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Part 53: Post 45: In which we deal with a surprising surplus of words.

Post 45: In which we deal with a surprising surplus of words.

Now on to the next adventure!

Huh?! How did you get here? Did you cross through this fog?
I suppose so... I didn't notice any until now, to be fair.
I don't have the time to interrogate you right now. My brother left the village, and hasn't come back. Please, good people, find my brother, before he runs into a monster, or worse! He ran off to the south. Please, help him!
With the sun blocked from the sky, farming is a lost cause. Still, there's nothing else for me to do...
My brother said he was going to attack the monsters on the mountain. That was the last I heard of him. The priest, the lumberjack, and the lumberjack's wife haven't returned, either. I have my mother and father, but Lukas found himself all alone as a result.
Now we strike! We won't be fooled by a damned monster in priest's robes! Mumble, mumble...
Even the fish in the pond don't look well. You think it's from the fog?

This is a rare sight! Travelers, are you? Listen here! Our formerly beautiful temple has been taken over by a hideous monster. The Sisters who escaped have established a temporary one in the Prefect's home.
That's a shame, after all the sacrifices that have been made. Oh, are you travelers? You've come at a bad time. This place is in terrible trouble. The village is covered in a white fog, and the outside is crawling with monsters.
They got my son. I can't just stand around doing nothing! I've never seen you around. If you're travelers, I'm warning you... Never go near the temple, if you care for your lives.

a monster living in the village temple! My child wants to play outside, but I won't hear of it! I'm not letting her out of this house!
Hey! I want to play outside! Come on!
No! It's too dangerous to go outside! Absolutely not!
Let's keep checking around, shall we?

This seems somehow familiar...

with me?
The door to Mt. Tor has been tightly sealed, but monsters keep coming out. The monster at the temple must be involved in some way!
There's no way for us to know what that guy's plotting. We ought to just take him out right here and now!
I want to do something about that monster too, but we've got to use our heads. He has already defeated the strongest of us. We've got to consider all the possibilities, or we're going to get hurt... I'm sorry, but we're busy right now. Please come back later!
What's this? Why, my daughter's nowhere to be found. You don't imagine she could be outside, do you? I'm worried sick!
The poor Sisters. First the priest died, and then they were pushed out of the temple. Those accursed monsters! What do they want?
We ran from the temple, and were able to hide here. Why? The temple has been taken over by a hideous monster!
Well, we might as well check south for that guy's brother - nothing else going on in town yet.

but the fog sends me back. Damn! You people! Are you travelers? You can't pass through here. If you take this path to the southern town, the fog will send you right back! What, you don't believe me?

Monster: Squeeee! There's so many morsels here!
Monster: Squee hee hee! Maybe I'll eat you!
Aiieee! Help me!
Monster: What do you want with me? Squeee! You want me to eat you first?
Monster: If we eat humans, the priest will be angry! Squeee!
Monster: It's all right. We'll eat their remains, and no one will know what became of them!

you ready, Master Link?
We may just be passing through, but we can't stand idly by and do nothing. I feel kind of bad for the monsters, though.
There sure are a lot of tiny ones, here, aren't there? Still, we can't let our guard down.
These are just TreeGuards, a variant of the archers we've seen several times... the ones suspended in midair by owls. They have enough hit points to survive one round, and have similarly advanced attack and defense, but no special attacks.

Thank you so much. Oh! That's right! You might be able to... Yes! You could surely defeat the priest! We must discuss this with the Prefect!

Yeah, that was us.
Wow, you can fight monsters! If you're looking for my little brother, he's at the Prefect's house.

They could defeat the beast!
(Prefect) Calm down! And who are those travelers?
I hope you made sure to bring him to the village.
Well, actually... No, I, um...
(Prefect) You scatterbrain! Huh? Are you the travelers?
Oh, there you are! Prefect, these are the travelers I was telling you about! Come over here! These good folks resuced me from the monsters. You should have seen how strong they were! I'm sure they could win against the beast here, too!
(Prefect) If you don't mind, travelers, could you describe everything that has happened?
You guys are impressive! You don't look very strong, though.
I'm sorry that I went on ahead before you. A lot of people call me a scatterbrain.
Yes, yes, we fight monsters. We're quite good at it.
And crime! We also fight crime!
I suppose that's also technically true... we beat up the thieves near the temple of Dharma.
We've also fought injustice and tyranny!
There was that corrupt kingdom that we fought, so I suppose that's true as well.
We're also great dancers!
Not Gabo.
But yes, we dance, as well as fight monsters, tyranny, injustice, and crime. We saw that guy in the fog, and beat up the monsters that were chasing him.
(Prefect) Hmm... So that's what happened, huh? Now that we know your strength, we'd like to ask a favor of you. There's a monster that's taken up residence in our temple. We'd like you to get rid of it for us. The monster controls this fog and the monsters outside this village. If we could just destroy it... Please lend us your strength and help us!
We'll see what we can do. It's why we travel back and forth through time.
(Prefect) You will? Thank you! Of course, we will do whatever we can, too. Please talk to the villagers. If you and the villagers put your strengths together, I'm sure we can defeat that monster! Let's all get together and plan our strategy! I'll see you again later, then.

