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Part 60: Post 52: In which we're on a mission for God to get the band together, we feast, we fix the world, we feast again, then we feast a third time.

Post 52: In which we're on a mission for God to get the band together, we feast, we fix the world, we feast again, then we feast a third time.

Lord. Your courage and never-ending determination have brought peace to the world. Do you remember, Link? When you began your journey, there was but one island in the world. Now, thanks to your efforts, the world has recovered from it's terrible blight. However, your noble work is far from over. Now you must bring God to the world once more. He lies undisturbed in a fane below the water's surface. The passage back to land is now open to you. We will be eagerly anticipating any good news.
Our prayers have finally borne fruit. We have you to thank for this.
I am certain that you are the great hope God left us in the world.
As a Soldier of God, I am honored to have helped you. I feel that no task in my life was ever so important as this.
I don't know how much longer I've got left in this world, but I'm glad I survived long enough to meet you!
Melvin, at last you were able to realize your dream. I am so very happy for you.
Oh, there's a portal down to the ruined fane!

Hmph! The same old ruins!
Hey, Link I'm starving! I could sure go for some of the fish your mom makes!
Sorry, Gabo, but we'll have to put that off for a while. Um, Link? I know you've heard this before, but don't you think we ought to try and revive God now? To do that, we'll need to find the legendary tula player.
Indeed it is imperative that Aira set forth on her mission. If you are reviving God, I simply must come along. Master Link, we must hurry!
Then back to Mardra we go!

(Michaela) It'll take time for all the tula players to arrive.
Well, we've been put in our place. Let's see if we missed anything in that area we found behind the Revival pedestal in the Sky Fane.

Demon Lord, didn't you? Thank you!
I'm so happy that you defeated the Demon Lord. The Prince and I can now rest in peace. Words cannot express my gratitude. Please take this with you. (The maid gives Link a small stone! Link obtained the ? Shard!) Thank you, and farewell. (The ghosts blink out of existance.)
Wow! These ghosts sure are hard to see. In fact, if I didn't have my intense ghost sense or some sort of previous knowledge, this would be incredibly annoying. And what am I going to use this shard for? There aren't any more pedestals... Are there?
Enough with the nonsense! MAKE WITH THE FISH SUBS!
Then back to Fishbel!

(Borkano) journey? Your journey is no longer just yours. Its scope is much greater now. Don't forget to report to King Burns anything that happens to you.
(Mollie) Oh, Link! You're back! Your father will want to see you, too. Go out and have a chat with him. Oh, I almost forgot! Go and pay your respects to King Burns, too.
Hell yeah! Delicious sandwiches!
Delicious as they may be, we should check in with King Burns.

(Hondara) talk to you. The atmosphere of the town seems different this morning. It seems almost tranquil, doesn't it?
Yeah, it really does.
(Hondara) Right! Honestly, the onset of peace should be accedited to my efforts!
(Hondara) Last night, I dreamt that I slayed a huge monster. When I woke up, everything was peaceful. It can't be a coincidence! The monster from my dream must have been the Demon Lord! It seems that by defeating him in my dream, I have inadverntently defeated him in the real world. So i've decided to live my life as a Dream Warrior from now on. Certainly, it is a thankless job. But go forth! Follow my path and help people!
I'm... I'm just aghast.
Let's just get to the King before he starts speaking again, shall we, Master Link?

(Minister) I'll let you in on a little secret. It's true that the King has been feeling a trifle lonely since Prince Kiefer's departure, but there is a part of him that is happy to see the Prince choose his own path. It is only natural for a father to wish for his children to find paths true to their own hearts. At any rate, that's how things actually are, so you really don't need to worry so much about the Prince.

If you're looking for the King, he's having his meal right now. You wish to have an audience with the King?
More or less, yes.
I'm sure the King will be pleased to see you, Link. Be sure to be on your best behavior when you're meeting with the King and Princess Leesa!
(King Burns) Oh, Link! It's a pleasure to have you here. We've just finished our meal, but please have a seat.

