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Part 24: Post 22: In which we find a town kept safe by it's love of pot, and we find out what happened to ellipses after Final Fantasy 8.

Post 22: In which we find a town kept safe by it's love of pot, and we find out what happened to ellipses after Final Fantasy 8.

Alright, let's see what we can find in this desert!

Poisonous Florajays! AAAAAAH! Run! Run to that... town?

the village. Are you travelers?
Yes, we are, thank you for asking. Not monsters at all.
In either case, I cannot allow any strangers inside. Now leave!
Let's see if we can't find anything else in this desert!

Aah! Rhinos with a horn surplus! Continue running north!

Gabo... You seem bluer and more tentacled. Also you're floating. What happened?
It just happened when I mastered the Healer class. It's fun, though. You should try it. Only happens when I'm out on the WorldMap though.
Huh. I'll have to remember that. Now into that palace!

Nifty looking black dog statues. Swank.

I have a good feeling about what's on the other side of that wall!

Stone Monument posted:

'Those who live must be strong. Those who are strong should also be kind. Live long, kind souls. Those who live long should obtain knowledge. Those who use their knowledge wisely will follow the correct path. Eventually, death shall overcome all who live. Follow the correct path to gracefully rest in peace when the time comes.'

Good general advice or cryptic clue to solve a puzzle later? Only time will tell... well, let's keep exploring!

At least you're not monsters. Who are you? Travelers? Can you understand what I'm saying?
Well, yeah.
This palace is nothing but a graveyard. A graveyard for those abandoned by the Queen! If you're looking for a village, there's one to the east. Tell them Hadeed sent you. Now move it! Why did the Queen run away?
Alright, we'll try the town again.

How adorable! Another deranged crossbreed of two monsters. It's not powerful enough to stop us. Nothing here is! AHHHH HA HA HA HA! Now back to that dark, accursed town!

Wait! You can't leave the village in your condition! (The old man walked off) Oh, my Queen... I'd five my life to save you. Hmmm? Who are you? What? You heard about this village from Hadeed? All right. If you want to rest here, go talk to the village Chief.
Hmm... I sense that you are looking for something... Don't tell me! Hmm... You seek help from me, no?
Oh, another fun new save point!
Look how dark the sky is! The sun has not shined for days. God must be punishing us for not standing up against the monsters to save the Queen and the palace!
Geez, I'm lucky! If it wasn't for this bum leg of mine, I'd be working like a lowly DarkDwarf for the monsters!
Ohhh, God, please help me... Why did everyone have to... oh, God...
We can't catch any fish, what with the Nila as treacherous as it is! We've stored what little food that we have left here. No one's allowed inside without the Chief's permission!
The Queen is almost certainly dead, and all the men are slaves to the monsters. Why have the God and the Terra Spirit forsaken us in our time of need?
(Chief) Travelers? Oh, my. You must have been sent here from the palace? Cough! Cough! You must excuse me, I haven't been well lately. Actually, I guess I'm lucky enough to be alive. Anyway, there are still monsters in the palace, and in this condition, I'm afraid that there's nothing that I can do about it. You must be tired. Why don't you spend the night here? You can use my son's room on the second floor.
You're free to use the first room upstairs. I'm worried about the future chief. He still hasn't returned.

The Chief wishes to speak with you. He is waiting below.
(Chief) So, you're up. Did you sleep well, travelers? Hmmmmm.... As I'm sure you know, our desert is currently besieged by monsters. They have overtaken the Sphinx we've been building and ordered us to rebuild it as a statue of the Demon Lord. If we refused to cooperate, they vowed to kill us all. Not only that, but they have also demanded that we sacrifice a young girl every year, in honor of this Evil Statue! The queen went in place of a sacrifice... and hasn't come back. Soon after her departure, the desert fell into this eternal night. Now, I hear that monsters are looting corpses in the palace. Unfortunately, there is no one left who is strong enough to rise up against them. I'm afraid there's little we can do, anymore. Whatever you do, though, stay clear of the palace!
Well, we haven't reached where we are today by listening to old men!
See that pot in the center of town? The magical power inside is what keeps monsters away from here. Because of the pot, even this village of women and the elderly is protected. The Terra Spirit continues to look after us.

