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Part 73: Post 64.5: In which the party goes to places to talk to people and things, both foreign and domestic.

Post 64.5: In which the party goes to places to talk to people and things, both foreign and domestic.

Is there any way that you can... well... talk yourself into showing off other places that Grindton could have been?
I'll see what we can do... with a little added bonus, as well. First, let's go to Old Man Sim's house.

Let's see what the old man says, shall we?

Old Man's Diary, Page 100 posted:

The road has been long, but my dream has finally come true. Grindton is now a great city. Melancholy has begun to set in. As the days pass, it seems the city slips further and further from my hands.
However, I also happen to know other stuff he wrote for the Grand Slum and the Bazaar. For the Grand Slum...

Old Man's Diary, Page 350 posted:

The casinos in this town are highly attractive, as are the women that they have drawn. I've grown addicted to both. But despite the robust local economy, crime has begun to run rampant throughout Grindton. Unsavory characters are everywhere, and I dread leaving home.
The Bazaar, on the other hand...

Old Man's Diary, Page 275 posted:

Today, I was able to purchase a wonderful item from a new store. Now that business is flourishing, Grindton will grow bigger than ever. But it saddens me that a better balance between commerce and habitation could not be found. The town is so full of shops that there is no room for houses anymore.
But we wanted to see what else could be done with Grindton, so let's see what happens when we bring in a bunch of priests and whatnot.

servants of God gather.

This is pretty much the only building.
Hey! It's the swimming cow!

And God's hanging out at the highest point, in the belltower. Nothing special to get here, but it looks kinda pretty.

Old Man's Diary, Page 250 posted:

The city has grown bloated with clergy. The women that have been drawn to this town are so cold and demure. I went to the temple again this morning. It's become a part of my daily ritual. Every day, I pray for God to annihilate the religious zealots that now choke the roads of Grindton. I pray that they all die suffering.

Good God! That's... that's just horrible.
Then let's change things, shall we? On to the Farm!

harmony with nature.

And God's just hanging out back. And what does Sim have to say about it?

"Old Man's Diary, Page 210 posted:

The once promising Grindton has gradually turned into a farming collective. It's surprising, but could this be a sign of the times? Life on a plantation is no life at all. Regardless, there's nothing I can do about it.
So, there's just no happy endings with this guy.
Hey, can we check out the monster park?
Yeah! We keep sending monsters there, but we never check in on them.
I suppose... but that's it. No more stops!

That's... kinda creepy. Moving on!

journey, unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.

Master Link, I don't think that these people are to be trusted.

And that's the lot - at least those who have something interesting to say.