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Part 22: Sidebar: More Jobs

Sidebar: More Jobs

Another common monster subtype of the Slime family, the Healers are best known in DW4, where there was a bonus NPC that Ragnar could pick up - a healer named Healie. Healers are good at... Healing! Their status are awful, though - they get a decent bonus to Intelligence and MP, but massive penalties to everything else. Healers learn
Heal: Heals someone a little.
Healmore: Heals someone more.
HealAll: Heals someone fully.
HealUs: Heals everyone a good amount.

Healers have good status resistance, but nothing else to speak if.

Healers, in conjunction with Horks and JewelBags, can become the mighty DeadNoble.

The Lizardman has the unusual distinction of being one of the last available monster classes in the game - they're not even available yet, since you can only get at the class via grinding their heart. Their stats are awful - they get a penalty to everything but Agility and Guard, and get only a tiny bonus to Agility. Their skills are:
Sap: Reduce one enemy's Guard.
Defense: Reduce the Guard of all enemies.
TwinHits: Double one ally's Attack.
RainSlash: Attack all enemies.

Their resistance is about as good as the Healer, but with a little bit of Wind resistance as well.

Lizardmen who have also been Slimes can become the DrakSlime, while those who have also been Dumbiras can become the Gerion.

I like the Bombcrag as an enemy - they just sit there, smiling, then explode. Look at the grin on his face! Unfortunately, their stats are spectacularly awful, getting massive penalties to Agility and Appearance and incredible penalties to Intelligence and MP. They get small bonuses to Strength and HP, with a decent bonus to Guard, but the overall balance comes out to about -110%. They learn:
Increase: Improves the Guard of all allies.
Giggle: Does nothing at all ever.
ChargeUp: Adds power to next attack.
Sacrifice: Kills an enemy at the costs of the user's life.
Meditate: Uses two turns to regain 500Hp for free. Not bad, abused by some bosses.

Bombcrags have similar resistances to EvilTurtles, though they lack the Electric defense.

Bombcrags who party with Berserkers can become the well-known Golem.


The Lipsy originated in Dragon Warrior 3 or 4, if memory serves. It's a huge, gross slug with lips that causes irritating status effects. So, nothing too special. Lipsys have terrible stats as well, with an average penalty of about 20% across the board, with a +5% agility bonus and neutral MP. Still not as bad as the BombCrag's stats though, I suppose.

Lipsys learn:
LushLicks: Licks an enemy creeping them out and keeping them acting for a turn.
SickLick: Licks an enemy with a diseased tongue, not only creeping them out for a turn but also dropping their guard to 0! This doesn't seem all that great, but it also works against a surprising number of bosses.
SleepAir: Emits sleeping gas, putting an enemy group to sleep.
OddDance: Attacks (not drains) an enemy's MP a little. Fairly useless.

Lipsys have pretty good status and death resistance, as well as some Electricity resistance as well.

Lipsys who are also excellent EvilTurtles and Dumbiras can become the mighty Varanus, while Lipsys who have taken the path of the EvilWell can become the CosmoBog.


I think the BoltRat was unique to this game, inasmuch that any kind of electrified mouse can be considered unique anymore. BoltRats get a minor boost to Agility and Guard which does nothing to allay their penalties to everything else. They learn:
Flash: Reduce enemy accuracy.
Firebal: Does minor fire damage to a group.
Lightning: Does moderate electrical damage to all enemies.

Their resistances are on par with the Lipsy's, except that the BoltRat gets electical *immunity* and a slight resistance to wind.

BoltRats can combine with the Gerion to become the dragon Andreal, best known for his amazing breeding prevalence in the first Dragon Warrior Monsters game. BoltRats can also advance alongside a Golem to become the ProtoMech.


