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Part 58: Post 50: In which we end up not saving the Marle de Dragonne, and do some carousing after being asked to do so by the king.

Post 50: In which we end up not saving the Marle de Dragonne, and do some carousing after being asked to do so by the king.

So, back to Engow to get the sacred flame, so that we can re-ignite the lighthouse.

(Pamela) has been a long time. Since you're here, I imagine you must have some kind of problem on your mind. Do you want to tell me about it?
Coastal needs some sacred flames for the Great Lighthouse's PilotFire. I was told that we could get some here.
(Pamela) A PilotFire, eh? Well, the flames here in Engow are just what you're looking for. Of course it's probably a bad idea to just take it without permission. You better go talk to the village elder first. He should be at home.

(Elder) wife! Oh! If it isn't Link! You've come back. I'm glad to see you're doing well, but did you have some business for me?
We're on an errand from Coastal - could we get a PilotFire for their Great Lighthouse?
(Elder) I see. You need a PilotFire, do you? The PilotFire is a treasure of our village! We can't just give it away!
We've saved you, your town, and everyone's lives, and you won't give us some *fire*?
What? Really?
Yeah, I was here a while back.
Would it help that we have a letter from the King of Coastal?
(Elder) What's this? Hmm, I see. All right. We will assist you to the best of our abilities. The flame in the room below is the PilotFire. Please speak with the person there.

from the Elder? Well, all right! I'll just use this empty bottle here to store it. (Link obtained the PilotFire!)
Wait... we're keeping it in a bottle? Not in a lamp, or on a torch, but in a bottle? How does that even work? Whatever, back to Coastal to relight the fire.

Master Link! You did it! While I was searching for Anise, it suddenly got light and all traces of the monsters vanished. I rushed here immediately! Ah, the Holy Flame! We did it! The seal has finally melted! I don't know how to thank you. Your reward will be bestowed after returning to the castle. First I must get back to everyone.
I had better light the castle's lamps with the fire. Please excuse me.
Would you mind accompanying me to the castle? Come this way.

Please, enter! The king awaits you in the castle!

It's as if Sharkeye himself has come back! We've much to be thankful for!
Link! You're wonderful!
Everyone! Thank you all so much! We'll never forget what you did for us today!
(King) Link! Truly, you are like a god walking among the common man. After years of darkness, we had nearly resigned ourselves to our fate. Sharkeye's dauntless courage is what gave us the spirit to survive, and that led us to our encounter with you! I proudly extend the gratitude of the entire kingdom! I have no idea how to repay you, but please take this. It is a legendary sword, passed down through history within the Marle de Dragonne family. Sharkeye gave it to me before he set off for his final battle. Nobody deserves to use this sword more than the great Link. We haven't found Anise yet, but if she were here, she would feel the same way. Here it is! The Aquagon Sword!
Oooh! Thanks.
(King) Now, use your torch to relight the Holy Flame of the castle lighthouse.
Gasp! Your Majesty! That nasty-looking old man is in Anise's room again!
What's that? You're calling me a nasty-looking old man?
(Minister) What? Who are you?
Who am I? Oh, it's hardly worth mentioning. I'm the Undersea King, a servant of the Aqua Spirit.
(Minister) The Undersea King? What in the world are you doing here?
(Undersea King) You've been searching for Anise, have you? I've got a message from her.
(King) You said you were the Undersea King? How could you have a message from Anise?
(Undersea King) Brace yourselves, land-dwellers. Anise is at the bottom of the sea.
So she did jump into the sea? Why?
(Undersea King) Wait! You misunderstand! She's not dead! Anise has been praying for God to find a way to let her see her beloved Sharkeye again. Unfortunately, even if the Demon Lord is defeated, the ship of the Marle de Dragonne will remain in its frozen tomb for hundreds of years to come. The slow thawing process that must take place before Sharkeye is freed from her icebound shackles would be like an eternity to the likes of a human such as Anise. And so, Anise made a wish. She wanted only to live until Sharkeye awakened. That wish found me, in my realm deep beneath the surface of the sea. My powers may be finite, but I do possess the ability to give life to creatures of the sea. So Anise forfeited her humanity and found renewed sanctuary within the ocean's loving embrace, as she waits eternally for her husband's return. By defeating the monster in the lighthouse, you weakened the evil power in this land, enabling me to fulfill Anise's wish.
(King) It can't be! Anise is that sure about this?
(Undersea King) You must understand that my powers are limited. Once I change Anise into a mermaid and grant her eternal life, I won't be able to change her back. But that way she'll be able to see Sharkeye when he reawakens. She wanted me to thank you for everything that you've done for her. And do not worry about her future. She is in trustworthy hands. (The Undersea King starts to fly away!)
(Minister) Wait just a moment! I need to ask you something! Where is the child that Anise was pregnant with? You must know something about that, right?
(Undersea King) Hmm. That may be true. The Marle de Dragonne carry the blood of the Aqua Spirit in their veins. Each generation, the son with the Mark of the Spirit became the leader. It is possible that Sharkeye's unborn child may bear such a mark. I've spent much time deliberating over this matter. Land-dwellers amuse me. Perhaps the child was not kidnapped, but taken to a safer time and place under the protection of the Aqua Spirit. However, I am normally forbidden from meddling in the affairs of the world of men. As a result, I'm afraid that all I can do is speculate. At any rate, the seal on this land has been broken. May the Spirit grant you her divine protection! Farewell! (The Undersea King disappears.)
(King) What boundless love! We must stop our brooding. Anise has chosen her fate. We must allow her to go through with it. First, you must take the Holy Flame to the castle lighthouse! Now, Link, right this way.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

