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Part 49: Post 41: In which we discover a sad little girl, and help her father with his problem.

Post 41: In which we discover a sad little girl, and help her father with his problem.

Let's see... I think we have enough WindShards to finish up that last pedestal in the wind room, now.

Hrmmm, that's interesting. I haven't seen a city with a river running through it yet.

... Wow. How do we get over there? Is that a sign?

Would you like to see a flight demonstration?
Very well, then... I'll prove it to you.

Well? Do you believe me now? Enjoy your stay.
We have come across a town of flying people who are friendly and like to show off. What can top this?
The winds here in Gorges have blown incessantly for years and years. We of Lefa use the wind to propel ourselves through the sky.

I think the monster park could use this... Muahahahaha!

completely useless! Why are you bent on risking people's lives to get it back?
(Pendragon) We need the BlissRock! It has granted us the gift of unending wind.
That's not at all what I said! We don't need that wind! Back in my day, we could fly only when the wind was good. And we liked it!
(Pendragon) Well, times have changed. We can't survive without the wind anymore.
Have it your way, then! Go ahead and get people killed over your precious little stone!
(Pendragon) We need that BlissRock back. If only we had someone strong enough to help us...
Hah! You'll need to find some pretty stupid people to listen to your story! (She storms out of the house)
(Pendragon) Oh, are you travelers? I'm sorry you had to see us fighting. Something very troubling has occurred in this valley, and we were just debating over it. It must be fate that sent you here to us. Let me tell you the whole story. There is a Fane north of the valley which we've guarded for generations. But, a fortnight ago, it was invaded by monsters swarming out from a dark cloud. The Fane was evacuated, but we committed a grave error. We left the BlissRock behind. The BlissRock brings wind to our people. Without it, the air will soon grow calm... That's why I'm looking for brave warriors that could recover the BlissRock for us! I can tell you're more than qualified for the job. Will you please go to the northern Fane and take back the BlissRock?
We'll take the case!
(Pendragon) Oh, thank you! We'll give you any reward you want if you return with the BlissRock. The Fane is to the north as you pass the cliffs opposite us. We're counting on you!
That's strange. Firia isn't back from picking flowers yet? Well she can't fly. I bet she fell into the river again.

A Diary posted:

Tuesday, a young boy named Joseph came to town, telling a story about a gray rain. The boy explained to all of us that the rain has the power to turn people into stone. I couldn't believe it, but the boy looked deadly serious.
Good to see that Joseph was able to get around without any trouble, but we need to continue searching the town.

the cliff? Why don't you do what we do and fly straight up there? Huh?
(Firia) Because I can't fly. I've told you that lots of times.
What? But you're Pendragon's daughter! Why can't you fly?
(Firia) I've told you that lots of times, too. I'm not Lefan. I'm an orphan.
What? Did you hear that? She's not really his daughter!
Nyah-nyah! Firia's an orphan! Firia's an orphan!
You leave that unique-sprited girl alone, you horrible children! She's obviously infintely more important than you!
Hunh? What do you want?
Hey! These people aren't Lefan!
Agh! Firia's friends!
Run! (They fly off.)
(Firia) Thank you, but I've got to go. My sister will kill me if I'm late. Goodbye. (She walks home.)

around the dark cloud. I imagine they're still trying to get the BlissRock back.
Firia is the only non-Lefan in this village. She was found abandoned on Pendragon's front doorstep one day. No one knows who her parents are. The poor kid is all alone.
Is it just me, or has the wind been acting funny recently?
What would happen if the wind stopped blowing? Oh, dear! I don't even want to imagine! If that happened, we wouldn't be able to walk or eat or do anything!
Gahh! You guys! This is my house, you know! We weren't bullying Firia! We were just telling the truth!
Isn't this place incredible? The water's nice, the air's refreshing. It's too bad I've got to leave today.

exhausted. Those stairs were build back when the wind still died down from time to time. Nowadays, the only people that use it are Firia and travelers like you.
It must have been twenty years ago, when a thunderous boom could be heard from the sky, as if it were going to rain. Oddly enough, there wasn't a cloud to be seen. Suddenly a trail of light fell from the sky, as we looked on in awe. We followed the trail and found a glowing rock hovering above the ground. We named it the BlissRock and took it to the fane. Since then, the wind has never stopped blowing. We've become too dependant upon it. The younger set loves it, but there is something about it that disturbs me. I've tried to tell my son, but he never listens to me. Sniff... I mean, I'm just his mother after all.
Let's check with Firia one more time before we leave for the Fane.

(Firia) You didn't have to help me out back there, you know. I'm used to being picked on. I mean, I can't deny it. It's the truth. I can't fly.
I have seen a town ripped asunder by it's own citizens in the effort to keep their women alive. I have been to places destroyed overnight by a gray, petrifying rain. I have seen cities grow and die, I've seen self-sacrifice at its most pure, duty without end, and ambition without bounds. I've seen a woman destroy the souls of others to save that of her own brother, and I've seen a beloved pet fight to the death for a city that wished to destroy it. But this little girl casually accepting that it is her place to be bullied gets to me. *sighs* Let's get to the Fane and fix this mess.