My, that is some pot. Well, time to leave town and check around that palace some more.

What's this? There are still some live ones around? What a treat! I haven't had any fun in a long time! (Hadeed runs in!)
(Hadeed) I've finally found you, grave robber! Isn't killing off my people enough for you? Now I find you dancing on their bones in contempt! It's you!
What're you doing here? I told you to stay away!
Oh, what joy! Another playmate!
(Hadeed) This is my fight! Don't get in my way!

low! Let's go, Link!
(Hadeed) I'll never forgive that bastard! I'll kill him if it's the last thing I do!
So that's the villain, huh? Okay, Link! Let's do it!
We're so much more powerful than this chump, it's just funny. Soon...

(Hadeed) What's this? Begging for your miserable life? You'll find no mercy here, I'm afraid.
Heeeere! See this necklace? The Queen gave it to me! I'm her faaaaavorite! You better show me some ressssspect!
(Hadeed) Are you done?
Hey! Wait! You can't! (DeadNoble expires)
(Hadeed) That's from the Royal Family! What? The Queen gave that to you? Looks like you're hurt. I'll take care of that for you. (Hadeed used his Herbs on the party!) I told you not to come back here! You idiots! The last thing I need right now is your meddling! Oh well. Here, I'll escort you back to the village. Follow me.

(Hadeed) We can't just get up and leave. Sandstorms this strong will strip the flesh off a person in seconds. We'll have to wait it out. All right! Everyone back underground!

(Hadeed) that sandstorm outside. I will be forever grateful if you could assist me in burying my fellow villagers in the meantime. What're you complaining about now?

Why do I have to do this? I thought digging was man's work!
(Hadeed) Fine. You can help me carry the rotting corpses instead!
All right, all right! I'll do it. Satisfied?
(Hadeed) That reminds me. I still haven't asked you your names, have I?
Isn't it a bit late for that? Oh well. My name's Maribel.
I'm Gabo. Nice to meet ya!
Hi there! We're from the future, and we're here to save your nation from monsters so that it will exist in the present, as we have with several other cities. We used to have another guy with us, but he abandoned us in a different past to make time with a girl.
(Hadeed) I see! You've been on quite an adventure. I had no idea monsters existed in other lands as well. Alas, I fear the Queen has caused us far more suffering. She gave that monster her necklace to save her own life! Not only that, but she abandoned her own people. Well, that's another story. I'll take the watch so you can get some rest.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

In time, all the bodies were laid to rest. Afterwards, Hadeed spoke of his kingdom.

(Hadeed) greatest building in our entire kingdom. Then the Queen tried to rid our land of monsters by erecting a giant statue of the Terra Spirit to ward them off. When the monsters found out, the palace was at their mercy, and you can see what a monster's mercy yields. Damn her! Had she not been so obsessed with building that blasted Sphinx we might have stood a chance! Enough with this. This storm is over and the village awaits my return. Please, I ask that you would join me.

