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Part 15: Post 15: In which we see the world's fastest soap opera, and people hurry off with an astonishing frequency.

Post 15: In which we see the world's fastest soap opera, and people hurry off with an astonishing frequency.

Wait a second, I wonder if that bridge was ever fixed?

'ello, 'ello, wot's all this then?

world will not last forever. God's Legacy must be found. The BlissRock will tell you when the time comes.

Some wacky rock posted:

endure through all of time. As His legacy to this world, God has left behind miracles to bring about our rebirth. We, the soldiers of God, are the eternal guardians of those miracles. By means of the BlissRock, we shall lead the way to rebirth.
Okay, this place will likely be more important later. Now, let's check out the next portion of the past that we have to deal with.

Okay, where are we now?

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

It looks as if a living human was suddenly turned into stone.
A statue in a place like this is quite unusual. It looks very much like Dialac...
Wait a minute... oddly placed statues? Like Dialac? These aren't statues! These are people! Luckily, I have a plan! To the top of the highest house!

Well, that's not good. Let's keep going up!

Rainmaker: The nectar tastes so much better when you gaze upon a human who has turned to stone. What? Scree! Humans! It's so unusual to find people who haven't been turned to stone. Scree! It's not as sweet as a flower nectar, but I hear human blood isn't too bad! I think I'll have a little snack. Screee!

turn back to normal!
Hey, let's rip off that huge tongue!
So this is the monster that's been turning the townspeople to stone? I can hardly believe it!
Behold! The Rainmaker! It's a pink recolor of a TongueRat. A TONGUERAT! Is there anything less threatening? Soon...

Rainmaker: lost doesn't mean the spell will be broken. Serves you right! The humans will remain as stone for eternity! Ha, ha, ha!
Unfortunately for you, I have a backup plan...

(Iwan) Oh. I know. I remember now! I was watching Pepe. Damn that Pepe. He's gone and gotten involved with Linda! What? Pepe's lying right on top of Linda! Has Pepe lost his mind, attacking Linda like that? (Pepe runs off, that's 1)

cleared up.
(Borlock) Oh, thank goodness that gray rain has stopped!
Indeed. Is it really true that people are turning to stone just by getting rained upon?
(Borlock) Aren't you worried? You saw that ominous purple cloud too, didn't you!
I'm just glad you're all right. I'm going to check what's going on out there. Something's odd. My body's been feeling stiff for quite some time now.
Everyone rushed home as soon as the gray rain started to fall.
I haven't seen your faces around here before. Are you avoiding the rain too?
Pfft. I don't have to avoid the rain. The rain has to avoid *me*.
You're lying! Oh, well, never mind. By the way, my name's Kaya. Feel free to ask me anything about the mansion.
(Borlock) It's fine with me if you slip in here to take cover from the rain. I'm just worried about my precious herb garden. I hope it's okay! What if that gray rain killed all my herbs?

turned into stone in the herb garden!

there? Is that little Linda there by Pepe's side?
Don't push! I want to check on Linda, too, but I'm scared to go near the herb garden. I don't want what happened to Pepe to happen to me!
Let's sneak around the back, then!

(Iwan) overpower a woman like that. To think that a mere gardener would even consider making a move on my dear bethroted. How dare he?
(Linda) Wake up, Pepe! Quit fooling around! Answer me! Please!

(Iwan) Calm down, Linda! Explain what happened to me.
(Linda) Pepe... Pepe... Just because he protected me from the gray rain... Sob, sob!
(Borlock) Thank goodness! It seems that the garden wasn't damaged. Hmm? Oh, it's Iwan. What happened to you Iwan? What are you doing here?
(Iwan) Father, listen to this! Pepe got doused by the gray rain. He's not stone yet, but he's unconscious and hasn't come to!
(Borlock) What? Well, don't just stand around! Carry Pepe in here, for crying out loud!
(Iwan) Pepe's body is as hard as rock, so I can't carry him by myself.
(Borlock) What an embarassment! I'm sorry, good travelers. Might you help us bring Pepe to the house?
In the interest of keeping things moving, sure!
(Borlock) I owe you for this, travelers. Now, please, bring Pepe to the house!