Mimics are one of the most traditional of monsters: Their pedigree goes all the way back to first edition D&D, if memory serves, but didn't show up as a monster in the Dragon Warrior series until 3. They tend to be pretty strong as monters, with good HP, great attack, and a love of using instant death techniques. As a class, they get an okay Strength bonus, a better Guard bonus, and penalties to Intelligence, Appearance, HP, and MP. Their skills aren't bad, and include:
SleepAir: Put a group of enemies to sleep with sleeping gas.
SandStorm: Reduces enemy accuracy with sand in their eyes.
Beat: Attempts to kill one monster outright.
Defeat: Attempts to kill a group of monsters outright.

Mimic resistances aren't bad, and are basically comprehensive - they have the status resistance of the Lipsy, but with minor elemental resistance across the board as well.

Mimics who are also Horks can become another inanimate object monster class: The CurseLamp, while Mimic Berserkers can become yet another inanimate object monster class, the EvilWell.

Berserkers have been around for a while, and that face should look familiar - there are variants of it all over the series. The Berserker (and other things that share it's sprite) tend to be hard-hitting melee fighters without a lot of fancy tricks. This remains mostly true for the class. Their stats are less devastatingly horrible than many other monster classes, only getting awful penalties to Guard, Intelligence, and Appearance. They also receive a slight bonus to Strength and Guard. Their skills include:
SquallHit: A weak attack that always goes first in the round.
FireSlash: Like an ordinary slash... but with fire.
RainSlash: A melee attack against all enemies.
Massacre: Beats the everloving crap out of a random target, be it ally or enemy.

Berserkers, due to their simplicity, get great status resistance, especially to Confuse and Accuracy Down effects, but little else.

Berserkers, in conjunction with Mimics, can become the EvilWell, while Berserker BombCrags can become the mighty Golem.

A fairly recent addition to the series, the Dumbira is a fat fat fatty fat fat with a katana. His actions look clumsy, but he hits fairly hard. He's pretty similar to the Berserker, but his stats are worse overall, though their Guard and Intelligence isn't as bad. Dumbiras lose the Agility bonus, getting a penalty instead, along with a penalty to HP and MP. Dumbiras learn:
VacuSlash: An air-elemental attack.
HealMore: Heals quite a bit, but not fully.
PsycheUp: Charge up for a better attack next turn. Exactly like ChargeUp, but is a separate ability.
SquallHit: An instant melee attack, weaker than usual, but always first.
2EdgeHit: A sacrifical strike, which does greater damage to the enemy by doing a little damage to you.

The Dumbira has identical resistance to the Berserker.

Dumbira/Lizardmen can become the Gerion, while masters of the Dumbira as well as the EvilTurtle and Lipsy can become the Varanus.

Another latecomer to the series, the only notable thing about the Andreal is it's use in Dragon Warrior Monsters, where it is the single most prevalent thing in any advanced breeding tree. Since they weren't hard to get, every monster you make ends up having at least 4-5 Andreals in their family tree. But they're a dragon, and they do dragony things. Their stats aren't terrible (Since we're finally moving up to advanced monster classes). In fact, they're moderately good: Excellent bonus to HP, fairly good bonuses to Strength and Guard that more than outweigh the penalties to MP and Agility. Master Andreals also get an additional Str. Bonus Their skills include:

FireAir: Weak firebreath attack.
BlazeAir: Stronger firebreath attack.
IceAir: Strong cold breath attack, on par with BlazeAir.
Scorching: Great firebreath attack.

Their resistances are slightly more diverse than the Dumbira - They don't have the great Confusion and Acc Down immunity, but gain great resistance to Breath attacks, as well as Cold and Wind Damage.

An Andreal can be derived from a master BoltRat and Gerion, and can be used with a Varanus for the GigaMute, or alternately be used with the EvilMech to become the Evil Lord of Evolution: Esterk.

