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Part 48: Post 40: In which we lose a party member so that we can get a different one, and we also complain about a legendary spell until we get a better version.

Post 40: In which we lose a party member so that we can get a different one, and we also complain about a legendary spell until we get a better version.

Let's go and see what this place looks like in the present!

I want to go to bed and take a nap as soon as possible.
I shall return home for the time being.

Oh, you're from Fishbel. What's wrong? You don't look good.
I'll tell you everything on the way! Quickly now, Maribel! Come with me back to the village!
What's going on? Explain yourself!
I'm afraid Amitt has fallen ill.
Dad's what? Oh, God.
The fishermen in the village have been looking all over for you.
I'd better hurry back to Fishbel, then. I'm sorry, Link. I'll have to meet up with you later. Let's hurry! (Maribel and the fisherman run off)

Hello, Link. Did you hear the news? Amitt has fallen ill!
(Borkano) Oh! Link! You're finally back. I'm sure you've heard, but Miss Maribel's fther has suddenly fallen ill. He's stable now, but still in serious condition. We're all worried sick about him, but there's nothing we can really do. First, go to Amitt's. I'll listen to your travel stories afterwards.
(Mollie) Ah, Link! You're back? I'm sure you've heard about Amitt's illness, right? I'd bet he fell ill worrying about Maribel more than anything else. I know how terribly important your adventures are, but from now on, you've got to avoid taking Maribel around with you. Is that clear?
Ever since I heard that Amitt fell ill, I can't concentrate on my cooking. I'm so worried about him. Everyone in the village eats well thanks to Amitt and his fishermen.

Right now, we're managing to keep Amitt alive. There is no denying that he is a very sick man. Right now, it's your job to not worry him any further. Stay with your father and comfort him for a while. That will do more for him than any medicine.
Oh, Papa...
I can't believe that my husband would collapse from illness. This must just be a bad dream.
Oh, it's Link and friends. You're not thinking of taking Maribel anywhere now, of all times, are you?
... Wait. We can leave her here and not have to deal with her whining and incessant commands anymore? FUCK YEAH! BYE, BITCH!
Whatever the case, Maribel cannot leave until her father recovers. Why not make yourself useful and visit him?
(Amitt) Maribel...
So long, folks!

(Borkano) recovered? Thank goodness. We were all worried sick about him, but there was nothing we could do. It seems that our prayers for his speedy recovery were heard. Aside from that, there's something I need to ask you. Before, when I was fishing to the northwest, I found some people living in tents on a nearby continent. From the looks of them, they seem to be some type of nomadic tribe. Have you seen anybody like that in your adventures?
Only the Deja tribe. Do they count?
(Borkano) Oh, so you do know them? Well, yesterday some of the members of the expedition party told me there weren't any people on that continent. I was beginning to thing I had started seeing things. If you saw them too, I was right all along. The expedition party must have not been paying attention. I should have known.
Wait, they're in the now? Let's find 'em!

Hey! That's new. Well, it's not new, it's old. But it's back!

Ah, Dejan deja vu, the feeling that we've seen Dejans do this before.
Sigh... Seeing Aira's dance just moves me so much.
Oh, travelers! How rare! Although, I suppose we're travelers too. We've just been in one place for a long period of time.
We Dejans have been traveling for hundreds of years. Originally we were just trying to avoid the Demon Lord, but now, we're in search of the fabled Altar of God.
Our ancestors sealed the Altar to protect God from the Demon Lord. I suppose it's still our duty to resurrect Him, but with today's peace, I wonder what the point is anymore.
Sigh... I wish they'd hurry up and finish the ritual. Aira promised she would practice swordfighting with me today!
Aira is the tenth generation dancer of our tribe. Her ancestor, Layla of the second generation, is said to be the best dancer in history. Aira was expected to take after her, but she's as delicate as a RockGolem.
Layla... wasn't she that green haired chick that nearly danced God back into existance? Her dance was... hideously inspiring.
Nobody seems to be into the big ceremony today, including the main attraction herself, Aira. We don't even have a good tula player to accompany her.
Hey, you look like the ancient saviors drawn in our tomes. Of course, those legends are hundreds of years old.
Sheesh! How long is the Chief going to make us stay here? We're still nowhere near finding the lake, yet he's had us sit here for days! `Confounding, isn't it?
Nah, he's waiting for the legendary Tula player. The lake's right over there, and the Altar's in that.
What? You think the Altar's actually around here? Ha! I don't see how you can believe in that tired myth. Even if we do find it, it's foolish to think that we can revive God.
We've got everything a tula player could ever want here, but we still can't find anyone like the legendary musician.

