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Part 34: Post 30: In which we go under the sea and are saved by a bard.

Post 30: In which we go under the sea and are saved by a bard.

Well, time to go off and fix this...

(Bard) I was the legendary tula player for the Dejan tribe, once. However, my selfishness led me to break my pact with the tribe, and I was forced to leave them. Ever since that fateful day, I swore to use my abilities to help those who are being preyed upon by monsters. This time, though, I am far outmatched. The monsters' power is beyone what I had ever imagined. I simply do not have the power to fight them anymore. Would you take my oath as your own? I know you tried to defeat the monsters already, without telling anyone.
... Legendary *tula* player? I wonder how many of those there have been... but sure, I'll help.
(Bard) Yes, I thought as much. You people are much like the group of young travelers that saved my life long ago. They did it without asking for so much as a single thank-you in return. It was a long time ago, and my memory fails to recall what they looked like... But I'll never forget the fiery will I sensed in their eyes. Your eyes are like theirs. That's why I decided to ask this favor of you. Will you please take on my vows, and defeat the leader of the monsters?
I just said that I would, it's not like I can get back home until I do.
(Bard) So you're willing to take this on! I shall assist you as much as I can. I prepared an emergency raft. It is at the base of the tower stairs. Please use it. And take this with you. (Link received a WindShard!) This stone is my charm. Believe me, it works. You've taken on my vows, so please take it.
Don't sweat it. Let's see what we can do about all of this water. Down to the raft!

anything wrong. Because lots of humans moved to the top of the tower, I ran down here to the basement, that's all. Then, when the earth started to shake, I went outside, and these huge waves of wter were surging forward. Then I panicked, and escaped here. The first floor is already filled with water, so you can't go down.
Then we'll just go out instead!

I wonder what happened to the towns and villages that sunk into the water. Let's go see, Link.
What a disaster! Most of the land has sunk into the sea! I'd hate to have to battle the guy that did this.
Let's check out the towns.

would've stayed put in the tower! Huh? Was that old man actually trying to save us? Can't be. Nobody can predict the coming of a flood, can they?
What the heck is going on? No sooner had I managed to escape from the tower, did I have to deal with the flood! What did we do to deserve this?
The water has risen so quickly, and without any rain. This is no ordinary flood. Could a monster have caused it? If so, it must be a monster with truly fearsome powers.
We barely managed to take refuge on this lookout platform, but I wonder about those fishermen who were headed for Huzu. Do you think they're all right?
Good question. Let's check it out!

they really mean 'sunken', right? Just how do you intend to get inside? You can't very well hold your breath.
I just happened to stop off at this village during my journey. Why do I have to get mixed up in this mess?
You want to know the location of the lost city under the waves? Hell, I don't know. You must be crazy, wanting to go to a place like that at a time like this.
The lost city? One of the men I escaped with knows exactly where it is. Huh? Where the hell did he go?
Fuck it - we'll find this place on our own.

started to glow.
There's some strange interaction between the whirlpool and Link's birthmark. Is the mark actually causing it?

There must be monsters around here.
So this is the Lost City! It's weird there's air down here at the bottom of the sea.

here, but I implore you, escape while you have the chance. Or do you think you have the power to defeat Gracos?
I think I do, actually.
Quit joking around. A child like you is no match for him. When the dust has settled, you're going to end up just like us.
Being a ghost would be kind of awesome, but I don't think that's going to happen.
It's been hundreds of years since I last saw a living human being. Our fates were joined with the city when it was sunk. The Sea Demon Gracos cast a spell on us. We're trapped in this ruined city for eternity.

Of course I do!
Go on, take it. Treasure is of no use to me anymore.
It's just one of those tiny medals, but the principle of the thing is important.
Gracos is a demon with terrifying powers. He possesses the ability to sink entire islands, and now the Demon Lord has granted him the power to sink entire continents! The Demon Lord wanted him to seal off this land and make it his own.
Living beings, I don't know what your purpose for coming here is, but you cannot approach the fane. There is a demon of frightful power inside. If you are discovered, you will not escape.
Well, then let's find this Gracos guy and deal with him.

stone monuments at the entrance to the town. Look at the stone monument in the center. You'll find something interesting there.

Aaah! Large, spiky, evil anchors! They've got a lot of defense and are resistant to nearly everything, so they're somewhat irksome.

Let's get this out of the way. It's impeding our progress!

They're blue CancerMen, and they're nothing special.

terrible flood. Water filled the underground, and I died. I never found out waht had happened outside. You are ther first humans to come here since the disaster. Please tell me. Has this city already fallen into the ruin?
Pretty much.
So, it is true. Thank you. I knew it, but I needed to hear it.

So, this seems to be a major theme - ridiculous underwater monsters. Sure, the EvilDiver is a scary dinosaur thing, but that's a penguin. A friggin' penguin!

pot. I spent my entire life perfecting it. What? You say it just looks like an ordinary pot? Ha! Amateurs! You are only looking at the surface. If you think it's so ordinary, try throwing it.

Wow! That thing does throw quite far.
How about that? Did you see how far this masterpiece of mine can fly? Impressive, isn't it? What? What's the point of a flying pot, you ask? Ha! Obviously it is impossible for an amateur to appreciate my work. I don't know why I wasted my time showing it to you.

Another new underwater enemy. Ho hum.

by the intense odor coming up from right below us.
What a big fane! I wonder what they used to worship here.
First, block puzzles. Then traveling back and forth in time to solve people's problems. We've been in castles, several underground cave complexes, a desert, and a goddamn volcano. Now, I have to go into a temple and constantly mess with the water level to continue. There is no way any other heroes wearing a green tunic and cap have ever had to deal with trials like this.

