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Part 45: Post 37: In which we discover man-cow hybrids and a home for the elderly.

Post 37: In which we discover man-cow hybrids and a home for the elderly.

Alright, time to leave.

(Razuel) Ha ha! Are you leaving already?
Yeah, it's time to roll on.
(Razuel) I see. It's disappointing, but I know I have to let you go. I regret that we must part. I pray you will have a safe journey. You and the priest were sent to help this town as mysterious blessings from God. I've learned a lot from you. Do you have any wisdom you can impart to me before you leave? I understand. Your blank stare speaks volumes. You will always be welcome in this town.
I'll take you up on that, years from now. Or in just a little bit, depending on your point of view.

Here we are, in front of sunny Probina, home of the Goddess Statue. Let's check inside!

I live here at the inn. I'll give you a deal if you stay here. Would you like to stay here?
What an adorable little entrepreneur! Sure, I'll stay at your family's inn.
All right! Come this way, please!

Welcome to our inn. One night is 80 gold. Would you like to stay?
80 gold!? These beds had better be incredibly comfy and come with free food and women for such a price. Here's 80 gold.
Thank you. Please have a pleasant night.

Son of a bitch! I was taken in by an adorable little girl.
My sister is good at attracting customers to the inn. That's why she gets a big allowance. I'm not good at it because I'm a bad talker. He says I'm a failure...
Our inn's been making a profit lately, thanks to my daughter's hard work. She works as hard as an adult already. I can't wait until she grows up!

Ugh! I guess it's okay like this. Have you been traveling? You must be awfully tired to have come this far. I run the inn. If you like, talk to my daughter out in front of the shop. She's real smart.
You came this far? Very well, I'll tell you a secret that's been passed down by my ancestors. You do want to hear it, right?
Do I ever!
Yes? A wise choice, mates. Long ago, a mysterious hero appeared while the village was being attacked by monsters. My ancestor nobly offered the hero our family treasure, a sword of incredible strength and craftsmanship. The hero used it to decimate countless monsters. Amazing, isn't it? The village was saved by our family heirloom!
Actually, we forgot to get that sword, so we never used it, much less butchered monster after monster with it. Woops!

What? You're tired already? Okay, we'll stop work for today in just a little while. Those kids are just like my own. What are you going to do?
My mom's always scolding me because I don't like meat. Leafy vegetables taste so much better!
Strange, isn't it? My husband has talked to the cows like that for a while now. His grandfather and his great grandfather all were able to talk to cows. Maybe he's descended from cows.
Well, it appears that everything did sort itself out one way or another... but I can't imagine what the worse possibility would be... eeeeew.

the strongest in the village! It's never lost at cow wrestling at the annual village festival!
This is a secret, but my husband was the weakest kid in the village. That's probably why he admires the strong so much.

splattered with drool!
Hey! Calm down! Hmmm. I thought this was the way to milk a cow, but something isn't right.
Striding briskly away, now.
I've come because I heard a treasure known as the golden Goddess Statue was in the village, but no one I've spoken with knows about it. I suppose the mysterious Goddess Statue and its powers are only a legend.
You are a little late.
It sounds like rumors about the Goddess Statue are spreading.
Heave-ho! Oof! I used to make my wife cry with my drinking, gambling, and spending, but I'm totally changed now. Working with nature is the best! Sigh... If I only had a new wife, I wouldn't have any complaints whatsoever.

because everyone knows each other. I would love to see more travelers like yourself visiting here. It's not that I want to charge unfair prices! Don't misunderstand me!
I want to travel to a beautiful foreign land with castles and charming country towns. I'll dress elegantly and dance the night away with handsome strangers. Sigh... Fantasy is what makes my life tolerable.
Where did my old man go? He always disappears as soon as I take my eyes off him. I bet he's chasing some young girl right now!
Hee hee! You are so cute, Berulu. Yes, young girls are the best. The withered autumn leaf crumbles in comparison to the spring flower!

time! My name is Berulu. Nice to meet you. Taking care of the old people here every day is my job. Even preparing for meals isn't easy. Everybody is healthy and eats a lot.
This is a place of recreation for the old people of the village. The family of the village Elder used to live here. When they moved to the mountaintop, we made this house into a home for the elderly.
How degrading. My fake teeth fell into my teacup. I'd better fish them out with my shaky, gnarled claw. Ahhh! It's hot!
The girl on the left is my type. Ha ha! Now I'm embarrassed!
Since I have five grandchildren, there isn't enough space for me to stay in our house. There's nothing more pleasurable than drinking tea and chatting with my friends here every day.
Huh? I forgot why I stood up.
The temple of this village is at the top of a mountain after you go through a cave ahead. The temple was burned down a long time ago, but the villagers rebuilt it beautifully. It's a very long distance away, but I even saw an old man climbing to it a little while ago. I'm sure you would catch him if you left now.
Then let's check the cave and head on up to the temple.

Oooh! Another shard!

This road gets harder for me to travel every day. I hope you don't think I'm rude to ask this of a total stranger, but would you mind helping this old man to the temple on the top of the mountain?
Since you asked politely, I don't see why not.
How kind. Thank you. It'll be a big help!

can see a faint hint of the island far off. Hmmm, wonder what island that is? Do you think it's inhabited? Whoa! Don't scare me like that! What would you do if I fell? It might not hurt you, but it'd probably kill me!
It's a proven fact that heroes can take almost infinite falls unhurt, and in some cases, end up healthier at the bottom.

big help. Drop by the church anytime. You're always welcome!
Could that old man be the priest from the temple?
The old man was the priest here? What a shock!

and his father. They are members of a distinguished family of village leaders who one day decided to pursue a personal relationship with God. Either way, they're working for the good of the village. We're grateful for their efforts.
Thank you. I won't forget your kindness. Now, where is the wooden Goddess Statue that was supposed to be here? Next time, it'll be my turn to do you a favor. Courageous servants of God, what do you seek in our temple?
Excuse me. Did you wish to see my husband or my father-in-law? I'm sorry. They're both out right now. You know, my husband might be in the shrine behind the temple. Try looking for him there.
He's my great, great, great, great, great, great... Darn! I always mess it up! Whatever. One of my great grandfathers from way back broke one of the village's treasures. And when monsters attacked the village, the Priest disappeared, and I'm not sure what happened next. That's as far as I've gotten in studying my family history. Pretty impressive, huh?

Don't tell anyone! Village legend says that the golden Goddess Statue was repaired once by dipping it in the spring. If the legend is true, it might work with this Goddess Statue, even though it isn't gold. I've been wanting to try it for a while now, but the priest has been here the whole time. If I don't do something soon, I'll be punished for sure! Oh, God!

pray at this spring. Ever since, we've offered our prayers here every day. Best you pray for a safe journey and purify yourselves with the water from this spring.
Let's do one last sweep for shards and get on our way.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

What's this? It is the treasure of the Priest who saved Razuel's village! It looks like your key will unlock it... What's this? You found a WindShard!
That does it for here and now, but there's still one pedestal we haven't visited next... Onward!

New Items: LifeAcorn, LipsyHeart, TinyMedal 45

New Monsters: Cannibox

Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Sea Dog, SheepLord, BeastLord, Faust, Chosen One, HiPriest, Zealot

Level: 29-30
Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, Armageddon, EvilDead, Sexy, Pandora, BigDummy, ThorRat, GoldGolem, Slagoneer

Class Titles: Minstrel, TruTalent, Fool, Icon, Archmage, HighPriest, Seer

Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest, Novice (Thief) Martyr, Minstrel, Fool, Icon, ArchMage, Prophet, Ragnarok, Veteran