(King Burns) I think I know why you've come. Past ages offer adventures we could never dream about in our peaceful times. Your faces give you away. You've obviously achieved something of great importance, and it's given you a real sense of satisfaction. Let me ask, Link. Have you travels finally come to an end?
Not yet, I'd say. We still need to resurrect God.
(King Burns) Hmm, what? You're going to revive God who was destroyed by the Demon Lord? And for that purpose you must find a player of the legendary tula intrument? Hmm. The kingdom to the northeast has a history of musical culture. Perhaps there'd be a clue there? In any case, if God can be awoken then our world will be blessed with eternal peace. I'm certain that's what Kiefer would have wanted. May heaven protect you on your travels!
I bet that contest is ready now, for some reason.

This is a common place to have a delay, since you have to go and talk to King Burns without an obvious reason to do so, after being told to go take care of the contest first. But the contest doesn't start until you go and talk to King Burns.

(Michaela) Oh, it's about time, Link! At last the day has come! The great tula contest is nigh! This is so great! I haven't been this excited in a long time! Are you ready for the battle to begin?
Kick it!
(Michaela) Ah, wonderful! Right this way, then!

(Michaela) tula-playing contest!
(Duke) Quiet!
(Michaela) Link! We will need the TerraTula!
Here you go!
(Duke) The first challenger... Petra!
Yes! (He starts playing)
Boo! You're terrible!
Come on! Are you serious?
(Duke) Thank you, Petra. You may step down now.
(Duke) The second challenger... Decarbo!
Yes! (He also plays badly.)
Get it together, man!
Aiyee! Where did they get these people?
You call yourself a tula player?
(Duke) Thank you, Decarbo. You may step down.
(Duke) The third player... Oh, finally! Step forward, Johann!
Go, Johann, gooooo!
Come on! Just play it!
Come on, Johann! Show them how it's done!
(Michaela) That Johann boy... Is he really that good?
(Duke) Yes, Princess Michaela. He is the best tula player in Mardra. What's wrong, Johann? You're next?

Come on! Hurry up and play!
(Duke) All right, Johann, when you're ready. (Johann also plays poorly.)
You call yourself a tula player?
Johann! You're kidding!
(Michaela) Who does that guy think he is?
(Duke) This cannot be!
What is this? Some kind of joke?
Stop, stop! My ears are bleeding!
(Duke) Thank you, Johann. You may step down. Next, Luruski!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

The travesty continued as the afternoon wore on. No matter how many people tried the TerraTula, no one could play so much as a single straight note. As it became clear that the legendary player as not among the crowd of musicians, Princess Michaela grew more and more frustrated. And then, the final challenger was booed off the stage...

(Michaela) I've never been so insulted in my life! This is all that the best tula players in the world can do? Why can't anyone play, for God's sake?
That last statement was more accurate than usual.
(Michaela) Aren't you ashamed of yourself? It's just a tula!
(Duke) But, Princess, the TerraTula is a magical instrument!
(Michaela) Silence! This wouldn't have happened if we hadn't used that stupid tula! Hey, you! Soldier!
Yes sir!
(Michaela) Take that cursed tula and smash it to pieces!
(Duke) Princess Michaela! You can't do that!
(Michaela) Shut up! As the leader of this country, I command you to break it!
Princess Michaela!
(Michaela) Hmm? I won't let anyone get in my way.
Princess! Please, give us one more chance!
(Michaela) ...
There must be someone here who can play the TerraTula. Please, give him one more chance to prove himself.
(Michaela) Hah! I don't have time for your excuses!
If he fails to play it well, then you may have my head.
(Michaela) All right, all right. I will give you one more chance. So who is this man, then? You?
No... Not me... Johann. Go on! Play it!
(Johann) But, teacher...
Hey, he failed once before! There's no way he'll succeed!
What're you talking about, old man?
Not even Johann can do it!
(Michaela) Quiet! Let me remind you of something. If Johann can't play it, I'll have your head! Do you still agree to this?
Yes, Princess.
(Michaela) All right! I hereby grant Johann permission to play one more time!
(Duke) Well then, Johann!
Come on, Johann. Calm down and concentrate! You can do it!

