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Part 44: Post 36: In which Maribel shows what a vain fool she really is, we learn many new words usually seen only in the SAT, and Gabo is left out.

Post 36: In which Maribel shows what a vain fool she really is, we learn many new words usually seen only in the SAT, and Gabo is left out.

I have a good feeling about the pedestal we can do in the Wind portion of the ruined fane... Let's go there next.

Hello, a bridge - there must be civilization this way.

I really don't mind people admiring my insipiring beauty! Just don't touch me.
Shhh! Shut up or they'll find us! Huh? You aren't from around here, are you? The town I hail from is in terrible trouble right now. But I suppose there's no point in telling complete strangers about it. Look, it's dangerous here so you best forget about me and hurry up and get as far away as you can!
According to that sign, there's a city named Probina this way - let's go there.

you with Raguraz?
What's a Raguraz?
Hold on. There's something about them. I think they're telling the truth.
We are travelers who've just arrived here. We are unfamiliar with this place. Who or what is Raguraz?
So you are just travelers. Well, let me impart some valuable knowledge. Stay far away from the Kingdom of Raguraz. It lies on an island across the southern seas. Theirs is a depraved culture, barbaric and profane. Lately, Raguraz's military has been flooding Probina with a subversive element. I'm here to make sure that these practices do not continue. Those I have caught have been returned to Raguraz as broken men. No respectable woman would want them. This brings me great pleasure.
Why would a big kingdom like that come after a puny town like this? Hmm, maybe they're hiding some kind of treasure here.
For your own good, I suggest you do not pry in our affairs. While you pose no immediate threat, I will show no remorse if the time comes for me to cut your throats in defense of my people. That said, enjoy your stay in the humble town of Probina. Don't do anything stupid. After you've rested and collected what you need, you must leave. I trust you understand.
I don't know if you're a horrible bastard who's working for the Demon Lord or the most brilliant townsperson I've ever dealt with. Let's see!
My, how unusual! Travelers from abroad? Welcome to Probina.
Twack! Twap! Whack! Whack! I'm able to work the fields like this every day thanks to the priest. Actually, it's probably more accurate to say I owe my thanks to the Goddess. I'm most grateful.
It's awfully tense outside. We've never felt so compelled to protect the town's borders before.
According to the Elder, the priest left town to pursue an inquiry. He was decidedly vague about any specific details and has yet to return. Sometimes I wonder if the people of Probina have sacrificed their freedom for complacency. Our borders are restrictively enforced, and we have entrusted our future to officials who work behind a veil of secrecy.
That was more detail than I expected... Thanks, I suppose.
Several days ago, an envoy from Raguraz came to see Ordeux, the town Elder. He delivered a message from the King. But Elder Ordeux still refuses to tell us what the message was about.
The Elder assembled the town's advisors for an important meeting this morning. My husband is naive about human nature and contends that they only seek what will benefit the town. But I don't trust them.
My horse has been irritable since this morning. It's starting to get annoying. Hey, come on, what is it with you? There's nothing to be scared of. Calm down, already.
Purr... purr.
Wow! You've got a face as pretty as mine!

thanks to the Goddess Statue that rests in the temple. Monsters lose their powers and even die when they get too close to it. She may be a Goddess to us, but she's something entirely different to them. Ha ha ha!
This is Elder Ordeux's house. Did you come here to greet the Elder? You're well-mannered travelers. Unfortunately, I saw Ordeux leaving for somewhere a while ago.

Ordeux, the Elder, and Razuel, his son, were arguing violently. It had something to do with a deadline and an attack. It's almost as if the prospect of war was being discussed. Forgive me if I seem uneasy.
Ordeux and Razuel just went to the temple to see the priest. The temple? It's atop the mountain. You can get there through the cave to the north of here.
Then through the caves we go!

The Dragon can do general dragony things, like breathing fire or cold, and the Stalker died before he could do anything, sadly.

Hey, a backup FloraJay heart. Useful if someone else wants to go into the monster classes later on. We've got spare Slime, Hork, Florjay, Wyvern, and Berseker hearts now.