wife all sacrificed themselves for the village. The white fog covering the village and the monsters have both come from Mt. Tor. That monster in the temple must be the cause of our troubles. Good travelers, please lend us your help!
Four people went to Mt. Tor to fight the monsters. Only that monster in our temple returned. He killed everyone. He's keeping quiet now, but surely he'll go on a rampage soon enough.
My son was one of the village's strongest. That's why he went to fight the monsters. I'll never forgive them for his death! You'll avenge him, won't you?
The house next to the pond is the lumberjack's place. The lumberjack and his wife went to fight the monsters in Mt. Tor and never returned. Now only the little Lukas lives there. I feel terribly for him. Lukas? Maybe he's in the cemetary. He goes there to pray everyday.

I swear to avenge you.

Someday, I will avenge my parents! (The monster moves closer to the boy). Just try to eat me like you ate my parents! Damn it! (The child runs off.)
The monster left the door open! After him!

(The monster who wears the priest's clothes looks at you sadly.)
They were monsters, but they didn't stink at all. Strange. This is very strange. They are supposed to be monsters, but I sense no evil in them. Master Link, it would be wise to listen to that child's tale.
He did not interfere with us, either. What is going on? He only looks like a monster to me. Something is going to happen. I can just feel it.
I think we did things a bit out of order... maybe we should go talk to that kid.
(Lukas) He never did anything bad. No, what am I thinking? Oh goddess, please protect us all from disaster. And who are you? Oh, that's right. We passed by one another at the graveyard. My name is Lukas. My mother and father are buried there. I live alone. Don't worry about me, though. This statue has been handed down through my mother's family, and it will protect us all. I'm embarrassed to say it, but this statue reminds me of my mother. Before she went to fight the monsters, Mom said that this statue would protect me in her place. The monster in the temple won't be able to harm me. But what if... No, it's nothing.
That monster in the temple scares me. He always controls himself, never acting violently... I bet he's plotting something evil over there.

(Prefect) start the meeting. Please, this way. I just sent for the villagers. Please wait a while longer. I told you only men would be allowed at this meeting!
Well, I told them, but my wife and daughter wouldn't listen.
I will stay right here!
That's right! If little Lukas is allowed to go, we should be able to go, too. I want to avenge my brother.
(Prefect) Well, never mind. Ah! You're back! How did it go? What is it doing?
My brother and the shopkeeper are watching it. There hasn't been any change so far.
(Prefect) Huh? Where's Lukas?
Huh? There's no one here.
(Lukas) I'm sorry to be so late.
(Prefect) Hmm. Well. Anyway, let's get started.
Yes, yes! I'm coming!
(Prefect) Everybody, these are the travelers I was telling you about. The monster has been living in the temple for some time now. I'm sure everyone is anxious to do something about it. How can we get rid of the monster when even our strongest people failed? Both Lukas' parents and that woman's son couldn't do it. Even our priest was lost. All of the people who might have been able to do it have already been killed. There was nothing we could do. But now! Now these travelers here seem to be as strong as -
(Prefect) no, stronger than - the monsters!
They saved me when I was about to get attacked by monsters!
(Prefect) If the villagers and travelers combine their might, then we may have a chance. Before that monster in the temple has the chance to do anything else, let's kill it and avenge the deaths it caused! If the travelers will agree to help us, victory will be ours! Now let's discuss when and how we're going to kill the monster in the temple. I think we should go teach that monster a lesson, immediately! What do you villagers think?
It's finally going to happen. Everyone, we're counting on you! We need to strike while it least expects it! We need to get the monster before it has a chance to call for help!
(Lukas) Excuse me. I have something to tell you. I can't tell you here, though. Would you mind stepping into the storage room with me?

