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Part 42: Post 35.5.1: In which we save Loomin by saving the poor, innocent Chibi.

Post 35.5.1: In which we save Loomin by saving the poor, innocent Chibi.

No! That's horrible! Chibi's done nothing to any of you!

our town's problems. We shall take care of the monster ourselves. It's only an insect, after all.

(Sieble) What? The townspeople are planning to kill Chibi? That's terrible! I didn't expect things to go this far! What am I going to do? If I don't do anything, then something bad might happen to my precious HellWorm, Chibi. I've got to try and think clearly, but my mind has gone askew! I don't have any choice, it seems. I must take Chibi to the mountains and abandon him there. Hopefully, they will relinquish the idea of killing Chibi if I release him before they arrive. It pains me to do this to Chibi, but this is a matter of life and death. All right. I must prepare to depart. Can I expect your assistance?
Sure! I'm in. We'll save your adorable little HellWorm.
(Sieble) With such strong support, Chibi's future is no longer in doubt. I must begin preparations immediately!

(Sieble) ready. Hmm. We can't take Chibi out in broad daylight, Shall we go now? I fear for Chibi's safety if we stay any longer. There's a hill near here. I suggest we go there for the time being. We're going to attract attention if we move as a group, so Chibi and I will go first. (They leave)

(Sieble) Okay, Chibi, I've brought you a bunch of stuff. You've got lots of your favorite foods, and your favorite toys as well. And take these medicinal herbs if you get hurt... Wait, you're not smart enough to understand that. That was dumb of me, wasn't it? Bringing you medicinal herbs! Ha ha ha! ... I'm sorry that things have come to this, Chibi. I really wamted us to be together forever. But if I don't do something, your life will be in danger. I guess this is goodbye. Chibi, forgive us humans for being so thoughtless. Please don't hate us.
(Chibi) Scree! Scree!
(Sieble) Okay, people, it's all taken care of. Let's go. If we stay here any longer, it'll just be that much more painful. Let's get going.

(Sieble) No, Chibi! Stay away! You mustn't come with me. We can't be together anymore, Chibi. You've got to understand that.
(Chibi) Scree! Scree! (The party, with Sieble in tow, goes off) Squeak...

(Sieble) Though he'll be in hiding, I'll know where to find him when I visit. Still, I'm going to miss that little HellWorm.
(Sieble) What was that scream? It came from outside!

monsters! They're attacking everyone!
We can cut loose against these thing! Say your prayers, you bug-eyed monsters!
How many of these things are there? At any rate, we must keep fighting them!
Eeeek! A horde of hungry, hungry HellWorms!
Damn! What the hell are they?

Another brief fight later...
Whew! I appreciate the assistance! What the hell is this bugger, anyway? He looks an awful lot like Sieble's pet.
These must be Chibi's friends! I knew that thing was going to try and destroy the city! If only we could have done something sooner! Damn!

(Sieble) Link! H-Help me!
Another brief fight later...
(Sieble) Gasp! That was too close! What is this thing? Did Chibi order the other bugs to attack? The mere thought of such absurdity makes me choke on my own bile! Chibi wouldn't do something so savage! Besides, Chibi is too cute to associate with one of those... things. I refuse to accept that these things are Chibi's friends. (More Hellworms burst in through the holes in the ground)

(Sieble) have any time to waste! Let's leave the town for the time being.

What will we do? We're surrounded!
(Sieble) Chibi, how come you're here? You're not safe here. you must go away, quickly!
(Chibi) Screeee! (The HellWorms back off)
(Sieble) Chibichibichibi... (Chibi moves between the party and the HellWorms)

(Chibi) Screee! (They have a fight!) Grrraahh! (The first HellWorm dies, but then the next steps up!)
(Chibi) Screee! Grraaaahh! (The next one dies, but a third steps up!)
(Chibi) Screee! Graaaaahh! Screee! (He kills the third HellWorm, and the rest of the HellWorms run off!)
(Sieble) Chibi, you saved us. Thank you. I didn't know you were this strong. I'm impressed.
(Chibi) Scree!
(Sieble) Chibi! Chibi, what's the matter? Chibiiiiii!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

HellWorm, Chibi. In celebrating their rescure, the townspeople couldn't help but reflect upon their wrongdoings. And then dawn broke...
(Sieble) Whew! We managed to escape somehow. It seems all the villagers survived without any injuries. We owe it all to you, Link. And perhaps I should thank the fallen Chibi, as well. When I was attacked by the HellVine, Rocky came to my rescue. This time, I was saved by Chibi. Do you think they were only repaying me for all of the kindness that I showed them, Link? I'm sorry. I thought I wouldn't cry. I'm embarrassed to cry in front of you.
Okay, I think we did it this time. Let's check and see what's going on.

I saw it with my own eyes! Chibi got rid of the monsters! We really should apologize to Sieble for attempting to kill his friend. Perhaps it is too late to ask forgiveness. We acted selfishly. It was shameful.
I know what you're going to say. Our city has been saved thanks to Chibi. Our fears were completely unfounded. That being said, I don't think I went too far. I was only acting in the town's best interests.
(Torii) Oh, how can I apologize to Sieble? As incredible as it may sound, that Chibi saved the city. I'm so ashamed that I can't even show my face to him. That's it! Maybe I can lay something on Chibi's grave! Do you have any idea what Chibi's favorite food was, Link? His own filth? What?
Okay, you're just weird. Let's just leave...

How unusual for travelers to visit such an out-of-the-way place. Isn't much to see here except the grave of our hero, but it is a nice, quiet town.
According to legend, three great disasters have happened to this town. First the DarkDraco, then the invasion of the demon plant HellVine, and then a swarm of giant bugs. A courageous man named Chibi saved the town from these three disasters. It is siad that he died soon after from wound sustained when he saved the town. He definitely fits the mold of the tragic hero.
If you're looking for the hero's grave, it's right next to the mansion. I wonder why the grave is way over there instead of behind the temple?
Segregation, that's why! Support monster rights!
This is the gravesite of Chibi, the town's hero. Someone should really change his name, though. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but it sounds more like a pet's name than that of a great hero.
You know, we already have a desert kingdom that recognizes us on sight and plies us with fine foods, and we have an astonishing amount of money. We'll let Chibi have this.

the bone. Hey! Don't you dare tell her what I said, you eavesdropping little wench!
Welcome. This mansion belongs to the wife of a very wealthy man. Quite some time ago, they had a huge fight, and have been living apart ever since. We've never once seen the Master's face.
My maids here are really good at working their mouths, but they don't work their hands very much. Maybe I'll just buy one of those mechanical maids I hear they're developing.
Well, Loomin seems to be intact in the present, but there doesn't seem to be any shards here or anything... I wonder what would have happened if I had killed the adorable Chibi?

Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Sea Dog, SheepLord, BeastLord, Faust, Chosen One, HiPriest, Squire

Level: 29-30
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Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest, Novice (Thief) Martyr, Minstrel, Fool, Icon, ArchMage, Prophet, Ragnarok, Soldier