Oh! How beautiful!
Yaaah! Johaaaaaaannn! I love you!
(Michaela) Bravo! We've found him, Link! Johann is the player of legend!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

TerraTula. Johann played an endless variety of tunes on the tula, cheered on by the enraptured audience. And then, the next morning...

(Michaela) What do you think, Link? I did a great job, didn't I?
I'd say so, yeah.
(Michaela) Johann, please help these people revive God. Understood?
(Johann) Don't worry. I'll be right back.
(Michaela) You're so much fun, Johann, Oh I almost forgot! What do you want as your reward?
(Johann) Sigh... I've got too many other things to worry about. I need to repay my master. I want to make things easier for him. I know this is sudden, but could you lend a hand, Princess?
(Michaela) Hmmm, a desire to show respect to your foster father. Praiseworthy, indeed. Fine, then. I'll take care of everything while you're gone. Well, then, Link, I'll see you later. I'll be here, praying for your safe journey!
(Johann) There's nothing to worry about, Princess. We'll be right back. Okay, Link. Let's go! Would you mind making a quick stop? I want to see my master one more time before I go.
Sure, what the hell.

You're going to revive God for us, are you? I won't prohibit you from playing the tula any longer. Do for these people all that you can. The journey will be long and hard, so please, bne careful.
(Johann) Master! About the funeral. I'm so sorry! Master gave me the music, but I didn't practice at all. I just played a song I was good at instead, a festival tune. I apologize for what I did to the old man.
Johann, you conducted yourself well at the contest. I know how much you hate shame, but your heart was pure. I forgive you for the funeral incident, but you must listen, Johann. There are more songs in this world than one can count. The time it takes to master even one song is immeasurable, and our lives are so short. Upon reaching my age, one starts to think. I wish I had learned more songs in my lifetime. Every song is precious and unique, and you still have time to learn so many. Johann, don't become intoxicated with your talents. You must always strive to sharpen your skills on the TerraTula! Learn more songs than I did, and share them with people across the world.
(Johann) I understand. I will do all that I can. Please, don't die before I come back! Let's go!
Let's go to the Altar of God, now.

It must be almost too much for your stolid mind to comprehend. Huh? Is that the TerraTula you're holding? So you finally found the descendant of the legendary musician! There's no time to waste! Let's go see the Chief!

has brought the legendary musician to us!
(Chief) Unbelievable! We've found both the lake and the legendary musician. Destiny continues to smile upon us!
(Johann) Well, geez! You don't have to make such a big deal out of it! I'm more suprised than you! I wasn't expecting this giant welcoming party! Look, they told me all I had to do was play this tula. So when do we get started? Huh?
(Chief) Forgive my elation. You look different than what I had imagined. Are you really the tula player of legend?
(Johann) What? You doddering old fool! I don't need to put up with this!
(Chief) Hold your tongue, boy, or I'll hold it for you! I never said that I don't believe you. Hmmmm... I wish I could start the ceremony immediately. But as you know, the altar rests beneath the surface of the water, at the very bottom of the lake. We'll need your help, Link, to drain this water. But I'm sure you're tired right now. Please rest in one of our tents tonight.
Sounds good. Everyone, take five.

(Chief) Some within the tribe were too excited to get any rest. Perhaps you've heard already, but the key to lowering the lake lies inside the cave. However, the cave is a virtual nest of monsters. That's why we need your party to explore it for us! I shall give Aira the TerraBell. Link, you and your friends will need it to get past one of the cave's traps. (Link obtained the TerraBell.) This bell is a symbol of our tribe. You'll need to put it on the altar inside the cave. I pray this is the last request I'll ever need to ask of you. Good luck!
Nothing we haven't done before.

Behold, my favorite monster of the Dragon Warrior series: Goldman, the golem made of gold with a Jewish name. He drops huge amounts of gold when he dies, and is a fairly common monster.

Let's do it all over again. The bell emits rings of light, and the water goes down. We take the new path outside, and then...

waiting for you at the altar.

