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Part 23: Post 21: In which people try to con us out of our 100,000+ gold, and we are not taken in.

Post 21: In which people try to con us out of our 100,000+ gold, and we are not taken in.

After an extended session at the Casino, I am now wealthier than will be necessary any time soon, have some of the best equipment possible. Now, on to Dharma Temple! After a quick class-change, we decided to check around.

right now! There's no need to worry about guarding Dharma. No one has penetrated our defenses in the history of the Guard!
We've lost too much to those bandits to let them go, but we can't just leave Dharma unguarded to attack them!
Soon, I tell you! Soon, I'm going to turn into a sexy, young girl! No luck with the ladies? I'll be fixing tha tup for ya! That should give you something to look forward to!
I hope to God that it doesn't work like that. Let's check out where the old penal village was.

Hey! How can you be so cold? You see someone lying on the ground, and barely even acknowledge him before heading on your way. If I really had been sick, I surely would have died. And it would have been your fault. Can you really live with yourself?
Hrmm. I rather think I can, actually.
Why, how irresponsible of you. In the name of God, I will trach you to have respect for life. Unfortunately, I use the blade and my fists to impart my sermons. Not for free of course... I'll be collecting contributions when I'm done. All right, come on out, you bums! It looks like we have our first prey in a long while on our hands!

know if I'll be able to concentrate on the fight!
For a bunch of mountain bandits, you guys are pretty brazen to pick a fight with Maribel and her friends.
Oh good, it looks like we found the bandits.

empty-handed, but it looks like we've met our match. Okay, men! Stay your weapons and head for the hideout! (Everyone but Bully runs off)
Hey! Don't leave me behind!
To the west cave!

let anyone in until I remember it. Sorry guys, but could you come back later? I'll try to figure it out before my watch ends.
Okay, let's see if we can find anything back at the ruins.

(Bully runs off again)
After him!

seen you around here before. Maybe I'm getting as stupid as Epong.
I feel like that little tidbit will be important well on down the line.
Ever since the boss got ahold of that Shard, he can't stop going on about that Demon Lord.
I can't believe the boss is so enraptured by that old warrior's tale. Why's he getting so worked up over some dumb old rock? We're bandits! We can't go around worrying about the Demon Lord!
Of course you can't! That's our job! I mean, what?

Yeah, where is that guy?
I may be small and innocuous looking but I am the boss here. Do you think you can handle me? Come get some.

all get along, if we just talked things out with the boss a bit.
That idiot can't be the mountain bandits' leader. There must be someone else pulling the strings!
One swift beatdown later...

me out, okay?
Sounds good to me.
All right. First, let me give you this Shard. (Link obtains the LandShard) I've been waiting for someone like you for some time. Tradition mandates that this Shard be passed on to someone more powerful than the holder. I don't know who began this rite, but I believe it exists as a means of alerting people to the dangers lurking in the world. I believe that the Demon Lord is not completely destroyed. This might sound like some malicious delusion, but keep it in mind. Now please, take this Shard, and use it as you see fit.
Well, I think that settles the hash of Dharma... But what's this?

There's a new tiny island waaay off to the east! TO WHEREVER THAT IS!

These were brave men who fought in the battle against the Demon Lord.
Protecting the BlissRock was the sworn duty of our ancestors, the soldiers of God. To escape the Demon Lord, they embedded the BlissRock within a fane, making it airborne. But the Demon Lord knocked it out of the sky, and I heard some of the soldiers became wandering tribesmen.
I'm Elena. Looks like I made a big mistake coming to this place! I really wanted to dance in a bigger, livelier town.
So you've never heard of Grindton, the town where the roads are paved with dreams and you can just dance the night away with whomever you please?
Wow! That's a new town, isn't it? It sounds so exciting! It's a bold move, but I'll go! Besides, I'd probably embarrass myself dancing here, anyway. Thanks for your kindness, travelers! Bye, now!
We tell our children stories for a reason. We do it so the wars of the past won't descend into obscurity!
The Demon Lord may have defeated God in battle long ago, but he, too, disappeared after sealing the world in darkness.
My ancestors used to travel in a flying fane. But it fell to the ground when the power of the BlissRock waned. The survivors took the crash site and built this town from it!
Nicola has a flying carpet among his many treasures. But he keeps giving it away to passing adventurers.
Wait a minute... I'm a passing adventurer! That could be me!