(Borlock) I can hardly believe that the entire town was turned to stone.
I am not lying. When we came here, everyone was stone. I have no idea how long they remained as statues.
(Borlock) No, I'm sorry. I won't doubt you any further. But, for heaven's sake! People turning to stone! It's just as that old man and boy that passed through town said! Mmm, why is only Pepe remaining like this while everyone else returned to normal??
(Linda) It was all my fault. Pepe exposed himself to the gray rain to protect me. Why did you do that, Pepe? You always gave me the cold shoulder.
(Iwan) Oh, I almost forgot to ask you, Linda. What were you doing with Pepe in the herb garden? I want an explanation.
(Linda) I didn't do anything!
(Iwan) Well, then, tell me. Or did you do something you can't tell your fiance about?
(Linda) You're a fool, Iwan! I wasn't doing anything! Just drop it! (Linda storms out, that's 2)
(Iwan) Oh! Linda! (Iwan runs out as well, bringing us to 3)
(Borlock) That darn Iwan! Behaving like that in front of our guests! I'm sorry, Link, but could we please continue this conversation at my mansion?
(Porta) My brother has loved herbs his whole life. My brother wanted to own an herb garden ever since he was a kid. My brother won't die before his dream comes true.
(Gardener) My son was a fool sacrificing himself to save Linda. Linda was already engaged to this man Iwan.

(Iwan) depressed. She puts on a strong face in front of me, but I know she's really upset inside. What can I do? The way things are now, I can't just push forward any of these marriage proposals for Linda...
(Borlock) Stop your whining and try reassuring Linda, will you? I know it isn't easy for you, Iwan, but Pepe is Linda's childhood friend. This must be a shock for her. You must help bring back Pepe. For Linda's sake!
(Iwan) I've got it. I'm going to have to figure out how to awaken Pepe all by myself. (Iwan storms off, now at 4)
(Borlock) Oh, Link! You stopped by, just like you said! I never expected something like this to happen. I'm worried about Linda. DO you think you could help her our? I feel terrible asking you travelers to help with such a matter. I just can't believe my son Iwan - he hardly helps out at all.
(Kaya) You look exhausted. Have you been worrying about Linda again?
(Iwan) Look, sorry, but I need to be alone. It helps me thing. (Kaya lunges at Iwan... for a kiss?) Stop it, Kaya!
(Kaya) Linda and Pepe would have done the same too.
(Iwan) Don't lie to me!
(Kaya) Well then, do you know why Linda is constantly going to the herb garden where Pepe is?
(Iwan) That's because she likes the herbs, right?
(Kaya) You silly. Don't you think it's because she likes Pepe, not the actual herbs?
(Iwan) Don't talk like that. How would you know? There's no way Linda would ever betray me. Absolutely, positively impossible! (Unsurprisingly, Iwan bursts out, so we're at 5)
(Kaya) When I see someone in trouble, I feel that I must save them. It's a bad habit of Iwan's. In the past, the object of his affection wasn't Linda, but me.
Let's go back on down and talk to Borlock to see what he says.
(Borlock) I want Linda to marry my son without any fear of regret. If the marriage between Linda and my son is finalized, I won't have to collect the debt owed to me. The only way I can eliminate the debt is for her to take my son's hand in marriage.
That's... just awful. Let's find Linda.

but use it to pay your debt.
(Linda) Please, stop it. I can't accept money from you.
Your Dad took a good care fo me when I was young, so I want you to take it. You're still paying off your parent's debt, right?
(Linda) You don't have to worry about that. I'm marrying Iwan, so don't worry about the debt.
What? The son of Borlock? That's wonderful! Congratulations! Then, this is your wedding gift! It's not much, bur please accept it, Linda.
(Linda) I do appreciate the kindness of others when I'm going through a hardship, but no matter who I meet, my heart is filled with pain and sorrow. I'm in too much turmoil to deal with the kindness of others. (Linda then runs out, so that makes 6)

