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Part 17: Post 17: In which Kiefer is crass and irresponsible, and we meet up with very polite gypsies.

Post 17: In which Kiefer is crass and irresponsible, and we meet up with very polite gypsies.

I apologize if some of the portaits look dark - I didn't get any usable pics of them in good light.

I think we're missing a shard in... Orph? Let's check back there...

Aha! There was one in the back of the weapon shop. Now, let's get back to the Ruined Fane!

I wonder where we are and what's going on now?

Aaaah! Their unnerving smile pierces my soul! The Hunters are an enemy we'll see again and again, they're fast, strong, and uncomplicated. They just smash you over and over until either you go unconscious or they die.

You don't want me to get caught, do you? Sigh... Layla's such a wonderful dancer.

I never suspected there were others like us, in this day and age! Normally, we would welcome you with open arms. But there's an important ceremony going on, so please wait a moment.
That seems fair. I'll poke around elsewhere in this group of tents.
Oh my, travelers! On a night like this, no less! Tonight's the ascension ceremony for our new tribal dancer. I'm sure Layla won't let us down. After all, she has the Terra Spirit in her body!
Our tribe's mission is to resurrect our fallen God. We are led by a line of tribal dancers, born with the power of the Terra Spirit in their bodies.
The Terra Spirit is one of the four elements God released before He was sealed. The mark on Layla's chest signifies inheritance of the power of the Terra Spirit! That's a significant burden to carry, but it is a major honor for Dejans.

I assume you have no problem with this? That's what I thought.
I know it's been sixty years since our last ascension ceremony, but does it really have to drag on all night like this? How do we know Layla's even ready? She's only seventeen...
Sigh. There's not much food to be had around here. But as long as we have our music, our dance, and our ambrosial Viva Grape reserves, we'll be fine!
We, the tribe of Deja, are on a long journey to search for the Temple of our lost God! Now we're only one step away from the end of our travels.
Ack! I wasn't doing anything! I was only checking out Jann's tula! He's said he's going to teach me how to play it! I guess it will be difficult for him to spend time with me after he marries Layla.
The ceremony is not yet over. I'm sorry, but... Mmm? Ah! The ceremony is over! Make way for the Chief! Listen up! Everybody, gather together! A new tribal dancer is born!
Step forward, Layla! I hereby enjoin Layla as Deja's new dancer! Now, Jann, step forward! Jann has grown to be a truly masterful tula player. With he and Layla leading us, a glorious future undoubtedly awaits.
(Jann) Yes, Beretta!
(Beretta) The time has come to celebrate! Eat, drink and sing into the night!
Thank you for your patience, travelers. Let me introduce you to the Chief and his wife, Beretta.

(Beretta) What was that, Datz? Travelers? Oh, what a surprise! And so deep into these mountains, too! How long has it been since we last had a visitor, Cheif?
(Chief) Well, how do we know these people are really travelers? They might be monsters disguised as travelers, Beretta!
(Datz) Chief, what are you saying?
(Chief) Well, can these people prove they're not monsters?
Of course we can!
(Chief) Oh really? Then by all means, show me!
Okay, we don't have any proof, per se, but you can trust us. Really. We're from the future.
(Chief) Ah, so you have no proof? I smell a TongueRat here.
(Beretta) That's enough joking, Chief. I'm sure our guests must be very tired.
(Chief) Oh, you're no fun, Beretta.
(Beretta) I'm sorry, but the Chief loves practical jokes. We know you aren't monsters, of course. Welcome! Please enjoy your stay up here in the mountains. If you have a problem, the Chief will be happy to help.
(Datz) Please accept my sincere apology. It seems everyone is worked up over the celebration for the time being!
(Beretta) He may be a bit silly, but the Chief is our leader. If you need help, he'll aid you if he can.
(Chief) Ha ha ha! You can only live once. You should enjoy it when you can. Anyway,. is there anything I can do for you? (The Chief doubles as a priest, and can save our game and do other such things)

