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Part 12: Post 12: In which we meet too many soldiers.

Post 12: In which we meet too many soldiers.

Note: There are a lot of soldiers in this update. A lot a lot. So if you see a soldier talking, then another soldier afterwards, that's normal.

Okay, this is the place to enter next! Let's go!

Odd, it's not dark here like it usually is in the past. Let's find a town or something. There's bound to be one around here somewhere. Hopefully not East, that bridge is impassible.

That's a cave being guarded by a horde of robots. Bit more than I can really deal with right now, I think, what with ALL THE ROBOTS! RUN AWAY!

Oh crap! They're following me! Those Clockmechs not only do great damage, they can attack the whole party at once and sometimes attack twice per round! And since they're made of metal, their defense is also well above par.

We're just ordinary travelers. I'm Link, that's Gabo, the blonde is Kiefer, and the young woman in the back is Maribel. What's going on?
Travelers, eh? How'd you get past all of the MechSoldiers lurking around? I'll say this for your own good. You'd best leave these parts immediately.
Oookay, let's talk to some other people around town, then.
If those bastards attack, I'll unleash a hail of arrows! Of course, with my aim, I'd be lucky to hit one in a hundred.
You can see Castle Falrod over to the southwest. How many days has it been since we came from there to defend Falrish?
Arrgh! Patrolling the perimeter is the worst! You never know when you'll be attacked. It drives me crazy! Attacked by whom? Why, by these horrid MechSoldiers, of course!

Waaahhh! This thing took my Daddy away from me! Urgh! This stupid thing!

The madness continues, it seems. Well, let's keep investigating...

Yes, sir! No questions, Captain, sir!
Right. Whatever you do, don't try anything rash!
Yes, sir! I am aware of that, sir!
Well, then, I will take my leave for Falrod Castle.
Goodbye, sir! Be careful on your way home, sir!
Hmm? Who are you? Mercenaries, huh? Be careful. There's no point in wasting your life on these monsters. (Captain leaves)
I heard a report saying the hideout is filled with dozens of MechSoldiers. It's tough enough to handle even a few MechSoldiers, but dozens?
I may not look it, but I'm pretty handy with a bow and arrow. See those MechSoldiers outside? Some of them were my kills!
Are you travelers?
Yes. We're travelling mercenaries, it seems.
Well, you're lucky you made it here alive! Right now, the town of Falrish is under attack by a strange army of machines. It'd be best for you to head for Falrod Castle. It's still safe there. There's not telling how long this place will hold out.
That sounds like a pretty good idea - let's check out the castle.

Okay, this must be the place... let's check around, I suppose.

no one but the royal family and their servants is allowed to enter the castle.
Well, I've been told I was a mercenary... let's see if we can't find that guy.
Did you happen to see the Captain somewhere?
Well, I saw him leave Falrish, I suppose.
You've seen him! Then he has come back to the castle already. I'm glad he returned safely. He must have been making a report to the King. If you happen to see the Captain, tell him to come and see Hanes.
This is the guardhouse, where we soldiers wait for our orders. We mostly use this room for strategy sessions. Lately, though, the strategy sessions have been wasting precious time.
Are you applying for mercenary work?
Am I ever!
Wonderful! The castle needs as much help as it can get.
Sure. Let's throw down!
That's the spirit! Please come this way.

Do you want to see how strong they are?
Hmmm, this one looks spirited. This could be fun. Let's get the game going. Gather up 4 people and let's spar!

This guy rates .75 vyers, the universal scale for all Mid-Bosses. He's just there to make sure that we're strong enough for this area.

As it turns out, we are!

Tee hee! It's a piece of cake!
Whoa! Incredible strength! I've got to hand it to you! With that kind of ability, we might be able to take on the MechSoldiers! Come on, help us out!
Congratulations! You have been accepted as worthy mercenaries! From now on, let's fight together and protect our kingdom!
Sure, why not.
Good answer! I'm counting on you.
Well, let's just go back to our room for now. Let's see, there's no emergency requiring attention at the moment. Captain Trad should be back from Falrish any time now. I suggest going to the castle and greeting the King before the Captain returns.
Wait a minute, what's that?

... I'm keeping an eye on you.

