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Part 13: Post 13: In which we touch upon the nature of a machine's soul.

Post 13: In which we touch upon the nature of a machine's soul.

This is pretty heavily industrialized for a cave. Let's see what's going on around here...

Nothing I can say about the FairyRat can make it credible. So let's just leave it at that.

Good, they seem to be at least partially disrupted, though they're still attacking me in droves. I think that platform in the back will take me somewhere...

These are another recurring monster in the series, the Hork. They're zombies, and they attack by biting you, slapping at you, and on occasions, vomiting poison.

Cannibox? What's a cannibox?

Canniboxes are *bad news*. They usually get two attacks per round, occasionally casts Sleep on the entire party, and can emit Firebals (not fireballs, only one L in this game) which are quite damaging and hit the entire party.

Babygoyes are also kind of obnoxious. They repeatedly cast IceBolt, which deals 15-20 damage to one person, which is quite wearing in this dungeon.

Well, there's an ominous hallway behind these two, so let's see what's behind them.

get this far? Are you saying that you were able to defeat all those MechSoldiers? This cannot be! Not even an army of humans could hope to invade this base! Well, the best way to watch you die will be to see it with my own eyes. MechSoldiers!
A brief battle with more ClockMechs later...

Wow! This is way better than just healing, this is healing... more! I always preferred the classic Dragon Warrior naming convention to the one that they switched to for 8.

as they're told? Grrr! Now I have no choice left but to dispose of you myself! You miserable wretches. It's time for your funeral!

machines after all, huh, Link?
Looks pretty weak for a boss - even for a boss of mech soldiers!
So, this is the one that's controlling the soldiers! All we have to do is take this one out!
He calls ClockMech support in mostly, and dies pretty quickly.

I was the strongest Machinoid in all of the Dark World! How could I lose to you? The Demon Lord entrusted me with MechSoldiers to plunge the world into chaos! Grr. To think that my failure was meted out by hands as puny as yours! I don't care any longer! Let the whole damn continent disappear into nothing! Come to me, my most powerful soldiers! Waaah ha ha hah! Here they come! Waa ha ha ha hah! Who cares about the Demon Lord? I'll destroy the human race all by myself! Ha ha ha! Haah haah haaah! (The cave shakes, and something drops on the Mechanoid, crushing it to deah)

soldiers we've seen up until now...
Damn! I didn't expect then to have something like this up their sleeves! Can we handle it, Link?
Yeow! This mechanical soldier has a really scary look on it's face!
Ow! The EvilMech has a blinding attack that reduces accuracy, has a double edged attack with incredible power that deals him slight damage, breathes flame, and gets two actions per round. So, this is no surprise...

It is pleasant to note that upon my return to the boss area, the first boss is still dead, and I just have to deal with the EvilMech. The only problem with that is that I still have to deal with the EvilMech, who is one of the harder of the games bosses since it comes before you have the option to get different jobs. But eventually...

(Trad) I came down after I heard that loud noise! I really have to hand it to you! You must have incredible strength, to be able to defeat the leader like that! My thanks, Link. We are now free from the terror of the MechSoldiers. I'll head back to the castle first to spread the good news! Why don't you take a nice, leisurely rest before coming back?

Well, here's another one of these Fireshards... Hey. Is that Zebbot back there?

(Zebbot) Apparently the MechSoldiers weren't built here. Maybe they really aren't human creations after all. Damn, you're good. I didn't realize human beings could become so strong! I could never even hope to do what you can do. I want to look around a little bit more. You can leave me alone.

