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Part 46: Post 38: In which we visit some castles, meet some royalty and members of the priesthood, and discover a moderately amazing castle.

Post 38: In which we visit some castles, meet some royalty and members of the priesthood, and discover a moderately amazing castle.

Time to hit up the last remaining pedestal.

What a small, densely populated island... Huh?

Damn. Two castles... uh, North is the one true direction, so we'll go to that castle first.

The castle is under construction right now, but you shouldn't have any problems finding your way around.
Raguraz castle? The place that those monsters were from? This merits further investigation.
The castle is in its current state of disrepair due to a war we had a year ago. The reconstruction isn't finished yet, but it's looking much better than it did before.
Our country of Raguraz has been known as a military state for a long time. It seems that the citizens of this country suffered a severe blow to their patriotism with the loss of the war.

since ancient times. But now that we've lost to Mardra, who places a high value on the power of magic, it may be time to change our way of thinking.
Mardra may be our sworn enemy, but we must respect the strength of their tactics. Although their forces are overwhelmingly large, they rarely killed anyone.

skills against one another. But we haven't begun the preparations for the Battle Contest yet because we're so busy rebuilding the castle.
I guess I'll be looking into that... later.
The King is just ahead. Compose yourselves and behave in a mature and respectful manner.
How unusual to see travelers here! I haven't seen any in this area for a long time! The King has been somber since the war was lost. Could you please see His Majesty and lighten his spirits with tales of your journeys?

battle against my country ten years ago. Surprisingly, however, Mardra gathered much strength over the intervening years. I heard that Mardra's rise in power was due to the strength of their young king. I don't know what kind of person he is, but I wish I could have met him outside of the battlefield.
Damn the soldiers of Mardra! (He savages a training dummy)
That soldier was the Captain's favorite pupil. Why did the soldiers of Mardra only kill the Captain? They even let the King live.
Well, that's everybody here. Let's check out Mardra.

Kingdom of Mardra.
I came to this country hoping to join the army, but they just sent me on my way. I was feeling pretty confident about my magic, but I guess they only hire the very best.
I heard a rumor about something called Ultimate Magic. Have you heard anything about it?
Ah, fresh faces. Perhaps you are looking for work at the Magic Research Institute?
Sure, I'll teach them some magic.
That's what I thought. There are so many people whose life dream is to work there. Good luck! They say it's harder than ever to get accepted these days.
By decree of the King, only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the Magic Research Institute. All unauthorized persons should leave immediately.
We're not authorized yet, but based off of experience, I will be soon.
I thought that there would be peace after the war with Raguraz. I don't understand why the King is building up the army.

(Mikwa) Darn! It didn't work again. But it does work sometimes, so you better not startle me or you might get hurt.
The King's relentless strengthening of the army is alarming. Who does he intend to fight? I'm beginning to have serious reservation about my daughter becoming a magician.
Even though the war with Raguraz has ended, the King continues to build up the army. There should be plenty of opportunities for my daughter Mikwa to serve at the castle.
Mardra Castle is this way, beyond the bridge. If you haven't seen it before, you're going to be amazed!
It can't be all that impressive...
Welcome to Castle Mardra. Talk to the soldier next to me if you have any other business.
This is Castle Mardra. Do you have any business here? Oh! Are you the messenger from Medille, then?
That's something that I could say to get in, so yes! I am the messenger from Medille.
Just as I thought! Hurry, the King's waiting for you! Hold on a second. I don't think they'd send a boy like you. I'll go check with the King. Feel free to look around until I come back.
Well, thank you.

with the King. I cannot let you pass until he returns. Please wait here.
Sure, I'll wait around here.
Hell there, I'm the castle's staff maker. Are you looking for a new staff?
... Yes, if you would be so kind.
Well, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to come back later. I'm busy filling the King's order now. Now where did that apprentice of mine run off to? He should've been back by now.
This is where we weave the silk cloth used in clerical robes. It takes an artisan well-versed in magic to weave the fine cloth to our standards.
Truly fine weaving requires deep concentration. You can tell the best silk by the faint glow the raw cloth gives off.
My master said to go get whatever's inside that treasure chest, but it's magically protected, and I forgot how to open it! 'Through the statue and across the T'... That was the original clue, anyway.

