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Part 41: Post 35: In which we return to Loomin to save it a third time and are confronted with an actual choice.

Post 35: In which we return to Loomin to save it a third time and are confronted with an actual choice.

UCK! (deep breath) Back to Loomin.

Probably. Anything going wrong?
I knew it! Please, get rid of that hideous monster for us!
I hear Sieble's Chibi was found hanging onto one of the HellVine's roots. One of those maggots is nothing to worry about, but the possibility of a horde of them burrowing around sends shivers down my spine. Oh, I don't want to think about it. Well, unless you consider that one odd bug. No, I doubt he's any threat to you.
Hey there, chief! What brings you back this way? Regrettably, we have no new enemies for you to draw your trusty blade against.
Sieble, who lives in a mansion in the city, has a pet insect that has literally grown before the townspeople's eye. Its rate of growth is starting to worry even the heartiest among us.
I pray every day for the souls of the victims of the HellVine. It's the least a survivor can do for those who didn't make it.
Tell me the truth! Has HellVine truly become one with the earth? Don't get me wrong. I'm not doubting you! Lately, though, I have heard strange noises emanating from the ground, and it worries me.
(Torii) Sieble lives in that mansion. Have you seen the pet he has yet? Within a short time, it's grown abnormally large. With such great girth, it could easily attack a human. I wouldn't be surprised if the arrival of that thing proved to be a turning point for Loomin. Something must be done.
A turning point, eh? Then I need to do something, I suppose.

Oh, I didn't tell you my name yet. I'm Sieble. And that is my lovely pet, Chibi. I found him sticking to the HellVine and ended up taking him home to care for him. He became so big so quickly. Maybe it's because of all the love and attention I've given him. Ha ha ha! Huh? What's wrong? You look so pale. Well, it isn't so difficult for me to imagine why you and the townspeople are scared of him. But once you get to know him, you'll agree that he's a real cutie. I can't imagine a life without Chibi now. Here, Chibi! Come on, boy! It's time to eat!
(Chibi) Screee! Screee! (He runs up to the food) What do you think? He's smart, too!

Splendid timing. I want you to join us as well!
(Sieble) What are you doing entering my house without permission?
Sieble... there is something we need to discuss with you, as representatives of the town. Frankly speaking, we want you to do something about the big bug over there.
(Sieble) Well, what is it?
You seem to have made a pet of it, so we won't ask you to kill it. But having a monster like that in our town makes everyone very nervous. The townspeople request that you take it and leave it far in the mountains.
(Sieble) ... I have no intention of letting my Chibi go. Chibi isn't a monster.
Haven't you changed your mind yet? This is what everyone in the town wants!
(Sieble) I rear Chibi in my own house. The townspeople have no right to complain about what I do in my own home.
Quit being so self-centered! What are you going to do if something bad happens from keeping a monster inside the town?
(Sieble) I have no idea what's wrong with him. Chibi is a smart and gentle maggot.
A worthless insect like this doesn't have any sort of intelligence! Wake up!
(Chibi) Screee! (He hops at the group of men) Screee! Screee!
We're being attacked by monsters!
W-We knew that monster was violent! (They flee)
(Sieble) Did you try to protect me, Chibi? Thank you, sweetie! But I think you went a bit too far. (Chibi crawls over to Sieble) I'm sure that they've gotten the wrong idea about Chibi. I hope this won't cause any trouble.
Let's just go and see what's going on.

food! No doubt about it. That monster eats human flesh. To think that we've been living in the same town as that thing. It's so horrible!
T-that was terrifying! Did you see that, Link? That is the true nature of the beast! What? What's the misunderstanding? What are you talking about? We were attacked! There's no doubt!
Everybody seems apprehensive lately. I'm worried that suddenly something really bad will happen.
(Torii) Sieble is being fooled by that insect. It's clear now. That thing is the new threat to Loomin.
Oh, that's horrible. So, that monster was dangerous after all. We shouldn't just thorw it out of the city. We should eviscerate it.
If Sieble won't let go of his pet monster, then we're going to have to take care of it for him. I know I sound overbearing, but we have to consider the security of the people in the city. Sieble will realize the error of his ways after we've killed the creature. The only problem is finding someone to slay the stalwart beast. Who could... hey! I've got it! Can we ask you to handle this noblest of tasks? I'm sure that there will be no objection, seeing as you've already defeated the DarkDraco and the HellVine. How about it? Can you do it for Loomin? Can you restore peace to our town once again?

And we have come to one of the few real choices in the game: Whether or not to kill Chibi. It makes a difference, but not a large one. We can complete the game with either choice, and do everything else regardless. But one choice saves the town, and the other leaves it destroyed.

The choice comes up a couple of times, but I'm only going to ask once - Let the adorable Chibi live, or destroy the despicable HellWorm lest he destroy the town?

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