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Part 43: Post 35.5.2: In which we save Loomin by butchering the ruthless HellWorm, Chibi.

Post 35.5.2: In which we save Loomin by butchering the ruthless HellWorm, Chibi.

Sure! Let's kill that horrible thing! It'll be the death of you all!

that can leave a bad taste in your mouth.
Yeah, let's do this.
That's an encouraging answer, but let me make things crystal clear. It would be a problem if you were to change your mind halfway through the job. You say you're willing to get rid of Chibi. Are you really going to do it?
I'll do it, I'll do it, I'll do it. I have told you three times, and that which I tell you three times is true.
You are truly courageous. It is quite fitting that someone as cold-hearted and calculating as you has committed to such a deed. I'm sure you will handle this matter cleanly. It is a wise man who recognizes that mob rule is for the best. Did you hear that, everyone? Link has accepted the task of killing the monster!
Oh, it's the hero who defeated the HellVine!
If Link is handling things, then I feel safe.
(Torii) Link, you are truly the savior of the city. I'm struggling to find the words to thank you.
Now that it has been decided, let's take care of the monster while Sieble is sleeping. Until then, please rest yourselves for the work ahead.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

of Chibi and the moral implications of taking an innocent worm's life danced in their heads. Soon, nightfall arrived.
Link, I think we're getting in too deep.
Too deep? This is nothing! I'll tell you when we're getting in too deep.

Please finish it before Sieble wakes up and sees what has happened. It would be too much for Sieble to bear were he to witness the perpetual gouging and stabbing, as you flay poor little Chibi's bulbous flesh from his primitive nervous system.
No, really Link, I think we're in too deep.
Too deep? I'll tell you when we're in too deep!

(Chibi) Screee! Screee!

to be easy, is it?
Poor Chibi. Your death is necessary to restore peace to the town!
Do you really intend to fight that thing, Link? Somehow, I just can't get behind the idea.
He's obviously to blame for all of the city's troubles! He's an agent of the Demon Lord and must be destroyed! And, at a guess, since we haven't fought any HellWorms, I'd say he's much more powerful than the average specimen, with many more hit points and double the strength, and also gets two attacks per round! He must be a horror unleashed upon the world only for it's destruction! But, after a sustained effort...

(Sieble) (Sieble rushes down) What's going on? It's the middle of the night. No! Chibi! Oh, no, Chibi. What I have done?
Oh god, we've caused a stroke! There's a blood clot in his speech center.
(Sieble) Link! Why the hell did you do that to my Chibi? No, you don't have to utter a word. The townspeople sent you to kill Chibi. I'm sorry, Chibi! This is all my fault! If only I hadn't kept you as a pet and decided to let you go, I could have avoided this! Oh, Chibi, forgive me.
Link, this seems really awful. Are you sure we're not in too deep?
You call this deep? I'll tell you when we're in too deep. (The townspeople burst in!)

thanks to Link and friends. I feel terrible for Sieble. He was forced to swallow quite a bitter pill. We had no choice. Please understand.
Even if you had released it somewhere in the mountains, it could have returned to town. And we couldn't have done anything to stop it.
(Sieble) Sigh. What did Chibi do wrong?
(Torii) What was that scream just now?
I-I don't know. In any case, let's go and take a look. (They rush out)
(Sieble) Chibi... I... I...
Let's step outside and give him a moment...

Ahhh! It's some sort of smaller, less dangerous version of Chibi! And there are dozens of them! Let's kill them and rescue the townsfolk!
These must be Chibi's friends! I knew that thing was going to try and destroy the city! If only we could have done something sooner! Damn!
(Torii) Ha ha! Thank you so much. Well, peeing on an insect doesn't do much.
Whew! I'm safe at last. What in the heck is this gruesome grub? Could Sieble's pet have called its friends to attack us?
Whew! I appreciate the assistance! What the hell is this bugger, anyway? He looks an awrul lot like Sieble's pet.
What do you suppose has become of Sieble, Master Link? Perhaps we ought to return to the mansion.

(Sieble) Link! H-Help me!
Die, foul Mini-Chibi!
(Sieble) Gasp! That was too close. What is this thing? Are you suggesting that Chibi summoned his friends to attack! That's ridiculous! Although, one couldn't blame Chibi for growing to despise humans. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming you for this. It's my fault. (More HellWorms burst in)

(Sieble) have any time to waste! Let's leave the town for the time being.

Gabo, do you remember how I told you how I'd tell you when you were in too deep?
Gabo, we're in too deep.
(Sieble) It's too late to leave the city. Let's head for the well on the outskirts of town. (We flee the city, and dive into the well.)

(Sieble) many at once. I'm worried about the townspeople, but it would be better to wait here until morning. If they managed to escape, I'm sure they are safe. Link, do you think Chibi really did this?
It's the only possibility.
(Sieble) I still can't bring myself to believe it. I can't imagine that gentle Chibi would make those things attack the town. It must have been an accident! No matter what anyone else says, I still believe in Chibi.

(Sieble) Well, we've survived the night. I don't hear anything outside. Have they left? I'm worried about the town. Let's go check it out.

(Sieble) I can't believe this! Loomin has been destroyed! It is such a horrific sight, Link! Why has this happened? I scoured the entire city, but was unable to find even a stray cat. It means that I'm the only survivor. I lost Chibi, and now I've lost my home as well. What will I do? I'm sorry, will you leave me alone for a while? The shock it too much for me to handle. I need some time to myself.

Naaaaah, that never would have happened. Chibi was much too adorable to attack.

Okay, folks - we have seen the alternate present in which we kill Chibi. It's bleak and horrible. So, where to next - Probina or Mardra?