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Part 10: Post 10: In which we die twice against a clown.

Post 10: In which we die twice against a clown.

Well, we'll worry about our new town later. First, let's check out another new old place!

Hrmm. There aren't people, only animals. I assume some sort of mysterious rain caused this as well. Let's check this out!

(It looks like what you're saying isn't coming across)
... Okay. Here is a person, but she can't understand me. Let's keep looking around.

I cannot believe that there is such a cold-hearted bastard in the world. To chain a child is unthinkable. Let's hurry up and set you free!

(The collar is so tight! It looks painful. The lock is too tight. Link can't detach it!)

(He's trying to say something, but Link can't understand animal language!)
I am certain you know everything that's happened here in this town. That reminds me. Didn't we meet someone who said they could understand the speech of animals?
... No. We didn't. We forgot to go to such a person's house previously. I think I know a place where such a person may be, though! Back to Estard Isle!

Good for you! You're becoming an adult! Hi there! Why the serious look? What's going on? What? You say you found a town full of animals? Ha ha ha! That's nonsense! I may live deep in the forest, but dont' look down on me. I know lots of things from talking to the animals on this island, but I've never heard that before!
Mew mew.
Huh? What did you say? You're interested in what they have to say?
Mew mew. Miaow!
Huh? You actually want me to go and check it out?
Mew mew mew meow!
I guess I am the only one who can understand the language of animals. All right, all right. If this story is indeed true, you're going to need my help. Okay, Link. I'll follow you!

While returning to the town of animals, we came across a new monster: The Healer! The healer is the latest in the endless iterations of the Slime family, and is known for having minimal attack abilities. On the other hand (Surprise surprise!) it can heal, making other enemies with it more dangerous.

by animals. Let's me see (sic) if the animals can't shed some light on what's happened here. Now, what a cute little face you have. You're a good little fella. Now, don't be afraid. Just tell me what happened here.
Bark, bark!
Uh... What was your name? Could you tell me again?
Bark, bark!
What's going on? I haven't the faintest idea what they're saying! Something's wrong. I've got to try to talk to some of the other animals!

It's not working. I have no idea what they're thinking.

How could anyone lock it like this? It's so tight! You can't even breathe right! I bet that hurts. I'll take it off now. I'll set you free with my trusty knife! Chop, chop, chop! All right, it came off. You can breathe easy now. What? (The kid runs off)
What? Hey! Wait! Come on! What a speedy little fellow!
Ha ha! I'm relieved you're all right!

So the people in this town can't speak, eh? Don't worry. I'll get the story from those animal folk. What? That's astounding! How did that happen? This man isn't a human! He may look like a human, but inside he's actually a dog! All right! I can communicate with this one! Don't be afraid, just tell me what happened. What? Long ago, a monster upset the tranquility of this town. The legendary white wolves, protectors of this land, rose to challenge the beast. They fought together to vanquish the behemoth. One by one, the white wolves were killed. I'll get the rest of the story from the animals who have taken on human form.

This woman isn't human! She may look like a human, but she's a dog inside! All right! I can communicate with this one! Don't be afraid, just tell me what happened. What? The white wolves finally lured the monster into the cave in Mt. Ceide. After much bloodshed, they successfully sealed the creature inside. One lone wolf, pregnant with a pup, survived the battle. We owe the monster's confinement to the sacrifice of the white wolves. I'll get the rest of the story from the animals who have taken on human form. And that young woman isn't a human! She looks like a human, but she's a cat inside! all right! I can communicate with this one! Don't be afraid, just tell me what happened. What? It seems as though this town was ravaged by a monster just recently. The beast used sorcery to switch the appearances of animals and humans. So in this town, those who looks like humans are actually animals, and those who like like animals are actually humans! I'll get the rest of the story from the animals who have taken on human form.

