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Part 20: Post 20: In which we beat up several groups of four enemies, and Zaji runs off frequently.

Post 20: In which we beat up several groups of four enemies, and Zaji runs off frequently.

(Kasim) come back while we were away? He was taken away by monsters! I can't believe he escaped and came back on his own!
(Neris) Don't speak to her like that! She can't talk at all! I don't really know, myself.
(Kasim) You owe a great deal to Link and his friends, too.
(Neris) Thank you all so much for all you've done! As you can see, my brother is back safe again without injury!
(Kasim) Neris! What happened to the hair ornament?
(Neris) What? The hair ornament?
(Kasim) The hair ornament I gave you?
(Neris) Oh, that. I, uh, lost it.
(Kasim) I see. And how are you feeling? Are you all better?
(Neris) Sure, I'm fine! What of it? Why do you ask me these silly questions?
Hrmm. This seems awfully fishy.
(Fosse) I hate to bother you, but we are in desparate need of your help! Please defeat the imposter High Priest! We can enter Dharma through the underground passage with this key! (Link received the DharmaKey) I've been informed that the powers the High Priest has stolen are stored somehow in a strange room. If we can get to that room, we may be able to return all of those powers to the people!
(Kasim) We'd better get going. There are four of us. Maybe we'd better split up.
(Flower) Don't tell me you're taking those two with you. They'll only be a burden.
(Neris) If you hate going with us so much, why don't you just stay here by yourself?
(Flower) What did she say? Hey, Kasim! This girl has really changed!
(Kasim) ... Enter the upper cave and go to the right. You'll come to a wider area with a locked door. We'll be waiting for you there. Come as quickly as you can! (Kasim, Flower, Zaji, and Neris leave)
(Fosse) I'll recruit the bravest guards that are left and we'll follow when we're ready. Use the DharmaKey to open the locked door, and sneak into the Temple before us!

(Neris) gave to you? I'll only need it for a minute!
Nah, I'm pretty sure you're not Neris. You see, Neris was less of a bitch, had a hair ornament, and was not a well person.
(Kasim) Why do you need the key? I can see through you! Show me who you really are!
(Neris?) Ahhh ha ha! I guess I'm just no good at pretending to be human! Bah! I didn't like being an ugly human anyway! (turns into awful looking monster) To think that my disguise would be discovered so quickly. Oh, well. I might as well take care of you here anyway!
(Kasim) Wait! Where is Neris and the Head Priest?
Monster: (Probably not Neris) The woman still lives, but I ate the old man alive! Eee hee hee hee! (Kasim wiggles at the monster, and the monster runs to Zaji) Oh no you don't! I think this kid wants a piece of you first! Look, Zaji! Your SoulSword! Now you can get your revenge! Destroy that man's soul! Let your hatred guide your sword! And meanwhile, I'll make lunch out of the rest of you! Eee hee hee!

thing have disguised himself as Neris all this time?
Now that we know who he really is, I don't plan on cutting him any slack!
Maneater casts FireBane, which is irritating, but also occasionally casts Bang, a non-elemental magic attack which will be very useful to us later. It also attacks by alternately licking and biting us. Maneater dies very quickly.

(Zaji) forever!
(Flower) Kasim, he's just a kid! Finish him off already!
(Kasim) I can't! Zaji's sword is draining all my strength away. (Zaji knocks Kasim's sword away) Agh! My sword!
(Zaji) Now, to finish you! (Kasim grabs Zaji's sword) Aggghh! My sword!
(Kasim) O soul of Zaji, return to your rightful owner! (Kasim *throws the SoulSword at Zaji, running him through)
(Zaji) Ahhhhh! (Zaji falls over)
(Flower) Y-you killed him?
If you've killed him, Kasim, you'll never receive our help.
(Kasim) No! That sword contains Zaji's soul! Maybe now his soul will return to his body!
(Flower) Well, he sure looks dead to me, Kasim! You sure about this? (Zaji stands back up, and Flower runs over to him) Hey, are you all right? Are you feeling okay?
(Zaji) I'm fine. That monster was controlling me.
(Kasim) Then why did you turn your blade against me after we defeated the foe?
(Zaji) I'm sorry! I never wanted to kill you, but the SoulSword was controlling me. Its dark power made me want to kill everyone!
(Kasim) Okay, I believe you. I suppose that it was the sword that was controlling you. (Kasim retrieves his sword) The toher side of this door should lead to Dharma Temple, Link. If we hurry, we might still be able to save Neris! Oh, why did I have to worry so much about the Priest? Damn it! Just get that cursed door open, Link!

