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Part 16: Post 16: In which we visit a dungeon, talk to a group of maids and nuns, and find clarification on the nature of God and the Demon Lord.

Post 16: In which we visit a dungeon, talk to a group of maids and nuns, and find clarification on the nature of God and the Demon Lord.

Okay, let's see what the word on the street is now...

searching for the Shard for quite some time. I heard from Mr. Borlock that the merchant went to a cave in the west to look for the Shard.
Shards? Where?
(Borlock) I always thought that he would become another expert gardener like his father. When morning came, a rumor had spread across the town that Pepe had run away from the village! Now I'll never know how Pepe really felt. I feel terrible.
Dammit, man! That has nothing to do with Shards!
That reminds me. We never heard from that merchant who went out to the cave ever again. Even if he did discover treasure in the cave, he was probably attacked somewhere along the way.
This is Verdham. We are famous for our herb garden.
So, the town's name is Verdham. Good to know.

(Linda) him, but, there was nothing to do but blame him then... I really thought Pepe would take me out of this place if I kept it up... But I hurt him. That wasn't what I wanted to do! I just wanted his love!
(Iwan) Linda won't let me see her. Pepe's leaving town without saying a word must have been a big shock. It's so cold that you're worried about Pepe more than me! He's gone, Linda!
You know what? Screw this noise. There's a cave with a shard near here, and I need to check into that.

It's a pleasantly colored version of the Eggplanton. Still not special in any way. It'll be some time until we get interesting monsters.

Let's see what we can find in heraaaaaaAAAAH!

Wow! Those holes were concealed until we fall into them.

Crazy bird dinosaur monsters! They have claw flurry attacks, which are inaccurate but quite damaging.

The DarkDwarf is just a simple melee monster who hits us with an axe. However, the MudDoll is a total ass. He uses OddDance, which drains the MP of someone. And that's what they do half the time, so it's hard to save MP for later.

And that's the other big thing about the Poison Cave. There's also poison all over the floor.

Aha! I've found it! But let's see if I can't find some sign of that merchant that they mentioned while I'm down here.

I think we have a winner here, let's see how we can get over there.

Wow! How pretty!

Cavemon: here by the rumors of treasure. Unfortunately for you, there's no truth to them. Your avarice will lead you to an early grave! Dream of treasure as you fall from grace and leave this mortal coil!

come our way. Let's go, Link!
If we defeat that monster, perhaps some justice will be found for those that lost their lives here...
Killing people who just came looking for treasure... I'll never forgive him!
Jewelbags! The most obnoxious monster ever! They are pure support monsters, who reduce the party's defense, attack the party's accuracy, dodge all the time, and drain the mana from everyone as well. Cavemon is just a big, nasty monster who just has a lot of hit points and hits quite hard. Cavemon also casts Firebane, which deals about 30 to each party member. But, after some time and Maribel being beaten unconscious...

What's in here?

Oh yeah, the treasure was a trap. Well, let's get that shard!

I think that about does it here... let's check out the Verdham of the present.

Odd, there aren't any new places on the world map... but the continent Engow's on seems a bit bigger. Perhaps it's over there.

The place isn't named Verdham, but it is a big herb garden and it's in the right general area. Let's ask around...
Welcome to the Herb Garden of Mentare, traveler. Please take your time and enjoy our beautiful gardens!
It seems the first owner of this place was a lifelong bachelor. I bet he was so caught up in his work, he iddn't even care about women!
It's rally (sic) amazing that they were able to afford to build all this just from selling herbs! The first boss must have been quite a businessman!
I hear the original keeper of this garden was quite a hard worker. I wish my husband would take after him a little.
The boss has been chasing maids around all afternoon! I wonder who he takes after...
The herbal teas here are the finest in the world! Some people travel for miles just to get ahold of them.

all day!
Shoot! I only had 6 laps left! If you can do 300 laps without getting caught, you win a prize.
Ooohh... I'm exhausted. You know, the boss said something about a strange stone Shard that he found. Oh, now where did he say he put it...

That's right! The game says that this is great, not creepy or weird!

And there's another! I wonder what's going on outside...

Oh nooooo!
The boss dresses up like a thug and chases maids around every single day.
... Well, we live in a world where bursting into someone's dresser and taking their garters is great, so who am I to judge? Let's check out that shrine looking thing in back of town.

If you wish to visit, take the mountain path up ahead.

Sometimes, there are people to recruit for a new town in there, but I don't feel like checking right now.

I wish we were allowed to sell some of these crops.
The same thing happens every day around here. I get so bored. If only I could travel like you. I could be the Sister Warrior!
Why are these graves right next to the cliff? Maybe these two people were criminals or, even worse, monsters!

The tombstone posted:

The inscription is mostly faded. Only the name can still be read. The grave reads, 'Pepe'.

The other tombstone posted:

The inscription is mostly faded. Only the name can still be read. The grave reads, 'Linda'.
Awww, they're together in death, at least.
My, my! It's so rare to see travelers come here. There's not much here, but please, make yourself at home.
Whew! Drawing up water from the well is hard work! I wish we had a man around for jobs like this!

need funds, as well. We can't keep this convent going without some kind of help. That's why we usually take a weekly offering.
I wish we had some meat to put on the table, but even that is too much of an extravagance these days.
Ooh, I'm so hungry.
When I read the books here, it makes me wish I was alive back then. They don't write down everything, after all.
I actually come from a pretty rich family. I got them royally mad, though, so they sent me to this old dump. Sigh... I miss the good life.
That does it for here, let's check out the rest of the vicinity.

Wait, wasn't this... the middle of Pepe's garden back in the day? Now there's nothing left of the town but a fountain, a wall, and a shard... WAIT! A SHARD!

Now, let's go check out that old cave.

How modern.

THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS! These had better be spectacular beds!

Wow! They were. You win this time, Innkeeper.

journey to save the world?
Yeah, we're on such a journey. What of it?
Today may be your lucky day! You should listen to that old man. He seems like he would be a friend of yours.
That old man's a real drunkard. I always hear him muttering about God and the Demon Lord. You should probably avoid him.
Demon Lord? The guy who was making robots? Let's see what we can find out!
What? What happened to the person I was just talking to? Oh well, I'll just start over. Long ago, the Demon Lord Orgodemir wanted to claim the world as his own. That bastard cut the world into pieces, visiting disasters upon the people, and finally plunging into darkness. This marked the start of a terrible battle. When God learned what had transpired, He waged war against Orgodemir. The epic battle lasted for hundreds of years, and the Spirits and humans joined ranks with God to fight against the Demon Lord and his monsters. However, during this time, some of the Demon Lord's underlings divided the world. What? What was the outcome of this war? Nobody knows. I believe that they both used up all their power and destroyed each other. There may not be a God or Demon Lord in this world anymore.
Okay, we're 19 hours in, and just now we got a glimpse of what's going on. I need to rest.

And that's it for today, folks.
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