We would normally welcome you with open arms. Unfortunately, we are currently in the middle of a sacred ritual. Oh! It appears to be finished! Well that was fast. Huh?

What happened, my Chief?

sorry. I just don't understand what's got Aira in a huff. Why must she refuse her destiny as a dancer? I tell you, youth these days have no respect for time honored traditions!
We know that the Demon Lord was sealed away long ago, but it is unknown whether he may return to ravage our land. That's why we must pursue our mission and resurrect God. And for that, we need to talents of the dancer, Aira.
How could you, Aira? Jumping out of the ceremony like that isn't ladylike.
I can understand how Aira feels. Do we really need to keep up the tradition these days?
They say the Altar is beyond the western mountain range. As you can see, however, there's nothing there but ocean. Perhaps the ancient writings have misled us.
We Dejans have been traveling for hundreds of years. Originally we were just trying to avoid the Demon Lord, but now, we're in search of the fabled Altar of God.
Well, let's follow her. She can't get away from us, after all, we're on a mission from God. She's probably on that cliff nearby

Oh, it's just you! I thought someone from the village was chasing after me. Hello. I am Aira of the tribe of Deja. Do you wish something of me?
Yeah, we're gonna need you to dance as soon as we find a good Tula player. Is that okay?
Oh, so the Chief asked you to follow me. Well, sorry, I have no desire to be a dancer. Now please, stay out of my business! (She storms off, probably back to the Dejan camp)
I wonder...

Looks like you did okay, Kiefer. But your descendant's kind of rebellious. I wonder where she gets that from? *sighs* Let's find her again.

(Chief) what?
But we still haven't found the Altar. You don't need me, yet! I must continue my search. I am certain that there is a tula player somewhere.
But, Aira, we know nothing about the legendary tula players! They could have all died off ages ago, for all we know.
No! There has to be someone alive that can play the TerraTula! Oh! Greetings, friends! Right, Chief! As long as I have my trusty companions, there's no problem!
Yeah, definitely descended from Kiefer and Layla. This heavy-handed inclusion is all too familiar. On the other hand, she's an attractive young woman, so I'm more amenable to her requests.
(Chief) What? The travelers? But they've just arrived here!
Yes, that's true, but these people truly understand me. You'll come with me to look for the master tula player, right?
No, but you can come with me to look for the master tula player.
Do you need any further reassurance, Chief? These people are seasoned travelers. I'll be safe with them.
(Chief) That's true, but aren't there more important things to consider here? How do we know this musician even exists? How do we know you'll even come back again, Aira?
So, do you think we should set off now? It'd be best to leave at night, so we don't cause a commotion. All right, Chief, I will return soon.
(Chief) Sigh. One you set your mind to something, Aira, you don't let go! I guess it runs in the family. You have to be the most headstrong girl I've ever met! I also know how much you value our quest. Therefore I give you charge of our TerraTula. Guard it well.
(Chief) This is the TerraTula, passed down through our tribe for centuries. We will need it for the ceremony to revive God. If you suspect that you have found the person that you are looking for, then have him play this. If he can, then he's got to be the one!
Thank you so much. I will protect this tula with my life.
Aira, please, be careful in your travels! We in the tribe think of you as our very own child!
Oh, don't look so down. I know how much you care about me. Once I find a tula player, I'll come right back! Okay, this time I'm really going! Now, let's go!

taking my leave.

This is the grave of my ancestors, where my parents are buried. This is our holy blade, which is passed down from generation to generation.