Derived from a Hork and a Mimic, the Curselamp is another monster made of an inanimate object. They're a fairly recent addition to the series, I believe starting in 5 or 6. Their stats are poor, getting bonuses to Agility, Guard, Intelligence, and MP, but getting equivalent penalties to all other stats. Master CurseLamps get a decent Agility bonus as well. Their skills include:
StopSpell: Tries to keep opponents from casting spells.
PaniDance: Attempts to confuse an enemy group via dancing.
SnowStorm: A medium-strength cold attack against a group.
Ramming: Attempts to knock an enemy clear out of a fight.
Summon: Calls for supernatural backup.

Their resistances are not bad - good status resistance as well as minor resistance to several elements. A CurseLamp, when combined with the HellGiant, can create the odd Budoo.

Created from the bizarre combination of a Dumbira, an EvlTurtle, and a Lipsy, the Varanus is the scourge of the seas. He's another dragon-like monster, and gets similar abilities to the Andreal. His stats return to the common theme of being sub-par, only getting bonuses to Strength and HP, with penalties to all other stats but Agility. Master Varani get a fairly good Strength bonus as well, at least, but all in all, not a class you want to stay in. Their skills include:
IceAir: Fairly good ice breath attack against all enemies.
Ramming: Removes one enemy from combat without killing it.
Scorching: Heavy firebreath damage.
IceStorm: Very heavy ice breath damage - and is free!

Varani have better status resistances than the Curselamp, including an outright poison immunity, but don't have any elemental strengths other than Wind. The Varanus can work with the Andreal to make the mighty GigaMute.

HellGiants, derived from JewelBags and SkyDevils, are a pretty good class and another new monster. They have only stat bonuses to Guard, Appearance, and HP, and after mastering the class, get a one-time MP bonus. They get several good spells, including:
Boom: Medium explosive damage to all enemies.
HealUs: Heals the entire party a very good amount.
Flash: Reduce enemy accuracy.
BlazeMore: Medium 1-target fire damage.
Explodet: Heavy explosive damage to all enemies.

Hellgiants even have great resistances- they have all of the same status resistances that Varani and CurseLamps have, with good FireBreath, Defense Down, MP Steal, and Explosion resistances as well. As you know by now, the Hellgiant can work with the CurseLamp to make a Budoo.

The Cosmobog kinda bewilders me. It's new to this game, and is, well, not very heterosexual. Look at that hair, and the entire thing comes off looking like a fat knock-off of Orgodemir. Statwise, he loses a teensy amount of strength and a little appearance, but gets small bonuses to all other stats, making him pretty well rounded. Cosmobogs get a guard bonus when they master the class. He gets okay skills, including:
Flash: Reduce enemy accuracy with blinding light.
Backflip: Physical attack against a group.
Bounce: A mystical shield bounces magic back to it's caster.
BlazeMore: Moderate fire damage to one target.
Zap: Lightning damage to a group.

Resistance-wise, kinda par for the course from what we've seen recently: Good status defense, minor elemental defense. The CosmoBog is derived from the EvilWell and Lipsy, and can work with a DeadNoble to become the ultimate Monster Caster, the WoePriest.

The DrakSlime is another slime-family monster that's been around for only a little while. It's part dragon, and part slime, as you may have guessed somehow. Their stats are meh, with small penalties to Strength, Intelligence, HP, and MP, with small bonuses to Agility and Guard, and a further agility bonus when the class is mastered. Their skills include:
FireAir: The least firebreath attack.
FrigidAir: The least icebreath attack.
Ironize: Makes a party member invincible but unable to act.
BlazeAir: A medium-power firebreath attack.
IceAir: A medium-power icebreath attack.
BeDragon: Become a mighty dragon with incredible breath attacks and melee damage, but nothing else.

DrakSlimes don't have great resistances, though they keep the common theme of "good against statuses", and they pick up a little bit of Breath resistance. DrakSlimes can be made though the mixture of a Slime and a Lizardman, but more importantly, they're half of what's needed for the Ultimate Defensive Monster Class, PlatKing.