(Chief) everything you've done for us. The Revival Ceremony is almost upon us. Much blood has been shed in your valiant struggle to revitalize this world. You have killed many and proven your worth as children of God. But before we can begin the ceremony to revive Him, Aira must take this. This InnocentDress has been passed down generation after generation, to be worn by the one who would dance for God.
As it happens...
We picked an InnocentDress up already, thank you very much.
(Chief) Huh? You've already obtained an InnocentDress? That's impossible! I thought we had the only one. Could it be? The ancient tribe of God must still survive! Does that mean Aira met them too? Oh, I am in great envy of you! Aira, I want you to dance for our tribe... No, for the entire world. Our ancestors attempted this ceremony in the past, but they failed because it was not the right time to play the TerraTula. The legends say, 'When the TerraTula shines in gold...' Our scholars believe that this means it must reflect the light of the sunset! Now, Aira, it's time for the ceremony! Let's go! Let our voices reach to our sleeping God!

Well, evidently, you just tried to use the sheer force of your ugliness to summon God.

Aaah! What the hell is happening?

Aaaaah... I have longed for this moment. I am God, the Almighty Lord and creator of all living things. I am awakened now, my children. Your journey is over. I leave it to you to create your own future in this peaceful world. All evil in this world must be eradicated. I am God, creator of life and judge of destiny.
Oh, my dear Lord! How I waited for this day! My dear God! Have you forgotten about your faithful follower? It is I, Melvin! With your diving wisdom, you encapsulated me in ice during the the Great Battle, so that I might protect the world when the time was right. May I serve you once again, God, to protect this glorious world forever more?
Melvin... It's you... My old friend. I remember you well, Melvin. There are so many things I need to take care of. I will send a messenger to bring my words to you. Go back home and share the joy of peace with your people.

of our heroic tale!
(Johann) It looks like the ceremony has met with failure! Could this truly be God?
(Chief) The very sight of God was beyond my wildest imaginings. His sublime figure was no doubt visible the world over. With our task completed, we enter into a new epoch in the history of the world as free men. Pray for happiness to fill the human soul. Our journey has begun anew. Link, please take care of Aira.
Chief! What do you mean?
(Chief) Ha ha ha! Aira, it seems you've already become an important member of Link's party. And you have found a new home in Estard as well, with a family that loves you. The entire world must know of the good news by now. I'm sure those at home are longing for your return. Go, and make them happy! (The party rises into the air, and suddenly appears at the old ruined fane)

That Chief is as dense as a Metabble sometimes. Still, I had no idea that he wielded so much power.
Do you think that his contact with God would have anything to do with that?
Hmmm, it's a possibility. Well, Link, I bet your parents are waiting for you. Let's get back to Fishbel
(Johann) Huh? Where am I? Hey! How did I end up here, of all places? That inconsiderate, asinine, morally bankrupt lout! I was looking forward to returning to Mardra and being surrounded by a fanfare of women and drink. Reviving God ought to give me an advantage when it comes to wooing the sweet, sweet ladies. Heh heh heh! Well, I better get moving. Thanks for the memories, compadres! (Johann leaves)
Johann. How is he returning to Mardra?
It should be a relatively uneventful trip. There won't be any monsters, after all!
Huh, Return doesn't seem to be working. Let's mosey back to Fishbel.

God has appeared! I still can't believe it!
I wonder why God decided to show up now all of a sudden? Our world was peaceful enough without any old God.
The world will be forever at peace now that God has appeared, won't it? I'm so excited! Even if something bad happens, God's mighty power will make everything better!

(Borkano) It never ceases to amaze me thatI saw the fruit of my loins revive God Himself. Although I don't think he'll change our lives much, I'm still very proud of you, and glad to have Him back.
(Mollie) Oh, welcome back, Link. I'm glad you're all right. I'm so proud of you, son. You revived God and saved us all. That's why the village is preparing a giant celebration for you today!
Good! We deserve it. Let's check on the castle town while we wait.

When I got the feeling that God had been brought back to life, I thought to myself, 'This is surely the work for Link.' By the way, what with everything, I suppose you haven't told your parents that you're safe yet, have you? I'll report to the King, and so you'd better hurry along to your parents! They must be so worried about you! Go on, now! If anything happens here, I'll send a messenger to find you, so go along and enjoy yourself.