about? (The orb pours down a rain of energy onto the party)
Yes! I'm regaining my strength! (The companions have regained all of their spells and abilities! Suddenly, you hear the voice of the High Priest Fosse...)
(Fosse) Wonderful! Your power has returned! Take the passage to your left. I will keep you in my prayers!

Crap! It's a maze of one way doors! This is just a pain. OOooooh! Pots!

Behold! The EvilPot! Similar to the Mimic and goddamn well monsters, the EvilPot is pretty powerful and pretends to be something that contains loot. But we smash it to bits, becuase we have our powers back.

After the maze, we're rewarded with treasure and... more maze? DAMMIT! More hidden passages! And it's made even worse since I can't seem to change the angle at which I look at things! What's at the end of all this?

This isn't reassuring.
The monsters finally gave me my powers back, but now they won't let me out of this godforsaken place!
You wanna know how to get out of here?
YES! I have things to do outside!
If you manage to win five straight battles in the Arena, you'll be set free.
Then it's time to fight! After I do some shopping, of course.
(Kasim) Damn monsters! Look what they've done to this fane! And here I thought we'd be back in Dharma once we left the cave.
(Pink guy) Oh, long time no see! I remember you well. You were in town when I went soul-harvesting. Remember that kid whose soul I didn't completely shatter? Well, his sister's trying to exact revenge on me now in the Arena! Ha ha ha! How could a sickly young girl like her ever defeat me?
That warrior's swordsmanship is truly wonderful to watch! No wonder he was able to escape from Suifu!
When my soul was taken, Neris was the only one who looked after me, but now she's a completely different person.
No one here trusts anyone enough to form an Arena party. Most people just take three monsters with them.
I don't think anyone particulary enjoys being here, and I'm sure any one of us would escape if we had the chance! Everyone's too afraid to try for themselves, though.
I've reclaimed my sword and my powers, but I can't fight against the mosnters alone! I would ask you to join me, but I don't even trust my friends, let alone strangers.
Neris took up the SoulSword to avenge her brother!
Listen, do you promise not to tell this anyone?
The monsters robbed us of our power in order to strengthen the Demon Lord! Oh, don't tell anyone! if they found out that I knew, they'd kill me! They'd probably kill you, too!
(Flower) Even a skilled burglar like me couldn't open that door. I guess the only way to get past here really is just to win the tournament.

(Zaji) SoulSword? Come on, give me that sword. You'll feel a lot better.
(Neris) No! Don't get near me! Leave me alone! I thought I could finally die in peace in this godforsaken Arena. Everyone knows hwhat I weak little girl I am, anyway!
(Zaji) What's wrong, Neris? You're acting so weird! You'll feel better if you give me the SoulSword.
(Neris) Just go away! Do you want to get your soul taken, too?
(Zaji) Why, you pestilent ingrate! (Zaji moves toward Neris, but a monster intercepts!)
Monster: Oh no you don't! Neris chose to raise the SoulSword in battle herself! I'm letting her live because I want to see how she'll do! I'm not going to allow you to end my fun, human! (Zaji runs off)
(Neris) Aaah! My chest! Leave me alone!