(Gardener) There's nothing for you to feel badly about. All right? That idiot did it all by himself, so don't worry about it a bit.
(Linda) When I think that Pepe might stay like this for the rest of this life, I...
(Gardener) It's all right. It seems that somewhere in the world there's a secret potion that'll cure any kind of illness. If you can get ahold of it, you might be able to save Pepe.
(Linda) I heard that you saved us. I beg you. Can you find a medicine to cure Pepe? Can you do it for me? I don't think I can find the secret medicine, since I'm not used to traveling.
I think I may know someone that can help with this, actually. You're very lucky that I came by. Well, no matter what you were lucky, since I cured this entire town of being turned to stone, but I can make a quick side-trip.

(Elma) discover what fate has in store for you! Would you like your fortunes told?
Sure, why not?
(Elma) Ha ha ha! Just kidding! I always wanted to try that. If you're looking for Pamela, she went over to see the village elder.
Okay, let's check the Engow Elder's house to see the Past Pamela for the Master Medicine.

(Pamela) It has been a long time, indeed. Is your journey going smoothly? No? You seem troubled about something. Do you want to talk to me about it?
I know a kid named Pepe on a different island who needs some medicine quite badly, and if memory serves, you'd be the go-to girl for that.
(Pamela) My my my! He was petrified by the rain? That's a dreadful curse indeed! I'm sure I have something or other to turn him back to normal. I'll go back to the store to look for it.

(Pamela) think it will do the trick. Here, take it with you. (Link received the Mila Drug!) That's the strongest of all my potions. I'm sure you'll be fine with this! Now, hurry up and take it to the poor fellow.
Okay, back to that other town!

(Gardener) been waiting for you here the whole time. Did you bring medicine for Pepe's illness?
(Gardener) Thank you so much! I knew my instinct was right! I'll tell Linda. Now, please hurry and go to Pepe. (Gardener runs off, and that's 7)

(Pepe) Uhhh, my body!
(Borlock) Ohh, It's a miracle!
(Porta) Brother! You're finally awake!
(Linda) Pepe, can you recognize me? It's me, Linda.
(Pepe) Oh, I'm okay. I'm so glad you didn't turn to stone.
(Linda) No. Everybody in the town turned to stone.
(Gardener) Even after everyone else had recovered, you remained in a deep sleep. It's these people here who saved you.
(Pepe) So that's what happened, eh? Thanks, everyone. I've caused all of you a lot of trouble.
(Iwan) How annoying! Even while he was alseep, he managed to monopolize Linda's affections. Now that Pepe's come to, Linda's happy again. I guess I should thank Pepe for that. I know. Father, we should have a party tonight to celebrate Pepe's recovery.
(Borlock) Excellent. We'll absolutely have Link and friends attend! Please rest at my mansion until the preparations for the feast are finished.

(Kaya) proceed outside to the herb garden. I cooked up a storm making this meal so please enjoy it.

(Borlock) We've been waiting for you. We're honored to have your presence! Please, take a seat anywhere you like, and eat whatever appeals to you. By the way, has anybody seen Pepe? I suppose Pepe must've snuck off when I wasn't looking. He's just returned to heath, so perhaps he's still a bit out of it.
(Iwan) Pepe disappeared without anyone noticing. And he was going to be the main act tonight!
(Porta) I'm getting older, so I want to get married, too. Whenever I see Iwan and Linda together, I envy them so much.
I heard that the party tonight was for a celebration of Pepe's complete recovery.
(Gardener) Where the hell is Pepe off wandering? Does he plan on rejecting the master's good intentions?

