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Part 54: Episode XLVIII: In Which Eris Gives Us WAY Too Much Info...

Episode XLVIII: In Which Eris Gives Us WAY Too Much Info...

This next scene takes place just after Gismor attempts to poison Nowe and Nowe responds by cutting off his arm, killing dozens of former comrades in a crazed frenzy, and storming out the front. But before he actually takes off on Legna to escape the Grand Shrine.

Eris catches up to the fleeing Nowe as he takes a moment to wipe off all the blood of his comrades staining his sword...

"How much lesser...?"
"Umm... Well, perhaps the death penalty will be taken off the table... Maybe..."

"I'm sorry, Eris. No, I won't go back."
"But why? You promised that you'd always protect me as a knight!"

So while being cornered alone by his best friend, Nowe still neglects to mention General Gismor just gave him a cup full of poison and admitted to doing the same to General Oror. Instead, he decides to fortify his status as the embodiment of every bad JRPG protagonist cliché in existence by means of a flashback to a childhood promise...

Even Nowe's flashbacks cannot properly articulate themselves...

"Don't tell me you want to train right now."
"No. I need to talk to you."
"Alright. Let's go."
"Follow me over to the headless, shirtless statue. It will be more thematically appropriate for our talk."
"Huh... Was that always there? I need to pay more attention to art..."

"About the other day... Thanks."

"It's weird. Because I asked some of them why they didn't help you and they acted like they didn't know you even had a snake bite. One of them even laughed at me and said snakes had died out around these parts years ago. I hate it when they tease me like that."
"If you hadn't sucked the poison out of me, Nowe, I might have died."
"I'd be in trouble if you died. Who would I train with?"
"I'd have to practice working with my sword all by myself."

"Um. I'll continue to bleed like this until the day I die."
"What...? From your snake bite. Naw. I think that will clear up after a while if you just keep it bandaged."
"Umm... No Nowe. Not from there..."
"Oh... Well then... Err... I don't follow..."

"And I'm a woman. You know?"
What the HELL is she talking about?! This is weird...
"I'm telling you, don't be too cocky if you win during training."
"Hehe. Cocky."

"All right."
"I'll protect you from now on, Eris. I'm a man, after all!'re a woman!"
"Now enough of this weird talk. Show me some more of that stuff you put in your hair to make it all fluffy and feathery..."

Back in the present, in a far less awkward scene...

"But I can never forgive Gismor!"
"Seriously, what on earth happened back in that room?! You can tell me. I'll listen! Just...try to make me understand..."
"Good-bye, Eris."

And so we learned of the first time Eris ever had her period. As well as that tried on true trope of JRPG childhood friends clinging onto some half-baked promise from half a decade ago like it was some binding contract that would stand for eternity.

Drakengard! 2!

Eris and Nowe's Promise
(Worth watching, just to prove a weird scene like this exists.)

Eris Concept Art - Insert crude menstruation joke here.