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Part 9: Post 09: In which there is a very depressing town and we watch people talk to each other.

Post 09: In which there is a very depressing town and we watch people talk to each other.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

For some reason, possibly long exposure to the elements, the statue is barely standing at all.
This is weird. What would stone statues be doing in a place like this?
Hey, Link, I don't like having to say this, but what if these are all real people who've been turned to stone?

Why is that statue blocking the door to that house... HEY! An old guy! Let's get off this ledge and go around... hey! Wall writing!

Wall posted:

It says, 'Landmark. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Well now, this is unusual indeed, finding travelers in a place like this. My eyes may be failing me, but I can tell that you are people of no small importance. So what business could you possibly have in a backwater town such as ours?
There are lots of things that we still don't understand, but... (Link tells the old man about their journeys)
What! So you're going to go back in time and restore the lost world to it's original state? Well, please forget about this town. I fear it's too late for us now. As you can see, the people of this town have all turned to stone. There remain no methods by which this terrible curse might be lifted. I intend to sit here and observe the demise of this town. Please, take your travels elsewhere.
I haven't gotten to where I am by not listening to old men, I suppose. Goodbye!

travelers. If you intend to continue your journey, then take this with you. (Link got a small, shiny bottle!) This is AngelTear, a legendary potion that can heal people who have been turned to stone. Alas, I acquired this potion too late. By the time I had obtained it, well, look for yourself. The people in this town have been mercilessly assailed by the elements. One can no longer tell what they originally looked like anymore. With their bodies in this condition, the AngelTear will have no effect on them. The townspeople must despise me. In fact, at night... Please forget that I said anything. This village may be dark even now, but the surrounding are gets even darker after nightfall. If you plan to stay in this village, take care that you do not venture out at night. My apologies for holding you back. Leave here now.
First, naptime! To the inn!

Boy, do I want to rest!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Link awakens to the sound of a sad cry from outside.

Sweet! Glowing statues! Let's check it out!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

The stone statue gives off a faint light, as if it's trying to tell you something. The light from the statue begins to grow stronger.

supplies for the town?
Yes. I'll get the usual foods and as much water as I can carry.
You know, for years we've prayed for rain, but it's never rained once!
God won't forsake us. This year we'll get rain for sure!
Hmmm. That would be nice, wouldn't it?
Well, I'd better go now if I want to be back in time for the rain prayers.
I hear the monsters have started to appear outside. Please be careful.

Without rain, the vegetables won't grow. My future in farming looks bleak. ( A little boy runs up and knocks the farmer over )
(Joseph) Oh, mister! Sorry!
Don't worry. A town with healthy children has a bright future.

(Joseph) Now all I have to do is write this down. I'll just slip this note inside a book. ( A little girl runs up)
(Rena) You're marking that wall! That's not allowed, you know!
(Joseph)You idiot! Keep it down!
(Rena)You're not supposed to mark on the walls.
(Joseph)It's okay. It's a guid marker. I discovered another one! It's even more incredible than the last one!
(Rena)By the 'last one,' do you mean that secret base?
(Joseph)That's right! It's such an amazing discovery! I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Come over during the rain prayer. It you're late, I'll go on ahead to the base.
(Rena)Uh-huh. Okay.
(Joseph)See you tomorrow! Don't be late!

a time as this, Millie.
(Millie) Yes. I'm here to pray for the safety of a certain important person on his journey.
Oh, I see. So you've come to pray for God to protect someone.
(Millie) Yes, thank you. Oh, God! Please protect him! Please protect my precious Clayman! (Some blonde guy walks in)
Dear God, please let me be the one to marry Millie! Clayman's not returning on time could be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Okay, this faceless mass of human-shaped rock makes me think "Millie" for some reason... let's see what this does!

(Clayman comes on in) Sorry I'm so late. Please excuse me.
(Millie) That's okay. It's just- Anyway, have you decided what we're going to do?
(Clayman)I've decided that I'll be the one to go and get supplies this year as usual, after all.
(Millie) No way! There are monsters out there right now! The town couldn't survive if anything happened to you!
(Clayman)And that's just it. We live in a poor town, where we can't even grow our own vegetables. Someone has to go out and get supplies for the town, no matter how dangerous it may be. I should go, because I can fight better than anyone else, even if only a little. Am I wrong?
(Millie) No, of course not. I know all that. Really I do, but-
(Clayman)And I've decided something else as well. When I've finished shopping, we'll tell the whole town about our marriage. What do you say?
(Millie) Clayman, that makes me happy, but-
(Clayman)Right! Now that that's settled, you don't need to worry about me. I'll come back safely. I promise.
(Millie) Yes, I know. Just be careful.
(Clayman)I said that I promise! I'll be back around the time of the rain prayer. (They kiss) Okay, then, so long. (Clayman leaves)
(Millie) Clayman, come back safely.