He's alive... Hadeed! Hadeed's back, everyone! He's alive! Oh, thank goodness Hadeed is back! Now I can finally rest easy!
I wonder if he found Tyrannos, and what of my son's fate? He was taken with the others to slave over the Evil Statue.
Hadeed! You made it back alive! You have a dour look on your face. Did the great Tyrannos not answer our call?
Hadeed? Is that really you? I heard you were horribly mutilated by the monsters... But you're really back!
(Hadeed) Zarathustra! Father! The Great Chief of Dune! Your son, Hadeed, wishes to speak with you! Where are you, father?
(Chief) It's been such a long time. We've been surviving, but barely. The darkness still reigns over the heavens. To make matters worse, there is still no word on where the Queen is, and fear is beginning to spread through the people. You're the only hope we have. Did you find the ancient dragon? Without Tyrannos' power, we do not stand a chance against the monsters.
(Hadeed) I have yet to find the ancient dragon, Tyrannos.
(Chief) What?
(Hadeed) The monsters that have been desecrating the palace are no more. These travelers and I have seen to that.
(Chief) Oh, I'm so relieved. Thank you, travelers.
(Hadeed) Look! One of the monsters had this in its possession.
(Chief) That shine... It can't be!
(Hadeed) Right! The very symbol of the Royal Ruler of Dune! The Queen gave it to those monsters to spare herself! It is clear that she is to blame for all this! If only we hadn't started construction on that Sphinx...
(Chief) Oh...
(Hadeed) This necklace has been passed down through generations of rulers. She thought nothing of relinquishing it, if only to spare herself from being brutally slaughtered by the monsters! And yet, we call her Queen...
(Chief) Since ancient times, we have lived in harmony. The Terra Spirit served as a powerful force to repel evil. Once construction of the Sphinx was complete, the monsters should have disappeared.
Wait, Hadeed!
(Hadeed) Mother doesn't look well. Is she ill?
Calm down Hadeed. Our elderly citizenry have a hard time walking, much less raising arms against an invasion of monsters. That is why our beloved Queen set forth to construct the Sphinx. The people of Dune are tired of living in fear. I can't believe you could speak ill of... Cough! Cough!
True strength, Hadeed, comes only from kindness. Never forget that.
(Chief) But, if that monster held the necklace... Whad does this say of the Queen's fate?
(Hadeed) I don't care if the Sphinx is supposed to protect the weak! Even if that's true, the Queen gave away the kingdom to beg the monsters for mercy. We can no longer trust her. Don't you agree?
(Chief) Hmm? There's something stuck under the gem. I can't quite get it out... Grrrr! There it goes! It's a folded piece of paper! What?
(Hadeed) What is it?
(Chief) ...
(Hadeed) What's that? What does it say?
(Chief) Dear God, please bestow your divine protection upon the Queen.
(Hadeed) Father!
(Chief) Why don't you read it?
(Hadeed) What? 'To my beloved people'? Hmph! What a bunch of Slime dung! (Hadeed read the letter from the Queen.) ' To my beloved people... Don't worry, for I am fine. I am sad to report, though, that the Evil Statue has been completed. The statue is the cause of all the disasters you've been enduring. I heard the number of monsters has increased. My prayers are with you, my people. All the men sent to work here are still alive, for the time being. I fear that their safety is temporary at best. If we are to have any chance, I must determine where the statue is vulnerable. If the Nila calmed once more, escape would not seem like such a distant hope. I hid this letter inside the necklace and gave it to a monster. I pray it will reach you safely. Please, remain ever strong... To my beloved people of Dune. -- Queen Fedel' ... Father, I must leave the village once again. I vow to find the ancient dragon, Tyrannos, and see the Queen face to face!
(Chief) Go now. May the Terra Spirit protect you.
(Hadeed) Thank you! What? You heard something in town? Who cares? Get out of my way! (Hadeed shoves his way out)
(Chief) My son certainly seems to keep himself busy. I have heard of your part in his efforts at the palace. I thank you for that. Finally, our brethren can rest in peace. Let me give you this as a symbol of our gratitude... (Link received the DuneCharm) This charm is a relic of our people. Show it to the villagers, and I am sure they will help you out. On behalf of our fallen brothers, I thank you again.
Good, you've received the DuneCharm. Let me tell you the story of Tyrannos, travelers... Long, long ago, a mighty dragon swam the currents of the Nila. He was known by the name Tyrannos. The mighty beast was as big as the Sphinx, with a golden horn on his head that seemed to reach to the heavens themselves. And now the young Chief has vowed to find Tyrannos to save us all. We feel lonely not to have the young Chief around, but we wait for his return, believing his words.
Yeah, that might be true... Hadeed dove into the Nila looking for Tyrannos. He said Tyrannos might be hiding on the bottom of the river.
(Chief) Let me tell you about Tyrannos. To reach the Sphinx, one must traverse the waters of the Nila. However, the river has grown too treacherous to navigate. That is why we must attempt to enlist the aid of the mythical dragon. Tyrannos. If it can indeed be found, someone can ride the awesome beast up the river and save the Queen. Hadeed is currently searching for the dragon in the area surrounding the river. This is our best... no... our last hope.

(Hadeed) to be found. Not even Tyrannos could survive this. Oh, it's you. There isn't a single living thing in this river. Perhaps they've all migrated to more tranquil waters. You're travelers, right? Have you ever heard anything about Tyrannos? Even if he is dead, someone must remember the golden horn. I can't give up yet! (Hadeed runs off)
I know it doesn't really follow, but we might as well talk to the archaeologist we dealt with previously. Back to the present!