All you have to do is go in through the left door (Next to the statue), then leave throught the right. Next, enter from the top, and leave through the bottom. Then the chest is unlocked and you can grab the goodies within.
Oh! You got it open? Thanks a lot! My master needed that to complete a magical staff. Can I have it now?
Sure! I'll see you later.
Great, thanks! I would've caught hell from the master if it wasn't for you. I work for the staff maker in the Fire Tower. Stop by later! (The apprentice runs off!)
Magicians aren't the type to eat very much, though every now and then you get someone so fat they can hardly raise their staff.
There, all done. Smothered balck lizard, mmm mmm! I'm just kidding! Don't look at me like that.
Ohhh, busy busy busy! Too bad there isn't some spell that can cook for us.
I wonder what's so impressive about this castle... nothing special about it so faaaaoly shit the middle of the thing is FLOATING.

... I'm impressed. Let's go see if we can get ahold of some royalty.

I abdicated to my son two years ago, and now my wife and I live in retirement. My son's dedicated these past two years to building up our little country's forces. Strengthening the country is well and good, but my son may be overdoing it a bit. My wife's just as concerned as I am. You might want to talk to her, too.
I am the Empress of Mardra, the mother of King Zeppel. Forgive me if I sound abrupt, but might you be travelers?
We do get around a bit.
(Empress) So you are! In that case, please listen to what I have to say. To the south, there is a Great Fane which we have held very close ties to for years. However, one day my son set up a roadblock and unilaterally cut off all relations. Whatever his reasons may be, I cannot sit idly by while our country becomes isolated. I wish to have you deliver a letter to the High Priest of the fane. Will you do this for me?
I don't expect that to be a problem and it's a good idea to help out royalty when possible, so sure.
(Empress) I am grateful to you, travelers. Now then, let me give you the letter. (She hands link a letter) That letter tells the High Priest that he should not worry about the castle. Show it to the guards at the roadblock, and they should let you through.
One last thing to check, and we can move onto that fane.

for me! Thanks for coming! Boy, did I get it from the master after he found out what happened! He's making me clean up the storeroom as punishment. Sigh... I can't do anything for you right now, but come back later!
Time to hit the old dusty trail...

a young boy like you! You're not from Medille! You're an impostor, aren't you?
... No?
Still sticking to your story? Well, it's not working! I command you, remove yourself from this castle immediately!
No problem. We'll be back some other time.
You'll be sorry if you ever try sneaking in again!
Let's get to that temple. Odd? Why is there a guarded checkpoint?

ending our relationship with the Great Fane. That said, I cannot go against the King's orders.
Who goes there? By decree of the King, the road to the Great Fane is closed.
We're bonded messengers dispatched by the Empress herself - dare you stand in my way? Behold! The message I carry is sealed with her signet ring.
Huh? What's that? What? The Empress has granted you permission? You may pass!

What's that? You have been ordered by the Queen Mother to deliver a letter to the High Priest? I'm sure the High Priest will be most pleased. Please hurry to the second floor of the fane.
This is truly a magnificent Fane. I just had to stop by and take a closer look, but I suppose I have chatted long enough.
An old friend of mine just got married to a dwarf. I don't know if I'd choose a husband who's not human, but it made me feel just a little envious.

Swimming, obviously.
You can swim?
Of course I can! I'm the son of the greatest fisherman on Estard Isle!
I can doggy paddle at least, obviously, and I assume Maribel can swim as well, so why can't we just pop over there?
I can't swim... never learned how, and now I'm too old to learn it. It's not like it's a job skill or anything, after all.
And we move as a party - we don't split up.
So that's why we can't just go there right now?
Exactly. And let us never speak of this again. Now let's keep checking around.

