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Part 47: Post 39: In which we lose a fight, surprising as it may seem.

Post 39: In which we lose a fight, surprising as it may seem.

Okay, now that we've helped the High Priest develop his counterspell, let's go back to the castle and see what we can do to delay the unnessecarily powerful spell being developed by the King. But first, there's a puzzle to solve!

This statue looks just like the one in that castle, next to that room we helped that apprentice with... I wonder if we can solve this similarly shaped (though larger) room in the same way?

appeared out of nowhere, spanning the waters! What? That was your doing? Wow!
Now, I wonder what's in there?

Nifty! Oooh, and there's a passage than branches off!

Oh, it's a sepulcher of some kind. We'll leave this place alone, especially since I don't think they have anything. Ah well, good to know. Moving along!

Yes, please.
I'm sorry, but I'll have to ask to see the letter again. Rules are rules.
We don't have that letter, but we have a new letter! A better letter! One from the High Priest!
What? This letter is written by the Priest himself! Who are you, that he would write such a letter for you? Please, go with my blessings, and take care on your way!
I'll check by the church to make a note of what's been going on in my Adventure Log, and then be on my way!

something about a disturbing premonition. I hope nothing bad happens.
I saw this seedy-looking man go by a while ago. I wonder what a man like that could want in this town?
Nasty rumors about the King? Well, yeah, I've heard some things. But even without the rumors, most people sense there's something a bit odd about the King right now.
(Mikwa) I never thought that practicing magic all the time would grow so wearisome. Can I ask you something? Is it really so important to be able to use magic?
Eh, spells are good, but to be honest, skills are better.
(Mikwa) Hmm. Nevertheless, I think I'll keep practicing for my mother.

(Mikwa) I can't stop it! (She keeps shooting off fire in all directions!) Ahhh! Someone! Help!

(Mikwa) I'm so sorry! Are you all right?
Hoping to become a magician, young lady?
(Mikwa) Yes!
I see. Let me teach you a spell. It's called Blazemost. (He backs up and starts casting it...)
(Dino) Stop it! (He dives in the way and catches the BlazeMost instead of the child) Ahhhhgh!
Well, well... It's not often that a person is still breathing after being hit by this spell.
(Dino) You fiend! Urk!
I could finish you off right here, but I'm afraid I must hurry off. Enjoy your pain. (The black robed man walks off to the castle)
(Mikwa) I'm so sorry! This is all my fault!
(Dino) Urrgh... No, I'm all right. But what about you, Mikwa? You're not hurt, are you?
(Mikwa) Yes! I'm perfectly fine.
(Dino) Good. That is a relief. But...
(Mikwa) Sir?
(Dino) Perhaps it has weakened me more than I thought. I had better get some help. Excuse me, stranger. Could I ask you to lend me your shoulder and take me to the temple? (Link carries him back to the temple.)

(Dino) Who could that man have been? He headed in the direction of the castle. I don't want to believe it, but do you suppose he has a connection with the King? The King, connected with someone who would kill a little girl? How low has Zeppel sunk? Forgive my ramblings. Zeppel is the name of our king. I'll explain everything.

(Dino) We always played together with a lovely young girl named Lucia. She was like any other girl. She was always laughing and picking flowers, but at the age of eight, we were separated forever.
We're being raided!
Hey! You okay? Wha't happening in town?
The Raguraz army has already taken most of it. (The soldier expires)
What the hell is going on here? To all soldiers in the castle, prepare for battle immediately! We have to protect this castle. (Soldiers rush from the castle to the bridge) Prince! Is that you? What on earth are you doing here?
(Zeppel) What do you mean? We're just playing.
It's too dangerous out here! Go back to the castle with Dino and Lucia!

These are just children! They didn't do anything!
If my eyes don't deceive me, I'd say that's the Prince.
(Captain) Yes. You're right.
If we capture the Prince, morale will soar!
(Captain) Our mission is to conquer Mardra. We're not here to massacre little boys! We should capture the Prince instead. He'd be far more useful to us alive.
I know, I know. All right! Capture those children! (He stabs the Mardran soldier!)
Ahhhhh! (The Soldier throws him off and then fights with the Captain)
(Captain) Oof! You little... (The Captain hits him so hard he flies off the cliff... knocking little Lucia to the edge!)

