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Part 61: Post 53: In which everything is fine, and nothing is ruined.

Post 53: In which everything is fine, and nothing is ruined.

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Then one morning...

(Mollie) The sun has already risen high in the sky! This is no time to be dozing, Link! You promised you'd help your father out, didn't you? You'll have to work extra hard to make up for being late. Get up, already!
Yaaaawn! Might as well start the day.

(Mollie) It's time to go and give your father his lunch. I made the usual Fish Sub for him. Take it while it's hot! Make sure you don't lose your way, all right? Hurry along now!
This feels somehow familiar... I wonder if today will lead to some sort of new adventure, now that I've beated Orgodemir and resurrected God?

(Borkano) Your mother could have given birth could have given birth to another child, and I could have had him bring me the sandwich in the time it took you to get here. You didn't forget it, did you?
Of course not! Here it is.
(Borkano) Mmm mmm! This is it! There sandwiches keep my fishing skills toned. Munch munch. You know, Link, umm. Ahem! Ahh, forget it! You go below deck and peel some potatoes or something!

(Johann) I'm starting to get bored of hanging around here. I've decided to ask your father to take me far away from here on his boat. I don't have any idea where I'll get off yet, but I'll probably never see any of you ever again. As lonh as I've got this instrument, I'll be all right. Take care.
Good to see that you're doing well, Johann.

(Head Cook) You look different. Maybe you've been maturing. You'll be like Borkano before long! I don't need anything done right now, so you can go on back upstairs.

the shore for a minute?
(Amitt) What's all this about? What happened?
(Borkano) Quickly, friend, tell us what has happened. Is it serious?
I'm not sure. A group calling themselves Messengers of God just sailed in.
(Amitt) We can't ignore something of such great import. Borkano, please tend to this matter. I trust that you will make the right decision on how to handle this.
(Borkano) Arrgh! Just as we're setting off to fish. Why now? Link, go in my place.
Alright, I suppose I have the most experience in dealing with the Messengers of God.

And off they go... good luck, Dad.

happen? Ah! What's that boat? It looks kind of interesting. Let's go check it out!

What do you think of it? It looks rather gaudy to me, and the Messengers didn't look that impressive either.
They crossed the ocean in that gaudily decorated ship. They might have God's protection, but I don't buy it.
(Amitt) I see. So people who claim to be the Messengers of God came here on this ship?
They asked me for directions to Estard Castle and left as soon as I told them how to get there.
(Amitt) Hmm. I suppose that this matter isn't quite as imporant as I had originally thought. All we have to do is look after their boat, after all.
To the castle!

they didn't have to shove me! My lovely skirt was stained! I'm sorry, Link. It looks like I'm in your way.
Odd... well, not important right now.

the banquet hall right now. No one is allowed to enter. Don't think badly of me. No matter how much you may wish it, I cannot let you pass. It would be a different story if you had permission from someone important.
So, saving the world doesn't make me important enough?
That was months ago. Now you're just a fisherman. Off you go.
Maybe the Princess could get me in or something. Let's go talk to her.

She's nothing but a soldier, and yet she's always so close to the King. Oh, does the King really like younger women better than me, after all?
I don't think that's it.
I'm sure you're right. A girl who has nothing but her youth can't compare to the charms of a sophisticated, worldly woman. I'll surely emerge victorious!
(Princess Leesa) Where do you think my brother is now, Link? Do you think he's taking care of himself? I wonder if he's happy. I'm sorry, Link, I shouldn't be asking you. There's no way you could know. Knowing Kiefer, I'm sure he's doing just fine without me worrying.
Okay, perhaps the Minister.

(Minister) about something?
Yeah - get me into that meeting! It's vital to global security or something!
(Minister) I see, so you know about the Messengers of God. Unfortunately, the Messengers of God are with His Majesty at the moment.
This is a message from the King to the Minister.
(Minster) Oh? You'd like to leave a message? All right, then, what is your message?
Yes, Sir! 'When you see Link return from Fishbel, report to me at once!' That is the message.
(Minister) Well, well, you have certainly come at just the right moment. Thank you. You may withdraw now.
Yes, sir! Forgive my intrusion.
(Minister) I believe you heard that, Link. You are to go immediately to the banquet room, where you will find the King. Why His Majesty asked for you to be summoned is beyone me. If you hurry, perhaps you can see the Messengers of God.

The King called for you. You may come in. It looks like he wants to ask you something. Now, come in.
(King Burns) Ah, young Link. I knew you wouldn't just stand idle after hearing about the Messengers of God. Have a seat next to me, so we can talk.

