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Part 57: Post 49: In which we see a popular music reference, beat up a couple of low-level bosses, and further requests are made of us.

Post 49: In which we see a popular music reference, beat up a couple of low-level bosses, and further requests are made of us.

Now, let's go into the cave and get some glowing moss! ONWARD!

These guys fight like the PodPeople, except they're Foos instead of Pods. This, of course, means that there's a FooFighter, but that's too long of a name, so it was shortened to FoFighter, as you can see. They pretend to be low-ranking people of the various classes, and attack accordingly. They're not bad, and work well in teams, but we still take them out pretty easily.

to get the Glim Moss.
There does appear to be quite a large number of monsters in this cave! Are the halflings really safe down here?
I wonder why the halflings live in a cave like this. If it was me, I'd get depressed!

Aww, they've all scurried to their caves. Let's see if we can talk to them.

Coastal's death, we cut off contact with the humans. Don't come any further. Go away.
Well, I guess we'll just have to go over your head, then!

Only halflings may enter!
It's all right. The human may enter.
Oh, Grand Halfling! All right!

(Grand Halfling) Only a stray human could cause such a disturbance.
And only a halfling in a cave could smell so short!
(Grand Halfling) Voice your business with the halflings.
We were sent here by the King of Coastal - we need some Glim Moss so we can track some monsters that aren't really monsters.
(Grand Halfling) Oh, you are here on behalf of the King of Coastal? He thinks I hate him? To be sure, he is an irrational, iniquitous surface dweller, with a face in desparate want of symmetry, who callously robbed my daughter of her innocence. But I don't hate him. Shukrina's fate was unavoidable. She was a lovely girl, so beautiful and charming. Her very presence made those around her happy. To cope with my sadness, I had come to blame the King of Coastal. Tell me, though, what troubles you?
All the babies are being turned into monsters within the castle of Coastal. Sharkeye's in the ocean somewhere, trapped in ice or something. And pretty much everything is awful.
(Grand Halfling) Hmm. I knew that Sharkeye had been killed, but things are worse than I expected. The Glim Moss you seek grows deep within this cave and is notoriously difficult to come by these days. It grows in abundance on the wall by the water's edge, only to be devoured by the barrelful by the monster's leader. Have you the courage, venture deeper into the cave.
We also get to beat up a monster? Score.

cave is up ahead, but monsters now dwell in the tunnel's recesses. I don't know what the Grand Halfling asked you to do, but make sure you're prepared!

I like the monster design for the Ogrelings, and their animations are actually kind of interesting - they'll actually throw that chain-ball around and do stuff with it. The JewelBag is one of the few monsters left that has a heart that we need, so we'll be coming by to farm these soon.

I find these monsters ironically effeminate.

Gamadius:- Unfortunately for my belly, the Glim Moss reserves have started to dwindle. What am I supposed to do without my favorite snack? What? Why, you dirty...
Monster:- Hey, thewse are humans! Gamadius! They're from Coastal!
Gamadius:- I thought something smelled around here. Of course, it had to be humans! But I didn't think anyone in Coastal would have what it takes to make it here. I've got to hand it to you. Ha ha ha! As for your reward, in spite of your unappetizing build, I'm going to eat you alive!

is no time for holding back, though. Let's get him!
Yeow! What kind of frog-thing is this creature?
Eating Glim Moss is truly the mark of an ill-mannered monster. I shall teach him the lesson he needs!
The food pyramid? Most joking aside, this battle isn't too terribly difficult, but Gamadius fights pretty smarter than most bosses - he will actually revive his minions when they die, expanding their usefullness greatly. Not all that effective, since he only gets one action per turn, and doesn't have that many HP, but at least he tries.

Gamadius:- Climb off your high horse and stay you righteous indignation, human! You cannot even begin to imagine that which awaits you! Gah!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Glim Moss, glowing faintly, is growing along the earthen wall. Link obtained the Glim Moss!
Let's check in with the Grand Halfling before leaving, shall we?

(Grand Halfling) The Glim Moss you've gathered is filled with Shukrina's spirit, for she is the one who cultivated it. Her death must be avenged. Even in her passing, she has provided us with light in our hour of darkness.
Back to Coastal, to talk with the King!

(Minister) be done soon.
What? King! Link!
King Link, eh... I like the sound of that...
(Minister) Oh! You made it back! That monster is- (The monster strikes the soldier!)
Link! Hurry, the Glim Moss!

