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Part 50: Episode XLV: Ending A - In Which We Ultimately Accomplished Fuck All

Episode XLV: Ending A - In Which We Ultimately Accomplished Fuck All

Final Verse: Father and Son - Music: Growing Wings

"It's the awakening of the new breed. Do you need me to tell you?"
"The new breed? So, I've finally... Huh...? Legna? What's happened to you?"

"There is a familiar light in your eyes... Like the light I saw in the eyes of a loving couple who bore the burden of a tragic fate 18 years ago."

"You were a tiny child. You didn't even know how to wear clothes."
"You kept putting your pants on your head."
"I slept on your back, and peeled your scales to keep as good-luck charms."
<grunt> "And that bloody hurt!"
"Oh... Well, why didn't you say anything?"
"The pain was preferable to you crying...again..."

"Did the book tell you all those things? Did it tell you how much I would grow attached to you?"

"Legna! You might be a Holy Dragon, but you're also my father! And I am your son!"
"...I'll ask you one last time, Nowe. Will you not come with me?"

"So, where do we go from here...?"
"I am going to kill you, my boy."

The final mission: Rebel against the Ancient Tomb's PA announcement! Yeah, Nowe! You stick it to The Man!

Also killing Legna. I suppose we'll have to do that too. You know, if you told me Seere and Golem would be the final two remaining characters standing at the end of a Drakengard sequel, I'd have totally thought you were full of shit. But, here we are... Sucj are the ways of Drakengard 2.

"Legna, is this my only choice? Do I really have to fight you?"
"No, you could have been reasonable and helped me like I asked..."
"...I don't follow."

"A child who defies his father's wishes cannot hope to surpass him."

For this final battle we are now playing as New Breed Nowe. Deus ex Anime super Nowe controls sort of like Legna, except far faster and with no automatic forward movement. The dash button is now used to zoom ahead. Otherwise, he controls similarly to Legna as far as getting around goes.

Attack wise, Super Saiyan Nowe's move list is...quite a bit smaller than when mounting his father. That sounded wrong... Nowe has a giant fuck-off laser sword that can shoot beams of energy with each swipe. The energy beam alone does moderate damage, but actually landing a blow on Legna deals far more.

Nowe only has a three hit combo. On the third strike he'll do a power attack which is his most damaging move in melee range. And...that's basically his entire move set early on in the battle. Most exciting.

During the first half of the fight, Legna will just sort of fly to one side of the area, vomit a volley of homing fireballs, and then fly to the other side to do it again. His homing shots come in quicker but less damaging variety and slower but higher damage output. Both must be dodged at pretty much the last possible second or else they'll correct their course and hit Nowe anyway. They also stay in the air an annoyingly long time.

In any case, that's all of Legna's moves early on. He doesn't damage Nowe while flying around. In fact, it's extremely likely the two of them will bump into each other constantly while Nowe flails about with his new-found powers. Legna's hitbox is...really wonky and he seems to take damage with no real rhyme or reason. Strikes from behind will always do critical damage (except for when they hit and do none just cuz...) But, sometimes smacking him in the face will do nothing at all while slapping him in the dick will cause some serious damage and vice-versa. Sometimes energy blasts from Nowe's sword will do a pinprick worth of damage and sometimes they'll do a near critical strike. I dunno...

"I thought you were more obedient. Why do you defy me?"
"Cause Hierarch Seere told me of the world your kind would create."
"Oh, did he? Did he also inform you of the other timeline where he crushed with his golem that girl I saw you exchanging saliva with and caused the gods to rain from the sky and begin devouring everything in their path?"
"...I don't think so."
"Well informed as always, I see..."

"You really raised me to use me in the end? I don't want our time together to end like this! Why does it have to be this way? Why, Legna? Why?"
"It is because you WILL NOT stop asking the same damned redundant questions ad nauseum until I feel like tearing me wings off and ramming face first into the ground to make it end!"

Eventually, floating cubes (what is it with dragons and these things?!) start appearing in the sky. If Nowe gets close to them, they'll fire off a series of light fireballs before vanishing. However, if magic boy manages to destroy one of 'em, it will fill up his magic meter one tick.

Nowe's only other offensive attack is to fire off a series of homing fireballs (two per level of magic.) They're not all that damaging and by the time the floating cubes begin appearing, there will be enough floating around that the shots will home in on other blocks instead of on Legna. Making the attack a big waste.

When Legna gets to about 33% health, he stops flying around and begins charging up Dragon Overdrives to use on Nowe. The floating cubes will transform into Breath Spheres after a few seconds and Legna will absorb them all before firing off his attack. The color of the Breath Spheres will indicate which of the four attacks he will perform.

Yellow will cause Legna to fire a laser beam cannon across the area. As long as Nowe has some distance from his foe, the beam is terribly inaccurate and will miss even if anime boy is standing stone still.