Why don't you try talking to a girl for a change, Link? Maybe you can shed that FairyRat image of yours. Ha ha ha! (Kiefer wanders off)
I swear that mind of his is filled with nothing but girls! He didn't take his eyes off Layla for a second back there. Sigh... Am I not pretty enough for you guys or something? I need a stiff drink.
Huh? Drink? Hey, let me go with you!
Come on, join us! Sing for our fallen God! Dance for a brighter future!
I wish I could play the tula with the same aplomb as Jann displays. Then maybe I'd get to marry Layla too!
The Dejan dance is one of purification! Join us, and let your soul be cleansed!
Rest while you can, travelers! We'll set off westward to the Temple of God tomorrow!
Reminds you of the Amitt Harvest, doesn't it, Link? Remember how I got thrown off the boat, thanks to you? It feels like we've been all over the map since then.
Hic! This might just be the Viva Grape, talking, but that Jann rubs me the wrong way! He always acts so stuck up, like he owns the place. You think Layla really loves the guy, eh? Hic!
We Dejans were born to resurrect God. So what happens to Layla and the rest of us once we succeed?
Damn, what's in this jar? This stuff will put hair on your paws.
Come and get it! There's enough Viva Grape for everyone! Come and drink to Layla and Jann's engagement!
Hey, Link, isn't Layla beautiful?
I suppose so, but you're young enough to be her great-great-great grandson!
Yeah! She's just so perfect! It's weird, though. Everyone's celebrating her ascension, and yet she's hiding in this tent. I wonder what's wrong.

(Layla) dancer of Deja. You're Link, right? You must think this is all so strange. My people's mission is to resurrect our fallen God, and now I am fated to lead them all.

Is she okay?
She seems a little bit in over her head, so I'd say not okay.
Oh, really? I don't think anyone's even noticed. Hey, why don't we try to cheer her up, Link? I've got it! Go get some Viva Grape, Link. Quenching my thirst and passing out always seems to cheer me up!

Of course, of course! Here you are! I'm sure she could use it with all this excitement! (Link receives a botttle of Viva Grape!)
Oh, good! You've got the Viva Grape! I'll go give it to Layla. (Kiefer took the bottle of Viva Grape from Link and goes into Layla's tent)

(Layla) Kiefer. Thank you for thinking about me. I feel guilty for making you worry.
Mmmm... This wine is fantastic! We don't have anything like this back in Estard!
(Layla) Estard? I've never heard of that. Is it nearby?
No, it's a small country, way out in the ocean, with a prince who's always trying to weasel out of his responsibilities to the castle.
(Layla) Oh, he and I have a lot in common then.
(Layla) Well, I used to wish I could escape this fate of mine, too. I've been training for years and years, just for tonight. If it wasn't for Jann, I don't know what I would do.
Um, yes, well, of course! Jann is a good man, but let's toast your ascension! Come on, Link! Cheers!
(Jann) Hey! Layla! You in there? Layla! There you are! I was hoping we could sneak off and- Hey! What're you doing here, blondie?
(Layla) Wait! Kiefer and Link just offered me some wine!
(Jann) What the hell? Are you trying to seduce my girl, you self satisfied son of a bitch?
(Layla) Jann, please!
(Jann) Answer me, Kiefer! Are you trying to take her?
Wow! For some reason I have a choice here! How odd. Well, erm, I'm gonna go with Yes, based off of Kiefer's track record.
(Jann) Hah! I knew it! I can't turn my back for a moment without having a knife stabbed into it! I won't back down from anyone who tries to put his hands on my fiance. C'mon! Let's go, right now! Outside!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Link somehow managed to calm down Jann before matters got any worse. After Jann apologized for his actions, the four sat and talked to each other with a slightly more civil demeanor. As Viva Grape flowed, Link soon found himself falling asleep amid the conversation. Later that night...