One of the few really impressive looking sprites (in my opinion) the SkyDevil is another newb. He's all over the place stat-wise, skill-wise, and in terms of combinations. He gets small bonuses to strength, agility, appearance, and HP, but takes a hit to Intelligence. Their agility goes up a lot when the class is mastered, and their skills include:
BirdSlash: A melee attack that does massive damage to bird-type enemies.
Vivify: Has a 50% chance to resurrect a party member with half health.
BackFlip: Does physical damage to a group.
Vacuum: Does wind damage to all enemies and is incredible.
FalconCut: Performs 2 attacks at 3/4 strength.

Their resistances aren't bad, with the full suite of status resistance as well as most elementals as well as cold breath. A combination of an EvlTurtle, a FloraJay, and a Wyvern can make a SkyDevil, but Skydevils can work with RoseVines to become the ridiculous bird RainHawk, while they can also combine with the Jewelbag to make a HellGiant.

Like many of the non-basic tier monsters, the Gerion is another recent comer to the series, and boy, does he look wacky. He's a sabre-toothed tiger with wings for some reason. Statwise, they're acceptable, with small bonuses to Strength, Agility, Guard, and HP, and penlties to Appearance and MP. Their skills include:
Infernos: Light wind damage to a group.
Surround: Reduces enemy accuracy with illusions.
Infermore: Medium wind damage to a group.
Howl: Attack four times, but might not work.
Infermost: Heavy wind damage to a group.

Their resistances are par for the moment - blah blah blah same status resistance with some cold, wind, and firebreath reductions as well. Nothing great, but not bad either. A Gerion can be derived from a Dumbira and a Lizardman, and can become an Andreal in conjunction with a BoltRat.

Starting in Dragon Quest 5 (I think), the deadnoble has one of my favorite sprites. Not only is he a skeleton with a lance on an undead horse, look at that pimpin' hat. Sadly, their stats are kinda mediocre, getting small penalties to Guard and Appearance with corresponding minor bonuses to Intelligence and MP, but their skills aren't bad. They get:
IceBolt: Minor ice damage to one target.
SnowStorm: Medium ice damage to a group.
PalsyAir: Paralyze a group.
DefeatMax: Attempts to kill all enemies.
Blizzard: Heavy ice damage to all enemies.

DeadNobles have good resistances, too - They have immunity to Death, Sleep, and Surround effects as well as good resistance to other statuses, and have strong Cold resistance as well. The DeadNoble is made of a JewelBag, Hork, and a Healer, and can join forces with the CosmoBog to become the undead magus: WoePriest!

Robots are not common through the Dragon Warrior series, though there are one or two, but this game is the debut for the Protomech as well. They get a small Strength and Guard bonus which are overwhelmed by their penalties to Agility, Intelligence, Appearance, and MP, though they get an additional guard bonus upon mastery. Their skills include:
MagicWall: Reduce incoming magic damage.
MetalCut: Deals heavy damage to metallic monsters of the slime variety.
QuadHits: Attacks four times at half strength.
EvilSlash: A double or nothing attack - Either crits an enemy or misses.

For their resistances, they have a full set of minor elemental reduction except for Electric attacks and resist most statuses as well. In a bizarre evolutionary pattern, Protomechs can be made from BoltRats and Golems, but their only class advancement is also with the Golem, which lets them become the EvilMech.

Ah, the Golem. A monster with a pedigree, there have been stories about Golems for some time. The first appearance of the Golem in the Dragon Warrior series was in the first game, where he was devastatingly powerful and guarded a town, but was intensely vulnerable to flute music. As to the nitty gritty, he gets a substantial Strength bonus with acceptable Guard and HP boosts, but huge penalties to Agility and Intelligence, and less but still marked penalties to MP and Appearance. They get more critical hits than usual, and when the class is mastered, they get a +15 strength bonus. They get excellent skills, including:
ChargeUp: Charges power for a turn to do extra damage on the next turn.
Guardian: Guards all allies from attacks.
Crack: Attempts to remove all enemies from battle. Since you don't kill them, you get no xp. Not great.
Quake: Moderate earth? damage to all enemies.
RockThrow: Heavy damage to all enemies, caused by hitting them with boulders. Great skill.
The Golem has lost his vulnerability to sleep, happily: it has good resistance to all status effects as well as minor proof against elemental attacks. A Golem can be derived from a BombCrag and a Berserker, but has a weird inbred pattern for advancement: A Golem and a BoltRat can make a Protomech, but the EvilMech is made from one who is a master of both the Golem and Protomech classes.