please give the town rain! (The priest walks up)
Thank you for your prayers, but why are you praying to the boulder instead of the Water God?
The Water God was created by man, but this boulder was here long before us.
I see. But why would we need this boulder?
Ha! This boulder is not here for us. We're here because we honor the boulder.
Yes, that's right. I must still be a novice. I'm still looking at things from the wrong perspectives.

(Rena) Is Joseph here?
Actually, Rena, I'm looking for him too, but he isn't anywhere to be found. I told him to stay home and help prepare for the prayer, but now he's scampered off.
(Rena) Oh, I know! Maybe. Oops!
Do you think you know where he might be?
(Rena) Oh, I don't know. I just don't know.
Oh. Well, if you see him, tell him to come home, okay?
(Rena) Okay. I tell him.(sic)

This looks like the blonde guy who wanted to marry Millie. I think. He's kinda weathered down and could be anyone, really.

is smiling. I bet this year our prayers for rain will be answered. Clayman went to buy provisions. If it rains, I'll use this chance to get close to Millie. Mmmm, I 'looking forward to praying for rain.

(Keene) Huh? Sure, if I can.
(Joseph) Do you know what this town used to be like, Dad?
(Keene) What did this town used to be like? I'm not really sure. Come to think of it, I've never really heard anything about it. Bartender, do you know anything about the history of this town? I figured you'd know if anyone.
I've only heard idle talk myself, but it seems that this area was once a battlefield. From what I understand, after the original town was destroyed, our ancestors drew together and built a new village on the same site. Anyway, they find old things buried in the ground from time to time.
(Keene) Well, there you have it. But why are you interested in such things?
(Joseph) It's just been something I've been wondering about, that's all. I get reflective sitting here drinking with you, Dad.
(Keene) Hmm? You're a strange kid. You really remind me of someone. Who is it?
He does closely resemble a certain someone. It's spooky.
(Keene) Hey, bartender, did you say something just now?
No, no! I didn't say anything!
(Keene) Really? I could've sworn I heard something.
(Joseph) Well, I'm going to go out and play now, Dad.
(Keene) Yeah, it's just about time for the rain prayer to start. Don't be sneaking around too much.
(Joseph) Okay!

Okay, due to placement and size, this has to be Keene, Joseph's dad. We've already seen the mom at this house, and it's too large to be the kid himelf.

seeing as how it's a rain prayer day?
(Keene) What are you saying? I've had enough. Someone who makes his living selling booze has no business telling me anything.
Fine. I'm going to be joining the rain prayer myself, so I'm closing up now.
(Keene) Okay, I'll see you down there.

(Keene) them. How can prayer make it rain? Well? It's raining! Amazing! It's really raining!

(Keene) What the hell? Am I dreaming this? Is this a nightmare? People are turning to stone! Honey! Joseph!

Time for some breaking and entering, then. I wonder where the old man went to - he's no longer at the well. Well, let's burst in!

books. Will you read it?
Boy! Will I!

Note within book posted:

After finding the secret base, I made another great discovery! I can't believe the town has a place like this! The entrance is under the pointed tree, near my markings on the cliff. The second base is underground, beneath the bar where my father likes to go!
Well, before we do anything too reckless in this town, let's talk to the old man.

already. You should have left already. I take it that you've seen the glowing forms of the villagers turned statues. I believe that glow is their spite for me, radiating from their cold, stone forms. Let me tell you a little of the history of this town. This area has always been in a perpetual drought. Once a year, all of the townspeople would gather and pray for rain. When their prayers were finally answered on that fateful day fifty years ago, I had gone to a distant town to purchase supplies. While I was on my way back, I saw a dark, ominous, purple cloud settle over the village. Soon it began to rain a chilling, cursed, gray rain. I hurried home, but when I finally arrived it was too late. All I could do was weep into the damp earth. How I wish that I, too, could have joined them in the rain's kiss fifty years ago. They gray rain was truly terrifying, but what is even worse is that most people still have no knowledge of the rain or it's effects. Hmm? My name? I used to be called Clayman. There has been no one here to call me that for the past fifty years.
Okay, let's check out that tree now.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

When you pound on the ground it sounds hollow. It is dark, however, and you cannot see very well!
Well, it's too dark... now. I'll come back later, when it's morning!