(Zaji) That's why I've got to enter the tournament too! It's the only way we'll ever get my sister back.
(Kasim)We need to acquire the SoulSword and use it to force Neris's soul back into her body. Maybe then she'll come back to her senses! Let me help you!
(Zaji) I don't need your help! I can do it without you! (Zaji runs off)
(Kasim) Geez! Doesn't he get it? This is no time to be worrying about your pride! Zaji doesn't have anyone he can rely on except for you. I'm sure he'll ask you for help eventually. I know he's a hassle, but please, do what you can for him!
(Zaji) You're trying to return to Dharma Temple, aren't you? The easiest way to do that is win in the Arena. I need to do the same thing in order to save my sister, so we should ally with each other. Will you join me?
No, but you can join me, I suppose.
(Zaji) Really? You will? Thank you so much! Our goals may be different, but let's win this together!

Monster: arena?
I guess I'd better.
Monster: It's simple! Two parties of four fight it out to the death! When one side's victorious, they go tight into the next battle. If you lose a match, you're out of the competition. But if you win five matches in a row, you'll become a Champion! If you can beat the old Champion, then you will be granted freedom!
Monster: Hey, you! Do you want to dare the Arena?
Eh, it's something to do I suppose. Let's.
Monster: Four people? Good. You may proceed.
The next few fights will be abridged, since they're not really anything new.





(Neris) What, can't you do it by yourself?
(Zaji) I've got to save my sister, Link! That demonic sword is still controlling her!

monsters around you first. Got it?
I still don't want to fight Neris...
This is kind challenging since we have to do this after all those other fights.

(Zaji) (Grabs the sword and runs to Neris) Return, SoulSword, to your rightful place!
(Neris) Ahhhhh!
(Zaji) Now Neris will return back to normal!
Monster: Link is the winner! We hereby grant you your freedom from the Arena! Congratulations, champions. Please, come this way.
(Zaji) Wait! She's not awake yet!
Monster: Come on, come on! Move it! We need to clean up for the next battle!
(Zaji) But... (monsters lead the party + Zaji out) Kasim! My sister! You've got to save my sister!
(Kasim) Right. (The monsters lead you to the exit)
Monster: What's wrong? Don't just stand there, get going.
(Zaji) Link, I must bid you farewell. Thank you for fighting alongside me. I do appreciate the help. I'm worried about my sister, so I must return to the coliseum. Take care of what you need to do. (Zaji, unsurprisingly, runs off)
Monster: Don't let him get away! Grab him!
(Fosse) Wait! Sorry to surprise you. Do you remember me? I'm Fosse, the High Priest. I came along with you to fight the imposter. My honor would suffer if I were to just sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to win the battle for me. Okay! In the name of justice, let's go defeat that priest-imposter monster! (Fosse joined the party!)

really can become awfully powerful. I don't care about that.
I don't care about that. Why can't we leave even if we win the tournament?
Sure, we'll let you out of here... after you become corpses! (The martial artist bursts into flames, not even leaving a body!) Keeheehee! Not a single bone left. I guess I went too far this time. Keehee! You're brave to come here. But we've already collected enough power to strengthen our Lord. Thanks to all those humans who trained themselves to win the tournament, we were able to collect power faster than we'd expected. We don't need your pathetic power anymore! Don't get me wrong, though. That doesn't mean we'll let you leave the Temple alive. You puny humans are useless to us now. Die!

stealing my powers - with my sword and fists.
You don't have a sword... just fists!
I'll destroy this guy in a heartbeat!
Behold! Antoria! He's big and fat. Fosse is a huge help, busting out the major spells left and right, and the MagicRobes we got from the casino reduces all of Antoria's magic damage to just a little. That's great, since he casts a lot of magic that targets everyone. But he dies after a few rounds of pure smackdown. So, afterward...

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

innate powers and abilities has been thwarted by Link. The freed priests then defeated the monsters that had taken over the Temple, and Dharma was at last able to recover its former vitality. And then, a few days later...