It's a well. There's a thing in it that's probably at least evilish. What more needs to be said? They're new. They get small bonuses to Strength, Agility, Guard, and HP, but heavy penalties to Intelligence, Guard, and MP. When mastered, the class grants a +10 guard bonus. They get a wealth of skills, at least, which include:
CragThrow: Throws small rocks at enemies. Like RockThrow, but not as good.
WarCry: Attempts to intimidate enemies into losing a turn.
BoxerDance: Attempts to get enemies laughing too hard to act.
ParryPass: Tries to redirect enemy melee attacks. Rarely successful.
KnockDown: Remove a single enemy from battle.
WindBeast: Air attack against one enemy - actually pretty good.
Magma: Highish fire damage against all enemies, and is free.
The EvilWell has the same resistances as the Golem, but has stronger Cold and Wind resistance at the cost of the other elements. The EvilWell is made of a Berserker and a Mimic, and combines with the FloraJay for the RoseVine and joins with the Lipsy for the CosmoBog

The RoseVine has been around for a game or two, but not much longer than that. On the other hand, look at it - it's a plant monster. Think Audrey II. You get the picture. Rosevines have a nice Strength bonus, with smaller bonuses to Agility, Intelligence and Appearance, but take a small hit with Guard and HP. When mastered, they get a generally useless +20 to Appearance, but their skills are pretty good. They include:
PalsyAir: Paralyze a group of enemies.
PoisonFog: Poison a group of enemies.
SleepAll: Put a group of enemies to sleep.
Barrier: Reduce incoming breath attack damage.
EerieFog: Very powerful but very doubleedged skill, useful against a few bosses and hard encounters. EerieFog cancels all spell effects as well as most skill effects and keeps all spells from being cast for the duration of combat. It works on more things than Gigastis does, and has a higher rate of effect. The only problem is that it effects allies. But it doesn't effect skills, so we can keep on Hustling to keep our HP up and just smack 'em around. Not useful against the people you really need to worry about, though.
MegaMagic: MegaMagic is for when you're tired of fucking around and want to devastate your enemies. It uses all of your MP, but deals 3 times whatever your MP was to all enemies. Not really efficient, but if you absolutely need something dead and you need it gone turn 1, it's not a bad choice. It's unique to the Rosevine though, for some reason.
Rosevines have good but somewhat odd resistances: They have the now-standard suite of status resistances, but have an immunity to Cold and a great resistance to Wind as well as a tiny resistance to Fire spells. RoseVines are made of FloraJays and EvilWells which makes at least a little sense (Think back to Loomin: That was the same sprite as the plant monster that came up from the well combined with one of the few plant monsters in the game). But Rosevines can work in conjunction with SkyDevils to become the ultimate bird, RainHawk.

The EvilMech hasn't really had a strong presence in the series, though he does look kinda like Necrosaro from Dragon Warrior 4 - I don't understand how it's really a mech at all, though. Statwise, he's really good - a bigger Strength buff than the GodHand as well as good bonuses to Agility, Guard, and Strength, but takes hits in Intelligence and MP. He has a random chance to instantly murder anyone he attacks, and gets a tidy Guard bonus upon mastery. He gets great skills, including:
Defense: Reduces the defense of an enemy group.
TwinHits: Improves an ally's attack greatly.
RainSlash: Attacks all enemies.
BackFlip: Also attacks all enemies.
Zap: Attacks all enemies with lightning.
FalconCut: Attacks an enemy twice.
Massacre: Beats the crap out of a random target, including the party.
HellBlast: Summon lightning from the underworld to devastate your foes. Quite insanely effective, but not the strongest attack around.

