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Part 49: Episode XLIV: In Which Nowe Gets to First Base

Episode XLIV: In Which Nowe Gets to First Base

Oh hey look! It's Golem. Nice to see he managed to get a minute long cameo in this sequel. Manah had better be on her best behavior around Seere for this cutscene...

"We're just in time."
"My lord, we've been expecting you. The world is in chaos."
"Oh no? Really, Eris?! I hadn't noticed the sky had shattered, leaving behind a hellish nightmare and killer dragons were flooding the skies. I was too busy getting together an army of golems to actually try to do something productive in defending the world."
"I...I see..."
"Great... I see you found some extraordinary company since I was gone. Nice job you two... Manah, you are getting really good at this breaking the world business. Last time you need an entire army of soldiers. This time around you managed to do it with just one dumbass and a dragon. Bravo!"
"Right, my lord... We should probably get started... This isn't going too well."

"I see that... The myth is about to become reality..."

"Oh... So now that you've gone and screwed the pooch you want to hear what little Seere has to say...? Hmm...? I'm sorry. This conversation is meaningless."
"Umm... My lord, if there is any way we can help..."
"Nowe, I've known you for a while. I'm not holding you responsible for any of this, as I know you have the willpower of a worm in a bird's beak."
"So yes, maybe you and Eris can help."
"Go fuck yourself."

"And err...heavily edited by Hierarch Verdelet. I'll give you the cliff-notes version of it, as the text is roughly fifty pages condemning dragons and other non-human beasts as a blight upon this world that will bring forth chaos and destruction to our race."
"Which ergh...turns out to be surprisingly accurate, given recent events."

"The dragons carry the memory of their history in their blood. It drives them to... It drives them to kill the gods and rule the world."

"...You knew about this? Nowe, seriously! You need to start talking to other people about this sort of things!"
"Well I forgot until just now. I mean you were back alive and then I jumped in Manah's head and fought demons's been kind of a crazy day, alright?"
"You did WHAT in my head...?"
"What are you talking about, Nowe? You just stood there and shook her while screaming 'Manah' until she snapped out of it..."
<groan> "Can we all get back on point, people?"

"The dragons wish to become gods!? Is such a thing possible? What would happen to the world if they succeeded?"
"The dragons would create a world more terrible than anything we have yet seen. I doubt that humans could rely on seals in such a world."
"I mean...I have no source for any of this speculation other than Verdelet's teachings. But it sounds legit."

"He only thought about his own race! Damn it..."

So Nowe has finally caught up with the glaringly obvious the Legna is in it for his own race. It's not like dragons willingly helping humans is an extremely rare event in this world or anything. Or that humans are particularly helpful to any of the other races, for that matter.

Meanwhile, Legna is extremely annoyed his son has decided to finally reach the rebellious teenager point of his life at the worst possible time. The Black Dragon decides it's time to take off his belt and learn that boy some sense...

And so Legna dive-bombs the party, knocking them all straight into the mouth of an active volcano. Except Golem. Golem wandered off between scenes. Wouldn't want him to be helpful or anything. Oh well, kind of an abrupt end to the game. But it is Drakengard 2...

Ouch. Looks like they missed the lava and smashed straight into solid rock after a couple hundred foot drop. That's going to leave a mark...

...Or maybe everyone is perfectly fine. Sure, why not?

Oh hey! The Seeds of Resurrection. Remember how those things were supposed to pop up all over during the apocalypse and were kind of a key plot MacGuffin in the first game? I'm shocked they actually remembered about 'em.

Legna flies down into the volcano...

"Using a plaything left behind by the gods to create a soldier who would destroy them... Even they could not predict such a plan."
"This goes against nature."
"Actually, it is one of the fundamental elements that created life as you know it. But why take the word of a 10,000 year old dragon on such thing? I see you human infants have ALL the answers."

"Don't be so childish!"
"No, fuck YOU dragon dad!"

Verse 2: The New Breed - Music: Final Battle

"It is because you are an imbecile who cannot follow simple directions if they are not coming from a human possessing a pair of breasts."

"You think you are a match for me? You delude yourself. You are no more than ash!"

So, despite the music being "Final Battle", this is actually the shortest, easiest mission in the entire game. Legna just chills out on the high ground and spits fireballs at Nowe's position (and he'll kindly mark glyphs precisely where said fireballs are going to hit.)

And occasionally he will exhale a large fireball at Nowe. And...that's all.

All Nowe has to do is climb to the upper level where Legna is perched and strike him once to end the mission. That was far too easy. And not nearly anime enough for this game.

"You are pathetically weak. How will you fight the blaze raining down from the heavens?"
"Well, I'll just hop on Legna and ta-"
"...Oh. Right."

Legna tail-whips Nowe so hard upside the head that it knocks him straight into FMV Land. He only hits you because he loves you, Nowe.

Manah rushes over to check on Nowe. It wasn't in the budget to render Eris or Seere to come help. Or Legna, for that matter.

"Especially because it really didn't make sense at the time since there was nothing for me TO save..."

"Well, you did just minutes ago reject Legna because you claimed to be just a human. I don't think ironic is the right word, though... Contradictory, perhaps?"


And so after having had literally one single (entirely optional) social conversation involving the discussion of where Nowe received a facial wound and Nowe claiming it was from a time he flipped out and nearly beat someone to death, Manah and Nowe are totally in love forever.

D'aww. Those two are going to me the stupidest, blandest mongoloid children in JRPG history.

It just so happens that popping a boner while with a cute girl is the trigger for Nowe's Deus ex Anime superpowers to finally kick in again. This says some really weird things about that first time with Gismor...

"Uhh... I guess I can fly now...? Kay... Gotta go!"

Drakengard! 2!

Verse 2 Cutscenes

Nowe and Manah Kiss FMV

Music: Final Battle

Seere and Golem Artwork - A love that crushes like a mace.

New Breed Nowe - The "New Breed" really needs to hit the gym. My sister has more muscular arms than Nowe.