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Part 50: Post 42: In which the best little girl in the world saves everyone and is adorable.

Post 42: In which the best little girl in the world saves everyone and is adorable.

Now let's get this BlissRock back to Pendragon.

He should be back any time now. Why don't you wait here?
Let's talk to Firia while we wait.
If the wind were to stop right now, this valley would be finished. But you, Firia, would at least be able to live with your feet on the ground. Promise me, Firia, that you'll live here after the wind dies!
(Firia) That old story again? Don't worry. There's no way the wind would just stop blowing. Father told me that if only we got the BlissRock back, the wind in the valley would keep blowing.
No, no no! It's not some stupide stone that's protecting us. In fact, if that stone hadn't brought us this unending wind, we wouldn't be quaking in fear every time the wind simmers down like this!
(Firia) Can we talk about this later, Grandma? Father's coming home soon.
There you go, bringing your father up again! Do you really love him that much?
(Firia) That goes without saying. I owe my entire life to him!
All right. Fine. I'll say nothing more about this. (The old woman scoots away to her chair.)
(Firia) Father and Grandma have argued with each other for as long as I can remember. I've never understood why. They're both such good people.

she loves her father. That man's no father! He's just a pitiful little man! (Pendragon comes in.)
(Pendragon) Oh, it's you! Is that what I think it is?
Yep - here's the BlissRock, take it and have fun.
(Pendragon) Oh, yes! This is it! Thank you, travelers, from the bottom of my heart! The valley is saved! We must now fulfill our promise to you. Tonight there will be a great feast in your honor! Hopefull, you've worked up an appetite!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

held an amazingly extravagant feast for Link and the party. However, the festivities were tempered somewhat by the dark cloud that still lay over the Fane itself. Soon night became day...

wasn't it? You might want to stop by the Pendragon's place before you leave. Take care!
Ahhh, tasty food. Let's go talk with Pendragon again.

(Pendragon) BlissRock?
Oh, that thing? I threw it out.
(Pendragon) What? That can't be! You haven't set foot outside since last night!
I gave it to Firia. I told her to go throw it in the river.
(Pendragon) Oh, no! I've got to go stop Firia!
What are you talking about? I'm not half as stupid as you are! Do you really think she'll just throw the stone away because I told her to? I'm sure she'll just give it back to you when my back's turned. She cares too much about you to hurt your feelings. That's the kind of girl she is!
(Pendragon) How can one be certain?
After all these years of 'raising her as an orphan' and you don't have any faith in her at all? You're terrible!
(Pendragon) ... All right. I'll wait for her to come back. Are you leaving us already? Don't worry about us. This is just a family squabble. I hope you have a pleasant journey from here. Oh, I almost forgot. Here's a token of my appreciation. Hopefully it'll come in handy. (Link received the AGL Scarf!) Be careful out there. And come visit us again someday!
Let's see if we can find Firia again before we leave.

This can't be good.

This can't be good *at all*.

walk around even when the wind stopped. I guess this is what we get for relying on the wind so long.
I knew something was up when that dark cloud didn't go away. Maybe that's the real reason behind the wind stopping.
You can still move? You must not be a Lefan. Perhaps if we wait, the wind will return to us.
That's right kids - don't get addicted to performance enhancing enviroments. They seem to help you, but what happens when they go away? Then you lack the strength to walk on your own.
In all my life, this is the first time I've ever seen the wind stop blowing. We aren't being punished for Firia, are we?
Yes you are - that's exactly what's happening.

(Firia) I can't hold on! My arms- (she drifts slowly to the ground.)
Oh no! An innocent little girl... seems to be entirely okay?

(Firia) Thank you very much. It was weird. Just when I began to fall, this stone suddenly got warm. Maybe this is another of the BlissRock's powers. Never mind that! I'm worried about my family. Let's go!

(Firia) Please, Link! Help us save the valley once more.
Ah, Link. I was hoping that you were still around. What? The BlissRock saved Firia? It is of no consequence. The wind has stopped blowing. I know why, but I need help to restore it.
(Pendragon) It's all becuase you removed the BlissRock from the Fane?
You mean, bringing it back here LIKE YOU ASKED ME TO?
By God, when are you ever going to learn? That stone has nothing to do with anything! Pay no heed to anything that awful man says. Please listen to me. I've got a favor to ask of you. It's a bit of a long story, but it's important. You listen up too, Firia. The real reason the wind's stopped is because the dark cloud's engulfed the Spirit Statue. It's been said since olden times that the statue has protected the wind of the valley. So you must go back into the Fane and somehow eradicate that cloud! Do you follow me so far?
Go and beat up the cloud, gotcha.
Good. Now, the statues protected by a door that can only be opened by a Lefan. So, Firia, I want you to go and open the door for them.
(Firia) You know that won't work, Grandma. I'm not a Lefan.
(Pendragon) Mother!
There's no time to bicker over this! We'll all die if you don't do it! I'm going to say this just once, Firia. So listen carefully. You're not an orphan. You're a full-blooded Lefan and a member of our family.
(Firia) But how? I don't have any wings!
I have no idea what God had in mind, but he gave you that body, not to mention a foolish father who tried to hid the truth from you.
(Pendragon) I'm sorry, Firia.
You have every right to despise the man, but right now you have a task to do. You're the only person who can save this valley now... Please, help us!
(Firia) ... I want to save the people in the valley.
Now then, make haste for the Fane!
(Firia) Oh, right. I have this to give you, Link. (She hands Link the BlissRock)
Take care of Firia for me, Link!
Now we get to go through both that cave and the Fane again. Same shit, different day.