(Pepe) something like that!
(Kaya) I'm sure it'll be okay. Besides, you always have the herbs. If you and Linda just left town together, you'd be just fine!
(Pepe) Yeah, right. Elope. Can you imagine what would happen to my father and younger brother?
(Kaya) You're going to be with Linda, so who care what your family says? I just want to keep on working as a maid under master Iwan.
(Pepe) So, you're telling me to elope with Linda? You've got to be kidding. I'm sorry, but I can't elope. I could never do something so irresponsible and selfish.
(Kaya) Are you really okay watching Linda become Iwan's wife? Doesn't it drive you crazy?
(Pepe) ... (Pepe storms off, and that's 8!)
(Kaya) Hello, everyone. How is it? Is everything up to your standards?
The entire city is a powderkeg of romance and betrayal, and the food is quite nice. Good job!
(Kaya) Hee hee. Well, it's about time the poison should start taking effect. Just kidding! I do think I should have mixed some poison in, though. If Linda would just disappear, then I'd get to have master Iwan all to myself.

(Pepe) the herb garden yet? Actually, I'm not feeling very well, so I don't want to be around a lot of people. I hope you won't worry about me and will go enjoy the banquet.

Sure! He just doesn't feel up to dealing with people right now.
(Borlock) Hmmm... Just what could he be up to? Should I go ahead and announce the date of Iwan and Linda's marriage without him?

This rain can't be! Look! Purple clouds! Just like last time!
Ha ha ha! It's gray rain!
Noooo! I don't want to turn to stone!
Run! You'll turn to stone like Pepe if you get wet.
(Borlock) Everyone! Calm yourselves! It's ordinary rain, not gray or anything else!
How would I know? Run! Run!
(Linda) Gray rain? That's terrible. Come inside the house, quickly! (Now, everybody runs off! Not just Iwan, Pepe, or Linda, but we're just gonna count this as one instance, so 9)
(Iwan) Wait, Linda! Please don't leave me all alone!

(Kaya) by the rain, so no one can eat it! And here I cooked all of Iwan's favorites.
(Borlock) This is just great. Not a sould listens to what I have to say. Hello, everyone! You took cover in my mansiom did you? With great regret, I must inform you of the cancellation of the feast due to the rain.
I got drenched by the sudden downpour. You can't see my underwear, can you?
A little, yeah.
Aaaaah! Don't stare at me, you pervert!

(Linda) mind by now.
(Pepe) Have you forgotten that I said no? I don't care how many times I'm asked. My answer stays the same.
(Linda) Quit saying that. Let's leave this town together! I've learned a lot about herbs, so I can help you.
(Pepe) I still refuse. I'll betray a lot of people if I elope.
(Linda) Everybody! Why do you always care about what everybody else things? How are your feelings toward me? I see. I understand now, you coward! I don't care anymore. So why don't you just stay here as a simple employee? When I become Iwan's wife, I'll run you ragged. Count on it!
(Pepe) Hurry on home. You'll catch cold if you don't.
(Linda) Fool! Idiot! Get out of my sight! I don't want to see your face anymore! (Pepe storms off! That makes 10 instances of people leaving in a hurry in this update alone!) That fool... I'm not going to forgive him even if he cries and begs! Never!

(Pepe) I was waiting to say my final goodbyes to you. I owe you so much. After a lot of thought, I've decided to leave town alone. Goodbye, everyone.
Wait, Pepe. If you are worried about the debt, you and Linda could work together to pay it back! You could try talking to Borlock about it. He is the kind of person who would understand!
(Pepe) You're absolutely right. I should have done it sooner, but it's too late for regret. I'm just a tactless person. (Pepe runs off. That's 11)

The next day...

(Gardener) He seems to have at least considered us and not left town with her. I offer my deepest apolofies for all the trouble my son and I have caused. Let me express my gratitude for my irresponsible son as well. I heard that you only happened to stop by our village while en route to somewhere else. If you happen to meet my son during your travels, could you please tell him that I'm well? Pepe will probably never set foot in this town ever again.

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 7: We're still not done here, even after all that text. Also, we finally are told the name of the town.

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