You really know how to fight. Now that you are mercenaries, there's no reason you shouldn't enter the castle. Please, come in.

as mercenaries for us. The royal family is embarassed to rely on the help of strangers, but it is an unfortunate necessity! I suppose you've heard that a mysterious army of mechanical soldiers is invading our country? I must protect the welfare of this land at all costs. Hmm, I don't think I've heard your names.
My name is Maribel! It is an honor to meet you, Your Majesty!
I'm Kiefer. Kiefer of Estard.
I'm Gabo. Let's be friends!
You are? Hmm. Link, is it?
How did you know?
Will you lend your strength to defending this country?
Are you kidding? I can't take a horde of robots!
Please reconsider! Remember, you did enlist as our mercenaries voluntarily. Will you lend your strength to defending this country?
But... robots!
I don't wanna!
I implore you to reconsider.
Well, okay.
You have my gratitude! Captain Trad will brief you on your duties. I have great faith in your abilities. You are dismissed.

Oh, Captain Trad! How was Falrish?
(Trad) The MechSoldiers battle rages on and all are exhausted. Soldier and subject alike are exhausted.
I see. Sounds like a grave situation.
(Trad) I regret that we have proven insufficient for the task!
Well, we haven't been defeated yet.
(Trad) Yes, Sire! We are prepared to create tactics and strike back immediately.
Yes. And that's why we've hired more mercenaries today. Please give them your orders, and then get some rest. Thank you for your devoted service!
(Trad) Excuse me, Sire! All mercenaries, please report to the guardhouse! We shall conduct a strategy session with the mercenaries present.

(Trad) important has arrived. Let the meeting commence, then. I returned from Falrish, the front line, just a little while ago. As you well know, the town has been fortified to withstand the advance of the MechSoldiers. The soldiers and townspeople are completely exhausted and demoralized. If this situation continues, Falrish will fall, and this castle will be next. And if this castle falls into enemy hands, the fate of this country is sealed. As such, we must stop the MechSoldiers' advance at any cost. But we don't have enough troops to withstand a direct assault by a large number of MechSoldiers! We must devise an effective strategy! Does anyone have any ideas? ... I'll give you time to think and discuss options amongst yourselves.
(Hanes) It seems that the MechSoldiers don't have any weak points. The usual strategies, such as starving the enemy out, aren't effect against MechSoldiers. But still, we can't just fight hand to hand, either. What sort of tactics can we use?
We know where the MechSoldiers are hiding out. But our current strategy doesn't include attacking their base. Is there any way for us to do that?
I feel bad saying it to the Captain, but I think Zebbot is our last hope. I think issues relating to MechSoldiers should be left to experts.
Anyone can see that this is a suicide mission! I wonder if there is another way for us to attack.
(Trad) What do you think? I want to hear your opinions as well.
Fighting that many enemies at once is a stretch even for us!
Perhaps we can exploit the fact that they are not living things.
I don't understand.
(Trad) Hmm, I see. Any other ideas?
(Trad) What is it?
Er, um, how about asking Zebbot to give us a hand?
(Hanes) Oh! Zebbot, the mechanical engineer!
Hmm. Perhaps Zebbot can do something about it!
(Trad) Hmph. He's too narrow-minded to be useful.
(Hanes) The way things are now, Zebbot may be our only hope!
Good idea! We have nothing to lose by asking him for his help!
(Trad) Then do what you like. The strategy session is now adjourned!
(Hanes) Captain! Did something happen between the Captain and Zebbot? Things didn't seem normal. Anyway, we need Zebbot's cooperation. What can we do? I see. You just became mercenaries, didn't you? Can you make seeing Zebbot your first mission? Zebbot's laboratory is west of the castle. Would you go there and ask Zebbot to cooperate with us? I think you're skillful enough to make it to the lab without any problems. I'm counting on you!

but these gears don't quite fit. And if I swap this spring with this one here, hmm. No, maybe I should use a slightly stronger one here.
This old geezer still hasn't noticed us yet!
I don't have anything to say to you. Stay out of my way.
You're Zebbot, aren't you? We are messengers dispatched from Falrod Castle.
Yeah, I'm Zebbot. Oh. So Trad told you about me. Let me guess. You want me to do something about those MechSoldiers, right?
Well, they are trying to kill everyone.
(Zebbot) Get lost. I don't care what happens to the castle or the town! I sympathize more with the MechSoldiers than anyone else! Not that I expect you people to understand. Please, go back to the castle, and tell Trad never to send anyone to me again.

(Zebbot) Hey! Keep your dirty paws off of Eri!