Well, I'd like to - so we'll go with yes?
I'm sorry, Nicola went out. He said he was going to get alcohol. I think he went to a bar.
Then it's time to find a bar!
According to legend, before his final defeat, God sealed the Hero away from the Demon Lord. Perhaps God, realizing his fate, decided to entrust our future in the hands of this heroic warrior.
In this treasury lies the legacy of our ancestors. It's been watched over by Nicola's family for generations.
I got Nicola's father to let me ride on the carpet long ago. I'll never forget that day. It was so exhilarating! I'd love to try it again sometime.

war or anything!
(Nicola) I told you, it's not about that! The great Hero Exists to give us all hope for the future. Don't you think that we'll be able to achieve true peace with the Hero on our side? We'll finally be able to acheive true peace?
I don't think so. The world couldn't possibly get more peaceful. There's not a person in this village that believes what you say! No wonder you can't get anyone to search for that Hero! Even for the Carpet!
(Nicola) ... (Nicola walks out)
I just don't understand why Nicola is obsessed with that fairy tale. From his talk, you'd think we were at war with the entire world!
Why doesn't Nicola just go look for the Great Hero himself? No one's stopping him anymore. His father's been dead for years.

(Nicola) Hero to... !!! Huh? Hey, you! Are you adventurers?
Yes, yes we are. Are you?
(Nicola) Aha! I knew it. If you are adventurers, then I've got a favor to ask of you. Please, follow me.

(Nicola) I'm sure you've heard the story of God's strongest warrior, who He sealed away prior to His defeat at the hands of the Demon Lord. Even now, the Hero patiently awaits the day when he will be revived to fight the Demon Lord. Many believe that the time of his revival will not occur during their lifetimes. As a descendant of one of God's warriors, however, I must awaken him! Please, find and revive the Great Hero. He is our only hope. You can use this Carpet to fly anywhere in the world. I know it will be useful. Take it!
Well, if you insist. Not as cool as a flying bed, but still acceptable I suppose.
(Nicola) Thank you very much! Here's the Carpet! (Maid bursts in)
Nicola, no! You can't just give that away! That's a family heirloom!
(Nicola) Don't interrupt me! I've finally found a group worthy to using it!
Oh, just like all the others, huh?
(Nicola) Oh, be quiet! I want to believe in them! Here, adventurers, please take my carpet. (Link got the Carpet!) I'm counting on you. Please revive the Great Hero! (Maid and Nicola walk off)
Well, one other thing to do...

Now let's take this thing out for a spin!


I say we sell his stupid carpet to the shop in town! That way at least we'll make some money off that moron!
(Nicola) How was it? Were you able to use the Carpet? Were you able to fly?
No, no I wasn't. Why is that, do you think?
(Nicola) You couldn't fly? Oh well. I suppose there isn't any point in you having it, then. I'd like my Carpet back, please. (Nicola takes the Carpet from Link's hands) Just to set the record straight, I wans't trying to trick you or anything. That carpet's real. It's just that no one knows how to use it. (Nicola walks out)
Nicola may be slow, but he must have noticed by now. I wonder why his father ordered me to do this?
... You switched out the carpet, didn't you?
Wait! Please! Don't blame Nicola for all this. He didn't intend to deceive you when he gave you the Carpet. Most people yell at him after this happens. Why can't he just forget this Great Hero nonsense? People would stop calling him a liar. He's probably sobbing again in the treasury. Could you go and see him? He would yell at me if I checked on him. He's gloomier than usual. I'm worried.