(Lucia) Help me!
(Dino) Lucia! Are you okay? I'll save you!
(Lucia) I don't want to die! Zeppel! Dino! Help me!
(Dino) Lucia, settle down! It'll be okay! I'll take care of you!
(Lucia) Dino! Zeppel! (Lucia falls!)
(Dino) Luciaaaaaaa!
(Captain) You idiot! Why'd you have to take the girl with you?
Are you all right?
(Captain) I'm fine! Hurry up and capture the Prince!
Yes, sir! Right away! (Zeppel walks up to the Captain)
(Captain) Heh heh. I'd expect nothing less of a future king.
(Zeppel) I'll do it.
(Captain) What?
(Zeppel) Listen up, people! I'm going to slaughter you all right here!
(Captain) Why you little bastard! I'll rip your chubby face off! (The soldiers surround the prince)
(Zeppel) Let me go! I'll kill you all!
(Captain) It'll take more than a big mouth to save Mardra, kid.
(Zeppel) Let go of me! (The Captain hits him!) Agh!
(Captain) Although you are destined to fall to our troop, I'll tell you this, Prince. Mardra will fall because it relied too much upon magic for protection. Weapons, Prince, weapons! Even the greatest of wizards can be felled by them. All right, let's go! The castle is almost ours!

(Dino) Raguraz. After ten years, Zeppel seized the throne and liberated us from Raguraz. But even now, the country is not at peace. The King seeks to acquire a dangerous spell known as the Ultimate Magic. Before being sealed by an ancient wizard, this spell wiped out an ancient continent. Why does the King pursue such a spell now? That is what I cannot understand.
Wow. That's quite a lot of information. Hopefully, the king didn't use all that time we just wasted to develop the Ultimate Magic. Back to the castle! But first...

(Mikwa) The priest was hurt and that strange man was angry. I think this incident is telling me to give up magic.
It's true that magic can sometimes bring great calamity. But I think it was all for the best in the end.
Finding out that my daughter was almost killed when I wasn't there was a terrible shock. Perhaps this is a lesson that magic does not necessarily bring happiness.
I've just made up my mind. If it's that dangerous, I don't want my daughter becoming a magician! I don't care what my wife says. From now on we're going to raise our daughter as an ordinary girl!

Don't tell me, you're the messenger from Medille after all.
Ha ha ha. Glad to see you've wised up a little! In any case, I don't want to see you back here again! Got it?
We've come from the High Priest, bearing a message. Here, read 'em and weep.
Sigh... Now what is it? What? A letter from the High Priest? I cannot defy his orders. You may pass.
(King's Sire) Have you heard the rumor that my son's attempting to revive the Ultimate Magic?
I have, yes.
(King's Sire) Apparently he's currently looking for the Book of Ultimate Magic. He called the messenger here from Medille to help him search for the book. I find it a bit difficult to believe a book like that still exists, though.

(Empress) Did you take the letter to the High Priest?
Off course!
(Empress) Well done. I trust the High Priest is relieved. All I can do now is wait until my son recovers his common sense. I heard a rumor that the Ultimate Magic was recreated, but that's impossible! All books related to the Ultimate Magic were burned by wizards years ago. No matter what my son does, he cannot reverse time.
... I'm not so certain of that. We've seen it happen before.
I could do it right now.
Let me just sprinkle this TimeSand we got a while back...
I'm not so certain of that. We've seen it happen before. Wait a minute... Gabo - Stop using that stuff outside of combat.
Well played. Let's see if we can get into the throne room now, shall we?

I've got a message from the High Priest, so move aside you pathetic doormat! I'm getting so sick of you guards, standing in my way and preventing me from getting anything done. NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY.
Whoa! So you have orders from the High Priest. Well, in that case, go on ahead. Be careful around the King.

(Zeppel) My God! Is this really it?
Heh heh heh. Of course, my Lord.
(Zeppel) I would never have believed this still existed.
Everything exists, my Lord. It's just a matter of finding it. Hmm? It appears you have company. In that case, my Lord,. I must be going.
(Zeppel) Well, you have earned my gratitude. I shall send your reward later.
Oh, there's no need to concern yourself over me, my Lord. Good luck. (The man in black rushes off)
(Zeppel) Who are you? I don't remember allowing people in here! What? The High Priest asked me to stop my research? That old fool. I've told him a thousand times, no one is wasting time on such a fruitless pursuit. Now take a message to him for me. Tell him to stop bothering me with his senile ravings! The Ultimate Magic is just a legend. A figment of someone's imagination. Got it? Good! Now be gone!
Well, then let's see if we can get into the Magic Research Institute.

allowed to enter the Magic Research Institute. All unauthorized persons should leave immediately.
We were authorized by the High Priest himself. Let me in!
Incredible! Is that really a letter from the High Priest? Anyone with a letter from him should be able to pass. I'm not sure what the King will say, but you may pass.

