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Part 18: Post 18: In which we take our parents advice and apply for a job.

Post 18: In which we take our parents advice and apply for a job.

Well, time to go see the King...

(King Burns) Huh? There's no sign of Kiefer. Has that fool wandered off again?
To be perfectly honest, yes.
(King Burns) What is it? What's wrong, Link? Why are you looking at me like that? What's wrong? Did something happen to Kiefer? Tell me, Link!
Well, nothing happened to him, per se. It's more along the lines of he decided to live in the past.
(King Burns) No... That's impossible! What does he mean, he's found his own path? He's a mere child. How dare he talk like and adult? It's ten years too early for him to talk like that! The fool! His actions are inconsiderate as always. The truth is, when Kiefer returned I was planning to give this to him myself. (Like received the AquaShard!) This Shard was found by accident by an islander the other day, who delivered it to this castle. If Kiefer wished to continue this journey, I was going to allow him. I once looked forward to his return, but I cannot believe what I have just heard. Thank you, Link, for telling me. It was a noble gesture. I'm sorry. I must ask that you take your leave.
Wow. Estard really does have the greatest royal family. If I did this in most other places, they'd at least imprison me until I spilled when and where he was. Well, time to skedaddle while I can... Let's see if we can't find the temple of God.

The western continent seems bigger, let's look around there.

This is new... Let's check it out!

the past! See the terrifying horned beast that ruled the prehistoric world! Only five gold for the thrill of your life!
I heard that they're finding some pretty interesting stuff in that hole, but you've got to have money to get your hands on any of it. Grownups aren't any fun.
Who cares about a bunch of stupid bones? Fish bones, meat bones, it's all garbage to me! How do they get away with charging five gold for garbage? Honestly, I wish my grandfather would quit wasting his money here!
Apparently they've found all sorts of ancient items at this site, including this mysterious giant skull!
I've been waiting all day! Why can't I get it?
Grrrrr.... Groooooar! Gaaaawhoroooooar! I bet it sounded like that!
Can't they hurry up? I'm not much longer for this world, you know!
Welcome, travelers! Welcome! This'll make a great story for your friends back home,. you know! Only five gold gets you in! Do you have the money?
Old things? Shards are old... There must be a shard in here! Sure, here's the money!
Oh, fantastic! Ready to come in, then? Only five gold!
Thank you, thank you! And as a special gift, I'm letting you travelers in first!

(Scholar) Hmm? Oh, visitors. Go ahead and look, but don't touch!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

The horn gleams like gold. Do you want to try touching it?
Must... rub... horn...
(Scholar) Hey! I told you not to touch anything! What's the matter with kids today?

Oooh! Let's check this well out!

These things are everywhere. Now, let's look around outside...

limits. We can't have you damaging the site of the dig!
We'll be back someday. And we'll loot this site until there's nothing left.

How convenient! There's a place to check out right there!

AAAAAH! POD PEOPLE! I like the Pod monsters fairly well, actually. They're amusing to watch, and are just effective enough to be challenging without being difficult. They're weird equivalents of traditional rpg heros. The PodHero can cast a little magic. The PodFightr hits you with the axe. The PodMage casts spells at you and dies with even the most casual attack.

embarking to Dharma Temple. There is nary town, nor even a village, beyond this point.
I'm only a poor Warrior now, but I am dreaming of changing my class to Hero some day. That's why I'm on my way to Dharma Temple, my diminutive friend. So, if you will excuse me... (Warrior runs off)
Let's check out that building, then...

find your calling. In which case, I recommend that you go to Dharma Temple to find your bearings.
Changing classes at Dharma Temple is all anyone wants to talk about these days. Certainly, the benefits of changing classes are numerous, such as learning new spells and special techniques. Can't these self-absorbed fools talk about something else for a change?
Huh, looks like a bar downstairs. Let's look around, shall we?

as we once did. I hope it's just my imagination. You don't suppose it has anything to do with the fact that fewer people are going to Dharma Temple, do you?
Sigh... I feel so lonely. It's rare that anyone stop by anymore. There was a time when those that went to Dharma Temple would come by afterwards to show off their new appearance. Maybe it depresses them to spend time with someone who's getting on in their years.
I don't know if you've noticed, but the monsters in this area have really gotten violent lately. It's enough to make one wonder if something bad is going to happen soon.
It seems to me that there have been fewer visitors to Dharma Temple, lately. But if you don't mind my saying so, adventurers with no class are just plain fools.
Well. Screw you! Let's check that well outside.

HOLY SHIT! I'm going to cheat at cards then get some nice equipment, and then go to Dharma Temple!

Aww, they're adorable! Drakslimes are a bizarre cross between a Slime and a Dragon. They get a slight fire resistance and a fire-breath attack, but maintain the pleasant plumpness of the slime family.

If you wish to change your classes, please talk to the High Priest at the altar.
Finally! I've been waiting twenty hours for this!
Welcome to Dharma Temple. You will choose a new way of living. If you dedicate yourself to your training even more than now, you may discover some unknown ability hidden within yourself. Do you wish to change the way in which you live!
Who here cares to change they way they live?
Which profession does Link wish to join?
I wanna be a fighter!
Hmm, so Link wishes to assume the role of Fighter. It is the custom of Dharma that those who change classes must first purify their bodies and souls in the waters of the blessed spring. Go behind the altar and immerse yourself in the holy waters. You will assume your chosen class after that. (Link gets into the water, and it starts glowing)

spells and abilities sucked from your body? Do you still not understand how foolish you are for not recognizing the deceptions? This wonderful fountain steals the spells and abilities of any wretched human who bathes in it! Now you shall live a life of pain and suffering deep in the eternal prison!