me on the situation and your efforts. Ahem! Mercenary Link and his companions Gabo, Kiefer, and Maribel. And the Captain of the Royal Falrod Army, Trad, and his younger brother, Zebbot! The help you have given us in this battle has proven invaluable! As King of this country, and on behalf of my subjects, I would like to express my gratitude. Thank you for the great service you have done for us!
(Trad) I'm just glad to be able to carry out my duty.
(Zebbot) Hmph!
And so, I would like to present you with a reward. Hmm, what should it be?
(Trad) I was simply performing my duty. I seek no reward for performing my duty. Give it to Zebbot and the mercenaries instead.
(Zebbot) I don't want any reward. It's a waste of my time. I'll be on my way now.
Zebbot. (Zebbot walks off)
Ah, ahem! Mercenary Link, I present you with this! It is BugSword, a treasure that has been passed down in the royal family for ages. With one slash from this, your enemy will become paralyzed. Truly remarkable! Again, allow me to thank you, Captain Trad and Mercenary Link. You and your friends have been invaluable!
(Trad) You're welcome! (Captain Trad walks off)
I wonder what happened with Zebbot...

I see that you have named this MechSoldier after Eri.
(Zebbot) Laugh all you want. I don't care.
I mean, you still can't forgive Eri? That was an accident. Eri wouldn't have left you of her own free will.
(Zebbot) I know, but I can't forgive Eri for having left without me.
This must be why you are consoling yourself with a mechanical doll.
(Zebbot) That's right, she won't die! She'll be fine.

(Zebbot) We're leaving, Eri. Farwell, Princess.
Poor, poor Zebbot.

(Hanes) Well done. I shall pay you for your work. (Link received 1200 gold!)
Wow! That's a lot of money. I didn't expect to actually be paid for this. Thanks!
(Hanes) I hope you'll return to help us if something trouble our country in the future.
Oh, I have the feeling I will. But let's check on Zebbot one last time...

(Zebbot) business in this country! Look, I don't want to see anybody anymore. Just leave me alone. I've got Eri. That's all that matters. I don't need anything else.

Okay, it's obviously the new huge landmass in the southeast, close to the edge of scenic Grindton, home of the Grindburger. Now, let's find Zebbot's grave so we can dance on it.

Look! Isn't the street so bright and beautiful? The town is always clean because we have cleaners!

I've still got my eye on you.
Did you folks also come to buy one of those mechanical cleaners?
I'd love to have a few for Grindton!
Just as I expected! But you'll have to forget it. To tell the truth, I heard about those things in my homelad, and came all this way to make a bulk purchase of them. But apparently they're simply not for sale! The King had those built by some scientists, and gave them for free to the citizens of the town. Shoot! They're so cool. I want of those 'vrooms-vrooms' too!
This town is built like a fort. Legend has it it's due to a frightening incident that occurred in the town's past. Not a single person remembers why, though. Strange, isn't it? There isn't a single record of what went on.
According to a rumor, the King is planning to build a mechanical person this time. I don't think that they'll succeed, but if they do, by some fluke chane, I'd love to have a young and sexy mechanical lady!
The young King Falrod VII from our country, is a great man. He's gathering scientists from all over the country to have them develop new clockworks. The first thing that was made was a clockwork cleaner that cleans the town. We are all really happy to have a king who cares about the people.
Onto Castle Falrod!

Falrod VII.

That's what the ladies tell me.
Then, listen to what I have to say. The far west edge of this land has been a Forbidden Zone since ancient times. No one is permitted there. This applies to you as much as anyone else. I know you're probably curious, but you must not enter that zone! Got it?
I wonder if the scientists are making anything to help us soldiers? It's too bad King Falrod isn't interested in military applications. At the same time, it's probably for the better.

Right! (Metal Bully takes two steps and falls down)
Oh, no! Turn it off! Turn it off!
Y-yes sir!
Dang it! I just don't understand! What's wrong? Why isn't he walking?
We failed again... Is a mechanical man really such a faraway dream?
We can make cleaners easily enough, if only because we had a model to work with. A robot, unfortunately, is a different matter altogether. We've got nothing to look at for reference this time around.
Humans can walk on two feet, so how come our robot can't? More importantly, how come we're able to walt on two feet anyway?
Oh! Are you the scholars called upon by the King?
Well, I can say without any prevarication whatsoever that we were called upon by a king at this location.
Hmmm... You sure don't look like it. You seem to just be a bunch of kids playing around.
Ahh, travelers! Come right on in, and rest your weary feet.
This is Falrod Castle. You may look around, but take care you do not give offense to His Majesty!

