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Original Thread: Drakengard 2 - That Other, Much Stupider Continuity



"Love me! I want you to love me!" - Cavia employees before driving a knife into your back.

Hey wait, I thought NIER was the sequel to Drakengard...?
It was...a very indirect sequel to a really weird ending involving rhythm games in modern day Tokyo and other silliness. Taro Yoko was the director for both the original Drakengard and NIER. Drakengard 2, however, the lunatic had nothing to do with and it shows by being...well, significantly less grim dark and far more stupid. And not nearly as memorable as either of its siblings in the crazy department. But fear not, there's still a lot to mock with this stinker of a sequel.

Drakengard 2 is the 2006 direct sequel to the original Drakengard. As such, it's best to brush up on your knowledge of that game as quite a few characters and events from it will crop up. Drakengard 2 is a continuation of the rather standard and least "WHAT THE FUCK" Ending A of the original game, in which the Empire was defeated following a battle with a 50 story tall six year old girl and the Red Dragon Angelus became the new Goddess Seal to save the world.

Notice: So I never really planned on LPing Drakengard 2 and thus had an entire update after Ending A of the first game's LP spoiling a ton of shit. If you're going back to read the archives/old thread or something, you might wanna skip that update.

So how does it play?
Exactly like a slightly more refined version of Drakengard. It's made the jump gameplay wise from "godawful tedious grind" to "meh...alright I guess". It's still not a "good" game by any stretch of the imagination. But it's not well...Drakengard awful to play either. But, we're not really here for the gameplay, are we?

Are you going to 100% the game?
In so far as collecting all the weapons (and showing off their wonderful stories) and getting all three endings? Unfortunately so...

What are the rules on spoilers in this thread?
Use spoiler tags for spoilers. Spoilers are defined by shit the LP has not gotten to yet, so don't be cute. But it would be great if you don't be a dick and start yammering on about the end game on Page 2 of the thread or the like. Thanks. Drakengard 1 spoilers are cool. But uhh...don't bring up the big spoiler filled "I assume I am never going to LP Drakengard 2 because fuck this series" update. Previous LPs spoiling future LPs! Madness!

Does Drakengard 2 live up to its predecessor's factor?
Not in the least. It would seem Taro Yoko was the key element in batshit insanity or soul crushing depressing fun over at Cavia. As such, Drakengard 2 has its weird and somewhat batshit moments here and there. But, don't expect naked space mimes to rain out of the sky or trips to modern day Detroit or the like for a dance off with the final boss. Do expect JRPG characters making tons of horrible decisions constantly like pants on head retards. If you liked Chrono Cross' brand of stupid, you'll probably like this.

With that said, let's begin...

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