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Part 19: Post 19: In which we are betrayed, beaten up again, and push blocks around.

Post 19: In which we are betrayed, beaten up again, and push blocks around.

Now that I'm thinking of it, this shady town probably has something I'll need for later...

Now, let's go to that cave!

SlimeNites are very interesting for one reason - Those things on top are part of the slime! It's like a weird, armed and armored appendage, not a separate being.

Wow! A new monster! The Mantipion occasionally uses an extra-strong overhand attack.

Armorpions are more obnoxious than anything else. They have a high defense and occasionally use a poison attack.

The PigDemon is pretty self-explanatory, I think.

(Flower) up ahead. If we try to attack them head-on, there's no way we'll win. You sit tight while I take care of this one. (Flower ducks around a corner)
Mmm? What was that noise? (The monsters walk out and stare at Link as Flower dodges around behind)
That was you, was it?
With this power given to me by Antoria, I will treat you all to a bath of blood!
Hey! There's another one over there! (Flower runs off down the hall the monsters were guarding)
Ah, let him go. We've got enough prey in our hands now!
You're right, you're right. Heh heh heh...

fought them before we'd lost our power.
How despicable! Stealing others' powers just to strengthen oneself is pure cowardice!
Inopp and Gonz are also an unwinnable fight. They just annihilate everyone, but at least Flower gets away. That said, Flower is a total douche and I'll smack him around if I see him again. But that's something to worry about another time, because three rounds later...

(Neris) The priest said you all collapsed in front of town, severely injured. I brought you here to rest until you feel better. It's already late, so please, feel free to spend the night here.
(Zaji) Neris, can I talk to you outside for a minute?
(Neris) What difference does it make? We can talk here.
(Zaji) No! Not with all these people around.
(Neris) Sigh. I'm sorry, but I have to go out for a bit. Could you watch the house? (Zaji and Neris walk outside)
Well, time to do some more eavesdropping!

(Zaji) medicine you need. There's no need for you to be making eyes at that man!
(Neris) What? When did I ever do that? You've got the wrong idea, Zaji. Kasim is a nice man, but that's all.
(Zaji) He's being nice to you because he wants you to take you away, Neris!
(Neris) What? Don't you dare say things like that about him, Zaji!
(Zaji) Why, Neris? Why are you defending that jerk? Haven't we managed just fine until now, just the two of us? (Zaji storms off)
(Neris) Zaji! (Neris follows)
I've got a bad feeling about tonight. I can't really explain it, but I think it's best to turn in early on such a night.
I'm afraid of that fighter hanging around the tool shop.
I'm above all this. I'm special. I don't need this. No one will think any worse of me for it! They'll probably respect me!
Damn, that's good! Nothing like drinking on stolen money!
I wish this night would end. I fear that someone might go soul-shattering.
Neris just went running down the alley, chasing her brother. You think she's okay? She looked like she was in pain.
(Neris) I'm sorry, but could you please go after my brother? I'm too tired to chase him any longer.

(Zaji) sick girl.
(Kasim) I'm not hurting anyone! Neris is everything to me. Besides, what do you care? She can do whatever she wants!
(Zaji) Shut up! What's wrong with me looking after my sister?
(Kasim) All right. What will you do for me if I give up on Neris?
(Zaji) What? Why should I have to do anything for you?
(Kasim) Sorry, kid. I'm not about to stop seeing her for nothing.
(Zaji) Damn it! You never take me seriously, Kasim! Just remember this, Kasim! I'm perfectly capable of caring for Neris myself! I don't need you! (Zaji storms off)
(Kasim) Heh heh. Sorry you had to see that. I don't know why that kid gets me so worked up.

(Neris) What did Zaji say to Kasim? Sigh. I'll have to scold him later.

I merely shattered his soul! Your soul has not been wasted. The world will forever praise you! Now, I need four more!
Sweet God! That man is insane!
(Suifu) What the hell are you waiting for? Get him! Now!
Agh! Why'd you have to come out now? Agh! (Runs off, with Suifu following)

Oh no! That was a sailor!