done? How many more people do I have to throw at this until we get somewhere? This is utterly shameful! How can I show my face to the King?
(King Falrod) Hah hah hah! You'll have a stroke if you keep yelling like that. Perhaps it is my fault for rushing them so much.
What are you saying, Your Majesty? Nothing could be further from the truth! It is entirely our fault. It is we, your servants, who have come up short.
(King Falrod) Maybe I'm asking for too much after seeing how quickly the cleaners were made...
It's already been six months. We'll never be able to build what the King wants...
I thought we were almost there, but at the moment, we're really at a complete loss.
It would speed things up if we had a model to follow, like with the cleaner. But... Heh heh... Fat chance we'll ever find anything like that, right?
So you're travelers, are you? I am glad to see you pay your respects to the King. Bear in mind, His Majesty is an extremely busy man, so I must ask you to be quick about it.
(King Falrod) Ah, so we have some visitors, do we? Welcome to Falrod Castle! Our kingdom is currently engaged in more advanced research than any other country. When you return home, be sure to tell your countrymen about us! Tell them that if they walk the same path with us, they will be assured a bright future. Ahh, right. You may all leave. Return to your quarters and continue your research! (Scholars leave, a soldier appears!)
A message for you, Your Majesty!
(King Falrod) Now, now, there's no need to rush. Catch your breath first, before you try to speak.
Th... thank you, Your Majesty. But I must give you my report! The legendary MechSoldier has finally been found!
(King Falrod) What? Is that true?
Indeed, Your Majesty. There can be no mistake! In the far west!
(King Falrod) Ah-hahhh! So the Forbidden Zone's forbidden for good reason! This is getting interesting! All right! Muster the troops! We shall depart forthwith! I want you to show me the way to that place.
Yes, sir!
(King Falrod) I must beg your pardon, my guests. Urgent business calls me away. But I do hope you'll stay a while and get to know my kingdom. Goodbye, then. I'll be right back, Minister! I'll leave the home front in your hands.
As you wish. Please, do take care. (King Falrod leaves)
Well, it's time to leap into the Mystery Zone after the King. Let's check on Eri and see if she's still about.

(King Falrod) were seeking. Loyal subjects! We leave forthwith for the Forbidden Zone! (A crazy looking old man leaps in!)
(Armand) Wait! I beg of you! Huff huff... Your Majesty! You cannot... You must not enter the Forbidden Zone!
(King Falrod) Armand, this is it! We have finally found the legendary MechSoldier! Rejoice with me, for this is the day my dream comes true!
(Armand) Please, Your Majesty, take my counsel and turn away from this path!
(King Falrod) Ah ha ha ha! That's a good one, Armand! Wait until you see what we bring home with us! (King and soldiers march off)
(Armand) I'm sorry to detain you, travelers, but you must listen to my story! The cape in the far west has been designated a Forbidden Zone since times of old. It has been decreed that no one must intrude on that territory, no matter the reason. I'm too weak to stop the King myself, so I beg of you, please try to dissuade him! Do it for an old man who has little time left in the world!
On it! Let's beat up a King! But first, lets check that shed out back of Zebbot's place.

This seems to be a recurring theme. Let's check out the actual house, though.


Such is time, I suppose. Well, let's just step back outside and get ready to ambush that King!

(King Falrod) Zone! Well, there's no point in yelling at you travelers about it. I suppose Armand put you up to coming here. Oh well. As long as you stay out of my way, you may do as you please. If you start causing trouble I'll have to arrest you! Understand? Now then, please let me through. (The King and his soldiers push you back inside the house and knock you to the side, then go to Eri)

(King Falrod) Unbelievable! It's even in working condition! Excellent! Our research will surge forward with this discovery! All right! It's time to take this MechSoldier back to the castle. (Soldiers grab Eri) Don't be rough with it. This is a national treasure!
Yes, sir! All right girl, calm, down! We'll take you someplace nice.
Don't worry, girl. You can make all the soup you want at the castle. Come on, let's go!
(King Falrod) (Staring at the skeleton) Oh! You must be the person behind this creation.
The Demon Lord?
(King Falrod) Please, forgive us for borrowing from your brilliant work! (Walks back over to Link) We now have knowledge in our hands that has remained untapped for centuries. All of you here now are witness to what may become a turning point in history! It's the beginning of a new era. The beginning of a bright new future for the entire world! (The King leaves)
Wow! He blinded me! With science! Time to head back to the castle and see if we can't fix this there.