Wow, I'm so glad that it's morning, and I can see now. Okay, a secret passage. Let's look deeper!

Okay, that's base #2, maybe that kid's still in here? Let's keep looking around.

The kid isn't in that tunnel... Well, if I use that AngelTear here, maybe it'll wake him up and he'll come out!

(Joseph) My name is Joseph. Are any of the other townspeople around? (Joseph looks around) That's odd. All of the grown-ups were making a lot of fuss over the rain prayer just now. Maybe something's happened to them. Do you know anything about that.
You see, they were all turned into stone by an evil rain fifty years ago. Nothing too unusual.
(Joseph) What? Everyone in town was turned to stone fifty years ago? If you're going to joke around, you could at least come up with something funny! It really does feel as though there's no one else here though, doesn't it? Well, look, let's go and find them! Will you and your friends help me out?
Sure, I'll take you to the old man. But first...

I had a gut feeling about that one. Now let's bother the elderly!

(Clayman) I thought I caught it's faint scent in the air. That was foolish of you. Although, come to think of it, it's getting lighter. No, that can't be. My eyesight must be finally fading, too.
(Joseph) Who's that old guy?
(Clayman) Who is that? Have I seen you somewhere before?
That's right, old man. This kid was hidden in a cave protected from the elements when the rain came, so though he was still petrified for some reason, he was also preserved. So, the Angel Tear fixed him. If you weren't such a whiner, then you could have searched this place in the past 50 years and found this out on your own.
(Clayman) Wait, there's no need to answer that. That voice, I remember it well. It's the son of Keene, Joseph.
(Joseph) Yeah.
(Clayman) But how? Where have you been all this time?
(Joseph) In my secret base, underground.
(Clayman) Underground? So that's how you were kept safe from the merciless elements. This is truly a miracle. Thanks to you travelers, Dialac is no longer dead. It has the opportunity for life once more! You never gave up. You used the AngelTear when I wouldn't. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! This is truly the happiest day of my life! Come, travelers, and celebrate this new life with me!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Having found new hope, the light of life returns to the old man's face right before your eyes. There is no one left anymore. The boy at last begins to recognize the truth of ths situation. The old man says that he wants to take care of Joseph, who seems to have taken to the old man himself. And then dawn broke.

(Clayman} you. We will soon embark on a journey ourselves, to warn those who live in ignorance of this terrible gray rain. On that journey, I will search for a way to turn these townspeople back to the way they were. Should that prove impossible, though, I know that this town will still live on, as long as Joseph and I survive.
(Joseph) Are you leaving already? It would have been fun to journey with you. Old man Clayman seems to lonely, though, and I really want to restore the townspeople. I suppose you'll be lonely without me too, but please don't me mad, okay?

Hey, let's check out what's there now!

Okay, I think it's that tiny island a little southeast of Estard.

Well, that's not a town. It looks more like a shrine to me.

(Sim) and constructed a town. I, too, dreamt of living next to this legendary stone. However, I came all this way, only to find the town was gone. With no home to return to, I decided to stay here and build a new town But, as you can see, I'm still the only one here. So, I have a request. When you meet people who are looking for a new place to live, would you please tell them about this town? If people would gather here, the town would be reborn! My name is Sim. Please listen to an old man's request.
Okay, let's help build Sim's City! Wow, I just got that. OOoooh! A shard!

Okay! Now, we're gonna need a city name, and I'm gonna give you the various options that we can eventually build our city into for you guys to choose! Each of these has it's own benefits, so let's see what the options are.

Farm: The city becomes a farming collective, shops aren't special.
Slum: The city is riddled with corruption and low-lifes, so we get a Casino full of some of the greatest stuff in the game, but the shops mostly sell cursed items.
Cathedral: The city becomes a sprawling Vatican-esque place, with okay items that cost a lot of money.
Bazaar: The city become a massive bazaar covered with shops that sell some of the best weapons and armor in the game.
Normal: No matter what you choose, it'll have the normal form for at least one update as it's necessary to access some of the end-game content.

New items: LandShard, windshard

Remember this post - it actually becomes important later.

We just spent an update 30+ screens of watching people talk to each other. Next time on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 7, we're damn well going to stab something.

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