The celebratory feast continued into the night, and afterwards the town slept soundly for the first time in years. The next morning...

(King) feeling we'll meet again. If you can ever take a break from your journeys, drop by anytime you like. You know, I really haven't told you any of the great stories about old Sharkeye. Hmm? You've already heard a bit about him from the local bard? Hmm... There was once a great bard in this land, but he fell sick and is no longer with us. It's very strange. Perhaps you were dreaming? At any rate, I thank you sincerely for your help at every twist and turn. Your story will be passed down through generations forever. Oh, and Link... It seems, through your adventuring, you have layed the groundwork for reuniting our civilization with that of the halflings. Please pay them a visit before you leave.
I'll take a short trip over there, then.

That's impossible. Was the seal broken? Have you succeeded in your quest?
Well, I've succeeded in *a* quest. I'm not sure if it's my full quest, though.
That's more than I expected from a human.

(Grand Halfling) convince me to set aside my differences with the King of Coastal. My indifference toward that impotent buffoon aside, I have something to give you. It's in the treasure storehouse and should prove more useful to you on your journey than any clumsily crafted, human-made equipment ever could. Don't concern yourself any further with the King and I. Even if he doesn't look it, he's quite a good man. He knows how I feel, even if I don't go to all the trouble of telling him.
I, too, heard what the Grand Halfling had to say. Come in.
Sweet! Treasure time! A nifty Sea Roar Rod, a free Evil Turtle heart, and...

Great! Another shard! Now let's see what we can find in the present.

Aha! Here's Coastal! It's just to the south of sunny and scenic Grindton, where all my dreams come true.

visitors every year!
Oh, darling, isn't it just beautiful? I'm so glad we came!
My girlfriend pestered me into bringing her here.
Damn it! Now I'm completely broke again! I wish I'd never come to this casino!
This used to be the capital of Coastal, but the former King moved his army away from here centuries ago. Now the town's a haven for travelers and tourists.
Travelers, eh? There are a lot of good prizes in the casino. They've got all sorts of stuff from the old castle.
Let's break the bank!

We'll need all of these things. Including four each of the MetlKing Helm and SacredArmor. Then we'll hit the Lucky Panel for a while. But let's finish exploring the area first.

One of our regulars just walked away with one of our top prizes a minute ago!
I remember back when this casino had the most worthless junk for prizes! Why, they even had some silly Shard think up there once! It was there for ages until the guy behind the inn finally won it.
A shard? Let's find that guy!

today! I bet they're ruing the day they met me! Hah hah! Mmm, you want something from me?
Yes! I want any and all shards that you may have!
What? Did I ever win a shard? Well, I've won many things! Wait a minute! I think I know what you're talking about! I couldn't figure out what to do with it, so I sold it to the armorer. It was probably worthless, but I got him to buy it off me. Hah hah! That guy's so gullible! He'll believe anything you say!
Then on to the armorer!