The EvilMech is an oddly placed class - I'd call it one of the ultimates if it wasn't used for something else that's pretty clearly better, but it has spectacular resistances: It has immunity to every status but Poison and Paralysis where it "merely" has a great resistance, and also is great against most elements and okay against breath attacks. The EvilMech is made of a Golem and a Protomech, but is used alongside the mighty Andreal to make the Lord of Evolution, ESTERK!

Hey! It's the TimeSage again! Wave at everyone, WoePriest! The WoePriest is the first Ultimate Monster class (of which there are 5) that we'll mention - the WoePriest is somewhere between a Sage and a Paladin - it's abilities are all over the place. Statwise, it gets spectacular boosts to Int and MP with minor boosts to Guard and Appearance, then a small hit to HP. They get a great spread of skills and spells, which include:
MagicBack: Sends magic back at the caster! Sounds better than it is, since it also affects friendly healing spells.
Vivify: Half the time, it revives someone halfway. The rest of the time, nothing.
FireBolt: The strongest group fire spell. Good stuff.
DefeatMax: Attempts to kill all enemies outright.
Explodet: The strongest explosion spell. Targets all enemies.
Blizzard: The ultimate group ice spell.
BlazeMost: The most powerful single-target fire spell. Not bad, and with a reasonable cost.
MultiCut: Massive damage to all enemies - kind of odd that the WoePriest gets a skill that invovles making a cross in the air, but hey - at least they're priests.

The WoePriest has okay resistances - good against all statuses, cold breath, and most elements. They can be made from CosmoBogs and DeadNobles.

I'm not certain why this class is named Budoo, but genies have been all over the place in RPGs of every kind. The Budoo is a great class, though - it lets you steal like a thief, grants great skills and spells, acceptable stats, and good resistances. Budoo get the same massive strength bonus as the EvilMech, as well as a minor boost to Agility and HP, though they lose some Guard and Appearance. When mastered, they give a nice strength bonus, and have some wonderful skills, including:
TwinHits: Improves an ally's attack.
TakeMagic: Gain MP when an enemy casts a spell at you. Not great.
Barrier: Reduce incoming breath damage.
Chance: Chance has been around since Dragon Warrior 2, and it just does... something. It's random. It could heal everyone, it could murder the party, it could set your cat on fire. I don't use it. Budoo are the only class that get it.
CallArmy: Performs 4 random attacks on your enemies but summoning an army to beat them up. Costs gold to use, but the damage goes up with level, so it's not bad. Also Budoo only.
FairWind: Reflects Breath attacks. Quite useful in places.
WhiteFire: The ultimate FireBreath attack. Does great damage and is free.
Budoo have good status resistance and minor elemental resistance across the board - nothing too special - the reason you take this class is for the stealing and the skills. A Budoo is made from a HellGiant and a CurseLamp.


Another immensely strong class, the GigaMute is the Ultimate Dragon class. It gets some nice end-level skills, fairly good stats, and acceptable resistances, but it's really not spectacular compared to any of the other ultimate classes. For stats, GigaMutes get a massive strength bonus (with another small bonus upon mastery), a tiny guard bonus and a substantial HP boost. They lose out on Agility, Intelligence, and MP, and take a massive (but irrelevant) hit to Appearance. Their skills include:
PsycheUp: Gear up for a better attack next turn.
PoisonFog: Poison a group of enemies.
IceStorm: A very strong cold breath attack
Thordain: The most useful Lightning attack, though less powerful than Alldain.
WhiteAir: The ultimate cold breath attack.
As for resistances, they get good all-around status resistance, with an immunity to Sleep and Surround effects, but they lack most elements - only Fire and Ice Breath attacks. The GigaMute is derived from the Andreal and the Varanus.