(King Burns) you to Link. I wish to take him and Aira, the inner guard, to the Crystal Palace. Do you approve?
Our God may indeed show His favor for these people. But our boat has room for only two more. You must leave one behind.
(King Burns) That won't be necessary. We possess an alternative method of transportation.
(Nebira) In which case there should be no problem. I wish to depart as soon as possible.
(King Burns) What do you think, Link? Will you join us?
Of course!
(King Burns) It is settled then. I am pleased with your decision, Link.
(Nebira) Very well then. We will leave immediately.
(King Burns) We will need some time to prepare our transportation.
(Nebira) I ask that you move as quickly as possible. God should not be delayed.
(King Burns) Let us be on with it! (The Messengers of God file out.) All right, Link, let's get moving. We shall head to the Crystal Palace in your Sky Stone!
The King was pouting like a spoiled child over the Sky Stone.
(King Burns) I've heard enough, Aira. Now come. (To a soldier) I must head for the Crystal Palace. I'll leave the rest in your hands!
Sir! Please take care and return safely!
(King Burns) Well, well. Link, can you be ready to depart at once?
(King Burns) Okay, Link! Call the Sky Stone! If you call the Sky Stone, it will come. So call it, Link!

(King Burns) How magnificent. Let's go, Link and Aira. (He leaps aboard!)
Hey, Link, we're coming on too... Oof! (Aira and Link leap aboard as well)
(King Burns) We're flying! We're flying! What an incredible world, being able to fly like this! The Crystal Palace awaits!

Yow! Grrr! (Gabo leaps aboard, then they start cruising)

(King Burns) Such astounding beauty!
(Nebira) I'm astonished! I didn't know you had such marvelous means of transportation!
(King Burns) Oh, it's nothing, really. The Sky Stone doesn't actually belong to me.
(Nebira) Oh, really?
(King Burns) But, enough of that. Shouldn't we hurry?
(Nebira) Yes, I suppose we should. This way, then.

(Nebira) Burns?
(King Burns) The palace is wonderful! It's truly befitting as the home of God!
(Nebira) Why, thank you. We used the best materials and the most skilled laborers in the world!
(King Burns) It certainly shows! What do you think, Link? Isn't it amazing?
It's not bad.
(Nebira) Well, we've waster enough time here. Let's hurry on! (We move along upstairs) Sorry, no attendants are allowed beyond this point. Only King Burns may go on ahead.
(King Burns) Hmm... Oh, well. Aira, Gabo, Link, you wait here. I'll go on alone.
(Nebira) Now, then King Burns. This way, please.
(King Burns) Right.
I wonder if there's anything to do here?
God will appear before us today! He hardly ever shows Himself, even to us. He must have something extremely important to say.
There are many renowned priests and priestesses working here, gathered from all over the world. I feel honored to have been selected as one of them!

(Modina) It would take first place if there were a category for Architecture in the rankings. Or it would be neck and neck with the works of Baloch of Litorud, at least.

(Pamela) met, haven't we?
Yeah, you're the crazy old witch of Engow, aren't you?
(Pamela) Yes, I remember now! I told your fortune once. Much time has passed since then. I'm glad to see you looking well!

(Ike) register for the rankings?
(Beck) Ranking? Me? No way! I'm not ready yet!
(Ike) Are you sure? You've been studying under Dr. Azmov for a long time.
(Beck) Oh no! I'm nowhere near ready! I won't register until I can beat Dr. Azmov!
(Ike) Ha ha ha! So you think you can beat Dr. Azmov, do you?
(Beck) Yes. I'll do it, someday...
(Ike) Heh heh! Well, that should be interesting! I do believe you can do it, too.
Whew! I'm exhausted! My boss made me come with him. I wonder why God invited the owner of a small herb garden, anyway. Perhaps God has a special fondness for our herbs! We'll have God's seal of approval! That ought to increase sales! Oh, sorry! Here I am, blabbing on and on. If you're tired, the bed next to mine is free. Tee hee!
Might as well rest a bit...

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Soon after falling asleep, Link was awoken by a loud commotion...

(Beck) Of course, we don't get to see Him, so it doesn't make any difference to us.
(Ike) Hmm. God must be all-seeing and all-knowing. His Intelligence must be way beyond that of mere mortals. He better not try to enter the rankings, that's all I'll say!
(Pamela) Gasp! Oh! I feel it! A terrifyingly great power! He's near! God is quite nearby! Oh, how strong and warm this power is! So this is the power of God?

beyond this point. (Melvin comes down the stairs.) Melvin, is anything wrong? Hasn't God appeared yet?
No. God has not yet appeared. I have something I would like all of you to do. Please follow me, if you would.
Yes, sir! But who will stand guard here?
I have already found replacements for you. Nothing for you to fret about!
Yes, sir.
Now, then. Let us hurry outside!
Yes, sir! (The guards run off.)
Why, if it isn't master Link! You seem to have grown since last I saw you! And Aira, you have grown even more lovely!
Hee hee. Looks like you haven't changed a bit, either!
I But look at you Melvin! You look far more competent in the role of leader than we could have imagined.
Ha ha ha! Gabo you are just as full of vim and vigor as ever! Well, Link, I am sure we have much to discuss, but I am afraid I must be hurrying along. There seems to be someone causing a bit of a disturbance outside. I ask that you stand guard for me here! I am countring on you! Now, if you will excuse me.. (He returns upstairs).
Sweet! Free path on up!