Yes, Your Highness! Hmmm... Oh, this must be the balance mechanism...
Shall we try removing it?
Right. Let's give it a shot. (Scholar fiddles with Eri)
(Eri) Whirr... Whirr... (Eri falls over)
(Armand) Please! You must not do this! You must return Eri to where you found her!
(King Falrod) Eri? Armand! Are you telling me that this robot is named Eri? You're still hiding something from me, aren't you? Come to think of it, you've been acting strangely from the moment we set out... I'm left with no other choice. Minister! Summon the guards!
Ah? Yes, Your Majesty! Guards! (Soldiers come in)
Did you call me, sir?
(King Falrod) Escort Armand to the basement dungeon.
You... you mean Armand?
(King Falrod) That's right, you heard correctly. I am ordering you to escort Armand to the dungeon. I'm sorry, Armand, but I want you to cool your heels for a while. My primary obligation is solving the mystery of the MechSoldier. I'll hear what you have to say later, when the affairs of state are not as pressing. All right. Take him away!
Yes, sir! Armand, may I?
(Armand) Do not concern yourself with that. Come.
(King Falrod) Guards. You needn't bother with a lock on the door.
Yes, Your Majesty! (Soldiers take Armand away)
(Eri) (Some parts have been removed from this MechSoldier. It looks at you sadly.)
(King Falrod) I'm sorry you have had to witness such an embarrassing scene. Armand is hiding something from me, I'm sure, but that's irrelevant now. I now hold the future in my hands! The day will soon come when people all over the world can enjoy true happiness. When we perfect the mechanical servant, the future will be ours!
Then let's check out the dungeon, shall we? I wonder what we'll find there...

(Armand) to have put you to so much trouble. I'm sorry to bother you further, but could I perhaps ask one more favor?
Sure! Doing favors for people like you has only helped me in the past.
Ahh, you are so kind! I am most grateful! When I first found Eri, she was still serving her master, who had died long ago. I knew in my heart she had to be left alone... All I want is to somehow return Eri to the cabin. Unfortunately, Eri can't even walk anymore. She's had some parts taken out of her. So, I ask that you go to Falrish and retrieve Eri's parts. My granddaughter should no where they are. I'm counting on you!
I think I'll grab that chest which contains a WindShard, and be on my way. That robot is a war hero, and he should be treated as such!

castle yet. What? Grandpa sent you here to find the parts? Sorry, but I don't know where they are. Wait! They must be in Grandpa's secret hiding spot! He told me about it in case he ever forgot where it is. Dig up the ground under the barrel close to the pond. Now let's keep this our little secret.

Dragon warrior 7 posted:

You unearthed the MechParts!
Now, back to Armand!

(Armand) All I wanted was to leave things as they were.
I understand how you feel, but it's too late now... Ah, it's you... Father, I understand how you feel. Please, don't do anything rash. (Turns to Link) I understand you have helped my father, and I would like to thank you for it. As for Eri... I must admit, I have mixed feelings on the matter. But at this point, I think all we can do is have faith in what the King wants. (Captain leaves)
Ahh! You brought the parts back for me! I am in your debt forever! Now I can repair Eri! (Like handed the MechParts to Armand!) Eri is in the lab in front of the castle right now. Come, come, let's hurry to her side! (Armand walks on out)
Halt, Armand! You can't very well leave here looking like that. Please, take this! (The soldier removed his clothes and handed them over to Armand!)
(Armand) Thank you very much. I gratefully accept your kindness. (Armand puts on the soldier's clothes)
(Soldier) Ha ha ha! You look great, Armand! The very picture of youth! Come, come. You must go quickly!
(Armand) You've been a great help to me. I thank you. I'm sorry... I guess I got a little carried away. Let's get going!