the power of magic? I don't know the details, but the levitation of the King's castle is based on the same principle.
Welcome to the Royal Magic Reseach Institute. Please feel free to look around.
Could the Ultimate Magic, which once leveled an entire continent, be a powerful version of the Disperse spell?
I hope not. I know the Disperse spell, and I'd bet on my casting ability against this entire nation if it came down to it.
I heard this bizarre rumor that the King is planning to bring back the Ultimate Magic. Even the ancient wizards feared the Ultimate Magic. I wonder what form the spell takes?
The space is limited, so only a chosen few get to work here. To work at the Magic Research Institute is the dream job of every citizen in Mardra!
Well, not Mikwa.
After the King had an argument with one of his childhood friends, he cut off all contact with the Great Fane. They must not have been able to reconcile their philosophical differences. The King's isolation is painful to behold. What could be fueling his despair?

I watch the townspeople from here. They live peacefully today, but it has not always been like this. Until ten years ago, this country was so weak that it was under constant siege. Innocent people were burned out of their homes or killed. Terror reigned supreme. It is this wretched history that fuels the King's desire to strengthen the army. Regardless of popular opinion, my loyalties will always remain with His Majesty.

The High Priest asked me to find you a deliver a message. He wants you to know that he is ready to test the new magic. We must hurry to the Great Fane! Please do not delay!

(High Priest) counter the Ultimate Magic. (He commences putting things into the pot.) Everything is ready! Now, keep your eyes open everyone. You don't want to miss this moment!

(High Priest) Hrmm. It appears to have failed. This is very strange. I'm sure I made no mistake in the formula. What? Oh, no! This needed to go in, and I forgot this, too... And what's that? Something else I forgot? Argh! As you all have seen, the spell appears to have been a failure. My formula was nearly perfect, but magic can fail by the tiniest of errors. No, really. It's true! But never mind that. I'll have to try it again. Sorry, but I must ask you to return to the castle to keep an eye on the King.
Then, back to the castle! Luckily, it isn't far between the two, or this might begin to get exhausting.

right to stay here and keep watch. Do you know who I am? I am the messenger of Medille. It might interest you to know that the King's quest for Ultimate Magic is nearly completed. When he casts the spell, he will transform into the omnipotent God of Destruction. In this form, the King will lay waste to everything on the continent, including himself. Do you have any idea why I'm telling you this? Because you are fated to die on this very spot without ever seeing the God of Destruction!

The ZoeMage is so unimportant that my teammates don't have anything to say about him. He casts a lot of high level magic, and has a lot of hit points, but we just wreck him and his four-fingered hand.

You children! It matters not. The King's magic is unstoppable now. I only regret that I won't witness the birth of the God of Destruction with my own eyes. You and this continent will be annihilated! Urgh...
Hrmm... I think every ambassador or, for that matter, any kind of foreign representative, are all monsters. Like that Raguraz army when we were in Probina. But now that he's out of the way, on to the MRI!

wipe out the entire continent. This is terrible! The King went into the Magic Research Institute! Go see if he is all right!

I'm sorry, Reverend Dino. I am only following the King's orders. I must ask you to leave.
(Dino) The Kingdom... No, the entire continent may be at stake! This is no time to be harping about orders!
(Dino) Damn it! I have no choice! ( He knocks the robed wizard down and runs past him!)
Damn. After him!

(Dino) Magic of old, could it?
(Zeppel) And now you will get to see the power that will make even God gasp in surprise.
(Chief) If that book is correct, then adding this ingredient should complete the formula.
(Zeppel) Put the ingredient into the cauldron.
(Chief) Yes.
(Dino) Stop it! (The priest drops the last ingredient in the cauldron!)
(Zeppel) You may withdraw.
(Chief) Yes. (The Chief runs out!)
(Zeppel) Break the seal placed by the wizard, and awaken from your long slumber!

(Zeppel) entering my body.
(Dino) You'll have to forgive me! (Dino launches a ball of fire at Zeppel, but it bounces back and hits Dino!) Urgh! (Dino collapses!)
(Zeppel) Now it is impossible for anyone to block the casting of this spell.
(Dino) Stop it! The power of that magic will bring calamity upon us all! You aren't thinking straight!
(Zeppel) Not thinking straight? It is your thinking that is flawed! Dismissing the lives you were unable to protect as a matter of the past is far more twisted.
(Dino) The lives I couldn't protect... Zeppel... You're...
(Zeppel) Everyone ignores the fact that this power is the only way to ensure complete protection of the kingdom. Spring forth, O Ultimate Magic Manastis. (Everything goes white for a brief moment) What is this power coursing through my body? (He runs down the stairs and past the party, ignoring us)
(Dino) You there! You've got to stop Zeppel! Urghgh!
After that Super Saiyan!