I wonder why they built the temple on the other side of a cave full of monsters. Or, if the temple was built first, why not clear a direct path of some kind? Ah, here we are at the top.

One gust and all my work is carried away by the breeze. I come from town every day to tend to the landscaping around the temple. I'd do anything to help the priest. He's a man among men. Nobody knows where he came from, but we have all accepted him with open arms. It's a long story, but you look like the kind of adventurers who would talk to every person they meet. Would you like to hear it?
Would we ever!
All right! It happened three years ago. A man mysteriously washed up on the eastern shore of town.
I imagine that was the priest.
Hey! Would you just keep quiet and listen to the story? It gets better, I promise! All right, now where was I? Oh, yes. He must have endured a harrowing ordeal. His robes were torn and bloody, and he couldn't remember anything except that he was a priest. Through it all, his battered hands remained tightly clenched around a mysterious golden object.
Perhaps it was the Goddess Statue!
No! Stop it! Who's telling this story anyway? Young lady, if you always interrupt and never listen, how can you be so certain? In any case, the priest means a lot to our town. We can't live without him!
Seriously, Maribel, stop being a bitch. Let's go into the temple.

(Ordeux) and destruction. I ask that you give me another chance to try persuading the great King of Raguraz. Perhaps I can still reason with him.
(Razuel) It's no use, Father. The King will never listen to you. Raguraz is a dangerous kingdom, intent on remaking the world in its image. Our town was once regarded as insignificant to their grander plans, but now it seems we have something that is worth their attention. If the Goddess Statue did not exist, we would not be faced with impending war! (A guy bursts in!)
Ordeux! I military force from Raguraz has gathered on the bridge at the edge of town!
(Ordeux) What? Then it has begun.
(Razuel) Damn it! (Razuel runs and grabs the statue!)
(Ordeux) Razuel! What are you doing with the Goddess Statue?
(Razuel) It's time I put an end to Raguraz's imperialist ways. Come with me.
Yes, sir!
(Razuel) Damn that Razuel! One day he'll pay for his imprudence. I just pray that Probina doesn't pay the price along with him.
It shames me to think that my presence here has brought this town to the brink of war. I don't even know why I had that statue in the first place. The Goddess Statue has always been heralded as a harbinger of peace. I never imagined it would serve as a catalyst for war.
Don't be ashamed! It isn't your fault! The Goddess Statue has kept the village safe until now, right?
Thank you for your kind words, young lady. I'm afraid, however, that my coming here will now cause more harm than the good it has accomplished.
You mustn't talk like that! If you lose faith in your own integrity, then how can you weather life's challenges to come?
Razuel is an impetuous man. He has long fought to effect revolutionary change within Probina, but rarely does he think things through. There's no telling what he might do. Please, kind travelers, save Razuel from himself. I fear the army of Raguraz will not be merciful.
Well, back down through the mountain we go.

offensive. Razuel intends to head them off before they cross the bridge on the outskirts of town. He told the townspeople to lock themselves in their homes! I recommend you and your party take cover somewhere as well.
Judging from the commotion, you'd think that Probina was on the brink of war. Soon, dead bodies will be piled in the town's center, houses will burn down to their ashy foundations, and slaughtered livestock will fill our fields. Our scant resources will crumble under the might of Raguraz's army. But I'll be all right. After all, I'm hardly a threat to anyone.
That's really just awful.
It seems Raguraz's army has reached the bridge and is preparing for battle. They make it into town, they won't get into my inn! I'm going to protect my family and home! Even if it means tearing this purplr sign off the doorway and personally bashing in the heads of every last Raguraz soldier with it!
Alright then, back to the bridge.

The army of Raguraz has actually come! Do you think they'll quietly retreat when we hand the Goddess Statue over to them?