The old man isn't a human! He may look like a human, but inside he's actually a horse! All right! I can communicate with this one! Don't be afraid, just tell me what happened. What? The monster that attacked the town came from the Mountain of God, Mt. Ceide, in the west. Isn't Mt. Ceide where the white wolves confined a monster long ago? It's possible something terrible is happening on Mt. Ceide. We've heard so many stories. The townfolk are still a little shaken by what's happened. It's all a little confusing. Would you like me to summarize it for you before I get it all mixed up, too?
What a friendly woodsman! Sure, what's your take on this mess?
This is a bit long, so listen closely. Long ago, the town was attacked by a monster. A pack of white wolves came to vanquish the beast. The battle was hard fought, but the wolves managed to seal the creature away in a cave in Mt. Ceide, the Mountain of God. The sole survivor of the battle was an able-bodied wolf who was still carrying her unborn cub. In short, we owe the monster's confinement to the sacrifice of the white wolves. So, that's the town legend. Understand?
Gotcha so far...
Did you know? A monster recently visited this peaceful town. For some reason, the menace saw fit to reverse the bodies of the humans with the animals. Something terrible may be happening on Mt. Ceide to the west of town. Did you get all of that? Today's youth have such short attention spans.
It wasn't that long. Anything else?
A quick study! That's Link for you. If you ever want to hear the story again, don't hesitate to ask.
Then let's go to Mt. Ceide!

What an unfortunately named monster. What is with the Japanese and their love of naming crab monsters Cancer? And why must they have such a high defense with no other strengths?

And now I can teleport from town to town in the present. This will make so many things, like finding new people for my town, so much easier!

Hey, the wolf ran off. After it!

He went into the cave! Follow that wolf!

Ahh, a Crestpent. An obnoxious snake with the proclivity to poison. Not too bad if dealt with quickly.

Why can't this ever be easy? Why must treasure be behind rivers or walls? Why can't it just be convenient? Isn't being in a cave full of monsters enough?

Well, that just figures.

How reassuring! A human skull. Well, there are the stairs up, let's check those out instead.

Oho! Two new enemies! The TailApes hang from their trees and throw nuts at us, while the Skyhunter flies about and shoots arrows. How droll.

Yes, let's go right into the sealed cave on the Mountain of God that is full of at least one horrible monster.

heck's inside? ( The kid from earlier bursts in and runs to the wolf!)
Rowf... Rowf... Rrrrrwrolf...
Link, watch out! I have a feeling that monsters are around here!

Whoa! What's that eerie voice?
You must be with that puny little wolf if you've come here. Damn you! Curse the white wolves who sealed me in this disgusting place! You'll pay for shutting me in this filthy hole for so long! I have already ruined the town the white wolves gave their lives to protect. However, that is little solace to me. My anger cannot be appeased until all the wolves are dead! That cub must be the last one. If you dare to help him, you'll pay with your lives!
Rrruuuuurrrrrr, rrraof! Rowf! Rowf!
What? All right, all right. All right. Gooood boy. Stay still, okay? Did you know, Link? The little white wolf fought that monster the other day! He ended up severely injured after the battle, though.
Arrgh! Silence! What are you jabbering about over there? I may have let you by once before, but you're mine now!
Link! This child is in danger! You have to protect him!

The DeathPal attacks by juggling his eyeballs at us, occasionally emits blinding light to keep us from being able to strike it, and strikes with WindBeast, an air elemental physical attack that is always quite effective. He also gets two attacks per round, and...

This is the Cave of Magic Sealing. Spells are of no use at all in here!

Ow! He beat us up then threw us back at the entrance to this time and place. We need to improve our fighting skills to get through this one!

Now we can leave dungeons at any time without having to plod our way back through them! What a time saver!

And now I can heal as well! Having a second string could be useful here. Now let's try this again!

Hey! It's another Aquashard. It was in a cave just past the wide-open door. Good thing I didn't miss this.

Have you decided to tell me where you're hiding the white wolf? (kid resumes attacking)
Link! This child is in danger! You have to protect him!
Okay now! Once more, with feeling!

Playtime is over! Now it's time to turn all of you into animals, too! ( The boy lunges at the monster, biting it fiercely!) Ooh, oww! You little brat! You think you can stop me with... My... My body! I'm losing control? ( He flies back over the coffin) Grhh! I cannot move. A trick like this can only be done by a white wolf, but... No! That child! You must have been in town when I cast my magic upon it! Gaaa ha ha hah! How absurd! If only I had realized my mistake sooner! You must be the last white wolf! The single one I missed. You... You'll pay for this! Mark my words! Prepare to spend the rest of your life as a putrid human! (Deathpal shoots a glowing ball at the kid) Gah ha ha... Arrrrgh! (Falls into coffin)
Link! Hurry! Close the stone lid and reseal the monster! (Woodsman runs over to try and lift the lid) Errrrrrrgh! It's not moving! It's too heavy for me. Come stand next to me, and we'll push it together! Hurry! Okay, listen! Push as hard as you can on three, all right? One, two, THREE! (Lid gets pushed on coffin)

This cub's mother was the single white wolf that survived the battle with the monsters. She ended up dying soom afterwards from her wounds, but not before giving birth. So, then this wolf here raised him as her own son! Sniff. Ohh, it gets me right here! So then. Oh, wait, what was this cub's name? I forgot.
This is amazing! You must be the white wolf! Can you understand what we're saying?
Oh, that's it? Ha ha ha! Guess I expected a little too much! You looked fine as a wolf, but you don't look half bad this way, either, Gabo.
But then, how do you figure that monster broke free from the seal? Anyway, let's hurry back and see how the town is!