Oof! Is that the best you can do, ManEater? (Kiefer attacks the monster, and ManEater runs off)
Whew! And stay out!
(Layla) Father! Are you okay?
(Datz) I'm sorry, Layla. I was foolishly careless. It's nothing a few herbs won't take care of. Urgh!
(Layla) Just lay down, okay? I'll go get Beretta! Are you all right, Kiefer?
Oh, I'm fine. We need to help your father!
(Layla) Okay. I'll be right back! (Layla goes into the Chief's tent)
Oh, Link! There you are! I'm still a little dumbfounded as to how monsters managed to sneak into the camp. All I know is that I woke up in the middle of the night and went outside to get some fresh air. To my surprise, I bumped into Layla. It turned out that she couldn't sleep, either. Then we started talking. We were only talking! You believe me, right?
Well, based off of experience, if you had been excersizing your royal prerogative you'd be telling everyone. So yeah, I believe you.
Suddenly, two monsters appeared out of nowhere! Luckily, Datz was nearby and rushed to my side. I defeated one of them, but Datz didn't fare as well, and got hit from behind during the battle. We could have used your swordsmanship out there!
(Layla) What do you think, Beretta? He'll be okay, won't he?
(Beretta) Hmm. Let's see here. (Beretta cast a magic spell)
(Datz) Urrrgh!
(Beretta) Datz, you were poisoned, but the dose was not strong. However, you'll need to rest here for a few days.
(Layla) But we set off for the temple tomorrow! we can't wait that long!
(Beretta) Well, we have no choice. We'll have to leave without you. You'll have to catch up with us, once Datz is better. I'm just worried about leaving you two here alone.
I'll stay here!
(Beretta) Oh, Kiefer! Thank you for saving Layla earlier. Will you be willing to stay at the camp and protect Datz and Layla?
No problem! Monsters don't have a chance against me! Link can go to the Temple with you. Will you go with them, Link?
Yeah, I think I will. There's gonna be shards in there, and perhaps God'll be lying around somewhere.
Okay! I'll stay here, and Link and the others can join you!
(Beretta) You're a brave man. I'm glad you're here for us. Our trup tomorrow could mark the end of our long journey. I must thank you for your kind support. Now, let's take Datz into the Chief's tent.
(Layla) Yes, Beretta.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

With the plan for tomorrow decided, Link and the others went back into their tents. Soon, the sun rose, and a new day began!

(Beretta) Datz for me.
(Layla) Yes, Beretta. Once Father is better, we will follow you.
(Beretta) Take good care of Layla and Datz, Kiefer.
Gah! Just leave everything to me! I'll catch up with you later, Link.
You better treat Layla with respect, Kiefer. If you don't, I'll make sure that you never walk the same again!
(Beretta) Ho ho ho. Friends are such valuable possessions. Now then, Link, let's go!

(Jann) I couldn't possibly entrust Layla to someone else.
(Chief) This isn't the time for that, Jann! You know we need your tula-playing to fend off monsters! Don't you understand how important our journey is?
(Jann) Yes, I guess you're right.
Chief! The advance party has left with the wagons!
(Chief) All right. Let's be on our way, as well. Link, maybe now you'll see the difficulties that come with being the Chief. The Temple is across the mountains to the west. See you at the camp!
(Beretta) We'll be setting up camp along the mountain path. I look forward to seeing you there.
(Chief) All right. Be careful!

I'm pretty sure this is the place.

... And that's it? That's the entire cave? I fought one monster!

(Jann) altar, but first we have to find two holy relics in the cave. We'll be counting on you to help us in there!
I can join in the grownups' meeting too! I'm not tired at all!
Great work! It's incredible that you can travel without the protection of a tula!
Tomorrow we'll finally reach the lake which holds the Temple of God. The ancient tomes say we need two great relics to break the seal. Both are said to be contained within the cave by the lake.
Layla and the others must have started off by now. Jann is very worried for her, you know. He loves her so much, but he won't be able to marry her. He also has the divine mark. That's such a shame. Don't tell anyone! However, little kids are known to talk in their sleep!
(Chief) Link, you made it here without a tula to fend off monsters? Amazing! Is there anything I can do for you?
(Link et aliae sleep)

We're leaving ahead of you, Link. We'll meet you at the lake, south of the mountain.