A letter in the bookcase posted:

To Zebbot,
I will go hunting in the forest with your brother Trad tomorrow. If I catch something big, I will bring you some meat. Please wait for me with a healthy appetite! I'm looking forward to seeing you. -- Eri.
Okay, Eri the robot is named after a person. Captain Trad knows that person, so he's the next step to check out.

And now, the RedSlime! It's a like a more typical slime, but red! RED! And red means better stats!

(Hanes) How was it? Did Zebbot agree to cooperate with us?
Well, I don't think he's against us. Yet.
(Hanes) Hmm. As I expected, he can be a difficult man. (Captain Trad comes in)
(Trad) There's no way we can get him to cooperate with us. I know him too well to have any doubt.
(Hanes) But, Captain, we have no other choice.
(Trad) It isn't too late to start considering this.
(Hanes) ...
(Trad) Link, I assign all of you to guard duty. Report to the guard tower and relieve the soldiers on duty.
How about no. Guarding isn't really our style.
(Trad) Whatever your personal reasons, don't forget that you are serving the castle as mercenaries. Report to the guard tower and relieve the soldiers on duty.
Okay, but only as long as plot dictates and not one moment more!
(Trad) And forget all about Zebbot from now on.

Oh no! This is terrible!
There must be something exciting going on!

Sir! We haven't been completely destroyed, yet. But those mechsoldiers... Cough, gag!
(Hanes) Hold on! Pull yourself together!
We don't have enough strength to hold out against them any longer. Cough, cough!
(Trad) Understood. You have performed a heroic service by bringing the message in your condition. Alert all soldiers and mercenaries, and tell them to prepare for battle! Move!
Yes, sir!
(Trad) Link, I want you and your friends to come with me to see Zebbot. There's no time. As things stand, I have no choice but to ask for his help. Hurry! As you know, Zebbot's laboratory is to the west.

(Trad) I will talk to Zebbot, Link. Wait for me here. Zebbot! Listen to me just once more. The line of guards at Falrish has collapsed. The castle may be next!
(Zebbot) .....
(Trad) I ask you one more time! We need your strength to overcome the MechSoldiers!
(Zebbot) You just don't know when to quit. I'm not interested. Not in the slightest.
(Trad) Don't you understand what's going on? This land is on the brink of destruction!
(Zebbot) Big deal. Everybody dies eventually. Who cares whether it's sooner or later?
(Trad) Damn you, you selfish bastard! It's a waste of breath asking him for any help, Link. Let's get back to the castle right now! The army may be closing in even as we speak!

(Trad) My God! I can't believe the MechSoldiers have come this far! (The robot clanks forward, then releases a huge cloud of smoke and stops) It stopped! What happened?
(Zebbot) What are you shouting about? Go bother someone else! Mm? Oh! This must be one of the MechSoldiers! It's beautiful! The poor girl has taken a lot of damage, though. Hmm. With a little time I might be able to learn what makes these things tick! Give me a hand, Trad. Let's take this to my room.
(Trad) What are you doing, Zebbot? You don't think this MechSoldier could turn the tide of battle, do you? Hmm. On second thought, it might! Here, let me help. Head back to the castle, Link.

These are Goopis, which are little hands made of mud. They're not particularly special, but they can call for help, attracting more and more goopis to the battle.

ROBOTS! EVERYWHERE! Let's hide in the castle!

(Falls down)

A brief fight later...

They're coming! (The robots start attacking each other)
What happened? Is it broken?

(Trad) Thanks for coming through for me, Link! Everything's fine now. Zebbot rebuilt the MechSoldier who came to the lab. Now it's on our side!
(Zebbot) I have removed all words relating to destruction from its processing circuitry. It will no longer attack people. It has been freed from its evil programming. I also discovered that the MechSoldiers are controlled by a remotely broadcast frequency. I have altered this one so it can disrupt that sound!
(Trad) We don't have to be afraid of the MechSoldiers any longer.
(Zebbot) Hmm.
(Trad) Now we can raid the enemy hideout! Shall we convene a strategy session?
Now is not the time for talk! NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION!
(Trad) What? Okay, I guess Link and the other soldiers do need a rest. All right, we'll convene the strategy session tomorrow morning. Good work, Link. Rest up today. You too, Zebbot.
(Zebbot) Yes, it seems as though we'll be able to create many companions for him.
(Trad) Remember, first thing tomorrow morning. Don't forget, Link.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

The injured soldiers were brought inside the castle, where they received medical treatment. After helping out, Link and friends slept on the floor. It's a new day! Rise and shine!

odd place. But I wasn't able to use the soldiers' barracks. I'm very sorry about this.

