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Part 54: Post 46: In which we are thrown to the depradations of pink monsters, discover a certain amount of religious symbolism, and help smuggle gold out of town.

Post 46: In which we are thrown to the depradations of pink monsters, discover a certain amount of religious symbolism, and help smuggle gold out of town.

Let's go stop this evil town from killing that hideous monster!
I never expected to hear that twice.
The men of the village have headed out to the temple to defend the village from the terrible monster.
Oh no! They've already started attacking the poor thing!

What the hell? He doesn't even fight back, the coward! Kill him!
Cursed beast! Return the dead to us!
What are you trying to do, bringing that fog down upon us?
Give me my son back!
I-I'm not scared of you anymore! We'll get you, all of us together!
(Prefect) First, you blanketed this village in eternal fog, and then you took the lives of our people! These acts are unforgivable! Prepare to die!
What are you trying to pull? You think we'll ever believe you didn't do it?
(Prefect) Travelers! How did you escape? Oh, I see. Lukas, you guided them here, did you? How can you defend that vile beast who slew your parents?
(Lukas) Listen, Prefect! That monster is...
(Prefect) Shut up! You've been tricked by that hideous beast! So you insist on defending the monster, and getting in our way, do you? In that case... Everyone! These people are accomplices of the monster! Capture them!
Eh, they're just misguided. Let's go along with this for now.

(Prefect) these people were in league with the monsters. Someone lock them away on Mount Tor. Make sure that they can never leave!
It will be done!

league with the monsters. I was completely deceived.
Lock the door, quick! If the monsters come out, we're dead!
All right, already, I heard you, I heard you.

better? Oh, I just remembered. The Prefect has issued orders to stand guard here, just in case.
No way.
(Lukas) Ow! Are you all right? Something terrible has happened, and it's my fault. Let's hurry back to the village!
Weren't you listening? They locked the doors.
(Lukas) What do we do? If we can't get out of here, then... I know! Let's search for a way out at the edge of the forest! I've heard that monsters live there, but we have no choice. Besides, I'll have nothing to worry about if I'm with you. We have to find a way back to the village! Let's go!
Are you kidding? We finally got into the sealed off area! Let's see if we can find the source of the evil while we're in here.

Behold! Mt. Tor, the likely source of local troubles. Let's see what we can find out.

We really need to drop these off at some point... as well as those tiny medals we've been accruing.

The WingTigers would hit hard, if we gave them a chance. However, their maroon hides encourage us to attack them even more than usual.

The DumbiKing, in addition to being that pleasant gray color, can cast TwinHits and be fairly damaging at times. The Gron, on the other hand, is pink. I don't know which is worse.

(Lukas) Quick! You've got to rescue the priest from the monsters!

When the spiral spins, the fog thickens.
Enshroud the mountain in fog! Trap the humans forever!
Spin, spin, spin, great spiral!
The villagers will do what we want soon enough. And once he dies- What? Hm? What happened to you? What are you doing deep in the mountains? Are you lost?
(Lukas) Father! You're alive!
What? You're a kid from the village, huh. You shouldn't be out here. The monsters will eat you. Yes, just like these people. These people came to defeat the monsters and clear the fog that settled on the mountain. Then the very monsters they hunted came and ate them whole, heads first. They couldn't do a thing about it. This is what happens to human vermin who oppose the monsters.
(Lukas) How can you say such a thing, Father? You went with my parents to defeat the monsters.
I came... I mean, the priest came, to defeat the monsters. His companions were killed off one by one, but the priest valiantly persisted. So I said, 'If you really want to save the village, won't you strike a deal with me?' I told him, if he was willing to switch forms with me and live as a horrible monster, then I wouldn't attack the village for as long as he lived. Haha! He made a promise with me, the great Botok, servant of the Demon Lord! But here's the real tearjerker. This wonderful priest will be killed by the villagers! Gyahaha! And as we promised, until then, we won't touch anybody! Those foolish humans! They'll kill their own protector, the priest, with their own hands! Gya-ha-ha! They fell for my trap hook, line, and sinker! Hee hee hee! I can't wait! Ha ha ha ha! (He punches Lukas)
(Lukas) Yikes!
(Botok) Now wait a minute! You didn't think I'd just let you go after telling you all that, did you? I'll kill anyone who stands in the way of my fun!
You meant that you've told me your entire evil plan *and* we get to kill you now? Today has improved greatly.
(Botok) What now? Saving the priest is no longer an option available to you. The nice priest that's protected you so faithfully will be killed by the villagers any minute now! Kee-hee-hee! Once the priest is dead, our deal does not hold. It will be villagers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Kee hee hee! And we'll start our feeding with you!

priest! Hold me back... Hold me back...
What a cowardly monster, taking over the priest's body! He will die by my blade!
When I think of how much the priest suffered because of him... I'll kill him! I swear it!
Botok is a respectable boss. He gets two actions a turn, usually uses one to inflict a status effect or two, and the other to either cast a damaging spell or attack with the bird-monster on his shoulder. He even can heal himself, which makes him doubly obnoxious.