Ow! Don't just hit me then run away, you monster child!

least. The Glim Moss stuck firmly to the monster's feet. You made it just in time!
Now we'll know where that child will go. Hurry, follow her!
(King) Wait! Don't rush these things! What are you going to accomplish by following them? Without Link, we never would've gotten the Glim Moss. We'll just have to swallow our pride, and let Link take care of it. Link! Truly a fine job getting the Glim Moss for us! As long as the Glim Moss is in the dark, it forever glows. Once the monster enters the Great Lighthouse, its footprints should lead the way through the inside. You look awfully exhausted, Link. Before you leave for the Great Lighthous, please rest. Now, now, come back and get some rest.

(King) bedroom?
It was comfy, but also creepy.
(King) Good! I'm glad to hear it! Sharkeye always used to complain about his room whenever he stayed here. Well, Link, it is time for you to head for the Great Lighthouse. The Dark Flame burns atop the lighthouse's altar. If you hope to succeed you must extinguish the flame. To do that, you will need a lost purifying water known as RainbwDew.
Wait a minute...

Post 08 posted:

Link took the top off the Bottle and thrust it into the water. Link obtained the RainbowDew!
That's not a problem.
At any rate, be careful on your journey. And thank you for taking this on.
On to the Great Lighthouse!

This is fairly easy, we just have to follow this obvious glow.

Awww, now they're just random encounters. No bosses are sacred anymore, it seems.

Oh no! Moving platforms! I'll just have to wait for them to intersect, then cross one by one! This will be so much trouble!

HOLY CRAP! XP in form so dense I've never seen it before! They have great power, a virtually impregnable defense, and a tendency to flee at the drop of a hat. But they have only a handful of HP, and if you do manage to kill them...

And that's just for one - the others managed to get away before I could get them.

flame burning there!
This appears to be the top level of the Great Lighthouse.
And the footsteps lead right into that pedestal... time to pour water on another unearthly black flame.

Aaah! This was a gate all along!

It's dark and spooky, but at least we have a path to follow.

This seems foreboding...

waiting! I'm sick of fighting such feeble opponents! I'd heard someone with a little meat on their bones was wandering around here, so I've been looking forward to taking you on. But you're late! You're way too late! I had hoped to take my time killing you, but now I'll have to finish you off right away!

telling what sort of sneaky tricks it may pull. Be careful!
Yikes! That's a huge monster! And those whips look like they'd hurt. Let's put him down, Link!
I have a feeling that this shan't be easy. Prepare yourself!
Belimawr is a more traditional boss - he's big, takes a lot of damage, and deals quite a bit of damage when he tries. But he isn't good enough, so soon...

Even if Coastal is brought back, Sharkeye's ship will still be frozen. Ha ha! Grah! (Belimawr expires, the monsters turn back into babies and disappear, and we're teleported out)
Back to Coastal!

back! You've defeated the monster in the Great Lighthouse for us! Thank you!
(Sierra) Oh! My baby! I'll never let you go again! Thank you so much!
What's wrong with everybody? All she did was come back home! Why's everyone crying? Well, I'm happy for her!
Hey, the house with the chest behind it is unlocked, let's see what's in there!

Oooh! Another one! That should wrap it up for this era, let's just go talk to the King.

return the PilotFire to the Great Lighthouse! Then our kingdom will be free! We're almost there!
Wait, we still have stuff to do? Damn.

I'd love to celebrate with a feast, but there's something that concerns me. Anise is suddenly nowhere to be found. We found a note, which told us not to worry. I fear for the worst, however. Seeking revenge, the monsters may have captured her and taken her away. If my suspicions are true, then we must get the PilotFire from Engow as soon as possible and break the seal. If the seal is broken, the monsters' power will fade and perhaps our efforts will lead us to Anise. I'm sorry to rely on you, Link, but please take this letter to Engow. It explains who you are and details the dire straits with which we are faced. (Link received the Coastal Letter!) Show it to the King of Engow, and he should give you the PilotFire. I'm sure you're powerful enough to make it there. In the mean time, we must work fast to find Anise.

So, next time on Dragon Warrior 7: Going to Engow again, and freeing Marle de Dragonne.

TinyMedal Count: 71

New Items: STRSeed, LifeAcorn,

New Monsters:

Level: 35-36
Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Sea Dog, SheepLord, BeastLord, Faust, Chosen One, HiPriest, Martyr, Avenger, Demigod

Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, Armageddon, EvilDead, Sexy, Pandora, BigDummy, ThorRat, GoldGolem, Drakon, SoulEater, Leviathan, Machinoid, WellLure
New Skills: BoxerDanc, ParryPass

Levels: 32-33
Class Titles: Minstrel, TruTalent, Fool, Icon, Archmage, HighPriest, Prophet, Ragnarok

Levels: 29-30
Class Titles: TruTalent, General, Master, HiPriest, Crusader
New Spell: MagicWall