(Nicola) carpet a fake? I wish I could just go and search for the Hero myself. Come to think of it, my father's gone. He can't stop me anymore! ... Oh, but I can't break my promise! I swore to him before he died that I'd never leave the village! What do you want? I don't have anything else for you. Let me make one thing clear. I didn't mean to deceive you. The Carpet didn't choose you. That's all.
Nicola is still going on about that promise? Thank you for telling me, travelers. You've been so kind, even after Nicola failed you. I must tell you the truth. That Carpet is a fake. I've hidden the real one at his father's request. I've wanted to tell him the truth, but I know he won't give up his quest for the Hero if he has it. I would like to give the real carpet to you. If only you bring me the treasure of the Merm Moon. There is a legend of a submerged city somewhere nearby. A city containing a beautiful jewel known as the Merm Moon. When you prove your mettle as adventurers by showing me the Merm Moon I will give you the real Carpet.
That seems fair. Chaces are, we'll be back. ONTO THE NEXT ADVENTURE! But first, let's practice beating on monsters awhile... (Time passes) Now! Back to the fane!

Well... that's not good. We don't have the final piece! Let's see if we can't find out something about this. We never checked the old protomech factory in the present...

I don't suppose you happen to know where any shards are, do you?
All right then, I'll tell your fortune for you. Dero dero, honia nara supi supi ha! Right! Where could this be? It's a magnificent temple. Lots of people are coming to this temple in search of work. That's basically it. If you don't recognize the place I'm seeing, then it may be a place that you have yet to go to. Ha ha ha!
A lot of people looking for work in a temple? What type of temple would you go to for a job... WAIT!

Aha! I forgot one from the modern Temple of Dharma! Back to the Ruined Fane!

It's cold, dark, and sandy. This can't be good.

Current Time: 41:32

New Items:
From Lucky Panel: SlimeHeart x 3, WyvernHeart x 2 , SilverArmor, PartyDress, BattleAxe, WizardRobes, HeavyArmor x 2, GlassShoe, MysticNut, MimicHeart, VikingHelmet, BombcragHeart, MagicShield, BladeArmor, FlameFist, SpangleDress, EvilTurtle Heart, DrakSlime Heart, BerserkrHeart,
From chests: Tinymedal x 2, Banditkey, LifeRock, Carpet, HealerHeart,
From monsters: Herb x 50, HorkHeart, FloraJayHeart, LipsyHeart

New Spells: Firebal, Sleep, Sap, Outside, Blazemore, Surround, Boom, FireBane, SnowStorm, NumbOff, Infermore,
New Skills: LegSweep, JumpKick, RoundHous, Suplex, FireAir, WarCry, Punch, WindBeast, FishNet, Ramming, BigTrip, Tsunami, SandStorm, KnockDown, CragThrow, ChargeUp, Location, Tiptoe, Smell, PsycheUp, SquallHit, ThiefHit,
Classes Mastered: Mage, Fighter, Mariner, Thief
Current Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, Veteran

New Skills: Howl, Sidestep, ConfuHit, Retaliate, FireAir, BlazeAir, Ramming, BirdEye, BackFlip, Slumber, Whistle, WoolGuard, Stampede, SquallHit, FireSlash, RainSlash, SandStorm
New Spells: Blaze, Blazemore, Upper, Increase, TwinHits, Antidote, Heal,
Classes Mastered: Slime, Wyvern, EvlTurtle, Tamer,
Current Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice, Titan,

New Skills: LegSweep, JumpKick, RoundHous, Suplex, WarCry, Punch, Retaliate, WindBeast, LureDance, ParryPass, OddDance, SideStep, JockDance, DanceShut, PaniDance, K.O. Dance, FishNet, Ramming, BirdEye, HolyAura, Tsunami, ScapeGoat, Vacuum, Berserker,
Spells: Expel, Infernos, Upper, Stopspell, HealMore, Infermore, HealAll, Vivify, NumbOff,
Classes Mastered: Fighter, Dancer, Cleric, Admiral, Novice, Knight,
Current Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest,