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Part 56: Post 48: In which we are treated to an extended flashback, only to be followed by more flashbacks.

Post 48: In which we are treated to an extended flashback, only to be followed by more flashbacks.

Behold! The final elemental pedestal!

Oooh, there's a castle nearby!

sea. With all these monsters, we can't set foot outside of town. It is like a prison! I don't know where you came from, but it would be best for you to leave quickly.
Holy crap, this place is spooky on the inside. The main floor of the inn is empty, but the bar is gonna be full, I bet.

Nope! Tell me about it.
They are a band of pirates, mariners of the highest caliber, lead by Captain Sharkeye. They have prevailed throughout countless adventures on the high seas. After a while, the King contracted Sharkeye to lead Coastal's navy. That way we could finally sail again without fear of sea monsters. As it turned out, our actions only encouraged the monster's leader to target our kingdom.
Drinking is good for you! It can cheer you up, at least for a bit. Just make sure you don't let the drink drink you.
I'm not worried, I've got a barrel in my soul.
It's so sad. I loved Captain Sharkeye. After the Demon Lord cast this land into darkness, the Captain bravely rebelled. Cursed for his mutiny, he and his crew were sealed eternally in ice and left to float in the sea forever.
If you want to stay at the inn, go to the temple. The innkeeper's probably praying there.

to sea anymore! I've been trapped in this kingdom for many years. I came here to see the motherland of the Marle de Dragonne, the greatest pirates in history!
I've traveled around the world, performing my dance. I'm nothing compared to the Dejans, though. They make even the most skilled look clumsy. Sigh... I wish I was half as good as the legendary Beretta!
Maybe it's just because I'm not long for this world, but it pains me to see the little ones suffer, even if it is for the greater good. Is there nothing we can do?
Did they lock up the house in the back? They're all scared of the full moon. My mother's at the temple, so our door's still unlocked.

There might be a way to make it through the darkness in the lighthouse. But I doubt we'll find anyone brave enough to venture inside.

That is correct.
In that case, let me tell you something. The great Captain Sharkeye was the King's best friend, and a fine man as well. He used his own ship to divert the Demon Lord's monsters and save this town. If it wasn't for him, our kingdom would've been finished!
I got a new sister two days ago! Pretty neat, huh? But Mom and Dad locked her up in a room and won't let me see her. Then they told me to hide in the temple. What's going on, anyway?
A child was born to the armorer two days ago. I pray for its safety. Sadly, though, there is a full moon tonight.
Sigh... Our forces are powerless. We shouldn't have depended on Sharkeye for everything, even if he was the world's greatest pirate. A soldier who fails to train himself is no soldier at all!
Hmm? Looking for the innkeeper? That would be me. You want to stay here? I know I shouldn't say this, but it'd be best if you didn't. If you had the King's permission, though, I suppose I'd let you in.

That's what my master loves to see! Hee hee! (The Black Robed Man disappears)

I apologize. My wife's still tormented by the memory of the son we lost two years ago.
Oh, Jacob! Come back to me, my child! Is that a monster over there? Wait for me! Please!

(Minister) conversation.
Well, I want to stay at an inn, and that's more important than whatever you're talking about.
(Minister) Hm? You wish to stay in the Inn?
(Minister) This land is cursed by monsters. We can't have you staying here and suffering disaster.
The same could be said of you.
(King) Now, just a moment, Minister. They have braved the black seas to get here. I'm sure they are far more than mere travelers. Especially in times like these, we should be welcoming them with open arms!
(Minister) But, great King, it's a full moon tonight. If they catch sight of those things, it will deface the name of our great kingdom.
(King) Ha ha hah! Now we have nothing to fear! This might be the beginning of the end of our woes! Fair travelers, I'd love to hear what you have to say, but it is late. Please stay at the inn and rest your tired bodies.

What? You want to stay overnight here? The King gave you permission? At this time of night? You must be more significant than you appear.
I'm just the son of the greatest fisherman in my village,
I'm a legendary guardian white wolf in the shape of a person.
I'm the mythical final Soldier of God.
I am the perfect Dancer of the Dejan tribe, whose destiny is to summon God to the earth.
I'm also from the future.
Me too!
The point is that we are varying degrees of important.
Oh, well... There's no charge. Go ahead and use the beds on the second floor. Don't go outside tonight, though. It's too dangerous!

Egads! An eerie scream! I am awakened!

Oh, no! Did you hear that scream? It stirred me from my sleep. I'm afraid to even set foot outside of the confines of this town.
Dear God... The poor armorer. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for him.

Oh no! That monster struck her!
Sierra! Are you okay? It's just as I said! The child doesn't even know who we are!
(Sierra) Yes, but this is our baby! We can't give up. (The monster attacks one of the soldiers!)
Aaagh! (He strikes the monster, and it runs off!)
(Sierra) No! Why are you doing this?
Oh my, good travelers! My apologies for startling you. As a traveler, I'm sure you have done battle with many monsters. I'd understand if you'd developed a cautious animosity toward such creatures, but the monster roaming outside is actually Sierra's daughter. Don't think badly of her.
I'm supposed to be a soldier, yet there is nothing I can do to help. If this keeps up, this town will never have another child again!
Cheer up, Sierra. We still have a wonderful young boy!
(Sierra) Sob... Why did this happen to us?
Let's find out what we can from the king, then.

(Minister) our land. Ever since our kingdom was sealed off in darkness five years ago, every newborn child has been cursed. On the first full moon after birth, the children turn into horrible monsters. They forget their own parents' faces and wander off into the darkness. It seems hard to believe, doesn't it?
Nah, we've been around the block a few times, and people being turned into monsters is almost par for the course at this point.
(Minister) At this rate, our people will be overcome with despair. We must do something.
The best the guards can do is shield people from the transformed monsters. The King dislikes violence, so he never had us practice actual combat. Instead, Sharkeye taught us how to fight without using violence. He was the King's best friend.
The PilotFire in the Great LightHouse was borrowed from the volcano in Engow. But we can't go back to Engow with things like this. I've a feeling the Great Lighthouse is the ket to restoring the light.
Our King promised Sharkeye we'd look after Anise. She's sick and resting, so please be a quiet as you can.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Link quietly looked at the sleeping Anise. She is a beautiful young woman. Sadly, her beauty hides the torment she must feel inside.
(Anise) Mnnngh... Ngh... Sharkeye... Is that you? (She gets out of bed and turns to Link) Nngh... Sharkeye?
Oh, no! Anise! No, no, Anise! You must rest, or you will never get better!
(Anise) Oh, I'm sorry. I was dreaming.
Please, Anise. Go back to your bed. (She puts Anise back into her bed) I'm sorry, dear guests. Anise is recovering from and illness. She occasionally breaks out in a fever like this. Please try to rest as quietly as possible.

He's already lost his wife to the monsters. It would ill him to see the same thing happen to his best friend. Sharkeye left Anise under the care of the kingdom when he left.
(King) Mumble mumble... (The King is having a bad dream)
I think I hear someone on the balcony...

happy days of long ago fill my mind. I've been the Coastal Kingdom's bard for some time now. There are so many memories. None are so dear to me, however, as those of voyaging with the great Marle de Dragonne. Even now, the crashing of the waves reminds me of those exhilarating times.

Hahh hahh, Captain Sharkeye!
What is it, Caddell? Are we ready to cast off?
(Caddell) No, it's not that, sir. A passenger has boarded, sir. Seems they heard from someone the news that our ship was dropping anchor in this port. Captain Sharkeye? Are you listening, sir?
Yes, I'm listening, Caddell. So, the King's emissary has arrived at last. Hmm. Well, it may be that the time has come for our clan to aspire to a greater goal.
(Caddell) To be sure, we all like causing havoc on the high seas. But when our leader, Captain Sharkeye, makes up his mind, we follow him anywhere he goes.
Ha ha ha! Well spoken! Let's go meet our guest, then. Prepare to set sail, Caddell! (Sharkeye leaps the wheel and jumps two stories down to the deck, and meets the Minister there) Why, you're from the country of Coastal! We are pleased to have you aboard our humble craft! I have to say, though, that the tastes of the King of Coastal are as curious as ever. To think that he would send a Minister all this way to meet with us!
(Minister) It should come as no surprise, given that the King views you with the highest of regard, Captain Sharkeye. Besides, the King confident that I will return with the answer that he seeks.
Many have made sweet-sounding promises in hopes of joining forces with the pirates of the Marle de Dragonne. But I do believe that good things may come from entering into a contract with the King of your country. Do you understand why that is, Minister?
(Minister) Wait a second! I don't understand what you mean.
Because he sent you as a gift to appease me. We could always use an extra hand onboard. It looks like you'll be spending the rest of your living days slaving away in my galley. Caddell, gouge out his eyes to dissuade any attempt at escape. Ha ha ha!
Captain Sharkeye! We are ready to cast off, sir! Shall we still set sail for the port of Raguraz?
Lighten up, Minister. I'm only messing with you. Shake off your barnacles, mateys! It looks like we're heading northwest, to Coastal!
Aye-aye, Sir! At once, sir!
Minister? Why are you just standing there, as if rooted to the spot? All of the preparations for our voyage are in order. Now please, go to your cabin, rest and relax. (He goes deeper into the ship)
(Minister) Ca... Captain Sharkeye! I am grateful to you!
(Caddell) Change of destination! Due northwest! Weigh anchor! Heave-ho!