Blue will make Legna fire a series of homing lasers across the battlefield. As long as Nowe keeps on the move and dashes to the back side of Legna, these too will likely miss. Honestly, all of Legna's overdrives have pretty shit accuracy.

Purple will cause the dragon to emit a giant purple barrier of energy. It...doesn't actually do any damage or anything. It just pushes Nowe back. I guess it's so the player doesn't just park underneath Legna and wail away the entire time. Or maybe it's just because that even in Legna's final stage of evolution, the purple Breath Sphere is still utterly useless.

Finally, Red will just make our adversary blast a massive fireball. It is EXTREMELY damaging (like we're talking over half a health bar.) But, it's also a dummy fire shot and there's absolutely no excuse to ever get hit by the thing unless Nowe decides to check Legna's mouth for cavities just before it goes off.

All in all, it's a pretty goofy and rather easy final battle. At least the music is pretty nice...



The Epilogue: The New Goddess

"Is everybody safe?"
"Are you alright?"
"And... Umm...what the HELL just happened...?"
"I've surpassed my father."
"Welcome back."
"Wait...that didn't explain anything! Why were you glowing and FLYING?! Did Manah give you a magic kiss or...what?!"
"Look, I didn't ask how all of you made it out of that huge volcano. So, you can drop me and the flying..."
"I'll give you that one..."

"The other dragons are fading."
"Hmph... I guess I should have just told the rest of the golems to simply concentrate all fire on Legna. This could have been finished an hour ago."
"The past is over. We've cut it off."
"That's all well and good. But the future is still sort of F'ed in the A at this point. So, perhaps we can save dry humping one another on the edge of a volcano for AFTER we fix the rest of the world? Hmm?"

"It's time for the future to begin. My lord, let's being the sealing ceremony."
"Are you sure, Eris? Do you truly want to become a goddess?"
"I'm going to be perfectly honest, I only know Hierarch Verdelet's 'agony for the rest of your life' goddess conversion ceremony..."
"What did you say? Eris... Tell me this isn't true!"

"I... I didn't want anyone to know. Especially you, Nowe. Because...the Goddess of the Seal cannot lead the life of an ordinary woman..."
"So does that mean I don't get two girlfriends...?"
"Just kidding..."

"Nowe, I enjoyed serving the Knights of the Seal alongside you. It was fun. I'm not lying. It meant everything to me."
"Well, other than that time you shot my airship down and stranded me hundreds of miles from headquarters. And the time you stabbed me with your sword. And all that time I spent devastated you'd betrayed me and joined the insurgency. But other than the last few months being some of the lowest points in my life, it'd been okay..."

"But now that the world is in such a state, I must return to my mission."
"I'll be alright, Nowe. This is what goddesses do."
"Do you see anyone else who'd be suited for the job? Well, I suppose Manah would be more thematically appropriate for the position to atone for her breaking the seals twice over... "
"Over my fucking dead body..."

"Besides...even if I could withstand the world's end, I could never endure losing you, Nowe."
"So good job ruining someone else's life, sis. You're on a roll!"

"I'll be the goddess of the seal from now on. I'm the only one who can become the final seal."
"One look into your eyes, and I knew you were a woman with a purpose. So, you were a goddess..."
"I... Even as a new breed, I couldn't save you..."
"No, Nowe. You have saved me. That's the same as saving the world. So, not grieve."
"Yeah, okay you two. Now you're not even making any sort of sense anymore with this chatter. Come on people... The world isn't going to save itself! Hundreds of innocents probably getting eaten by demons as we speak..."
"Goodbye, Nowe..."
"Nowe... Manah. Farewell..."
"Oh, yeah... By the way..."
"If I see either of you two in Knights of the Seal controlled territory again...I'm going to have one of my golems tear your fucking head off and mount it on a pike in my office. Got it...?"
"Terrific. Take care!"

"I can't believe we got exiled... I didn't know Hierarch Seere was so MEAN!"

"Yes...I suppose we don't... Oh well!"

"But until then... You...wanna go score some pot or something?"
"Legna always told me to stay away from that kind of stuff..."
"Oh, come on Nowe. I thought you had 'surpassed your father...'
"Huh... Well, when you put it that way..."

And thus concludes Drakengard 2. So...ultimately our heroes accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING during the course of the game, as the seals went right back up after all the work taking them down. Really, all we did was kill thousands of people for a pointless, false cause and postpone the inevitable end of the world via dragons/space babies/whatever the hell until some other generation down the line. And Eris is the only one of the surviving party who gets shat on in the end.

Drakengard! 2!

There are still two more endings left as well as a few...special scenes... So, don't go anywhere just yet... Sadly, this ride trudges forward.

Holy Dragon Legna Boss Battle

Verse 3 Cutscenes

Ending A and Credits

Music: Growing Wings
Music: Growing Wings (Drakengard 1 Version)

Goddess of the Seal Poster - Eris, Furiae, Angelus, and I have no idea who the hell that black haired woman is supposed to be...