The Ultimate Bird class (and a deadly monster besides) the RainHawk has been around for a few games, generally as the strongest bird. They have spectacular stats, great resistances, and stunning skills. Also, if you can find a Grand Slum, they have a heart that can be purchased. For stats, they get a good strength bonus, a better Agility and MP bonus, and a staggering bonus to Intelligence and the (still pretty irrelevant) Appearance - with no penalties. As for skills, well...
Flash: Reduce enemy accuracy with bright lights.
Firebolt: The strongest fire spell that targets a group.
FairWind: Returns enemy breath attacks to them.
WindBeast: An air attack against one enemy.
Scorching: A powerful firebreath attack.
MagicBack: A reflective shield returns magic to the caster.
WhiteFire: The ultimate firebreath attack.
HellFlame: The ultimate fire attack. Targets all enemies, is hard to resist, and does great damage.
For their resistances, they have a good reistance to all status effects as well as at least a little resistance to all elements other than Group Fire attacks, Fire breath attacks, and Cold breath attacks, though they do have an immunity to other cold effects. RainHawks can be made with the conjunction of the SkyDevil and RoseVine.


Wow. That image is just a recolor of the EvilMech. The old boy deserves better:

See that guy? That guy is Esterk, the King of Evolution. He's pretty awesome - he was the guy that was the "final boss" for most of Dragon Warrior 4. And he's generally considered to be more powerful than the actual boss of DW4, since Esterk spent most of that fight asleep. Esterk is the Ultimate Boss monster, though he's frequently called a Material monster in other games - the family that includes monsters made of usually inanimate objects. For stats, he has bonuses to everything - the biggest to strength, but everything is pretty good, and gets a bonus to guard at the end as well. He gets some fairly nice skills, including:
BoltSlash: Slashes an enemy with lightning - real lightning.
MetalCut: Does additional damage to metal slime-type enemies.
FireSlash: Cuts an enemy with fire.
IceStorm: Powerful cold breath attack.
IceSlash: Attack an enemy with an ice attack.
GigaSlash: Wreck a group of enemies. You can learn this as the Hand of God, a legendary Hero, or by being the Evil King of Evolution. Interesting set, that.
Esterk has 50% resistance to everything. Every element, every status, everything. It's one of the best classes to just hang out in, but if you can swing it, there's a better one. Esterk can evolve from an Andreal as well as an EvilMech, but more importantly, it can grow with a DrakSlime for the Final Class: Ultimate Defender PlatKing!


Okay, so here's the reason that you bother with monster classes. This guy. This fat, shiny slime trumps virtually everything. He is the pinnacle of the Metal Slime family, which slowly grew since the original Dragon Warrior recolored a normal slime into grey, gave it a hideous defense and speed, and made it worth more XP than everything else in the game. The PlatKing is almost unseen in this game, being a rare monster in one of the bonus dungeons, but grants 65000 XP, which is the most of anything in the game. As for the class, they're the best. They're the hardest to get, but well worth it. For stats, they lose some Strength and Intelligence and more than half of their HP (60%!), but that's okay - they get a good bonus to agility and *DOUBLE* their Guard, with an additional +255 Guard upon mastery of the class. Their skills are excellent for support, and include:
Ironize: Make summon temporarily invincible and unable to act.
Ramming: Remove an enemy from combat.
Revive: Fully resurrect an ally.
HealUsAll: Fully heal all allies.
Change: Turns the caster into an enemy monster. Not useful.
BigBang: Deals spectacular damage to all enemies, and is rarely resisted. Does the most damage of all attacks that affect all enemies.

But there's one other thing about PlatKings: Their resistances. They're immune to nearly everything. If it is possible to be immune to something, the PlatKing is. Elements, statuses, breath attacks, ability down effects, it's all there but the effects that can disable you for one turn, like QuickJoke, BoxerDance or SickLicks. Most enemies don't have them, though, and nearly all of the enemies you fight can't use them well, making this class nearly invincible once masterered.