Only representatives of each land are allowed beyond this point.
Wait! Let's make sure we get their names.
Good idea. What are your names?
I'm Gabo. She's Aira. And this is Link!
Are you sure?
Yes. We're absolutely sure that those are our names.
Hmm. I've heard those names before, from both Melvin and Nebira.
I heard they defeated the Demon Lord and helped bring back God!
That sounds like us.
All right. We'll let you go ahead in. You may pass!
Thank you.

(Nebira) you hadn't come. God is quite near now. It won't be much longer. In his benevolence, God has been gracious enough to come and teach us all. We must be silent and listen to His every word. Take care that you do.
(Sim) The fact that I got invited here must mean that Grindton has been recognized as a legitimate sovereign entity. We have to increase our population even more! You'll help out, won't you?
It's on our to-do list, so don't worry.
(Chief) Link! How nice to see you again! And Aira! You're looking well. You look right at home with your newfound status at the palace.
Yes, Chief.
(Chief) Aira, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you! Thanks for everything!
(Chief) I wonder what God could possibly have to tell us.
I've come from Gorges to represent the Pendragon of the Lefa tribe. The Pendragon still won't show her face in front of us. So I had to come in her place, to bring back the Word of God to the people of Gorges!
(King Falrod) I was hoping to see you here! We still haven't finished our research on robots. But don't tell God about that!
The High Priest could not leave Dharma temple, so I came in his stead. We could never risk anything happening to the High Priest.
You'd better not! Class changes are vital to our way of life!
Huh? Where's that servant I brought with me from Mentare? I was looking forward to the prospect of finally chasing her around without anyone stopping me!
(Michaela) My goodness! It's Link and his friends!
We prefer to be known as the Link Adventuring Party Now Featuring the Gabo Experience.
(Michaela) It's been quite a long while! I am so glad to see you again! You're looking well!

(King Burns) After so many years of talking to God in my prayers, I finally have the chance to meet Him.
(Azmov) Well, if it isn't Link and his friends! So God invited you, too! Indeed, that's no surprise. God could hardly overlook heroes as courageous as you!

(Nebira) Oh God, you have appeared before us! We have humbly awaited you. Just as you have ordered, the representatives of each land have all been gathered here.
(Nicola) Oh, great God! Here is Ragley, the hero you once fought the demon with.
(Ragley) Um... God, uh, it's b-been a long time.. Er, remember that day we... Uh...
My children, listen to me. Evil has fallen and peace has come. However, you must do as I am about to tell you. Throw down your weapons! Dispose of all our weapons and cease your wanton bloodshed. Had you followed my teachings, you would realize that all life is precious. Do not take the life of any living thing, not even that of a monster! You warriors, there! You carry an object of great evil! Give it to me!
You mean this Dark Ruby that came from the Sphinx? Sure, of course. (Link tosses the Dark Ruby to God)
Listen to me, my children, and do as I instruct. Worship me. I am the absolute God, the one true God. There are no other gods but me. (God blinks out)

Dragon Warrior 7 posted:

Their audience with God over, the representatives prepared to return to their respective homelands, the words of God freshly etched in their minds.
Time to get back up to our flying rock.

(King Burns) Exploring the castle, were you? The curiousity of youth never ceases to amaze me. Now, let us return to Estard Castle!
Please have a safe journey home!

(Hondara) pray, I tell ya! Come on, you know me! I'm Link's uncle! His uncle, remember?
Of course I know you! And that is precisely why I am not letting you in!
Awww, snap!
(Hondara) Damn! These guards are all so pigheaded!
(King Burns) There seems to be some kind of disturbance. I suppose it's none of our business, though.
(Hondara) Link! Link, it's you! Can't you talk some sense into this guy? Tell him to let me into the palace! I just want a glimpse of God! He's here, isn't He? God?
Nah - he left already.
(Hondara) What? It's over already? Damn! If only I could have touched God, I could have started passing off all of my wares as 'sacred.' Um no, I mean... Er... Ahem! I guess I'll be on my way. See you, Link!
My, my, Link! What a troublesome fellow, that uncle of yours! By the way, Link, did you hear God's words? What could his true intentions possibly be? Regardless, my obligations at the palace are not yet through. Good journey, Link.
(Nebira) Oh, here you are, Melvin!
Ah, Nebira! You must be tired after a long day!
(Nebira) I'm fine. I came to tell you that God has called for you, Melvin.
God has? I thought He had already left.
(Nebira) He returned a moment ago, asking to see you.
I see. I will go right away.
(Nebira) This way, then.
(King Burns) Have you satisfied your inquisitiveness, Link? Let us return to the castle.