Oh, another group of newcomers. They are the second set today.
Bah! More travelers decieved by that fake priest. That's the last thing this stupid town needs is more people!
What a nice welcome,. let's walk around and chat.
(Zaji) I saw it all! You dropped right into the pond. I don't let strangers in, so go away!
Only the strong survive in this town, kid. And there's nowhere to run, either. We're completely enclosed by the ocean and mountains.
This town is full of people manipulated and fooled by the High Priest.
I can't fight any monsters without my special abilities! If I had them back, those cave guardians would be no problem!
Some old man at the bar claims he's a priest from Dharma. He's odd, though, and should probably avoided.
If all of the temple guards are like Kasim in the bar, then no wonder the monsters took over the place so easily.

I'm sorry! Please, I'm sorry!
If you're sorry, then show me how sorry you are! Huh? What the hell are you looking at? I'll maul you? Well, are you leaving?
I don't approve of attacking priests - if you kill them, then how will I save?
Oh, you chose the wrong man to annoy today, kid!

I don't think your so blargh my FACE

In this town, the weak are robbed and tormented again and again. I am one of the weak, and I hate myself for it.
One brief trip to the local temple later, Maribel and I are revived. Now let's see if we can find out anything useful...
No! All of my precious abilities are gone! All the work and all the endless hours of training have yielded nothing!
You'd best be careful at night, youngster! You never know who's going around hunting for souls. That's the only way to escape from this cesspool.

(Flower) Well, guard, I've kept my promise. It's your turn now.
(Kasim) Yes, I think I understand.
(Flower) Good! I've always dreamed of joining the guards at Dharma.
(Kasim) Well, in that case, I'll need one more thing from you.
(Flower) What? Do you have any idea how hard it was to get that medicine?!
(Kasim) Come on, don't get angry. You want to be a guard, no? Right. See you later. (Kasim walks off)
(Flower) You're new here, aren't you? Well, I'm the man you're looking for, Flower. My specialty is theft, but I do just about everything. There's nothing I can't get my hands on! It'll cost you, though.
Eh, I need a drink. Let's go to the bar.

the SoulSword. When someone is hit with it, he lets out a piercing scream, and everyone rushes the attacker.
That man at the back is a few leaves short of a medicinal herb. Everyone knows all the priests were killed.
They say Neris spends more time asleep than awake. But every time she gets sick, Zaji's always there for her.
I'm a priest of Dharma Temple. No, really, I am! I barely escaped with my life! You must believe me!
The monsters around here leave us alone, for the most part. Really, more people are killed in brawls than by monsters.

(Monster) challenge? Who dares to stake their future on the SoulSword?
SoulSword? What's that?
(Monster) It's easy! Just take the SoulSword and shatter five souls! Your lost powers will be restored, and your freedom regained.
Oh, really!
(Monster) Of course! Lord Antolia is a just ruler! Any human with the courage to take up the challenge is eligible! If anyone here is brave enough, let him step forward now!
(Suifu) Get out! We don't want to hear anything you have to say!
(Monster) Gahhh.... Well! Don't forget this, humans! Only soul-shattering will get you out of this prison! (The monsters fly away)
(Suifu) Damn monsters! Coming here in broad daylight! Oh, you must be the new people I've heard about. I've been meaning to pummel you for awhile. What a convenient opportunity!

So, Suifu's weapon is a ball and chain? If it starts swinging that thing around, we'd better stay out of the way!
This is a quite difficult fight, especially due to the placement. We have no methods of healing except for items, and want to keep grinding to a minimum until after jobs are unlocked. Also, it's apparent that you're expected to lose, because afterwards...

(Zaji) People like that don't deserve the time of day!
(Neris) If I had left them there, they would have been robbed blind!
(Zaji) Who cares? They're strangers, Neris!
(Neris) Oh, you're all feeling better? You must be very strong. You were sleeping like the dead until now. I doubt that I'd be able to recover so quickly.
(Zaji) My sister should be in bed, not looking after you guys.
(Kasim) Are you home, Neris? I brought you some medicine. Look, it's WorldDew! I know this will make you feel better.
(Neris) Oh, thank you. But how did you get such expensive... Aah!
(Kasim) Here, I'll give it to you.
(Neris) Let me go! I can take it by myself.
(Kasim) What? Oh, sorry. Here, let's go to the other room.
(Zaji) Thank you very much for the medicine, Kasim. Neris needs to get some rest as soon as possible.
(Kasim) What? I'm just worried about Neris. That's all. Okay, Neris, this should get you back on your feet again. (Kasim leaves)
(Neris) My face is red? That's strange. I wonder if I have a fever. I'm going to lie down in my room for a little while.
(Zaji) I think Kasim is fond of my sister. That's why he is so considerate. Of course, he has no regard for me.

(Kasim) Without High Priest Fosse, there are no temple guards. That's why I want you to rescue her from the monsters.
(Flower) Sure. Just promise me, all right?
(Kasim) But I can't imagine why you'd want to be a temple guard now.
(Flower) Well, you have to play the hand you're dealt. It's not like I could become a temple guard any other way!
(Kasim) I know how great a thief you are, so don't let me down.
(Flower) You just fought with Suifu, right? You didn't do too bad! Listen, I've got a favor to ask of you. The only way out of this town is through the western cave. I need someone to help battle the monsters there. I'll make it worth your while. Here, look! (Flower handed a small stone to Link. Link obtained the WondeRock) That's one useful stone! You can heal yourself all you want with it! So it's a deal, right? Good.

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New items: TinyMedal x 2, AGLSeed, DolphinShield(Purchased at Casino), MagicRobe x 2 (Purchased at Casino), Tights (Purchased at casino), SleepCane (Purchased), SilverTray (purchased)