(Gabo and the wolf run off) They're always so quick!
This is the town of Orph. Sniff, sniff. You smell funny. You've come from far away, haven't you? What? I could tell by your smell? That's odd!
I absolutely hate carrots! It was all a dream? I'm safe! I had an awful dream that I had turned into a horse and had to eat carrots. Perhaps that's my punishement for being such a fussy eater as a kid.
Oh my, children should not be traveling by themselves! You must be careful. This area is full of fierce monsters! I heard the monster that was confined in Mt. Ceide years ago has escaped. What? You got rid of it? Ha ha! That's really something. I'll be sure to look for you next time a monster appears.

Several days ago, I found an injured white wolf outside of town. I brought it to this barn to take care of it, but it just ran off. I think that it's wounds are all better, but it's dangerous outside of town!

Oh. You wanted to express your gratitude for having your wound healed?
Uh-huh. Wow, what a sweet kid. Link, I want to adopt this child and have him live with me. He may be the legendary White Wolf, but he's still just a cub who's lost his mother. He's all alone.
Woof! Woof!
Huh? Oh, yeah. Right. You're right here. Sorry. Sorry. But, Gabo can't ever go back to being a wolf again. He has to live as a human now. From now on, both of you can live with me.
Gabo... will go...
Oh, is that so? Well, let's get going, then. I'm sure the creatures of the forest will welcome you! So, Link, shall we start to head back home?

around here. Welcome to Orph. This area has become extremely dangerous since the arrival of the monster. Be careful when you continue your travels. What? You defeated the monster and sealed it up again?
Yeah. We did it with a white wolf that was turned into a human.
Unbelievable. It was supposed to be too strong for normal humans. What? You say a white wolf appeared and fought alongside you? That means the legend was true. What? The white wolf I saved was actually the legendary wolf? Aaaahhh... Too many surprises... starting... to... fell... dizzy... By the way, I've found something rather odd. The stone door used as a seal in My. Ceide cannot be broken from the inside. Someone had to have opened the door from the outside, in order to release the monster from its imprisonment. Is the monster we fear merely the unwitting pawn of another? Mysteries abound concerning the incident.

I'd wager that you had quite an experience. It's a shame that nobody would believe you if you told them. Anyhow, I'm off, Link. I'm going with Gabo. Everybody in the forest must be worried about us. Well, let's get going, Gabo. All right, Link. Take care now. What is it, Gabo? Do you want to say goodbye to your friends?
Okay, we can stay until you're finished saying goodbye.
Gabo...go! Together... Link!
What? You want to go with Link?
Awroooooo! Awroooooooo!
What are you trying to say?
Awrooooo! Awoowooooo!
Oh, I see. You're probably right. What Gabo's trying to say is that whoever opened the seal and let that monster out must have been incredibly powerful. He wants to go with you to stop whoever did it.
Awroooo! Awrooooo!
This is far more important than I originally thought. Take Gabo along with you on your journey, Link. I'm sure he'll be of help. I'll be waiting for your return.
Arr! Arr!
I'm going back home. Stay well, Gabo, and you too, Link. (Halfling and wolf leaves)
Looks like we've made ourselves another fine adventuring friend. It's a pleasure to meet you, Gabo!
It may be dangerous from here on out. Now that you're adventuring with us, it's your job to protectme, or else! That said, it's nice to meet you, Gabo.
Gabo! (Gabo joined the party!)

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, that's where I'll leave the post for today. In our next post, we'll see the Orph of the present. Also: City grinding!

New items: DEFSeed, Rosevine Whip (purchased), Scale Armor (purchased), Kitten Shield (purchased), WoodenHat (purchased), Mallet (purchased, Bone Dagger, AquaShard x 2, STRSeed

New Spell: Return

New Skill: ParryPass

New Spells: Outside, Surround

1 (He's new, give him a break)

Game Clock: 11:12
Death Count: 2 (Deathpal is really hard)