Do you see that rune on the blade? It's the seal of the Holy Guardians, my ancestors. Supposedly, this sword was found by the first of them. The Chief doesn't approve of me having a sword, so I hid it here. Now that I'm going on a journey, I'm sure that it will be useful. That's why I'm bringing it with me. Wow, the moonlight is so beautiful tonight. It's getting quite late. We should camp here for the night. I'd like to hear your stories, too. Hey, why don't you come over here? (She lays down) You can see God's glory in the design of the stars. (Everyone else lays down)

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

the waves. Feeling the warm sea breeze on his face, Link remembered the carefree days of life in his village. The next morning...

Aira has joined the party!
I want to give you this. It's very important. This has been passed down amongst the Deja for ages. (It's a WindShard!) I'll put this Shard with the rest of your possessions. Shall we be off?
Sure, we're going to Mardra now.

This looks like the right place.

Not forbidden magics? This place was all about magic when I left... I wonder what happened?
The kingdom's finest musician, Johann, is as lazy as he is fickle. But he respects his master.
A funeral song is an appropriate offering for a soul returning to God's side. A festival song is a frivolous insult to a departed soul.
Welcome. This is a musical instrument shop. We provide instruments for the Royal Musicians registered with the castle. We also repair instruments at this shop. Mardra is full of musicians, so I prosper year-round!
Long ago, this land was a renowned center of magic. It engaged in long and terrible wars. Now it is a peaceful kingdom, populated with lovers of music.
O despairing mourners, with heavy hearts of grief! The soul of your beloved, bumbles like a bee! I'm singing for that family that just had a funeral.
I really overestimated Johann! I can't believe the stupidity of it! Playing a festival song at my father's funeral!
La la! I am a soldier! So strong! So agile! Oh, God. This is incredibly degrading. I just want some work.
Did you know that our kingdom is ruled by Princess Micheala?

with a woman. I forbid him from playing the tula until he shapes up, and then he runs away from home!
Wait, this Johann is a tula player? Good to hear.

Johann doesn't play the tula at all nowadays. Do you think that he might be injured?
With Johann gone, I thought I might finally have a chance. But, no. I am as disliked as ever. I could change classes at Dharma Temple, but I think the real problem lies in my undeniably homely appearance.
Drink will soothe your travel fatigue more than anything! C'mon, have yourself a drink or two!

for research on the strongest forms of magic. But, that's all in the past. Mardra is the center of art now, and in particular, music. Music soothes the souls of the people.
Once upon a time, after much war and turmoil, King Zeppel of Mardra cast a magic spell to turn himself into a monster. His power was so terrifying that he could have destroyed Mardra Castle with a single blow. Finally, the two countries united in peace, and Zeppel put magic behind him and turned to painting. One's heart can find solace in art. That is what the tired King realized. The people followed the King's lead and learned to love the arts. Since then, peace has blessed the kingdom.
Welcome to the headquarters of the Princess Micheala Fanclub! Do you want to become a member?
... Yes. I think that might be a good idea.
Excellent! Your Princess Micheala Fanclub Membership Number is 250! If the Fanclub finds any hot, top-secret info about the Princess, we'll tell you all about it!

That song is fantastic. I felt something special when I heard it. Please, play the tula again.
I don't feel like it. I'm sorry, but just leave me alone. What's the deal? First you weasel your way into staying here, then you just decide not to enter the contest! It's my place!
Hrmm, let's see... we should go check with the ruler. They're usually happy to see me.

Musicians may use this library to help improve their abilities.
Strings, horns... Each instrument creates its own music. Even the same song will sound totally new when played on a different instrument. Studying many types of instruments is the path to truly understanding the mechanics of music.
Hymns, love songs, rain dances, anthems... There's a song for every occasion.