I'm getting to the point where I just don't care anymore! But I know I'll never be able to stop that rascal without this spell! Yes? May I help you? That's correct. I am the High Priest. And you are?
The messenger service! Here, please take this missive from the Empress.
(High Priest) What's this? Ah, a letter from the King's mother! Just as I thought, he was the one behind the checkpoint. How very much like him. I thank you, travelers, for bringing me this letter. Could I ask but one more favor of you? The specific details must still be kept secret, but I am working on an extremely important new spell. Important though it may be, I am missing one final ingredient necessary to complete it. I imagine you have already guessed what I wish to ask of you?
Go to a nearby cave and get the last thingy to finish your spell?
(High Priest) You will take on this task for me? Your kindness knows no bounds! Your generosity will someday enter legend. No, it will become part of our very mythology!
Say, Link. This man just keeps talking on and on all by himself. You think he's okay?
(High Priest) I want you to travel to a cave, which lies in the mountains west of this Fane. I need you to bring me the StarShard, found somewhere in the cave. I will explain after you bring it to me. Thank you. I am most grateful for your help.
The High Priest has been spending all his time cooped up in his room researching magic. He's been at it again today. I wonder what kind of spell he's working on?
We'll see soon enough! TO THE CAVE!

Ahh! VenomHorks! They're like normal Horks, but poisonous! POISONOUS ZOMBIES!

And these aren't ordinary thieves! These are DarkThieves!

And horrible window beasts that live in the side of caves! Wait, that's not a window monster! That's an ordinary window! Windows mean people! Let's check inside.

way here? Huh? The High Priest told you to get the StarShard? That's no small job! You can probably get it off of the top of this mountain, but you won't be going up there right now. Why not? Well, go and see for yourselves!
Oh my, guests! We haven't had anyone pass by in such a long time. What? You're looking for the StarShard? My husband knows all about that. Why not try talking to him?
Wow, that wasn't helpful... let's see why we can't progress.

Son of a bitch.
So now you understand why you aren't getting to the top. Don't be angry with me! I think I can help. You saw that waterfall in the middle of the road, right? So long as that waterfall roars, there's no passing through. However, it does stop for a moment every morning at dawn. If you want to, you're welcome to stay here until then.
Thank you, good sir.
The StarShard is a miracle crystal, created from the reflection of the stars on clear water. Consequently, it only appears when the stars are cut. You'll need to leave here early in the morning to make it through the falls in time. You are welcome to stay here and rest until then. What do you say?
Thank you, I will.
All right, then. My husband will wake you when the time has come.

Heh. Sorry about that. I overslept a little, too. The waterfall has stopped. You had better go before the stars fade.

Take that, nature!

Good, just missed that. Now, to the top of this mountain.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Link found a beautiful, sparkling crystal! Link obtained the StarShard.
Now we have to go back down the mountain. Whee!

Oh, I forgot to tell you. This is actually a guest house. You stayed 1 night at 40 gold per night. I'd appreciate your paying if you can. I won't force you, but yo're good for it, right?
Your sheer bald-faced gall and love of commerce has touched my heart. Yes, I'm more than good for it.
Thanks, friend. Good things come to generous travelers, you know.
You got the StarShard! I'm sure the High Priest will be excited to see you.
Then back to the High Priest.

Yep! Here it is!
(High Priest) Excellent! This is the last of the ingredients I need! Thank you, Link. Now, as promised, let me tell you what is going on. As you may well have heard, there is a disturbing rumor that the King of Mardra is trying to bring back the Ultimate Magic. That terrible spell has the power to wipe out entire continents! I requested an audience with the King to discover the truth, but he denied it, and threw me out. After that, the King erected the checkpoint to separate the Fane and castle. I believe that a confrontation is inevitable, so I have been researching a magic to counter the Ultimate Magic. You need not fear, it is very close to completion. Now, let me give this to you. (Link obtained the PriestScroll) If you have that, then even the King should not be able to refuse you an audience. I want you to return to the castle and do whatever you can to delay completion of the King's spell. I will put every last bit of energy I have into completing my spell. I'm counting on you, Link!

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 7: We put a stop to a madman's evil plot!

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