(Razuel) I hold within my hands that which you came for, the Goddess Statue. But I have no intention of relinquishing it to Raguraz, regardless of your kingdom's purported military might.
(Captain) I have no time for your misguided diplomacy. But if that is indeed the Goddess Statue, then move no further!
(Razuel) The allure of battle escapes me. Yours is an evil culture. A culture of destruction. It breeds a callous indifference to the suffering of others. As long as the statue exists...
(Captain) What did you say?
(Razuel) As long as the statue exists, we are under the threat of another war. I can't let that happen.
(Captain) What the hell are you talking about? If there is any good in this world, you will be the first to die in this regrettably short war. It will be difficult to make grandstanding speeches when you are choking on your own blood.
(Razuel) I would rather die at the hands of a monster, than take the life of another human. Hiyaa! (Razuel breaks the statue and throws it into the river) Go back and tell your king something for me. Tell him to forget about the Goddess Statue, because it no longer exists.
Razuel, what are you doing?
(Captain) Gyahah hahah! Your seething stupidity amazes me. I had planned to dispose of the statue eventually, but I didn't know it would be this easy! Thanks to you, we can now take care of our real business. Gyahahah!
(Razuel) What the hell?!

Go forth, my minions! There's nothing to fear now! Burn the village to the ground! (All the monsters fly over to Probina)
(Razuel) I've endangered the lives of everyone! (The townsfolk run back to town)
Back to town!

As bad as this looks, I bet it'll still be easier to fix than Loomin was.
This door will be plastered with my brain and skull fragments before I allow them to set one foot in my inn! Grah!

(Razuel) I won't let you get away with this! (Razuel kills one of the monsters)
Kee! Kee! (He slashes Razuel)
(Razuel) Arrgh! My legs! Do not mistake my attempts at a peaceful resolution with Raguraz as a weakness! Death awaits you, demon! (He slashes the other demon!)
Kee! Kee! (The imp expires!)
(Razuel) Damn! I can't move my legs! Luck has it that they haven't figured out where the kind priest is. I'll catch up with you soon enough, so head for the temple. And tell the priest to run and hide somewhere safe! I beg of you!
Arrrgh! So you've clawed out my eye! No matter. I have another! Arrgh! So, you've clawed out my other eye! I can still blindly swing at you!
That's the spirit! Now on to the temple!

(Ordeux) all of Probina's troubles. Oh, we met at the temple! Forgive me. I did not see you at first. Heh heh. For a man my age, the procession to the temple must be faced with ardor or it wears me down. But I suppose the path to salvation is never easy. Heh heh.
What are you doing? This is no time to relax! (Maribel explained the situation).
(Ordeux) What? How could Razuel do such a thing? The monsters disguised themselves as soldiers? It's all so unbelievable! I'm worried about the town. I'm going to make my way back and surreptitiously check things out. Please protect the temple! I entrust you with the priest's safety!

I have to explain quickly. Here's the situation. (Melvin explained the situation)
What? When the monsters and soldiers broke Razuel, the Goddess Statue attacked them? Aieeee! This is really bad!

Has war broken out? Is Razuel okay? (Link explained the situation)
When will I get to explain the situation?
Maybe when you're older.
No! So we have been unwitting pawns in the monsters' deception? It can't be! (The priest marches outside)

The monsters waste little time. All that the good people Probina have built will be torn asunder. Somehoe, the smell of billowing smoke seems so familiar. It's almost stifling. Ahhh! My head! It feels as if it's splitting in two! (There is flash!) Unngh! I remember now! Long ago, my village was attacked by ignoble monsters! I thought I had seen enough bloodshed to last me a lifetime. It seems I cannot escape my past.
(Razuel) Priest! Gasp! Priest! It's my fault that this happened. Please, make haste and run! The monster will be here at any moment!
Then we must hurry! Those things have neither blood nor tears. But first, I have something important to retreive from the temple cellar. Razuel, can you come with me to help?
(Razuel) Yes, Priest! We must move quickly! (They rush off)

you go in. Please bring it back here quickly!
(Razuel) Understood, Priest. Let's grab it and get out of here.
Oh my, I forgot! There's something heavy blocking the way that he won't be able to move alone! Please, go and help him!

Seriously, Maribel, stop being a bitch.
You mustn't complain, Maribel. God's servants have great strength. It lies not in the strength of their bodies, but in the strength of their souls. We must help the Priest escape posthaste!

