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Part 33: Post 29: In which we deal with a mysterious bard and the prospect of a coming disaster.

Post 29: In which we deal with a mysterious bard and the prospect of a coming disaster.

I wonder what's going on in this area of the past?

travelers two days in a row. This is Avon. We don't have much to offer, but please stay as long as you like.
La-la-la, tra-la-la... Whoa! You scared me! I can't get the tune that wandering musician played yesterday out of my head! I can't stop humming it. I'm too old for this sort of thing!
Mumble mumble... Musician! Mumble...
In the mountains to the east, there stands an old tower without a single path leading to it. I wonder who would build a tower deep in the mountains, and why.
I wasn't interested in music at all until now. That musician looked like a weary old man, but his ability was incredible! I wish I could hear him just one more time!
La-la-laaa! Wow! The scho in this bathroom is great, isn't it? Wait a second! What are you doing in my bathroom, anyway?
I'm the Chieftain of this village. What? You've never seen a female Cheiftain before?
Well, technically no, though I have met a couple of Queens.
Ha ha ha! Thank you. By the way, have you seen much of the village yet?
Not too much, no.
Why don't you look around a bit more? It's a small village, so it won't take much time!
Another customer? How unusual to have customers two days in a row! The customer who spent last night here was an old traveling musician. I thought an old man traveling at his age was odd, but his playing was wonderful. If only you had come here one day earlier, you could have heard his music, too! What a shame.

You should go to the Chieftain's house. You may be able to stay there. Why don't you spend the night there, and come back tomorrow morning?
The staircase at the edge of this village is an entrance to a tunnel through the mountains. If you go south after you go through the tunnel, you will see Huzu. If you go northeast, you will see Hamelia.
The musician who left the village this morning said he was going to Huzu in the south. If you want to catch up with him, you'd better leave early tomorrow.

I rather think I have.
You must have seen that the tunnel through the mountains is closed off. We're deep in the mountains, so there aren't any inns here. Why don't you stay at my house?
Sure, why not?
You can stay as long as you like.
The next morning...

I think we're missing something interesting that's happening in the village!

Link! Give me an explanation that makes sense!
Huh? The village is deserted.
Everyone in town is gone... maybe they all followed that musician that they were raving about to Huzu?

south of here. Beyond the mountains, to the east, there is a village called Hamelia. Wherever you go, I recommend making frequent entries in your Adventure Journal.

Despite our remote location, we stock excellent weapons and armor. Take this BattleAxe, for instance. Isn't that a generous price for a weapon of suich obvious quality?
I already have one, but it's quite nice. Besides, you're holding a sword! That's not a BattleAxe at all!
Yesterday, an old musician visited us, carrying some sort of strange instrument that I had never seen before. It sounded absolutely marvelous, and the old man was an incredibly skilled player. I heard that he stayed in the inn last night. He's probably still there.
Late last night, the old musician stood on the beach, endlessly staring into the sea. He looked awfully serious. What do you think's going on with him?
The sea seems strange lately, as if it's frightened of something. I've never seen the sea quite like this before. I hope nothing bad happens.
One method of fishing is to push off before dawn even breaks. That's why we have a lighthouse here.
Father wants me to follow his path in life, but I don't think that fishing suits me. I really want to go to Hamelia and become a poet, but I just don't have the confidence.
It might not be Harvest time, but we can't neglect taking care of the fishing nets. It's the only comfort for us, since we can't go to harvest anytime soon.
Lum lum lummm, tra la laaa. It's a lovely melody, no matter how many times I repeat it in my mind. I wonder if that musician is still at the inn? I sure would like to hear him play again.
We've always served fresh fish to our customers, but our fishing yield has been rapidly decreasing. This is an ill omen.

Yeah? So I'm singing. You got a problem with that?
Nah, we're cool.
Stop bothering me! Mind your own business! Scram!
It's strange that the fish would disappear like this so quickly. Surely some kind of disaster must have happened.
All our attempts to fish lately have failed. That's why there are all these guys with nothing to do, drinking at midday.
That traveling musician who came here yesterday really made his rounds. He played all over town, as if he wanted to impress every last villager. What a show off! I shouldn't complain, though. It was a very good show.

elderly musician is staying here? Well, he was, but he departed early this morning. Said he was going to Hamelia in the northeast. Even if you plan to go after him, you know where he went, so surely there isn't any rush. Why not stay here with us for a day and get some rest?
That sounds great! It's not like anything's going to happen tonight.