And there went that normal looking warrior!
That guy's stronger than he looks!
(Suifu) Son of a--! I'll just have to take care of him myself! Hey, Kasim! If you help me out, I'll give you whatever you want!
(Kasim) Okay, okay. (Suifu punches the pink warrior, knocking him back against Zaji)
Just when I was almost done! Damm (sic) it! I just can't stand it! I've come to far to die!
(Zaji) Neris! (The pink man starts walking to Neris, and Zaji dives in the way, taking the blow!) Are you all right?
(Neris) Zaji!
I did it! The fifth soul! Come on out, monsters! I've fulfilled my promise! Give me back my powers!

(Monster) But the fifth soul has not yet been shattered.
What?! But I cut him with the SoulSword!
(Monster) The SoulSword must go deep into the body to shatter the soul. Your stab was too light on the fifth victim, human.
No! I can't be killed here! (He is lifted into the air)
(Monster) You will not die. Skill never goes unrewarded. Let me return your stolen power.
Oh! Wonderful! Thank you!
(Monster) Now, for the five soulless bodies. ( The bodies disappear, and the monster and the pink man fly off)

(Neris) I can't calm down! Zaji's gone!
(Kasim) Well, then, shall we go help your brother?
(Neris) B-but how?
(Kasim) Well, that depends on everyone here. The western cave is dangerous, but if we go together, we can make it.
(Neris) Please, everyone, help me! I need to save Zaji.
Okay... but only because you keep rescuing me after I get beat up.
(Neris) Oh, thank you!
(Kasim) All right. Neris and I will go on ahead to the western cave. Monsters are guarding the exit on the fourth floor. We'll meet there. (Kasim and Neris walk out)
Okay, now. Once more - WITH GUSTO!!!!!

Hey, those monsters are gone!

(Neris) Thank, I'm hanging in there.
(Kasim) Listen, I wanted to give this to you.
(Neris) Oh! A hair ornament! It's beautiful. Can I try it on? (Neris gives a quick spin) What do you think?
(Kasim) It's nice. It looks good on you. Geez, you guys! You should've told us you were there.
Hee hee hee hee. Hope we're not intruding on anything!
(Kasim) Well, never mind that. Did you see how the monsters were gone? I'm not quite sure what happened, but at least we don't have to fight such powerful foes. We're going on ahead. See you later. (They mosey off)

the mountains. I can tell by the way you look. There are only Dharma priests and those controlled by the monsters in this village. Be very careful of the ones controlled by the monsters. They've been horribly corrupted.
We're being guarded by those who've had their souls shattered. They're human too, so we can't bring ourselves to harm them, but they've killed those of us who've attempted to escape.

(Flower) It was all I could do to make sure the High Priest was all right. I failed at rescuing her. I'm sorry.
(Kasim) But just finding out she's alive is something, at least! If we can save Fosse, the other guards that are left might come back to protect her.
(Flower) You'll let me join the temple guards?
(Kasim) I can't do that until you've done something fantastic.
(Flower) Hey, come on! I betrayed these nice people and everything for you!
(Kasim) Don't get so discouraged! I'll give you your chance. But in return, you'll have to cooperate with me.
(Flower) What do you want? Leave me alone! Ah! It's you! Don't tell me you're here for revenge!
I will strike you down and become more powerful than I could ever imagine!
(Flower) Well, I can't blame you. What I did was pretty bad. But remember that only a fool is fooled! Maybe you'll learn something from this. Ha, ha, ha! So don't blame me, okay?

(Kasim) To protect the Chief Priest Fosse...
(Head Priest) That's right! The other soldiers defended the High Priest with their lives! Not only did you fail in defending her, you botched the rescue attempt, too! Aren't you ashamed?
(Kasim) I have no excuse for myself, but if you'll give me one more chance, I'll try to redeem myself! With the help of these soldiers gathered here, I vow to rescue the High Priest!
(Head Priest) Hmph! Thieves and travelers! Perfect followers for the likes of you, I'd say! I have my misgivings, but I guess I'll leave it to you.
(Kasim) I'm sorry to get all of you involved in this, but I just can't get along without your strength! Even if you're somewhat reluctant, I must have your cooperation now! (Flower and Kasim leave)
(Head Priest) No! Not this horrible stain on my career as Head Priest! This is the first successful invasion in the history of Dharma Temple! Curse those monsters!
(Neris) I heard there were a lot of people here who've had their souls shattered. But I can't find my brother Zaji anywhere! Why is Zaji the only one who isn't here?

