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Part 29: Side Episode: Angelegna High School

No update today as I am stuck out of state with assorted shit at the moment. So, in lieu of that, let's take a look at an alternate universe Drakengard 2...

Angelegna High School. Located in beautiful Shinjuku, Tokyo. Well, maybe not. But I'd like to pretend the Queen Beast fell right on top of our universe's version of the Drakengard 2 cast in Ending E of the first game. In fact, that's the canon last episode of the non-existent series.

From left to right we have mysterious transfer student Manah (who no doubt would be revealed to have gone on a brutal school shooting in grammar school.) Class president Eris bitching out everyone else for being so damn dense. And loveable sociopath Nowe prepping for a violent stabbing spree among his classmates for being kicked off the baseball team after his father, Coach Oror, died.

Next up we have that scamp Urick repeating his third year in the 11th grade. Math teacher Mr. Caim, who will beat you senseless in the parking lot after class if you talk during his lecture. All complaints against him have somehow been dropped. And the one's complaining going missing... And the dreaded Professor Verdelet, who will go on endless rambling tangents at the slightest provocation.

After that there is Janitor Zhangpo, who is rumored to have been seen eating discarded lunch leftovers straight out of the trashcan. Nurse Hanch, rumored to be on more antidepressants than a small pharmacy. Art Teacher Yaha, rumored to be a WEE bit too enthusiastic about the art talents of the male portion of his class. And Principle Gismor, rumored to be somehow involved in the mysterious accident that claimed the life of Coach Oror.

Last is Agent Legna and Agent Angelus. Mysterious! Puppet mysterious!

Welp, that was a thing...