(Scholar) It's just like everything else in archaeology. No one knows the truth. The only way to know for sure would be to be around back when this animal was still alive. Sigh... No use dreaming about it, though. Oh, hello. Feel free to look around, but don't touch anything! What? You want to know about that skull? I'm glad you asked! That skull appears to belong to some kind of large reptile. Judging from fossils of freshwater plants and fish found nearby, it appears this animal lived in a large river. It would have been big enough for four people to ride on... But, most importantly, look at the horn on it's head! See how it shines to beautifully? I can only imagine how this creature looked in the water! Well? Did you understand all that?
Sure, I'm trying to find one of these hundreds of years ago. Any idea on where we could have found one?
(Scholar) Well, that was fun! Back to my research.
No, really! We just came from the city of Dune from long ago! It's full of monsters, and we're trying to find a large, golden-horned monster to carry us across the Nila. We need that skull for some reason!
(Scholar) You want me to lend you that skull? Don't be silly! Huh? You need it in the past? What, do you travel through time? Oooh, I'm impressed! Do you have any proof of this ability of yours? I'm not about to be tricked into giving away that skull, children! Now get out of here!
No, really. I can supply proof.
(Scholar) Don't tell me you still think you can travel through time.
Oh? Then where did I get this DuneCharm? Or, should I say... when?
(Scholar) Oh, really? Well... Huh? I've seen this pattern before! I have a piece of a plate that looks just like this! But how? Ah, I see! So then this would be... No, wait, that means... Oh, no! All of my theories were wrong! Oh, but... maybe this could... hmm... Well? Where did you get that?
The past. We've been over this.
(Scholar) This pattern is from ancient times, but the piece is brand new! The only explanation I can come up with is that this piece somehow traveled through time! All right! I've seen enough! Take me to the past with you! If you can really do it, that skull is yours!
Then let's go to that abandoned palace in Dune. You can study to your heart's content.
(Scholar) Ah, wonderful! Wait just a moment. Here you go! (Link obtained the Fossil, by which *that entire friggin skull* is meant)

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Once he arrived at the fane, the scholar was ecstatic and immediately set about examining every nook and cranny. Eventually, though, he was calmed. They now set off for Dune, trapped in the distant past!

(Scholar) A desert? I thought we were on an island a minute ago... Wait a minute. This means... We're in the past! Oh, thank you, God! Which was is the Ruin? Take me there, now!

(Scholar) This style is incredible! It's more beautiful than I had imagined! Wait! What's that? Oh! That can't be! (The Scholar runs around looking at things.) Wowwwww! Amazing! Oh, and I'm seeing it all with my own eyes! Mumble, mumble... According to this inscription... There was a ceremony for... Which means that mumble mumble... Mmm? What're you doing here? I'm busy right now. We'll talk later! The bone? Keep it! It's nothing compared to all this! Mumble mumble...
Let's go talk to Hadeed now.

the Chief himself has fallen ill. If the monsters attacked us now, we wouldn't stand a chance! Oh, how I wish Hadeed were here!
Hadeed's absence has the Chief worried sick. Why does he have to be wandering around at a time like this?
How could you say that? Hadeed is journeying for the sake of us all! He's the only one with courage enough to save the Queen. I am certain that his return will be swift.
My husband may not get better. He lapsed into a coma and hasn't awoken since. Please, pay him a visit. He was so happy to see you before. Now, if only that boy would come back! (The Chief, emaciated and pale, is lying in his bed, then Hadeed bursts in!)
Hadeed... You've come back.