Two towns? BONUS!

time to come here. The Fane is wrapped in an evil black cloud, so no one can enter it. There's not much in this village, so I'd recommend you head back to the valley.
How much longer do we have to live like this? I wish that cloud would go away so we could return to the Lefa Fane.

Nothing's happening! The Fane is still smothered in darkness!
How much longer must we wait? When will the valley send up some help?
I'm afraid we shouldn't expect much. We're not made for battle.
Hmm. Oh, hello there. What brings you here?
Well, first we time traveled back here to fix whatever crisis you had. Then we talked to Pendragon, and he told us that you left your new holy artifact in the hands of the monsters. This village was on the way, so on I go.
Oh really? That must mean you're going to the Fane. Wait, are you even Lefan?
Not as such.
I thought so. That makes for a little problem. There's a door in the fane that can be opened only by a full-blooded Lefan. You won't be able to get past it yourselves. Hmm...
That shouldn't be any problem. The altar which the BlissRock rests upon is in front of the Lefan door. They won't even have to open it.
Aha! That's it! Listen to me, travelers. The Fane is engulfed in darkness and filled with horrible monsters. Please retreive the BlissRock for us all! And be careful!
Let's just check that well outside, and then we'll be on our way.


This is one of the cooler looking monsters, I think.
And soon I'll be one!
But now it's time to actually go to the Fane!

Though these are just palette swapped upgrades of older monsters, I like the Quixotron's name - he's a Don Quixote robot.

Another ho-hum palette swap monster without new abilities.

This is kind of obnoxious until you figure out the schtick. When you check one of these statues, it points in a direction. You need to follow whichever direction it's tail is pointing, not the direction it's facing. Otherwise you fall into a lower room with a random zombie encounter every few steps and have to restart the maze. After that obnoxious little maze, all that's left is...

foolish enough to enter the shroud of darkness. Unfortunately, you will proceed no further.

that have been building lairs in this area.
Looks as if we can't get near the temple, unless we finish him off first.
I won't be shown up by something made out of mist!
The HellGenie is somewhat obnoxious. He's not powerful enough to be a substantial threat to us, but he's durable enough to be an irritant. But after several rounds of combat...

group? Heh heh heh... If you think the dark cloud will be lifted bow, you are terribly mistaken. The time will come for you to accept a new world order. You do not yet understand the true meaning of terror. Heh heh heh... (The HellGenie expires)
Onward to the Fane!

Let's find that BlissRock and see what else we can loot!

Ooooh! Handy!

And here's the gimmick for the Fane - see that circle on the floor that includes the walls? Those switches rotate the walls like so:

Simple, right? Not a real problem. We can just follow a direct path after that, ignoring the statue covered with inky black clouds, which brings us to the...

Ahh, that's one more quest entirely finished with no loose ends.

Next time, on Dragon Warrior 7:
Loose ends!
Really? Drat.

New Items: WyvernHeart, LifeAcorn,

TinyMedal Count: 53
New Monsters: MetlRider, Red Sting, SnowBat, DragonMan, EvilArmor,

Levels: 32-35
Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Sea Dog, SheepLord, BeastLord, Faust, Chosen One, HiPriest, Martyr, Avenger, Cherubin

Mastered Classes: Paladin, Dragoon

New Spell: MagicWall, Farewell, HealUs, Sacrifice

New Skill: Guardian, Multicut, VacuSlash, ZombieCut, 2EdgeHit, Massacre, FalconCut, QuadHits, MetalCut, RockThrow

Level: 30-33

Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, Armageddon, EvilDead, Sexy, Pandora, BigDummy, ThorRat, GoldGolem, Drakon, SoulEater, Leviathan, Prototype

Mastered Class: CurseLamp, Varanus

New Skills: PaniDance, Scorching, Summon, MetalCut

New Spells: SnowStorm, MagicWall

Level: 28-32

Class Titles: Minstrel, TruTalent, Fool, Icon, Archmage, HighPriest, Prophet, Fury

Mastered Classes: Sage, Summoner

New Spell: Revive, Explodet, DefeatMax,

New Skill: Summon, Meditate, Magma, Tremor, HellFlame, DeMagic, HellBlast, Summoner

Level: 21-28

Class Titles: TruTalent, General, Master, Bishop

Mastered Classes: Warrior, Fighter

New Skills: SquallHit, Elite, LifeSong, EvilSlash, SwordDanc, LegSweep, JumpKick, RoundHous, Suplex, JockDance, WarCry, Punch, WindBeast

New Spells: Heal, Expel, Infernos, Upper, StopSpell, HealMore, Infermore, HealAll