I think we're missing something interesting that's happening in the village!

somewhere in the middle of the night. Maybe it was just the sound of the waves.
Groan! I'm still sleepy.
Everybody's gone again aren't they?

Link, what do you think is going on?
This situation could only be the doing of monsters. However, it is odd that just like in Avon, we are the only ones unaffected.
I'm betting that it has to do with that mysterious musician - quickly! To Hamelia!

Just a moment ago, that traveling musician was playing some beautiful music for the temple. It's so encouraging to see people with such strong faith!
I think I hear some mysterious music over there!

by a performance before.
That was marvelous, old man!
(Bard) Well, it looks like everyone in town has heard by now! I guess it's time to go.
What's that? You're surely not leaving already. Surely you needn't be in such a hurry? Do stay with us a while!
Encore! Encore!
(Bard) Well, it certainly sounds good, but I'm afraid I'm in a bit of a hurry.
Are you leaving already? It looks like the performance is over. It was so touching. I was so happy, maybe I should give everyone a discount at the inn today?
(Bard) I'll say goodbye now, then.

Didn't the innkeeper say something about a discount? The timing's perfect. Let's stay in this town tonight.
Sure, we'll do that later.
Such wondrous music! I've never heard such masterful playing before.
That was simply amazing! What's that instrument called? I've never heard such a beautiful sound.

family. I wonder how the people in my hometown are doing. Have you happened upon Avon during your travels?
Yes, yes we have. It's empty now - everyone disappeared.
What? All of the villagers disappeared? Don't be silly! The village may be small, but there's no way something like that could happen! Did you take some bad Herb, or something?
What's on this bookshelf? This looks interesting.

The Moon that Fell into the Sea posted:

The Moon was very vain. One day, he let out a sigh, charmed by his own reflection in the Sea. "Oh! I've never met one as beautiful as you before! How I long to be near you!" Saying this, the moon edged closer and closer to the sea. Before he knew it, the Moon was on the sea floor, unable to return to the sky. A shaken God of the Heavens created a new Moon to shine brightly in the sky. The Moon below the sea, surrounded by mermaids, shone in sadness.
That was wonderful. It was like the music just seeped into my soul. Is this love? What do I do? I don't even know his name!

like that, I was pretty shocked, to be honest.
Long ago, there was a highly advanced city on a small island not far off the shore of the mainland. Gracos destroyed the city, sending it to the bottom of the sea. Serving as a reminder of the Sea Demon's power, it now rests undisturbed, littered with the broken bodies of those lost in battle. The people of Avon, Hamelia, and Huzu are all descendants of the survivors of that attack. This town was build in the mountains to escape Gracos. There's no record of Gracos ever appearing after that. As I said, that was ages ago.
Wow! Something that's not about that musician! Thanks, scholar!
I'm training to fight monsters, but this area's too darn peaceful. Maybe I should move on to somewhere else.

I'm so happy today, I'll let you stay free! Erm, um, I meant to say half price!
Whatever, I'm still rich and Maribel wants to rest, so let's just sleep.


Everyone's disappearing into that gate!
(Bard) Well, it looks like everyone in town has gathered together! (The Bard dives into the gate!)
So it was that old guy who was killing everyone? Does this mean that the old man is really a monster? I didn't sense that at all.
Looks like it was that old musician that made the villagers in Avon and Huzu disappear. They must have been completely fooled by the beautiful melody. Let's go after him, Link.

This is new... we're at a ruined tower that isn't conventionally reachable. This was mentioned in one of those cities, wasn't it? Let's see if we can't find that bard inside here somewhere.

The RockGolem is just a standard enemy with lots of attack and hit points, but the IronTurt is obnoxious - it uses several skills to reduce all damage done to it to a fraction, making battles involving him take forever. We could get hearts from the Turtles, but they're not necessary, as we can get them in other ways. On the other hand...

The Dumbira is a fat fat fatty with a katana. He gets a surprising number of critical hits, and is one of the enemies I'm going to have to grind for hearts at some point.

That's odd, I wonder why there's a raft here? Onward and upward!