(Razuel) Oh, look! That must be it! Oh, it's just an empty, dusty sack.

(Razuel) Priest! What are you doing? Open up!
I can't escape from them, Razuel. The past always seems to catch up with me. Before I came to Probina, my own village was laid to waste by these vile creatures. They took from me my home and almost my life. Purulent and bloody, I crawled to the temple and clasped my arms around the Goddess Statue. Somehow, by the grace of God, I made my way to the shoreline and set off upon the high seas toward uncertain sanctuary. The rest is still somewhat of a haze. I do not intend for Probina to meet with a similar fate. Perhaps I can remedy the damage that has been done. Don't move or make a sound. You're young and have your whole lives ahead of you. Farewell, everyone.
(Razuel) Priest!

There may be nothing left of the town below!
Don't say that, Melvin. There's always hope. I'm worried about the townspeople. Let's hurry down the mountain!
Yes, a fine idea, considering the monsters have left.

All that remains is a lifeless husk... This man was a servant at the temple. He must have been caught while trying to escape.
It is a cruel fate to have one's soul shattered by monsters. Hmm, maybe we should push his tongue back in his mouth.

town sooner, this tragedy might have been averted!
It seems the Elder is not alone in his fate. The whole town has suffered through the same thing.

(Razuel) with such careless disregard? If only I hadn't destroyed the Goddess Statue. ( He slowly walks off, dropping something)

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

The small box contains the Goddess Picture and the PriestKey!
Let's look at this picture for a moment...

Goddess Picture posted:

The image of a goddess healing her wounds at a spring is depicted.
That's interesting... there was a spring out back of the temple... Let's talk to Razuel again.

Hey, look at this awesome picture I found.
(Razuel) What? I dropped a chest with a picture and a key in it? Oh, I would that chest in the basement of the temple before I left there. Hmm, let's take a look. It appears that a wounded Goddess is healing herself with the water of a spring. Perhaps it's something that the priest used for temple ceremonies. But wait! Could this be?

(Razuel) You come to the spring nearly every day. Just what are you doing?
Razuel, the Goddess Statue is blessed with the task of watching over this town. Yet even a Goddess sometimes requires attention. I visit this spring every day so that she may continue to overlook the town of Probina with renewed vigor.
(Razuel) Hmmm? Oh, holy power! I see.

(Razuel) in the mountain spring. I dismissed it as a remnant of ancient religious tradition, but the spring in this drawing bears a striking resemblance. And the wounded Goddess... Arrgg! Damn it! This is all so confusing! My head is spinning!
I think I know what to do... back to the bridge!

And the head's right over there. Let's grab them both and talk to Razuel again.

(Razuel) Statue that I broke! I see! Now I understand! The Goddess in that picture is the Goddess Statue! If that is true, we need to bring the Goddess Statue to the mountaintop spring. Arrgh! Damn it! This is all so confusing! My head is spinning!

the priest?
What will happen if we put the broken Goddess Statue in this spring?
I admit I'm intrigued to find out!
I long for the day you will no longer be with us.
Very well. Let us attempt this course of action.
(DragonMan) Stay your hand, human! Your hope exists in perception only! (The DragonMan appears!)

(DragonMan) He anticipate the possibility that one day we would return to finish the work we started long ago. With his unfailing loyalty to his people, he has earned my respect. Now he holds an honorable place in the pit of my noble belly. As for the Goddess Statue, it has been shattered like the souls of the humans and shall remain that way. If you dare to oppose me, I will show you a fate far worse than death.

make you see the error of your ways!
Link! This is the head monster from back on the bridge. It must be the one that killed the priest!
Master Link! We can't let him have either part of the Goddess Statue!
Let's wreck his shit! He might be able to cast Infermost, which hits the party fairly hard, and use QuadHits, which performs four attacks, but he can't stop us! But before he dies...