And now I'm throwing pots to activate faraway buttons! How unique!

The EvlTurtles have a really low defense, which is kind of odd, I think.

This lost city is like my garden. I was already aware of your coming and your intentions.You must have seen the spirits. Those weaklings are slaves to this dying city. They are useful for surveillance, and maybe as toys. Mwa ha ha!

Oh, no! It's Gracos!
With my powers, I will provide these weak spirits with one more chance to do something.
Ahhhh! Please, help me!
Come and give it your all. I'm sure it will not be enough.

First, he sends the souls of the unquiet dead at us. These are the ghosts that we just saw, turned into monsters. We defeat them before they even get a chance to attack, though.
Splendid. Even among humans, it is fate that the weak will be used as stepping stones for the strong. If you intend to fight me, destroy the others and show me your strength.
Oh, the pain! Somebody help me!
Please, stop!
You're a horrible fellow! We won't fight those spirits!
I shall include you in my collection of toys, just like these weak spirits.

(Bard) It looks like I got here just in time! I'm going to fight with you!
Ha ha ha! How is an old man like you going to make any difference?
(Bard) Even if I haven't got the power to fight, I have a tula, and I'm not afraid to use it! Oh, pitiful spirits of those who have died, listen to my music and return to heaven!
This music.
Am I going to be released from this eternal spell? (The ghosts disappear)
Impossible! How did you break my spell?
(Bard) Link! Let's show him what humans are really capable of! (Link and his companions were restored in mind and body)
You dare to defy me? Impudent fools. Your power is nothing against mine. I will scatter you to the winds! Feel the full fury of my true power!

completely beneath the sea.
This one is really pissing me off. Let's see what his insides look like!
Now that we have full HP and MP, I think we can take this chump no trouble. That said, Gracos doesn't mess around. He gets two attacks per turn and loves to do actions that target the entire party each turn. On the other hand, Gabo can cast HealUs, which lets him heal the entire party for more than he can damage us each turn.

The great Gracos will never be defeated by the likes of you! You'll accompany me to the grave!

There is no escape now. You humans shall perish with me. Ha ha ha!
Well, I could just cast Outside, so it's not a big deal for me, but the Bard might have some trouble. Let's ask him.
(Bard) Our retreat has been blocked by the water attack! We're finished. Actually, I'm only kidding. Just wait a minute. (He calls up a gate) Let's get out of here.

(Bard) Thanks to you, the people of this continent are saved. I thank you. This time, I really bit off more than I could chew. Year after year, I travel the world saving people. But I've grown old. It's high time I quit my journey. If I could settle down and train a successor, that may be the best way to spend my waning years. I'm rather tired. You go on ahead. After you folks left, I explained what happened to the people who were locked up. After realizing that the sea had receded, I imagine they went back to their towns and villages.

monsters for us, aren't you? We knew that you had won when the waters receded. Most everyone has already gone back to their homes. I was waiting to tell the bard what has transpired, but I'm sure that you'll tell him. I'll be on my way, then. I want to get home as soon as I can.
There were a lot of humans, but they all went off somewhere. It's a relief, but It's also a little lonely.

(Bard) to go on ahead of me. I must now close this travel portal. We must return to Hamelia quickly. Excuse me, but I shall take my leave now. I've decided to find someone to train as my successor. I'm not all that good, but I should pass on this tradition. Anyhow, take this. It's the least I can do. (He tosses a WizardRing to us) Farewell, until we meet again - if fate should allow it.
... SHIT! That was Jann! The master of tula, who once played the TerraTula in the effort to summon God. He didn't recognize us because Kiefer wasn't here, and he's the only one that would be recognized after Kiefer stole his woman! I would have apologized, but that would have been really awkward if he had remembered.

Moon, handed down from generation to generation in Hamelia, as a reward. Obtained from the Lost City, the Merm Moon is the treasure to end all treasure. I struggle to think what the value of such a legendary treasure might be comparable to. Hmmm... A flying carpet, perhaps? Only if that sort of thing were to actually exist, of course.
Well I know a guy who died and left his carpet to another guy, but the carpet was stolen by his maid who wants to see the Merm Moon to prove that we're legendary heroes.
I am told it was you who vanquished the Sea Demon, Gracos, for us! Your actions lay bare your divine worth. Please take the treasure of our town. The entrance to the treasure room is under the saloon.

to give you the town treasure. So please take it with you. This secret treasure comes from an ancient city.

This is a pearl of incalculable beauty. Let's see if I can pick up anything nice from the other towns.

That would be us, yes.
Is that right? I always wanted to tell you how thankful we are! The village is still kind of a mess, but please make yourself at home. You're always welcome!
No jewels though, eh? Not even any weird shards? Moving along, then.

to enter Avon!
Welcome, mighty slayers of Gracos! I give you thanks, not only from me, but on behalf of everyone who lives upon this continent. As a reward, please go to the locked room on the way to the tunnel. I unlocked it for you. Please, take what is held there. The treasure is yours.

Dibs! As a pirate, that coat is mine! Ooh! In the other chest, there's a Berserker Heart! Gabo's already mastered it, but if anyone else wants to branch off into monster classes, that'll help. So now we can return to the present and wrap up some of the stuff we've been dealing with for quite some time.

Next time on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 7: We give a maid a Merm Moon, and talk with an old man for a while.

New Item: Tinymedal x 3, PirateShirt, BerserkerHeart, HorkHeart

Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Buccaneer
Spell: StepGuard, MapMagic,

Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, Armageddon,
New Skills: Meditate

Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest, Novice (Thief) Martyr, Minstrel
New Skill: MistSong, AngelSong