Now what? Oh! (Two guards surround Melvin!)
We won't let you get away, Melvin!
I am done for! Well, if it has come to this... (He leaps off the building!)
I can't believe it! He jumped right off! Damn! We let him escape! We are so sorry, Nebira! He was too fast for us.
(Nebira) Well, go after him! He has committed treason against God! Don't let him get away!
Yes, sir!
(Nebira) Melvin! God's awareness is inescapable! He created all that exists! Mwah hah hah!

Gabo! Shake it off. C'mon, shake, doggie, shake! You're not dead are you? I said, 'Get up!' Come on!
Grrr! I can't go on! Death can not come soon enough!
Don't be silly! If he can talk that much, he has to be fine!
Growl! The pain is unbearable. Damn this human hide!
My sword is willing to put you out of your misery. Just get up, whelp! Are you okay, Link? What in the world was that? It couldn't be... Link! There's King Burns!
Ow! Grrr. I hit something hard, and the hard thing won.
What? This is nothing compared to what we've been through! Come on, Link. We've got to hury up and rescue King Burns! I hope he's all right. He's not cut out for battle like us.

(Minister) What in the... King Burns! What are you dragging your feet for? Hurry up and carry the King to the throne room! (The soldiers take the King away) It's Link! I'm so glad to see you're unharmed. But the sky, and that rumbling. What is happening? I have so much to ask you about the Crystal Palace, but the King comes first! Please, excuse me for now!

(Minister) King has not yet fully regained consciousness. I imagine you must be very concerned about what is going on in Fishbel, are you not, Link? I suggest you go immediately to check on the village. As for His Majesty, I will send a messenger as soon as he has recovered.

leave town at this time! Unbelieveable as it may sound, monsters have invaded our borders. A lookout guard has already been injured and is receiving treatment at the temple! This mess ought to silence the pundits who continually push for demilitarization.

Dragon Warrior 7: Epic plot, great gameplay, excellent art, and in-depth analysis of the many issues that plague society.

Excuse me. I must report to the Captain. It's too dangerous to leave town. Is that clear?
Perfectly clear!
So, we're gonna fight our way back to Fishbel through the monsters, right?
Of course!

Really, what's going on? Why are the monsters wandering around in the present?

There was suddenly an awful earthquake, and then everything went black. When I could see again, monsters were everywhere! More importantly, there's an emergency! It's your father, Borkano. Hurry to the village!
Dad? NO!

(Mollie) Oh! It's you, Link. You already heard about your father, I expect.
No! What happened?
(Mollie) Oh. Well, that's probably for the better. Your father's fine, all right? He's just a little late getting back.
Well, the ship is here so... oh no. Well, Mom's probably got the right idea, but we should check and see how Maribel's holding out.

Link! Does this island have a seal on it like the places we've been before?
There's definitely something going on - the island was encased in a black aura!
I thought so, but I don't know how this could happen! You're sure you killed the Demon Lord and revived God, right? If you're telling the truth, then how was this island sealed? Is there some great evil in this land other than the Demon Lord? We've got to find an answer to this, and I'm going with you. I'm worried about my parents, but I can't just resign myself to living in darkness! (Maribel rejoins the party!) Let's go right away, Link.
Agreed. Let's go!

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 7: As it turns out, everything is ruined.

Author's note: The Final Key was in the Crystal Palace, but I lost the screen for it, sadly.

Game time: 269:20

TinyMedal Count: 77

New Items: LifeAcorn, FinalKey

New Monsters:

Class Titles: ArchMage, Master, Admiral, BigBoss, General, TruTalent, Sea Dog, SheepLord, BeastLord, Faust, Chosen One, HiPriest, Martyr, Avenger, Demigod

Class Titles: KingSlime, WyvernNite, HellShell, SheepLord, Novice(Thief), Marcolara, Phoenix, Armageddon, EvilDead, Sexy, Pandora, BigDummy, ThorRat, GoldGolem, Drakon, SoulEater, Leviathan, Machinoid, HellWell
New Skill: WindBeast

Class Titles: TruTalent, General, Master, HiPriest, HolyKnight

Class Titles: Master, TruTalent, HiPriest, Novice (Thief), Martyr, Minstrel, Fool, Icon, ArchMage, Prophet, Ragnarok, Warmonger

Class Titles: Minstrel, TruTalent, Fool, Icon, Archmage, HighPriest, Prophet, Ragnarok