But... I don't think he can...
(Hadeed) ... It's you! I had an uneasy feeling, so I returned to the village. Wait! My father is not... No, never mind. Did you come to see my father, as well? I'm afraid he hasn't woken up. He's still breathing, though.
(Hadeed) Father! You're awake!
(Chief) Oh, Hadeed... As you see, I am not long for this world... Thank you, travelers... It has been an honor.
(Hadeed) ... Father, it's not your time to die. The Queen is still in danger, and I have yet to find Tyrannos. If the mantle of Chief is placed upon me, I will not be able to continue my search.
(Chief) So... you weren't able to find the old dragon after all.. .Heavens... That's the... Please! Show me that skull!
Here, look at this giant skull with a huge golden horn that I picked up from the future!
(Chief) Incredible! ... Hadeed, do you remember the story I told you when you were little? 'In the Nila lived a great dragon with a golden horn on it's head...' This skull matches the description perfectly! Are we already too late? No wonder you couldn't find it. It's been gone for years... ... Hadeed... I appoint you to be our next chief... Do you accept?
(Hadeed) Zarathustra, my father!
(Chief) I know you wanted to save her, but, there is nothing left to do. The main priority now is to protect the villagers! Please, Hadeed... Try to understand... Cough! Cough!
(Hadeed) I won't let you die! You're not going to die! You can't forsake the village now! Zarathustra! You cannot abandon us!
(Chief) It is time for you to take over... my son.
(Hadeed) ...
(Chief) I have a favor to ask of you, travelers... When a chief dies, his body is left to the currents of the Nila... We are born woth the Nila, and we die with the Nila. So, please... Let me return... and let Tyrannos return, as well...
(Hadeed) I'm... I'm sorry. Could you please leave us?

(Hadeed) I have to go tell the villagers. ...

(Hadeed) The great Chief of Dune, my father, Zarathustra, has died. ... The funeral ceremony will take place tomorrow at the Nila. I want everyone to return to your homes and get ready for tomorrow. I know I will be busy with preparing, as well. Thank you.

Dragon Warrion 7 posted:

Link and his friends struggled through a sleepless night at the Chief's residence. The Chief's closest friends, inconsolable as they were, could be heard sobbing and wailing well into the night. And then, a new morning dawned...

(Hadeed) We will now depart for the banks of the Nila. Is everyone ready?

(Hadeed) Zarathustra.
Oh mother Nila, today Zarathustra returns to your womb. Chief Zarathustra of Dune always walked the noble path in life. Oh Nila, please take him back into your arms, and guide him to the heavens so that he may be reborn!
(Hadeed) Zarathustra, my father, and the great leader of Dune. I vow to fulfill his dying wish! (He pushes the coffin into the river, and it floats downstream) Zarathustra has returned to the Nila. Today, his son, Hadeed, will become Chief of Dune! I will try my best not to betray my father's esteem.
A new chief is born!
Hail to the Chief! Chief Hadeed! Long live Chief Hadeed!
(Hadeed) Do you remember my father's dying wish, travelers? The ancient dragon in dead. You possess the proof in your hands. We must now inter the remains of Tyrannos. The raft can wait until later. Go and throw the skull of Tyrannos into the Nila. Only then will there be closure to his story. Go ahead! Throw his skull into the Nila!

(Hadeed) Now both father and Tyrannos can rest in peace. All right, everyone! Let's return to the village!
What? Everyone! Look out! The Nila!

I can't believe my eyes! Tyrannos is reborn!
(Hadeed) Tyrannos? I must be dreaming! Oh, God! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you, Link! Without you, this miracle never would have occurred! I must take advantage of this immediately. I'm sorry, everyone! It's still too early for me to be Chief! I must ride the ancient dragon and rescue our Queen! I will return only when she is safely recovered!
Yes, I'm sure of it. We know you can do it!
(Hadeed) Yes! Absolutely! Listen, Tyrannos. Can you understand me? Take me up the Nila, to where the Queen is held! Come on, Link! Help me invade the Evil Statue! I'll need all of your strength to rescue Dune! Let me know when you're ready! Ready to go?
Let's do this!

New Items: DEFSeed, TinyMedal,


New Skills: DrakSlash, EvilSlash, LureDance, ParryPass, OddDance, SideStep, SwordDance, DanceShut, PaniDance,
Mastered Class: Warrior
Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, Bounder.


New Skills: Massacre,
New Spells: HealMore, HealAll, HealUs,
Mastered Class: Berserker, Healer,
Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice, Marcolara, Phoenix, Pebble,


New Skill: Guardian, MultiCut
New Spells: Infermost, MagicWall, HealAll, FareWell, EagleEye,
Mastered Class: Paladin
Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest, Novice (Thief) Martyr, Novice (Bard),