The Enchanters follow a long tradition of enemies back from Dragon Warrior 1 as well, when they were Magicians, but they received a facelift early on. They still cast the same basic spells, though, and remain mostly non-threatening.

Oh no! Everyone is trapped! I'll save you, everybody!
Thank you. Now we can leave!
At night, when I was sleeping, I heard the tune the old musician was playing. Half-awake, I found myself drawn towards it and when I woke up, I was here.
Agh! I can't sell anything if I don't have anything to sell! I'm jealous of the guy next to me!
I'm a travelling merchant! My wares are always close at hand!
There's nothing but water in the barrels. They could have put wine in one, at least! Sigh...
Provisions and things like that have been prepared, right? I wonder why that old musician kidnapped us...
Huh? Oh, you were staying at my place that night, right? It's me, the chief of Avon. The whole town came here, but I was worried because I couldn't spot you in the crowd. Why did you stay back? Because you didn't hear the musician's song?
Wait. Isn't this the tower in the mountains? It has been long abandoned.
Hmm... this is from the same era as the lost city...
It's hard to believe that the musician is such a bad person, when he plays such lovely music. We can't believe that.
Heh heh. I brought a bit of drink along with me. I'm taking a quiet nip every now and then... Don't tell any of the others, okay?
He doesn't go anywhere without a drink. He'd make a perfect bartender.

nonstop! I can't take it anymore!
I just can't believe what that old man's done! It's apalling! Oh, you're new ones? Yes, yes, I know. You were tricked too. That old man used music to entrance us. He must be a monster! The coward! If I ever see him again, I'll beat him to a pulp. Huh? You say you don't care? And I should get out of the way? Oh my, you should've told me sooner.
This situation is getting worse. The withered bodies of the elderly are starting to atrophy. If we don't take action, they will soon fall ill.
The wonderful old musician was actually serving the Demon Lord? That bastard took my love and admiration and betrayed me! I don't know if my shattered heart an take another blow.
And now I'm going to die in a barren hole like this... My life has been one disaster after another. First my wife left me, then my son went bad. Nothing good will ever happen to me. Sob, sob!

Hey, are you going to see the old man?
I rather think so, yes.
I can open the door for you!
What a helpful child.

Not if I stop your evil plan first!
(Bard) Huh? Haven't I seen you somewhere before? Not that it'd be a surprise, since every last person on the continent has been gathered together in this tower. I'm sorry for kidnapping everyone and locking them up. But there simply was no time to explain. What time did you say it is? Hmm... It should being anytime. (Everything starts shaking) So it's finally here. Look on, and gaze at the chaos which will ensue.

(Bard) The villages and towns will all be underwater. I'm a tula player, but I'm also pretty good at fortune telling. I can predict the near future fairly well. I'm sworn to myself to use this power to help those who suffer at the hands of the monsters. I'm afraid the monsters might be behind this disaster. So I decided to help the people take shelter in this tower.
You seem awfully familiar...(Some people run up)
What the heck was that tremor? And that sound? What? The sea's closing in!
What? That can't be! My God, it is! That's the watchtower in Hamelia! The town... it's completely submerged! You damned hoary fiend! Did you do this, too? We won't let you get away with it!
This must be the doing ot the great demon of the sea, Gracos. He was the one who swallowed the city beneath the waves. He must with to sink the entire continent.
(Bard) This is bad. The flood is even worse than I'd foreseen. At this rate, this tower might not even stay standing. I guess the only answer is to go after the root of this terror. Sadly, however, I no longer have the strength to fight.
I'd completely forgotten. Just before the earthquake started, a few of the men decided to go home and descended to the bottom of the tower. They wouldn't listen when I warned them it would be dangerous... I wonder if they're okay?
(Bard) I don't believe this! The door that leads below should have been locked!
Well, before I noticed, it was open.
(Bard) I can't believe it. They went down at a time like this? All we can do now is pray for their safety. If I only had a bit of power left...
Well, I guess that leaves it to me.

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 7:

New Items: TinyMedal x 3, MaceWhip (Purchased), LifeAcorn, DragonWhip (Purchased), STRseed, MysticNut,

Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Swab

New Spells: Sacrifice,
Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, GreatRock

Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest, Novice (Thief) Martyr, Crooner