(Flower) whatever he wants like that!
(Kasim) That's what's hard about this job. When you're a temple guard, you have to put up with people like that.
(Flower) I'll do my best. (They march off)
I can't stand looking at these cowardly priests, shaking and trembling with fear!
There's an old legend that says monsters gain power from negative human emotions like grief, anger, and sadness. Are we only being allowerd to live in order to provide the monsters with energy?

(Kasim) soul-shattering were being used to watch over the priest? We must leave those two guards at the entrance asleep.
(Flower) Shouldn't you kill them? What if they woke up?
(Kasim) No, we can't kill them! We must devise a way to rescue the High Priest without waking them. You're here! Great! The High Priest is confined in the prison at the cave. To get Dharma back, we must rescue the High Priest!
But first, there's a well to check out!

Not content to rest on their laurels with the Mimic, there are monstrous versions of wells, too. Not the most ridiculous monster in this game, though. Not even close. Now, back to the caves, now with two people backing me up.

Oh, how traditional! A maze!

Wyverns are a good, traditional enemy that have been in each game. They have a good strong attack, and occasionally breathe flames. Babbleoons attack by spitting tiny versions of itself as you, but are otherwise non-spectacular.

We seem to be in the temple area now... this looks like a dormitory of some kind. Luckily I have this ThiefKey, or these doors wouldn't open.

Pummelers have a nasty attack, and occasionally explode, which attacks the entire party for quite a bit.

(Kasim) Oh, how she must have suffered in that confined cell! Fear not, Priest! We'll get you out of there! Damn it! I can't break it down! My sword isn't doing a thing to this barrier. We've got to find some way to turn it off!
(Flower) Can you believe it? I was really surprised that the real ruler of Dharma was such a young girl.
Then it's down to me to fix this. Not surprising.

It's a block puzzle! I have to push the blocks above into the proper holes to drop onto the little globes, breaking them.

(Kasim) Let me introduce you. This is the true ruler of Dharma Temple, High Priest Fosse!
(Fosse) I am the High Priest of Dharma, but that title is an empty one now. Monsters have overwhelmed the land. Even as we speak, there is a false High Priest presiding above.
Why is there all this noise? This is supposed to be a prison!
Look! It's the guy who snuck past us in the cave!
(Flower) Oh, man! I'll be damned if I'm fighting those guys! They're still full of the power they stole from us!
(Fosse) They stole that power? In that case, let me return it!
Gaaahh! My strength!
(Fosse) All right! Take care of them while they're weakened! (Link and companions' hp recovered)
Damn it! You'll regret doing that, woman! I'll swallow your soul!

Thanks to the Fosse Chief Priest, the enemy can't fully use their powers. We've got a good chance to beat them!
This remains a very difficult battle, even with Kasim backing us up, but eventually we take the duo down.

(Flower) I could use a break.
(Fosse) Thank you for all you've done for me.
(Kasim) We'd better get out of here before any more monsters find us. Flower and I will go on ahead and give the priest the good news. Could you escort Fosse back to the village, Link? Let's go, Flower.
(Fosse) Please, let me accompany you back to town.

I knew the High Priest was still alive!
Oh, High Priest Fosse, I'm so relieved! This is the greatest day of my life!
Now that Fosse is back, maybe we can take Dharma back!
(Fosse) It is my fault that you were all forced into these horrendous circumstances! While I was confined, I suffered the same pain that all of you did. But now all of that is over. Let's combine our forces to take back the Dharma that is our home!

of you! I told the monsters you rescued the High Priest, so they're going to teach you a lesson real soon!
Bah, we've rescued the High Priest, so now nothing can go wrong!

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 7: Things go horribly wrong, but hopefully, class changes!

New Items: TinyMedal x 2, DEFSeed, STRSeed, WorldLeaf x 2,