and/or monsters. How can we best summarize our repeated antics?

sleeping ground of the God of Flame! Heh... Not like anyone cares these days. This is so boring! Why do I have to guard this stupid mountain?
Moving past the lazy guard entirely unimpeded, we come to the volcano crater...

Oho! What is this?

Where are we now?

Okay, this takes us back to the ruined fane for some reason. This will likely be important some day. But not today!

At this time, we re-explore the same volcano from earlier. I was there, you were there, and we had some good times. If you want to see screenshots, please check the previous post. New things include...

The Thornmole! They're really unimpressive monsters that are neither damaging, durable, or skilled. Also the Imp, who is a generally minor spellcasting monster. We'll see their like again.

BEHOLD! The second iteration of the Slime family in this game! The Babble! They retain the same jolly atitude and pleasant smile, but are now poisonous as well, making them extra obnoxious. Also, the SwordRoo, which combines the most dangerous aspects of both swords and kangaroos.

Wow! Here, just beneath where we fought the FireGiant previously, there is a shard. How very unlikely! Okay, back to the fane!

I don't recall that fire being there previously, let's check it out!

Hrmm, what's with this cool looking water?

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

The clear water glitters in a rainbow of colors. Fill the Bottle with water from the Rainbow cove?
Sure, let's fill this bottle that used to contain the HolyWater and kept for some reason with this beautiful water!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Link took the top off the Bottle and thrust it into the water. Link obtained the RainbowDew!
Well, this can't be unimportant!

Well. This place is tiny.

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 7
Still not the most depressing segment in the game (but in the top three). Also, a lot of text and very little action. Expect about 10 posts before we hit the job system. Maybe more, maybe less.

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