The Temple of God is in the bottom of that lake over there!
(Jann) Greetings! Take a look at this magnificent lake which covers the temple of God! Now we must go to the altar and break the seal!
Shhhh! Keep your voice down! Listen, you wanna hear what I saw last night?
Do I ever!
Well, I got up to go to the bathroom, and I saw Jann bathing all by himself, and he had a mark on his chest! I thought two people with that mark couldn't marry each other! Oooh, man, what should I do?
(Chief) Welcome to our camp, Link! I apologize, but I seem to have misread the ancient tomes. They were abstruse, and I made a mistake. The relics needed to break the seal are held within the Temple itself, not the cave.
(Beretta) Oh, Link! I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait a while longer. We're researching exactly what the mark of the Deja tribe is.
There should be something in that cave which will make the waters recede.
Looks like we're going nowhere until this mystery is solved. They'll need time, so you might as well get some rest in the tent.
The two sacred relics are in the Temple, not the cave. We have to find some way to drain the lake!
Our ancestors went through a lot of trouble to do this. It may be a pain for us to get in, but at least it keeps the monsters out of the Temple.
I wonder what's going to happen to us after God revives. I don't have to travel around or practice the tula anymore, do I?
Isn't the water around the Temple just beautifu? It's as clear and pure as the soul of God himself!
(Link and the party sleep more)

(Jann) There should be something inside that will react with this TerraBell to drain the lake. Since it's an artifact of the Deja, only our tribe members can ring it, so I will accompany you. Shall we go?
Okay, let's go into another cave. Hopefully, this one will be somewhat larger.

I wonder if there are any...

There are! More recolored monsters! They're not impressive in any way, shape or form, they're just in the way.

(Jann) Could the treasures that God stored here have been stolen?

Soon. Not now, but soon.

There are a series of rooms that have dark hallways. These hallways are so dark, if someone was looking at us from above, they wouldn't be able to see us, and it's not easy to figure out your way around, in theory. They're usually straight, so it's really not that bad.

(Jann) It says, 'Ascetism may lead you to the path of God.' Did you have something to say, Link? (Link stared at the ancient writing on the stone. Surprisingly, he could understand it! ) What? You can read ancient writing? Hmmm. How mysterious! You don't look so good right now, though. Try not to overdo it, all right? (What follows are a series of paths, some with chests, some without. Since we're followin the path of ascetism, we're avoiding the paths with chests)

Magic casting cats in red robes? How unique!

no harm. My kind used to be friends with the Dejans. Let me pass on their knowledge to you. If you place the TerraBell on the altar in this cave, the lake will drain, and you should be able to reach the bottom easily.

Some Rock posted:

Prove yourself to be a child of God, and let him show you the way.
(Jann) Perhaps using the TerraBell will prove me a child of God. I will try with all my power. (Jann rang the TerraBell loudly)

These bridges fade into and out of visibility, but we can't fall off of them, so this isn't difficult.

(Jann) about! Once we place the TerraBell here, the path to the Temple of God will open! I'll put the bell in place right now, unless there are any objections. Is it okay to continue?
Yes! Let's finish this! (Jann rang the TerraBell loudly!)

The water in the lake should have receded. Let us proceed.

These things are everywhere. That's good, though. Makes 'em easy to collect.... WAIT A MINUTE! If the water's gone down...

Heavens! This temple is huge! More than big enough for a god, I'd say!
They're going to start the ceremony now, right? I sure hope it turns out okay.

(Chief) The Temple of God is almost ours! All that is left is to retrieve the two sacred relics for the cave. Is that so? Then let's not record this. The two relics should be inside.
What you said makes no sense whatsoever. I'll talk to your wife instead.
(Beretta) I truly don't know how to thank all of you. Layla isn't here yet, but let's go ahead and open the Temple. Jann, would you mind accompanying Link inside?
(Jann) Yes, Beretta! Now, Link read that plaque and the temple will open.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Link read the writing on the stone plaque. 'When the ancient TerraTula shines like a golden fire, the dawning of a new age is nigh!' (The plaque glows and disappears)

(Beretta) Let's proceed into the Temple of God.