Well, you've come at just the right time! Everyone's been gone all day, but I don't know where they went. And I'm starving here! I'm going out for some grub now, so keep an eye on things while I'm gone. Okay? (Scholar leaves)
(Armand) Oh, Eri! You poor thing! Hold on! We're coming! (Armand removes soldier clothes) She's been badly damaged, but she should pull through all right. (Armand fiddles with Eri) This should do it! Now, try to stand up, Eri.
(Eri) Whirr, whirr whirr! SOUP COLD... ZEBBOT, WHERE? (Eri looks at Armand) ZEBBOT! ZEBBOT NO GET UP. ZEBBOT SICK...
(Armand) Zebbot? You think I'm Zebbot, Eri? No! You've got it wrong, Eri! I'm not Zebbot!
(Armand) Stop! You're wrong, Eri. (Eri pushes Zebbot against the wall) Stop... Stop it, Eri. You're master's not here! (Soldiers and the King burst in)
(King Falrod) Armand! What are you doing here? You should be in the dungeon!
The MechSoldier? Armand! Armand! look out! (Soldiers surround Eri)
(King Falrod) Wait! Stop! Hold your sword! Pull back, I say, pull back! It's not attacking Armand!
(Eri) (Eri falls over) Whirr! Whirr whirr!
(Armand) E-Eri? Eri!
(King Falrod) Damn it! You destroyed it! Armand! Are you all right?
(Armand) Eri...
(King Falrod) Armand... This MechSoldier was attacking you, wasn't it?
(Armand) Yes, Your Highness.
(King Falrod) It must have mistaken you for that person we found in the cabin. Forgive me, Armand. I think I finally understand now. This robot... No... Eri here has become more than a mere machine. Her steadfast devotion to her master... We could all stand to learn from her. Armand! Can you fix Eri?
(Armand) Yes, Your Highness. Probably.
(King Falrod) All right, listen, everyone! Take Eri back to the cabin!
Yes, sir!

(Eri) Beep. Beepbeep! (Eri stands back up) ZEBBOT ASLEEP! MAKE SOUP. GET BETTER. (Eri goes to the stove to make soup)
(King Falrod) Finally, everything is back to nornal. I apologize for what I've done. Armand, Link, I'm afraid I've put you through much hardship because of my blind pursuit of a dream. I believe that I am headed in the right direction, though. Eri may no longer be a part of my plans, but I have not given up on robots, and what they can offer this world. Be patient with me, loyal Eri, and you will have friends soon enough! (King Falrod leaves)
(Armand) I don't know how to thank you. I'm sorry I put you through all this. I know you are busy with your journey. If you have the time, please, come to my house whenever you would like. I hope to see you again soon. Thank you! (Moves to Eri) Now you can live quietly without anyone bothering you, Eri. Thanks to them, everything is back to the way it's supposed to be. Of course, I must also thank all of you. Ho ho ho! (Armand leaves)
Okay, let's check his house to see if he has anything.

instructions. It's too bad you didn't find anything, but while I was following you, I found this Shard. Here, you can have it! (Link obtained the Fireshard) Hahahaha! Just kidding! You don't want to have garbage like this, do you! Just throw that away whenever you can!
Well, I don't know whether I should feel offended or thankful for this now. I'll go with thankful, I suppose.
(Armand) Oh. Oh! You people finally came. Please, please stay as long as you wish. I guess Eri and Zebbot can spend time alone peacefully from now on. It's because of you that the King agreed as he did. Thank you, truly. I, Armand, will remember you people forever!

And that's where we'll break for now. Next I'll put up a mini-post of the Town and the party status.

Items Update:
IronAxe, Iron Shield, STRSeed, TinyMedal, Fireshard x 3, Windshard

Character Updates:



New Skills: PsycheUp


Death Count: 3