(DragonMan) I'll show you what happens to insolent fools who stand against me! Die! (Razuel bursts in)
(Razuel) Link! Give me the Goddess Statue! Quick!
I have a better idea! Quick! Take the Goddess Statue!
(Razuel) Link, after spending an inexplicably interminable amount of time trying to figure things out, I think I've hit on something. Through intense deductive reasoning, I've found what the priest intended for us to do. I just can't believe he actually planned for this contingency. (He tosses the statue bits into the spring, and the statue is restored)
(DragonMan) My power! My very lifeblood! It's being drained away! Is this the power of the statue? No matter! I won't succumb to the likes of you! All tht will be left of you is an unrecognizable heap of mangled flesh!
Then let's fight some more! Prepare to be reduced to your component particles! After two rounds...

(DragonMan) DragonMan? I will serve my Lord even in death! I'll destroy that hated statue! Great Goddess! You're coming with me! Gyaaah! (He explodes, and the statue disappears!)
Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust. A fitting end for such an abominable beast.
Oh no! The Goddess Statue has been destroyed! It looks like the damage is irreparable! What shall we do, Link?
(Razuel) It doesn't matter. Nothing remains of what was once Probina. Even if anything can be retrieved from among the scattered debris, the people no longer abide there. They live on only in memory. At least we have avenged their untimely deaths. And if we had not derived the priest's message from the drawing, who knows what would have become of us? Even without his memory intact, the priest somehow knew this time would come. But my failure still resulted in the deaths of my father and the rest of the townspeople.
I agree. You are a wuss.
... Damn. Just... wow. That was harsh, Melvin.
Now quiet! I believe I hear something!
(Razuel) Huh? What's that sound? (Razuel runs out)

(Razuel) Now that we've defeated that foul monster, the souls of the villagers are returning to their bodies! (All the souls return to their corresponding villagers)

We ran when the monsters attacked the temple, but they caught us here! I don't remember anything after that. Oh my goodness! I forgot to say my prayers!
Monster attack! Monster attack! Run while you still can! What? You already defeated the monsters? My soul was shattered? You pushed my tongue back in my mouth? Heh ehe. You expect me to believe that? Now that you mention it, I do seem to remember seeing my fallen body from high above.

(Ordeux) that Raguraz was not the threat we thought it was. The monsters were behind all of this. I wish I could have been there to fight alongside you against the DragonMan, but I was knocked unconscious when my soul was stolen. On behalf of the entire town, allow me to express my indesinent gratitude.
It's good to know that your gratitude is never-ending.
Razuel has told us of your heroic efforts! My sight may now consist of blurred images, but even I can see that you are this town's saviors! Thanks to you, we can once again adhere to our isolationist ways!
... That's the wrong lesson to take away from this.
(Razuel) Greetings, Link. I have been giving the Elder an account of what happened here. He seems impressed with the heroism you displayed on the mountaintop. We owe you everything. I only regret that the priest sacrificed so much to save us. In his short time here, he had become an intrinsic part of this town. He will always be with us. I'm certain of it.
My cow has disappeared! Damn you, you miserable monsters! Give me back my Pochi!

What an odd farmer... wait a minute. Let's check this cow.
Huh? I'm a cow?
Ummm... no?
What? I'm wrong? Are you blind? Look at my body, I have an udder! This isn't my body! There must have been some kind of mistake!
Okay, there was a body mixup. No big deal. Have fun with that, I'm ditching this era for the future! Let's see how your descendants deal with this.

New Items: Tiny Medal 44, FloraJay Heart, LifeAcorn

Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Sea Dog, SheepLord, BeastLord, Faust, Chosen One, HiPriest, Zealot
Level: 31-32
New Skill: Berserker
New Spell: Infermost

Level: 29-30
Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, Armageddon, EvilDead, Sexy, Pandora, BigDummy, ThorRat, GoldGolem, Slagoneer

New Skills: IceAir

Level: 27-28
Class Titles: Minstrel, TruTalent, Fool, Icon, Archmage, HighPriest, Seer

Level: 31-32
Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest, Novice (Thief) Martyr, Minstrel, Fool, Icon, ArchMage, Prophet, Ragnarok, Veteran

New Skills: SquallHit