(Micheala) Tell me what's wrong. I'll try to help you out! Hmm... I see. The legendary tula player... The TerraTula... How exciting! You're on a quest to find the legendary musician of the Deja? I believe I can be of assistance. This is the City of Music. I can stage a contest here, to decide the best tula player in the world. If I give a large prize to the winner, every tula player should show up! The TerraTula will be used at the contest. Only the legendary musician can bring out the silvery song of that tula! Do you like my idea?
Wow... that's actually fairly smart. Let's do it!
(Micheala) Well then, I'll send out the official notices immediately! It'll take some time for all the musicians to come, I'm sure, so come back in a while. Thanks a lot, Link! You've completely relieved my boredom.
Then we just need to go to the Great Fane and check it out, and be on our merry way once again!

post. We're busy preparing for the contest right now.
If I won the tula contest, I'd be the most famous man in the world. It'd sure beat sorcery, I have to admit!
When does the contest start, anyway? Did I come here too early?

They lead to... TREASURE!

Sweeeeeet. Now let's go talk to the former High Priest... or at least see what he has to say.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

'To the wise, may your wisdom expand forever. I, Mardra, have spent my life researching the ultimate magic. Although no one can use it now, I leave it for the future. Majustis - The power to erase any spell cast upon oneself. I only hope that this magic may only be used for good. - High Priest Mardra'
Link learned Majustis!
Wait... only spells cast on one target? I'm going to give that priest a thorough talking to!

(High Priest) May I help you with something?
Hey, you need to come up with a better spell! Majustis doesn't work well at all... It only effects one guy!
(High Priest) No, you don't need to tell me. You're waiting for the completion of the spell, aren't you? This is hard for me to say, but the magic spell is not complete yet. What? That's impossible! You clould not have mastered the spell already! It is not even complete, and is difficult to learn besides. Are you sure that you refer to Majustis? You're not mistakenly talking about Heal or HealMore, are you?
Well, I was unsure for a while, but then I realized THAT IT DIDN'T DO ANY HEALING!
(High Priest) Really? Well, if you say so... But I'd like to see you do it! (The High Priest casts the TwinHits spell!) If you really have mastered Majustis, show me by dispelling this magic of mine!

(High Priest) Indeed, the spell that you just cast was the great Majustis, but how? Could you have mastered it after seeing me cast it but once? What was that? Engraved in stone? That cannot be! I created that magic, and I have never mastered it. I suppose that I cannot doubt you, though. Not after seeing you perform it. In any case, I won't yet give up. I'll master Majustis myself, and leave it behind for others to learn as well. I thank you. Now that you've shown me the spell, I am that much closer to my goal. I will now continue my research. Be sure and come back for a visit every now and then.
Then in the words of the world's greatest monster battler... ONCE MORE! WITH GUSTO!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

'To the wise, may your wisdom expand forever. I, Mardra, have spent my entire life researching Majustis. With the help of a man named Link, though, my research advanced, and I found that Majustis was not the ultimate magic. This is Gigastis, the true ultimate magic. I only hope that this magic be used for good. - High Priest Mardra
Link learned Gigastis!
This is waaaaay better... this targets several people and keeps them from casting to boot! But I wonder...

(High Priest) My research on that spell is definitely progressing. I can't wait to finish it for you!
Awwww... no GigastisMore. Well, now that that's over, we need to have a talk with you, Aira. You're only level 21, and while you're a master Dancer and have three entire ranks of Warrior, you're way behind. What do you want to do?

Okay, folks. One more grind session. That should do us for the plot portion of the game, since we're already well past overleveled, though we may need one or two more in the future. What classes should Aira take? And any more requests for everyone else? Quick and dirty details will be in a post to follow.

New Items: LifeAcorn

TinyMedal Count: 50

Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Sea Dog, SheepLord, BeastLord, Faust, Chosen One, HiPriest, Zealot

Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, Armageddon, EvilDead, Sexy, Pandora, BigDummy, ThorRat, GoldGolem, Drakon, OilPot
New Spells: StopSpell

Class Titles: Minstrel, TruTalent, Fool, Icon, Archmage, HighPriest, Oracle

Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest, Novice (Thief) Martyr, Minstrel, Fool, Icon, ArchMage, Prophet, Ragnarok, Warmonger

Class Titles: TruTalent, Soldier