Why, if it isn't Anise. Did I wake you? My sincere apologies.
(Anise) Oh no, I was troubled because I could not get to sleep. But thanks to you, I am relaxed, and I should be able to fall asleep now.
Very good, then. We are only a few days' journey from landing at Coastal. They will probably give us a grand reception when we arrive, so we will need to rest now, while we can.
(Anise) Heh heh. There's nothing to worry about. I am the wife of Captain Sharkeye, after all.
It is a curious thing, Anise. They say that you were once a princess in your country. Who would have imagined that one so highborn as you would take to living the storm-tossed life of a pirate? For what reason could you have abandoned even your kingdom to follow our Captain Sharkeye?
Anise! There you are! What are you doing here at this hour of the night?
(Anise) Oh, darling, I'm sorry I gave you cause to worry about me. I'll be right back.
I swear, sometimes you scare me to death. Anyway, I'm going back to our quarters now.
(Anise) The thing that makes me love my husband is surely the same thing which has endeared him to the King of Coastal. It isn't for the sake of his own glory or greed that Sharkeye battles monsters to defend the seas. He only seems to fight the good fight and die an honorable death on the seas. I would follow my husband to the ends of this flat earth. Heh!

Later still...

The great Marle de Dragonne have served our kingdom well, just as you had predicted. But no matter how many monsters he kills, they'll come again tenfold.
(King) Hmm. Yes. We've been targeted by the forces of darkness. Considering how much trouble we've caused them, it's no surprise. Tomorrow, Sharkeye plans to attract the monsters' attention and lead them far out to sea. Once there, he will dive into battle against them.
It's too dangerous. The Demon Lord does not take kindly to interlopers. Think about Anise and her unborn child.
(King) I know, but once Sharkeye makes a decision, it's impossible to shake him. Besides, with luck he may save our kingdom, if not the world.
Wise King, you understand completely! (Sharkeye comes in!)
(King) Oh, Sharkeye, I didn't realize you were here. How has your wife, Anise, been lately?
Sorry to worry you last night. We should be able to set sail now.
(King) Sharkeye, I'm saying this as a friend. You shouldn't set sail tomorrow. We have no idea how powerful the Demon Lord is. If you were to get hurt tomorrow...
If we don't do something, it's only a matter of time before we're lost to the darkness. I haven't given up. There's no such thing as an invincible enemy. Don't worry. I won't go down without a fight!
(King) I see. I wish I could stop you, but I must also commend you for your bravery.
Yes. The people of Coastal are blessed by their great king. By the way, I'm holding a celebration onboard tonight with Anise. I'd be honored if you'd come!

And later again,

(King) exquisite notes dancing about the room. It's been so long since I've been able to cast my worries aside and just dance. Not since my wife... Hey, Sharkeye, I have only one condition regarding your departure tomorrow. I want you to leave your wife, Anise, at Coastal Castle. Promise me this, and I will ask nothing more.
... I've been married to Anise for all these years, but this will be first child. It's kind of funny, when I think about it. I sail toward certain death, while my better half rests at home a new life growing inside her belly.God has provided man with the ability to shape the future in so many ways. Good friend, take good care of my wife and unborn child.

At another time...

Our celebratory banquet won't stand this rain. Come on, there's a welcoming party from the castle awaiting you.
(Anise) Dear, when this child inside me is born, I will sail with you again.
I could choose no other way to raise my child, than amid the pounding waves. This child was a gift to us from the sea itself. I will return to you, no matter what!

only left with my halcyon memories.
That's quite a lot to take in... I'd better get some sleep.

You took so long to come back. I was worried the monsters got you. It's almost morning. Go take a rest!

Sorry to bother you so early, but you've been summoned by the King of Coastal! I must be off, so please head for the castle.

(King) early hour. The Minister tells me you witnessed the events of last night. That's exactly what I wanted to speak with you about. That is the curse of our land. Our scholar has failed to come up with a solution. Minister, bid the scholar here.
(Minister) Yes, right away.
(King) This man has concluded that there must be a secret in the Great Lighthouse to the north. We've heard reports that the children head for the lighthouse after being transformed. Ever since the Dark Flame engulfed the tower, it's been pitch black inside. However, the scholar has come up with a way of following the monsters in the darkness.
(Minister) You should explain our methods to our guest.
I see. Well then. Ahem. There is a colony of halflings in a cave east of this kingdom. They love by the light of the Glim Moss growing inside. And so I wondered, if one of the children got some of the moss on their feet, perhaps we'd be able to follow their footsteps through the tower! However, once the children are turned into monsters, they only return to town a few times. After that, their monster side takes over and they never return. We'll have to act fast. Do you want me to explain that again?
It's pretty simple. First you want us to go into a cave full of monsters and halflings to get some glowing moss so we can put on the feet of a monster. You want us to then follow said monster into a tower full of monsters to do something about your monster problem.
All right, then...
(King) That's why we need to find some Glim Moss. Normally we'd send someone to ask the Grand Halfling, but... um... The Grand Halfling and I don't see eye to eye, so he won't respond to the requests of our people.
Did you... did you just make a short joke about the very people you're trying to get a favor from?
(King) We can see you're experienced travelers, so we wish to ask you a favor. Will you please go speak with the halflings in our stead? I'm not sure how you got here, but I can only imagine it was through divine guidance. Rather than traversing the mountains, you'll have to go around them by first heading north, and then south to the cave. Please don't fail us!
Don't worry, we're on it!

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