(Kasim) to get here, in your own way.
(Flower) No, I'm not going to do it. I know better than anyone that a one-time thief like myself just isn't cut out for temple service. I'm sorry to do this after all the trouble I've been, but I'm not going to join the guards.
(Kasim) I see. I'll miss you.
(Flower) Don't give me that. You're really just grateful to be finally rid of me.
(Kasim) So you found me out.
(Flower) I'll be going now. Give my regards to Link and his comrades.
(Flower) So long, Kasim. My best to you, the brat, and the beauty. (Flower walks off)
(Kasim) I guess Neris and Zaji will eventually be taking off too, just like flower did. Do you suppose Neris would stay with me if I asked her to? Even if she agreed, though, there's no telling what would happen if Zaji opposed it.
(Zaji) Oh, it's you people. You're just in time. I've changed classes and become a great warrior. What do you think? Don't I look stronger and tougher than before? I bet Neris will see me in a new light for sure now. (Zaji, in a fit of normalcy, runs off)

(Zaji) look pretty cool, don't I? It may be dangerous, but I'll get paid well, and then I can afford to get your illness cured!
(Neris) Oh, no, Zaji! That's such a dangerous class! What if you get hurt?
(Zaji) I wouldn't do anything that stupid. I don't know what you think of me, but I think I can be someone you can really rely on! I'm far better than Kasim! Just let me take care of you! I'd do anything for you!
(Neris) Zaji, you have to stop this! Why do you always go too far trying to care of me?! I don't want anybody making sacrifices for me! Not even my little brother!
(Zaji) What do you mean, sacrifices? I like doing all kinds of things to help you!
(Neris) But it hurts me to see that! It's like I'm a big burden on you, and I hate it! I can get along without you, Zaji!
(Zaji)Okay, I get it. So I'm just a pain to you, am I? (Zaji, unexpectedly, only *starts* to run off, when...)
(Neris) Where are you going?
(Zaji) I'm just going to buy a sword. I am a great warrior, you know. All great warriors have a sword at their side. (Zaji finishes walking off)
(Neris) ... I'm sorry, but I'm too upset to talk to anyone right now.
Good, good. Now, while everyone's distracted, let's see if we can't find a shard somewhere in here?

Okay, that puts us one step closer. Now, let's leave.

(Zaji) If I stay any longer, it will only cause her to suffer. Therefore it is best that I leave here.
(Kasim) Then I'm going to step in and be there for her. Is that what you want?
(Zaji) That is between you and her. It has nothing to do with me.
(Kasim) Well, if that's the way you feel, then take care and keep safe.
(Zaji) Thank you. And give her my regards, too. (Zaji walks off)
I think that's all we need to do here, now.So we'll go to the Dharma of the present and change jobs now, and nothing is going to stop me!

After I finish up at this casino.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen! We have unlocked the job system of the game! And we're only 25 hours and 11 minutes in!

But now, you get to call the shots for the job system! This is currently for Link and Maribel, Gabo we'll go into later.

Currently available classes:
Warrior: Good attack and defense, learns slash skills. Bad with magic.
Fighter: Good attack and agility, learns kick and punch skills. Also bad with magic.
Mage: Good Int and MP, lousy everything else. Learns attack magic.
Cleric: Good Int and MP, better attack and defense than the Mage. Learns support magic.
Dancer: Good agility, bad attack and guard. Learns dance skills.
Thief: Okay at everything. Learns dirty tricks and increases chance of enemy drops.
Bard: Also okay at everything. Learns musical skills.
Mariner: Slightly above average in everything but MP. Learns seagoing skills.
Shepherd: Slightly below average in everything. Learns animal husbandry skills.
Jester: Awful at nearly everything, but learns Comedy skills, which are quite nice.

Gabo will be using the special Monster Classes, which require items that I will be getting ASAP. They let him emulate being a monster, which is a fun little effect with a number of bonuses, which I'll go into more detail in the next update.

But, for you the reader, start throwing out suggestions on what class to take! I'll work in as many as I can, as I'll be doing a lot of off-screen grinding. But keep in mind that many classes, when mastered, can lead to combo classes which have even better stats and skills!

Gabo will likely pick up Slime first, but I'm going to get as many monster class items as I can before the next update. Everyone put in their requests and I'll see what I can do, okay?

Sadly, many of the monsters in the Arena never face the screen, and you can't move the camera in such a way that we could see their face.

Status update:

New items: DEFSeed, Tinymedal x 2, STRSeed x 3 , AGLSeed, MysticNut, LifeAcorn