More lazy programming, folks. The game expects you to go to the castle first, even though the town is on the way.

(Mollie) feast. I'm helping too, of course.
I wonder how Maribel is doing?
I can't believe it! You not only destroyed the Demon Lord, but resurrected God, too! I suppose I'll have to revise my opinion of you. Just a little bit, though. Hee hee! I wish that I could have gone with you, but I couldn't leave Papa in his condition.

(Head Cook) the party! Have you notified Master Borkano and Mistress Mollie that you have returned?
Why do people keep assuming that I haven't? I've done it three times today, dammit!
(Head Cook) Good, good. Hmm. Hopefully this will be enough food. Here! Help me deliver this food, and tell everyone to get started!
Got it!
(Head Cook) You guys should go outside too, Link. We're almost ready to start!

fisherman like your father?
Sure, when I'm not busy being the wealthiest man in the world.
I'm sure you would make a wonderful fisherman, Link. I used to think that was impossible, but you really have changed.
(Borkano) Hic! I don't care whether you follow in my footsteps or not. Uhh, first and foremost, we have to find a wife! Hic! A man is helpless until he has a wife to take care of him and his home. It'snt that right? Ha ha ha! Hic!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Link, Aira, Melvin, Gabo, and the townsfolk feast until for hours, eating and drinking until they are fat and drunk. Eventually, Link and the party quitely make their way out.

going? The party can't start without you! Get back there! (Johann enters town)
(Johann) How inconsiderate of you to have a party and not invite me, Link! Regardless, I have a message for you from King Burns. He requests your presence at the castle. Don't worry about things here. I know how to handle a party. Point me in the direction of the alcohol, and I'll start playing some of my beautiful music for everyone.

great palace for Him. To this end, we are recruiting soldiers and builders from across the world. King Burns nobly honored our request. And so we will be off to the next country soon.

(King Burns) friends. Not only have you brought back the lands lost to the hands of the Demon Lord and rid his evil from this world, but you have returned God to his children. Your names shall be lauded through the world forever. Enough with the formalities, though. Aira, Melvin, Gabo, and Link. I know you've endured much hardship on your adventure. Now, with the Demon Lord defeated and God revived, you have guaranteed peace throughout the world. After your long, strenuous travels, you deserve a much needed rest. By the way, Link, what do you plan to do now, follow in the footsteps of your father as a fisherman?
That's the plan.
(King Burns) Really? I'm sure Borkano will be pleased. What about you, Gabo?
Me? I suppose I'll return to the woodsman's place.
(King Burns) Hmm, yes, I see. How about the great Melvin?
I'll be returning to God's side. I'll devote myself to the protection of peace throughout the world.
(King Burns) A Messenger of God has told me that there are plans to build a palace for God. It would please me if you could assist with that. Aira, what do you intend to do now?
(King Burns) If it would please you, why don't you make this your home? You could become a castle guard, or anything you please. Leesa seems to have really taken a liking to you. How about attending to the Princess' education?
(Princess Leesa) Oh, Father!
Thank you so much. Please, let me think about this for a little while.
(King Burns) Feel free to take all the time you need. Now, the time has come for celebration! Begin the festivities! Musicians, that's your cue!

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

And that night, Estard castle held a great feast. People from Fishbel and nearby towns celebrated through the night. Celebreations continued, here and elsewhere in the world, for several days. The people prayed to God for eternal peace. And the days and months passed... Link led a peaceful life, just as always...

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 7: Everything remains awesome, so I'm thinking... Post-game content! Yay!

Game time: 262:20

TinyMedal Count: 76

New Items:

New Monsters:

Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Sea Dog, SheepLord, BeastLord, Faust, Chosen One, HiPriest, Martyr, Avenger, Demigod

Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, Armageddon, EvilDead, Sexy, Pandora, BigDummy, ThorRat, GoldGolem, Drakon, SoulEater, Leviathan, Machinoid, StenchPit

Class Titles: Minstrel, TruTalent, Fool, Icon, Archmage, HighPriest, Prophet, Ragnarok

Class Titles: TruTalent, General, Master, HiPriest, HolyKnight
New Spell: Farewell