(Trad) Thank you, Link. Did you see the MechSoldier that Zebbot rebuilt?
Yeah, I looked at it yesterday.
(Trad) That will allow us to sneak into the enemy hideout! We must form a plan as soon as possible. Go to the guardhouse and tell Hanes to prepare a strategy session.
(Zebbot) Damn! This isn't working either! I can't fix it like this! That damn fool soldier! I brought my tools here, but I've had little success. Kicking out the injured soldiers was satisfying, though. Do you know who made this MechSoldier or how it was done?
Not really. Sorry.
(Zebbot) Hmm. No normal person could have created this. It's creator may possess extraordinarily evil powers. That's why the MechSoldiers were ordered to kill and destroy everything. The MechSoldiers are victims too.

(Trad) This castle was finally attacked by MechSoldiers yesterday. But thanks to everyone's efforts and Zebbot's MechSoldier, we managed to survive. However, there's no question that the MechSoldiers are preparing for another assault. I suggest that we take aim at the heart of the matter and strike their base! Zebbot's MechSoldier has the power to confuse the enemy MechSoldiers. So long as we have it, we can raid the enemy base without fear of attack! We weill destroy the one who is controlling the MechSoldiers, and our country will be saved!
(Hanes) Woah!
(Trad) Link! I want you and your friends to come with me to the base.
What? You're not taking us with you, Captain?
(Trad) I want you to defend the castle. It's possible that the enemy MechSoldiers will attack here. This will be a sneak attack. The fewer people in the raiding party, the better. Okay, Link?
And fewer ways to split the loot.
(Trad) I want Link and friends to head to the enemy's base first. The enemy's base is to the east of Falrish. I will follow with Zebbot's MechSoldier! The session is adjourned! I want everyone to tighten the defense of the castle. I'm counting on you!
Yes, sir!
(Trad) I'm going to talk to Zebbot. I want to depart as soon as possible. Let me know when you are ready.

(Trad) can you wait for a moment? Zebbot is adjusting his MechSoldier right now.
(Zebbot) At any rate, how are they powered? Some device that powers them forever? If I can dissect and understand this machine, my dream will be realized. Eternal life. That's good enough, Eri. Trad, we're done with the adjustments.
(Trad) Eri? Just as I suspected. He is unable to let go of the past and accept Eri's death. It looks like we're ready to depart. This is going to be the final battle. Zebbot, I'm borrowing your MechSoldier, alright?
(Zebbot) I'm going, too. I can't leave Eri alone.
(Trad) Hmph. Do what you like! But I can't guarantee your life.
(Zebbot) How many lives did you actually manage to save, I wonder?
(Trad) ...

(Zebbot) someone to create MechSoldiers. I believe their leader holds that power.
(Trad) It's sad to think that this might be our last battle. Do you want to say anything, Link?
Nah, I'm good.
(Trad) Let's go, Link.
Captain! We're waiting for your good news! Give it your best!
Come back alive, all right?

Look! Their ranks have swelled to an even greater number! (Pan over to horde of robots) Damn it! The hideout's right here, but we can't make any move at all! If this keeps up, they may wipe us all out. (Captain Trad, Zebbot, and Eri show up)
(Trad) Oh! You're already here, Link! I would have expected nothing less!
Captain, behind you! A MechSoldier!
(Trad) Don't be afraid. This MechSoldier is on our side! Thanks to Zebbot's help, we now have the means to bring about victory!
We're one step closer to victory, then.
(Zebbot) Feh...
(Trad) Okay, Link. It's time to storm the enemy stronghold. Ready?
(Trad) Good. First, we'll need to throw the enemy's MechSoldiers into confusion. Once the MechSoldiers are taken out, you can invade the base and dispoe of the leader. Say good-bye to your loved ones, you may not see them again.

(Zebbot) Eri's presence here, yet. I don't know how far this signal is getting into the base, though.

Okay, a brief intermission will be held at this time, since we're at quite a lot of screens already. Will try and finish this one up for you in the next day or so.

New Items: KittenShield (Purchased), Fireshard, StrSeed, IronSpear (Purchased)


New Skills: Bite