(Lukas) they? I want to avenge my parents too, but is it really all right to just kill him? I just can't see the monster as really being evil. I know he might have been the one who killed my parents, but he may also be innocent. Sometimes I think he's not really a monster! Oh, I'm sorry! I got a little carried away. Please, forget what I just said.
I think that this is one of those "Loomin" situations - I'm betting on the lone kid here, and the fact that the monster hasn't actually done anything is confusing.
We don't think the monster is the problem this time. Let's see what we can do to stop the people from killing it.

I'm ready to go right now! Everybody feels the same way. We're all ready!
(Prefect) Yes, just exactly what I wanted to hear. The monster could go crazy at any time. We need to do something. The sooner the better!
Let's surround the temple while he sleeps, and set a fire to smoke him out!
That's out of the question! What are we going to do if the fire spreads to other houses? We don't have to set an actual fire. All we have to do is yell, 'Fire!'
(Prefect) Hmm. Any other opinions?
How about late at night? I don't see any problems with that.
(Prefect) It has been decided. Tonight you men will surround the temple. Then you'll yell 'Fire' in order to flush the monster out. When it flees the temple, it will suddenly realize that there is no fire. While the monster breathes a sigh of relief, we will beat it beyond recognition. Finally free from its tyranny, we can return to our sheltered lives. Let the other villagers know of this decision. The monster will meet its end tonight at the temple. (Everyone else files out) With your help, we may be able to rid ourselves of that monster. You will help us won't you?
Remember how we mentioned that we fight injustice, among other things, earlier?
But the thing is, this is wrong.
This "monster" has done nothing wrong, and doesn't seem to be hurting anyone.
And your plan - it's just awful. No way in hell that's going to work.
And for those reasons, we're gonna have to give you a pass.
(Prefect) Now's not the time to joke around! Don't worry, you'll have us to help you! There's no reason to be afraid. Well, I'm sure you have to get ready. You're free to do as you like until nightfall. If you'd like to rest, you may use the room upstairs. As soon as you're ready, let me know. I'll lead you to the temple. I will see you then.
We aren't going to - don't you understand?
(Prefect) Are you ready then, Link?
(Prefect) Are you ready then, Link?
(Prefect) Are you ready then, Link?
(Prefect) But thou must!
Aha! J'accuse!
(Prefect) Are you ready then, Link?
*sighs* I suppose.
(Prefect) Now, the time has come. We'll finally be saved. To the temple! Let's kill that hateful monster!
Wait, let's see if it works this time... No?
(Prefect) What? Are you refusing to go kill the monster?
(Prefect) Hmm. I don't understand your answer. I'll ask you one more time. Will you go to the temple to help kill the monster?
(Prefect) What? Are you taking sides with our enemy? That monster stole the life of our priest and three of our villagers. We've come this far, and we will bring things to an end. I won't let anything stop us from total victory. Someone! Anyone! Come quickly!
What is it father?
What is it, Dad?
Prefect! It's time to go. Let's get rid of the monster. What? Is anything wrong?
(Prefect) Seize the travelers! Lock them in the shed until we've killed the monster!
Prefect! What happened?
(Prefect) Never mind! Just do it!
Yes, sir! (They grab the party and throw us in the shed.)
What? Are you saying that the travelers have sided with the monster?
(Prefect) He suddenly started saying they wouldn't help kill the monster. I hope they haven't found out about our plan. Things have become quite complicated to follow.
If that is true, we must hurry! We must fight the monster on our own!
(Prefect) I agree. We'll leave them until we kill the monster. Okay, it's locked. Let's go now.

Nobody seems to be injured, but how can we get out of here, Link? First of all, we have to get outside. I'm worried about Lukas.
Where are we? Let's get out of here!
This must be somewhere in the village. We must go outside at once!

You can't leave here until you're really sorry. Are you feeling sorry? Can you promise to behave yourself from now on?
Yes. We're sorry and we'll be good.
Good! I'll let you out, but this isn't something I normally do, okay?

(Lukas) he'll be killed!
Oh! Lukas! I found you! Let's play!
(Lukas) We've no time! I'll play with you later, ok? Please, kind people. Come with me to stop them! They mustn't kill him! Somehoe, I know they shouldn't! Please! Come with me to the temple!

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Author's note: Not shown - 3 hours of talking with repetitive people, trying to figure out which one I hadn't talked to that I needed to continue the plot.

TinyMedal Count: 56
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