Oh, those are the clouds that were mentioned. The door should be just up ahead.

(Firia) If I can open it, then it proves I am a true Lefan... Please... Open...

(Firia) Oh, I can't believe this! We should keep going.
Okay, just one path to follow, but there are a lot of dead ends and a bunch of those buttons. Let's see what's at the end of it.

Now let's check out this statue - I think we can make our way to the statue if we hit a few of the buttons on the way.

The puzzle in this case is that we have to get wind to blow through the temple onto the statue. First, we're going to need some wind...

Now, here's where it gets tricky... We have to direct the air from the first door out onto the statue.

This is done by creating a hallway out of these various walls, which are rotated by pressing these buttons.

(Firia) This should make the dark cloud disappear. I'm sure my father will want the BlissRock back, so I'll go and get it. Link, why don't you check on the Spirit Statue?

HellCloud: bad for a stinking human! But if you want your wind back, you'll have to take me down! Let's see how brave you really are! Come on!

with this one!
So it's because of him that the black clouds hanging over this land won't clear...
Link... This one's... tough...
The HellCloud is somewhat difficult, since he's immune to air-based attacks and summons up hordes of minions who have decent attacks. But my feeling has always been that if you're having wind problems, I feel bad for you son. I've got 99 problems...

But a cloud ain't one.

HellCloud: I threw everything I had at you! But you humans... Your combined force...
(Firia) Link! Are you all right? I've got the BlissRock, so let's head back to the valley.

What's that? You cleared away the dark cloud? Well, if that's all it took, I should've taken a broom to it weeks ago!
Yes. Yes you should have.
The BlissRock fell from the sky, according to our legends. Perhaps it might be a possession of God.
Now that the wind is back, perhaps it's time I settled down and found a nice wife.

I'm so glad to see you return safely. Thanks to you, the wind has returned to the valley. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know this hasn't been easy for you, Firia.
(Firia) No... I'm fine.
But I'm sure you're happy to know you're a true Lefan now.
(Firia) Uh-huh.
I've been just like your father, trying to hide it all the time. I hope you can forgive us, Firia.
(Firia) Don't say that! I'm not bitter about anything. I finally found out who my real father was. I'm so happy!
Thank you, Firia. Such a gentle-hearted child.
(Firia) Grandma, can we save this for later? I brought back the BlissRock, but maybe I should've kept it where it was.
That stupid rock? Well, if it makes you feel better.
That rock is amazing! Tell them what happened, Link!
That thing reduced a potentially lethal fall to mere oopsie status!
Hmm. So that rock saved Firia's life. That gives me an idea. Firia, would you come with me a moment?

Lefan. If you could fly, you could finally be a true member of our village! So I want you to try flying now. I'll catch you if you can't.
(Firia) All right. I'll try it.

(Firia) Wow! I can't believe it!
That isn't just some old rock after all! With that stone, Firia, you'll have no reason to feel inferior to anyone else. Keep that stone with you, my girl. And don't let anyone complain about it! If it weren't for you, we probably all would have died!
Thanks for letting us know how valuable *we* are.
(Firia) I don't want the stone.
Firia! For heaven't sake, why not?
(Firia) I know now that I am Lefan. That's enough for me. I want to live naturally, the way god made me. Just like you've always said, Grandma.
Well, I have to admit, you're right about that.
(Firia) But, if it's all the same, I'll take the stone.
Well, sure, go ahead, but why do you still want it?
(Firia) I want to give it to Link as thanks for saving this valley. It causes the wind to blow, and lets the bearer fly, and I'm sure it has more powers. I'm sure they'll be able to use it in their travels far more than I.
Well, we sure don't need that stone anymore. Do with it as you wish.
(Firia) Uh-huh! So, here, Link. Take care of it for me. (Link obtained a BlissRock) Come back to Gorges sometime, okay, Link? Promise!
I promise, Firia. We'll come back to Gorges just to visit you.

Sorry about the HellCloud - once again, there was no pic available for him.

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