(Jann) Once I play this TerraTula... And Layla dances with these sacred robes... I'll finally be a free man. I won't be obligated to take on any stupid missions from God anymore! (Jann took the Sacred Gown and TerraTula down from the altar!) Come on. Let's bring these back to camp. Thanks. I am indebted to you.
Link! Huff! Huff! Sorry we're late. Layla sprained her ankle, so I had to carry her.
(Jann) What? Layla sprained her ankle? How could oyu let this happen to her? What about the ceremony?
(Layla) Stop it, Jann! I wouldn't have made it at all without Kiefer! I'll be fine for the ceremony, so quite worrying about me!
(Jann) Layla.
(Layla) Come on! We've got to start preparing for the ceremony! (Layla starts limping away)
Are you okay? Here, let me support you.
(Layla) Thanks, Kiefer. (They walk out)
(Jann) Layla, wait! (Jann follows)

(Chief) Now you just hold your horses, Jann! Let me see that TerraTula for a moment. (The Chief took the TerraTula from Jann.) It looks like we're out of luck tonight.
(Jann) What?
(Chief) Look at this tula! This should be 'shining like a golden fire', right? Well, this sure doesn't look like it's shining to me! I don't know why, but I guess today just isn't the day.
(Jann) No? When is the best time for you then? We never know the truth unless we do it!
(Beretta) Please, Jann, calm yourself down! If we resurrect God before the appointed time, then He could be destroyed by the Demon Lord!
(Jann) Are you telling that you'll give up on this even though we made it all the way down here?
Telling? Don't you mean saying?
(Jann) I'm not going to give it up because God guided us here! Surely, this must be the time of revival! are you too cynical to realize it? (Jann readies his tula!) Layla, I'll play the Tula. Please dance with the InnocentRobes!
Hey! Hey, Jann! Are you serious?!
People! Pray with all your heart and soul, so that we might restore God! (Layla and Jann go to the top of the temple)
It was at this point I saw something of such horror that only three mental images remain.

The Chief was right! It's too early to perform the ceremony!
We've come all this way for nothing?
(Chief) It seems that our journey is not yet over. Well, Jann, are you happy now? Come back here, now! Don't be so disappointed, Jann. We must be patient if we ever hope to revive our Lord. Who cares if we failed today? There's always tomorrow.
(Jann) That's not true! Of course I hope for world peace, all good men do, but my personal issues held a greater priority. If we revive God, Deja's duty will at long last be over, and I can finally marry Layla. I must carry out my duty!

(Beretta) were born!
(Jann) That's right, Beretta, I couldn't believe what I saw. I hardly believed it had actually happened when I saw the divine mark appear on my chest all those years ago. I knew then, as I know now, that I love Layla with all my heart. I rushed to do everything because I truly thought that I would be free to do as I pleased after we managed to revive the true God. I'm ashamed of myself, though. I didn't consider her feelings at all. Not only that, but I deceived my own tribe to try and accomplush my goals. Because of my grievous deeds, I will leave the tribe. (Jann puts his shirt back on, returns the TerraTula to the Chief, and runs off)
(Layla) Jann! Wait! (starts following Jann)
(Chief) Layla, wait! What're you chasing him for? Do you really love him?
(Layla) But, Chief!
(Chief) There's no point in sympathizing for him. If he has the mark, you can't marry him. That's it. In any case, today's ceremony is a failure. We'll just have to wait for another opportunity.
(Beretta) So, shall we reseal the temple?
(Chief) Right. We'd better fill this lake again.
(Beretta) I must apologize for always relying on you, but we need to protect the Temple of God until the appointed time or great disaster will befall us. Please remove the TerraBell from the altar in the cave, so that the lake will fill with water once more, and the way to the Temple will sealed.
What is with you people? Have years of inbreeding robbed your ability to properly speak?
(Beretta) Datz, please accompany them through the cave.
(Datz) Yes, Beretta. I will remove the TerraBell for you. I am sorry things had to turn out this way, Link.
(Beretta) Layla! You've injured your foot. I can tell. Why did you dance up there? You could've been seriously hurt!
(Layla) But Beretta... I couldn't just...
Look, aren't you being too hard on the girl? The Deja code is important, but she's in a great deal of pain. Let her rest.
(Layla) Thanks, Kiefer.
(Beretta) I see. Layla finally has someone that truly understands her.
(Chief) All right, everyone! Our work here is done for now. Let's all go back to the camp.
(Beretta) All right, Link. Go ahead and refill the lake. We will wait for you back at the camp.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Link and his friends accompanied Datz into the cave. There they removed the TerraBell from the altar, and as they did, the lake once again filled with water, submerging once more the Temple of God. After returning the two sacred artifacts to the Chief, Link joined the Dejans as they traveled back to the camp. Although the ritual ended in failure, Link was thanked that night with a modest feast in his honor. As the night drew on...