(Zeppel) against me! Lucia! I hav become invincible! I can finally protect you! I'll never put you in danger ever again. (He glows briefly) Waaah! This power! What's going on? (He pulses over and over, and becomes a monster!)
(Zeppel) What's happening to me? I can't see! I feel...darkness...

Such power! Could this fiend truly be the God of Destruction?
Grrrrowl! Are we really up to dealing with something like this, Link?
Zeppel, unlike virtually everything else so far, can wreck our shit. He uses Explodet to deal more than a hundred damage to each party member and then he follows up with either a BlazeMost which is powerful enough to kill most of our party members after being weakened by Explodet, or a physical attack that hits harder. As a matter of fact, after 7 rounds...

(Zeppel) the world... (Zeppel walks off, then the High Priest comes by and heals the party)
(High Priest) Sorry I'm late, everyone! The King has mastered the magic. He has godlike power for destruction. Something must be done. Follow me!
Stupid unwinnable fights... mumble... grumble... well, after him, I suppose.

(High Priest) Calm down, calm down! What's going on?
Huh? The High Priest! Help us! There's a monster in the castle!
(High Priest) What? Where'd it go?
It's in the Royal Chamber! Everybody's run away!

(Zeppel) May everything on the earth be destroyed!
(High Priest) Oh, no... Come on, Link, follow me!

(High Priest) been working on all these years! Majustis! A spell that erases the effect of any other spell! We can use it to exorcise the evil power from this poor man!

(High Priest) refinement... The fiend is still alive. So long as he lives, this country is in danger! I implore you! You must finish him off in my stead!

(Zeppel) strength...fading... But I can't stop until I've destroyed everything!
Grrrrr... Now I'm mad!
He's fading faster than he was before. This just might work, Link!
Master Link! The Chief of Priest's magic seems to be working!
And this time, his attacks are less, well, party-destroying, so after 7 rounds...

(Zeppel) Such power... such unrelenting power... I'm sorry... I couldn't protect you... (Dino runs up!)
(Dino) Zeppel!
(Zeppel) ... Nnnnng...
(Dino) What a relief! He's still breathing.I'm glad you're all safe, too. I know all too well the perils you must be facing. If it weren't for you, this entire country would have been history by now. Oh, but this is no time to be chattering on! We must tend to the wounded! Guards! Help me carry the King! And have someone look after the High Priest! He's on the second floor!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

unleashing its full fury. After caring for the injured, the castle settled down to a night filled with regret and trepidation. The next morning...

(High Priest) return to the Great Fane.
(Empress) Very well. Come back once things have settled down. I still need to thank you properly.
(High Priest) Oh, there's no need to thank us.
There's no need to thank you, perhaps. I want some land.
(High Priest) Perhaps we may enjoy dinner with you some time? Oh, and Link, there's something I'd like to speak with you about. Please stop by the Great Fane later. I'll be expecting you.
(Zeppel) Oh, travelers! I must tell you how grateful I am. Without you, this country might have been completely destroyed by now. When I was a child, my lack of strength cost my friend her life. I have never stopped grieving over my inability to protect my friend. I vowed to find a power strong enough to stand up to anyone. I thought that was the only way for me to make amends to Lucia, but now I see that I was just trying to escape reality. I was simply trying to make up for my own perceived weaknesses. Now look at what I've done! I must make it up to my countrymen. I promise you, from now on I'll devote all my effort towards peace! Farewell, then, travelers. Come and visit us again sometime. Hopefully by then, I'll be able to welcome you into a gloriously rebuilt castle.
Well, let's check out the Great Fane, then return to the present.

(High Priest) I had hoped to teach all of you how to use the new spell I have developed. But as you have seen, the spell is not yet perfected. If that magice were perfect, even the Ultimate Magic would have been dispelled at once. That's why I'm continuing to study the magic spell. And when my research is complete at last, I shall give the magic to you people. You can count on it! Now, be sure to come back, Link!
Oh, well be back shortly, centuries from now. Bwahahaha!

The odd bit about "Let's capture him!" "No, we should capture him instead!" is verbatim - I checked twice. Also, it's worth noting that all of that exposition after Mikwa had her fit was entirely skippable. Why they wrote all of that in and made it optional is beyond me.

New Items: TinyMedal 46,

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New Spells: StopSpell,

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Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest, Novice (Thief) Martyr, Minstrel, Fool, Icon, ArchMage, Prophet, Ragnarok, Warmonger