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Part 11: Post 11: In which Grindopolis gets it's name. And earns it.

Post 11: In which Grindopolis gets it's name. And earns it.

Well! That's a large continent now off to the west, let's visit it!


Hurry, or we'll miss the festivities!
(Mimi) Tee hee hee! Oh, Elder, you're always in such a rush! I've still got my stockings to put on, baby!
Ho ho! Isn't it a little early for that, Mimi? Oh, my goodness! Cough! Cough! We have guests!
Aaaaah! A half-bunny half-girl!
Ahem! Welcome to the town of Orph. If you're strangers here, you must be wondering what's going on. I bet you thought you had found some strange town full of animals! But, no! The townspeople are all just wearing costumes! Ha, ha, ha! We're right in the middle of the Animal Appreciation Festival! A long time ago, this town overcame grave danger through the help of animals. So, once a year, we give thanks to them via the festival! Oh, right! Why don't you join in? You've come all this way, after all! Come on, then, Mimi. Open up that drawer.
Ehh, what the hell. Why not?

be more friendly now! Now, hurry up or you'll miss the main event of the festival! We'll be coming out ourselves, so you go on ahead and have fun!

Oh! What a surprise! You're a traveler, young man? Well then, you'll have to try out this game! Step right up and take a chance? You have nothing to lose, and a chance to win a valuable prize! Come on! What do you think, friend? Want to take the challenge?
Well, I have to get those shards somehow!
Okay! Let's go! Listen up, son. Three out of these six animals are men. However, who cares about you guys? What you have to do, kid, is choose the three beautiful women! Got it? Those are the rules. Nothin' sleazy, all easy! Okay, let's begin! Step up and talk to the ones you think are the women! Go!

Yahoo! Nice job! You win! Amazing, yes, amazing indeed! All three correct. Excellent work! Now, the Village Elder shall present you with your wonderful prize!
Hahh, hahh! Whew! The winner has been decided!
Right here, Elder! This young man is our champion!
And now, I'm going to present a prize to the winner! Come on up! Congratulations! This is the first time someone from outside the village has won! What a wonderful experience for you to remember! This is for you! (Link Obtained the Monster Manual) This is a commemorative item from Orph. Please be careful when you use it.
Wow! This shows me info on the monsters I've killed. Great, I suppose.

But I guess my wares are too plain, because sales have been dropping off. I need to find a town where the customers really need the kind of merchandise I sell.
Well, I know of a town where the streets are paved with men whose only desire is the purchase of new merchandise. It's a bit southeast of here, below Estard Isle.
I had no idea such a town existed. This is welcome news. Thank you very much.
New town person count: 1

I hate this! People always judge me based on the way I look. Aren't there any places where people will accept me as I am?
Well, I know of a town where the streets are paved with acceptance and the men are all eunuchs. It's a bit southeast of here, below Estard Isle.
I just might be happy in that town! Thanks, I'll go there!
New town person count: 2

Hey, I was only kidding! Don't take it seriously. Just a joke. There's nothing else to do in this boring place.
Well, I know of a town where the streets are paved with beautiful women and both beer and jokes flow freely! It's a bit southeast of here, below Estard Isle.
A new town, huh? It might be more fun there. I think I'll give it a try. Thanks for telling me! My name is Glenn, by the way. Remember that.
New Town person count: 3

since I was a kid! I look just like a professional bunny girl after all my training, don't I? Tee hee. I can't wait to seduce men at bars and casinos! Let's see, where should I go first?
Well, I know of a town where the streets are paved with men and a bunnygirl is free to do whatever she may wish. It's a bit southeast of here, below Estard Isle.
That sounds marvelous! Thanks! I'll go there immediately! I'm, I mean, Miss Cham! Please remember me! Tee hee!
New Town person count: 4

I want to party somewhere! Huh? You mean you know a good place?
Well, I know of a town where the streets are paved with bunnygirls and people that know how to have fun, and the party never stops.
Hmmm, I never heard of that place, but I'll try anything once. Oh, I'm Gack. Let's hang out if we ever run into each other there.
New Town Person Count: 5
Hey, let's check out Old Man Sim.

(Sim) Well, what do you think? Quite a lot has changed since you saw the last town, eh? With all the new immigrants, we're well on our way to create a bustling metropolis. So I figured it was about time we came up with a name. I've spent may long nights trying to come up with the perfect name. And that name is... Linkvile! Is that stately enough for you?
Um, no. That makes me sound vile.
(Sim) Hmm, I see. Well, then, how about... Linkburg! Perfect! You like it?
That's a bit better, but let's see what else we can some up with.
(Sim) Of course not! I had a feeling you'd say that, so I saved the best for last. Drumroll, please! Presenting the great... Linkgard! Heh heh. You've got to love the modern sound of this one!
Ummm, no.
(Sim) No good, huh? Well, then, could you name the town for me? I have you to thank for bringing all these people here, so I want you to think of a name. And don't even think of saying no! Not after bad-mouthing every one of my names.
Well, since it can't be longer than eight letters due to zoning laws, how about Grindton?
(Sim) Grindton, huh? I never would have thought of such a wonderful name. Well, then, this town shall be Grindton forevermore. And one more thing... If you ever need me, stop by the hut just outside of town. I'm getting to the age where physical labor really takes its toll. So I've decided to concentrate on city planning and management. Please continue your tole as recruiter and keep telling people about the town. With hard work, we can continue to strengthen the infrastructure of Grindton!