Oh well, it's probably better that you're asleep. I've been thinking a lot about the birthmark on your arm, Link. Maybe you've got some kind of destiny waiting for you, just like Layla. I really envy you. I'm not fit to be anything but a prince. There's got to be something else I can do, though. Something that only I can do for the world! Well, I guess there's no point in talking to myself about it. Good night.

What was Kiefer talking to you about last night?
... Why is there a Yes/No prompt here? Umm, yes?
No, don't tell me. I'm sure he was going on about Layla again. Let's get moving! Come on, Gabo get up!
Huh? It's morning already? I'm so dog-tired.

That's it, Datz! Show him what us Dejans are made of!
Take that, Kiefer!
Datz! Come on! You can do it!
I didn't realize he was serious about becoming a Guardian. It's rare to see such courage in a man his age.
No, no, no! Hit him with a right! No, a left! I mean a right! Anything! Just hit him!
(Beretta) I am grateful for Kiefer's offer, but first, we must test his skill against our current Guardian.
(Layla) I couldn't be happier to Kiefer as our new Guardian, but it must be difficult for you to lose such a valiant and trusted companion. Pray that he wins, for if he doesn't, he will fall to my father's sword.
(Chief) Ah, Link! You're finally awake! Datz is testing Kiefer's skill as we speak. Kiefer is truly a man of honor. We could use a Guardian like him right now.
(Datz) Oof! How did you avoid that?
Don't even try to stop me, Link! If I beat Datz, I'll become the Guardian of Deja! Hiiyah!
(Datz) Urgh! (Datz falls over) I give up! You're too strong for me!
That's not true. You certainly live up to your reputation, Datz. So, Chief, have I earned the title of Guardian, now?
(Chief) Of course! We'd love to have you! Kiefer and Link, stand before me! It is settled. On this day, a new tribal Guardian has been forged! From now on, Kiefer is a member of the Dejan tribe! Now, let us sing a song of gratitude... For Link, Kiefer, and their lackey friends!
I'm sorry, Link, but I think my journey's over. I'm going to live here, with the Dejans. I've already received my honorary Guardian's sword. See? It's got the Dejan crest on the handle. I'll use it to defend Deja and the Temple of God. Then I'll finally have made something of myself! Do you understand, Link?
Man, you really want to hit that, don't you. I read you loud and clear.
Heh. I thought you'd say that. Well, you're heading back home, right? I might as well see you off to the portal. Should we go, Link?

where our paths must diverge. I've truly loved traveling with you. I hate to leave. Should you see my father when you go back, tell him, ' Your son finally found a dream to follow.' But please don't mention my feelings for Layla. Thanks for everything, Link. (Kiefer pushes you into the gate)

Do you think Kiefer threw it to us? (Link opened up the cloth bag. Unexpectedly enough, Link finds Kiefer's equipment and an accompanying letter inside.)

Kiefer's Letter posted:

Dear Link and friends, I'm certain that this decision will surprise you. Link, I return you the equipment that you so graciously bought for me. Sincerely, Kiefer
Wait, he's a prince. Which means I have to tell the King... this can't end well.

Next time on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 7: Kiefer remains gone forever. I'm not certain that I mind. Also, getting closer and closer to Dharma.

Item acquired: Tinymedal x 3, defseed x 2, WizardRing, BugKnife, MysticNut