(Botok) The priest... was... suppposed... to... die... (Botok expires)
Old Botok has reached his end.
What should we do?
Well, it's obvious!
W-w-wait! We're just weak little monsters! All we do is make fog!
Yeah yeah! We won't try to enshroud the world with fog anymore, okay? Okay, okay? Help! (The PigMons scatter to the four winds!)
(Lukas) The monster died, choking on its own blood. You've saved us! Even God Himself would be proud! Let's hurry back to the village, or the priest will be killed just like the monster said! Hurry!

(Lukas) Let's hurry back!

(Lukas) Let's hurry back to the village!

No way they could do that on the Nintendo...
Foul demon! It is time to face the divine judgement of God! Atone for the sin of stealing the life of our dear priest and townsfolk with your life!
Now you know how my boy felt! Damn that monster!
We've suffered enough! Start the fires! Burn the beast who brought terror upon this town!
We're not scared of you! Die, scum!
Burn that monster to a crisp, Prefect!
Okay, Prefect!
Okay! Light him on fire!
Bring the fire! Burn him!
Okay, Prefect!
Do it!
(Lukas) This is terrible! You must stop them! Priest!

(Prefect) again!
(Lukas) Please, Prefect, listen! He's not a monster! He just looks like one!
(Prefect) Don't be a fool! How on earth? What's wrong, everyone? What happened? What?

(Prefect) What's happened? The monster said nothing, even when the villagers surrounded him, and beat him terribly. The monster remained silent, and refused to fight back. It can't be! But... Good travelers! You were right all along! What in God's name have we done? It's terrible...
(Lukas) It was the Priest all along, you fools! I heard it myself! The monster on the mountain said so! You people heard, too, right? The priest made a bargain to save this town. He switched forms with the monster, but then you...
(Prefect) Lukas, we...
(Lukas) Please, help me. Bring the priest to the temple.
(Prefect) Lukas.
(Lukas) Please. I can't do it by myself. Lend me a hand.

(Lukas) and your comrades. The priest is asleep. He has greivous wounds all over his body, and they're keeping him in terrible agony. What if he were never to awaken again? Wait! Please go and look in on him, just for a moment! (He runs off, then returns) I brought this. It's my mother's goddess statue. The goddess will save the priest. I'm sure of it. After all, the priest has never done a single bad thing. The goddess will save him... I just know it!

(Lukas) servant of God...
Let's go and talk with the Prefect, and explain to him how bad of a person he is.

You saw that too, didn't you? It was the face of the priest! I'm positive!
Our village wasn't attacked when the monster appeared, just as Lukas said. That means we made a major mistake.
(Prefect) Who's there? Oh! It's you, travelers! I would like to apologize for the way I treated you. Could you tell me everything that happened?
A monster stole the Priest's identity on the agreement that as long as the Priest survived, the town would be safe. The Priest was turned into a mute monster, and you went into mob mentality mode and assumed he was the source of all your problems, so you decided to crucify him and set him on fire.
(Prefect) I see. So it was all the doing of the monsters on Mt. Tor.
No, it was you. YOU! YOUUUUUU!
(Prefect) How can I ever thank you? I apologize from the depths of my foolish heart. Tomorrow morning, the entire village is going to apologize to the poor priest whom we wronged. We can't hope for forgiveness, though. I'm worried about Lukas, but I'm too ashamed to go see him myself. I'm sorry, but could you please check on Lukas for me?
Stay the hell away from him, old man. I'll cut you.
Gabo, we're Soldiers of God. We don't "cut people". We kill them if they err in the eyes of the Lord.