Well, I can't recall. He's been gone for a month now. You might want to try going up north to the lighthouse. He said he was going there to see the PilotFire. He's been gone for quite some time. I'm beginning to worry.
To the Great Lighthouse! We'll get that shard yet!

Aww, how the mighty have fallen. This is a vastly inferior version, but it's still the same monster, I suppose. Oh, and the LightHouse is still infested with monsters. And the moving platforms are still there, too.

I'm relieved that I made it, but I'm so tired that I don't know if I'll make it back!
Hey, are you the owner of the armor shop back in Coastal?
What? You're asking me if I'm the owner of the armor shop in Coastal?
Well, yes, I'm the armorer. How did you find me here? What do you want? A Shard? Oh, yes, I remember. Someone tried to sell it to me. As usual, I couldn't say no, so I ended up buying the thing. Later, a priest from the temple came along. He said he wanted the same good luck as the man who owned it before me, and asked me to see it to him. I figured it was just some useless piece of junk anyway, so I gave it to him for free. You probably have the same idea the priest had, but I'm warning you against it! Don't waste your time hoping for luck in some casino. Diligent effort is the best way every time!
Back to Coastal!

(Priest) Did you need something? I had the nun take care of things back in the temple. What? A shard? What are you talking about? I'm sorry, I'm a very busy man. See you later!
He's getting away! After that mediocre priest!

I don't know anything! Anything at all!
... Why is there a horse in here?
It probably wants to know about Grindton. Shhh!
The priest was fast asleep after his return. I wonder if something's wrong. He's been acting strange recently. I saw him rummaging around under his desk before.
To the desk!

Okay, that's all for here right now, though we'll be back for the casino. But let's check on the Halflings.

Coastal and the subterranean halfling tribe.
We pride ourselves on our legends, the stories of a strong pirate who fought the Demon Lord and of the traveling heroes that saved the halflings and the citizens of Coastal. The legends live on so that we never forget to give thanks for the peaceful world we live in.
You're welcome.
Our king has a very big heart and gets along with just about anyone. Lately, though, he has had a lot of unusual visitors.
Contrary to present appearances, the halflings and humans have had an uneasy history. An ancestor of the King of Coastal married a halfling princess, but she died young. The incident served as a catalyst for the mistrust and misunderstanding that developed.
You've heard about the frozen pirate ship, right? It lead the armada that fought alongside the King's ancestors against the Demon Lord. But legends say that the cursed ice would fall away when the Demon Lord was destroyed. Something must be wrong, though.
At a guess, it's because the Demon Lord isn't dead.

(Grand Halfling) warriors from the legends. The scholars in this castle are researching the manuscripts the forefathers of Coastal left behind. You can visit the library of the King of Coastal if you like.

(King) We pride ourselves on the amusement center our ancestors built for travelers and pirates, so be sure to visit it. I'll give you an ID card as a present. (Link received what appears to be a card from the King of Coastal! Link received a special membership card!) Peace sure is peaceful!
I wonder that I can get with this...


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TinyMedal Count: 74

New Items: Aquagon Sword, HealerHeart, Sea Roar Rod, Evil Turtle Heart, LifeAcorn, MysticNut x 2, STRSeed, JewelBag Heart

Casino Winnings: 4 MetlKing Helms, 3 Sacred Armors, EvilTurtle Heart x 4, Wyvern Heart x 3, ? Shard, BluePrint, DevilArmor, DemonHammer, SpangleDress, SlimeHeart x 2, PureLingerie, EvilWell Heart x 2, MysticNut x 2, Mimic Heart,

New Monsters: Swordaroo, EvilWell,

Level: 35-36
Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Sea Dog, SheepLord, BeastLord, Faust, Chosen One, HiPriest, Martyr, Avenger, Demigod

Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, Armageddon, EvilDead, Sexy, Pandora, BigDummy, ThorRat, GoldGolem, Drakon, SoulEater, Leviathan, Machinoid, WishWell,
New Skills: KnockDown,

Levels: 32-33
Class Titles: Minstrel, TruTalent, Fool, Icon, Archmage, HighPriest, Prophet, Ragnarok

Levels: 29-30
Class Titles: TruTalent, General, Master, HiPriest, Templar
New Skills: Guardian