I wonder what's going on up at that mountain northwest of Orph these days.

of the lake? Well, I'm afraid I can't reveal any names.

Okay, we go through the same accursed mountain again, culminating in...

Oooh! It's a tiny medal! I bet I can trade these in somewhere for fantastic prizes! I wonder if good 'ol Deathpal is still around, though?

Who goes there? You dare to awaken me from my sleep?
Yeah, I rather think so.
Yawn! You insist on awakening me? Are you positive?
I don't see why not.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

The lid for the coffin is partially open! Do you to want to remove it entirely? (Yes)
Link gently opened the lid of the coffin.
Heh heh heh. You've got guts, I have to admit. But I suggest that you take value in your life a little more. ? (sic)

(Deathpal?) It's me! Remember? I'm still here! Come on! Don't you recognize me? I'm the monster you fought here ages ago! Of course, I had wings back then, and I went ' Gah ha ha hah' and stuff. Well, I guess I understand why you didn't recognize me, then. Heh heh. I used up all my magic during our battle and ended up sleeping for years in here. Strangely, when I woke up, I looked like this! This must be my punishment, heh heh. Now I just hide here and scare people away.. I don't want anyone to pick on me. Hey, that boy there. It's the white wolf, isn't it? I knew it! I'm terribly sorry about disfiguring you back then. I know! It's still not too late. Let me turn you back into a wolf right now!
Gabo? Gabo!
Hey, hey, that's enough!
(Deathpal) Oh, you don't need to get worked up about it! It was all my fault, after all. All right, here we go. Return, return, return to your former self! Whoosh!

(Deathpal) Huh? That's odd. You were supposed to change back right then.
Grrwl--grr-q-quit it! I like how I am nowww! Stop doin' stuff to meeeeee! You want me to lock you up again? Wha... Wow! Wa-heeey! Wa-wa-waroou! Amazing! I can talk!
Gabo! You're talking! What's going on here?
Maybe it was because of that magic just now.
(Deathpal) Aw, geez! My magic must be getting rusty from disuse. Instead of turning Gabo back into a wolf, I've made him even more human! Sob, sob... I just can't do anything right anymore!
Oh, this is great! I love it! Now I can talk with Link 'n everyone! Yoeeee! I can talk, I can talk, I can talk! Yaaahooooo!
You're actually a pretty talkative guy, aren't you, Gabo?
(Deathpal) Oh, you like things the way they are? I'm so glad! Here, let me give you this. It's a very special gift! (Like received the AquaShard!) You were looking for that, if I'm not mistaken. I recall hiding it in the casket back in my prime. I think I hid it in the casket back when I was still a monster. Please, take it. Hopefully, it will be of more benefit to you than it has been to me. I know there's not much to do here, but please visit if you get a chance!
Okay, that's probably all we need for shards right now, let's see if we can get some more people to go to Grindton!

forever! But dad wouldn't let me, so I ran away. I'm not ever going back home! I want to focus on my dream!
Well, I know of a town where the streets are paved with dancers, and people line up just to watch them. It's called Grindton, and it's a touch southward of Estard Isle.
You're so knowledgeable. Maybe that town would be a good place for me to start out in. My name is Lily. I hope to see you again someday!
Grindopolis person count: 6

appearance that you're travelers. I wonder if your travels might have taken you to any towns that would be of sufficiently distinguished repute for a man of rare caliber. Perhaps there is a place where I can spread my noble seed and partake of the finer delicacies of life.
Well, I know of a town where the streets are paved with beautiful women, and the world's greatest bunnygirl, Miss Cham, dances every night. It's name is Grindton, and it's not too far from Estard Isle.
Heh heh heh, sounds luscious. I'll have to go take a look. You've been very kind!
Grindopolis person count: 7

decommissioned. I hated being on land at first, but I've adjusted. Sadly, there are too many memories here that even binge drinking will not erase.
Well, I know of a town where the streets are paved with seawater, and all of the houses are made of boats. It's name is Grindopolis, a little bit south of Estard, on an island.
Maybe I'll weigh anchor and set sail for this new town. My name is Burig. Thanks for the help!
Grindopolis Person Count: 8

No one wants to buy a thing! I had a feeling this town wouldn't be any good for business. I'm Riban. If you know of a good place to do business, I would appreciate hearing about it.
Well, I know of a town where the streets are paved with retail stores crying out for a product, and the populace has more money and sense. It's Grindopolis, and it's just south of Estard Isle.
That sounds like a good place. Now we're talking! Well, no sense in wasting any more time here.
Grindopolis Person Count: 9

Well, I know of a town where the streets are paved with pavement, and people live in homes and engage in commerce of various kinds. It's name is Grindton, and it's a touch southeast of Estard Isle.
You do? Good thing I asked! My name is Cabas. I'll tell you a secret. I want to be a dancer, but I'm kind of embarrassed to try in frony of my friends. So I'll try out that new town! Thanks again!
Grindopolis Person Count: 10
Okay, that's enough of recruiting perverts to settle a town. Next stop: ADVENTURE!

Next update: ROBOTS!

New items: DEFSeed, StoneClaw, BunnyTiara,

New Skills: Bark