(Priest) aren't you? I have a favor to ask of you. Cough! I wish to leave this village before anyone awakens. Please. Cough! I do not have the strength to do it on my own. If you would help me to the village gate, I would be forever grateful. Cough!
Let me help you, father.
(Priest) You must think I'm strange, leaving the town like this. Thanks to you travelers, both the villagers and I were saved. I've been freed from the monster's curse. But the villagers, I fear their hearts will be forever scarred. If I stay here, the villagers will be distraught every time they look upon me. They have committed no crime. It's the work of monsters, but the villagers are the ones who will suffer. Their pain will fade along with the fog, in good time. Along with me, who shall also fade like a fog. This was a nice village. They're all good people here. I will never forget them. Good travelers, we owe you much as well. Thank you. You've saved the village. I don't know how ever to thank you. Now I must go, before my sentimentality destroys my resolve.

(Priest) Lukas, why?
(Lukas) Father! Where are you going, in that condition? No! You must lay down.
(Priest) The village will be fine without me. It has the protection of the goddess statue. Could you please give the villagers my thanks, for all they have given me?
(Lukas) Why are you thanking them after all the horrible things they've done? They should be the ones to leave, not the priest!
I'm inclined to agree, but I'm all for letting the Priest do what he pleases.
(Priest) I've already decided. Lukas, you mustn't blame them. If I were in their shoes, I would've done exactly the same thing. We servants of God have a mission to soothe and comfort the hearts of people, but the villagers will be tormented each time they look upon me, recalling their own mistakes. I should not stay here. I'm sure that's what God would tell me as well.
(Lukas) But you'll die in that condition! Please, stay until you've healed!
(Priest) I've already made up my mind, Lukas. Thank you for your belief in me.
(Lukas) Priest! Take this. (He gives the statue to the Priest) My mother always prayed to this, to protect us from disaster. Father, if you're really going to leave the village, take this statue with you. I'm sure it will protect you well.
(Priest) But Lukas, isn't this a keepsake from your mother?
(Lukas) I'm sure if mother were alive she'd ask the same of you. I'll be okay. I can't be a child forever.
(Priest) Thank you. I will pray as well, for protection for all people. I will say these prayers every day, without faltering. May God bestow his divine protection upon you. May He place his countenance upon you, and give you peace. (The Priest leaves town.)
(Lukas) Father has left us. Hmm. I'm kinda... kinda sad. How about you? What are you planning on doing now? (The Prefect runs up)
(Prefect) Lukas! Travelers!
(Lukas) I'm sad, now that the priest has left us. Are you planning on moving on too?
(Prefect) Is that really true, good travelers?
Well, yes. The priest left.
(Prefect) Now I see. I had a bad feeling about this. We at least wished to say sorry. If only we could've made a last apology to the priest.
(Lukas) The priest wasn't angry. He said it couldn't be helped, and he prayed for God's divine protection for all.
(Prefect) This is simply terrible. What have we done? Lukas, everyone... You must be exhausted. Please come to my house. We shall treat you warmly enough to make up for twhat we couldn't do for the priest. Please! If you have any compassion for the villagers...

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

warm beds, all the while thinking of the flurry of events that they had experienced. And then came the sunrise of another day.

I suppose so.
(Prefect) We are truly in your debt. I wish the priest had not left, though. But there's nothing that we can do about that now. Regardless, to show our appreciation of you, we are going to erect a monument in the village square honoring both you and him. It's the best we can do to atone for what we've done. Have a safe journey, and thank you for everything!

so much for this village. I feel so terrible for having doubted him.
We've decided to erect a monument here in memory of our great priest, as a symbol of our appreciation towards him.
We'll never forget what you did for us.
One more thing to check - what's at the end of that path!

Oh, it's just Dune in the past. There's nothing new here.
Are you sure? It could be a different era of dune, and people could be complaining about different things now.
Nope, absolutely nothing new.
Shouldn't we check?
But mayb-
NOTHING NEW HERE. Let's just move on.

Next time on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 7: The Labres of the Present, and maybe a checkup on medals and the monster park.

TinyMedal Count: 57

New Items: STRSeed

New Monsters: WingTiger

Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Sea Dog, SheepLord, BeastLord, Faust, Chosen One, HiPriest, Martyr, Avenger, Demigod

Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, Armageddon, EvilDead, Sexy, Pandora, BigDummy, ThorRat, GoldGolem, Drakon, SoulEater, Leviathan, Machinoid, HoleDig

Class Titles: Minstrel, TruTalent, Fool, Icon, Archmage, HighPriest, Prophet, Ragnarok

Class Titles: TruTalent, General, Master, HiPriest, Zealot
New Skill: Infermost